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[06/08/20]   Well, I'm open for business as long as you wear a mask and call for an appointment. Of course if you feel sick and have a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, lost your sense of smell and taste, body aches, flu like symptoms please call your PMD and get tested. I can't do a thing for those symptoms. Otherwise give a call.

[05/03/20]   Just finished a 3 day Balance Method webinar with Dr. Eileen Han. I started studying with Dr. Tan in 2007 and have continued, since Dr. Tan's death, with Dr. Han to this day. My Sifu provided a lot of new insight and reinforcement on many levels.
As soon as this plague subsides, I will reopen so you may find the relief you seek from the conditions that have impacted your life. Keep coming back for updates.

[04/23/20]   Reach out to your friends, new & old

[04/23/20]   Exercise

[04/23/20]   Meditate

[04/23/20]   Wash your Hands!

[04/23/20]   Wear a Mask

[04/23/20]   Stay at Home

[04/23/20]   Believe the Scientists NOT the politicians!

[04/14/20]   Well I've been away since Lent and much has happened, as you all know. I haven't seen a patient since the beginning of March due to the plague. I hope you all have changed your diets to Organic/Non-GMO, eating plenty of fruit, drinking filtered water and getting in your exercise. Your body's immune system is your first line of defense. The stronger it is the better off you are. We don't have a natural immunity to this virus but with a strong immune system our body can develop one. We all know the facts surrounding this virus so maintain your common sense guidelines. If you are getting cabin fever go for a drive but stay clear of other people. Everyone is contagious, everyone. Be safe and don't get reckless.

[01/16/20]   I haven't written anything in a long time. Not for lack of interest but I've just been busy treating people and trying to get the word out. I'd like to begin doing talks about acupuncture, not so much to promote my clinic but to provide information so people can make informed decisions about their healthcare. I'd also like to do talks about food. This is a big topic for many because of the food routines we get into, the emotional factors involved and the misinformation surrounding the foods we eat and how the foods impact our body promoting chronic disorders.

[11/06/19]   New website at check it out and give suggestions. Thanks.

[08/21/19]   If you have PAIN remember acupuncture is a
non-opioid option.

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My clinic. Come in for a treatment.
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When ever you are ready to alleviate your pain and improve your Quality of Life, give me a call.
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[08/05/19]   Pain presents in various forms: Physical, Mental and Emotional. How do you deal with it? Need help? Give me a call (732) 322-2523, text, message or email and get a Free Consultation.

Inner Balance Acupuncture LLC

Inner Balance Acupuncture is now open Monday - Friday. If you are currently fighting PAIN give me a call and I’ll set up a Free evaluation. Tell your friends. You can also visit my website at for more information. Hope to see you soon.

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[06/25/19]   Summer is a great time for a seasonal balance to keep cool, calm and collected. Reduce your stress at the end of the school year. Be prepared for new challenges.

[06/20/19]   I will be retiring from the hospital July 19th so by Monday July 22nd I will be open 5 days a week at your convenience. Give a call, email or text.

Inner Balance Acupuncture (732) 322-2523

[04/22/19]   I often get questions about insurance: Do you take insurance? Is acupuncture covered by my insurance company? Are you in network? The answers are simple: No, I don’t take insurance but I can submit your payment to your insurance company and they may reimburse you. The best I can tell you is that you need to check with your individual insurance company and find out if they cover acupuncture and what your out-of-network deductible is.

If you think acupuncture is too expensive and your insurance doesn’t cover it then stick to the conventional medical therapies. If you finds that these therapies don’t work for you and your affliction impacts your life on numerous levels, lowering your Quality of Life, then at some point you’ll need to consider investing in yourself’s health. When you treat yourself as if you are someone you love, you will always make the correct choice.

Acupuncture helps to initiate the myriad of redundant self healing mechanisms of the body. The only side effect is improvement.

[02/11/19]   Remember: Acupuncture is Preventative Medicine. It supports your health.

[01/27/19]   The fewer processed foods you eat the stronger your body becomes. Processed carbohydrates such as muffins, chips and the boxed sugar crunches all metabolize as sugar. Sugar is a toxin responsible for a myriad of chronic diseases. Organic foods with NON-GMO VERIFIED and USDA ORGANIC labels are golden. Read the labels. Come in for acupuncture b/c it will help and it is a preventive therapy. The Quality of your Life might depend upon it.

Greyson R. Ross Acupuncture

My friend Greyson posted this information.


[12/17/18]   I've been seeing patients lately for Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma and a-fib. It's working

I treat many Liver oriented problems. Take care of yourself. Journalling is very helpful as is reducing alcohol intake, certainly stop smoking, eating an Organic Plant Based Diet and get enough sleep. A this will help.

[12/02/18]   My patient came in complaining of Plantar Fasciitis and as I was about to treat it he asked me to see if I could do anything about his A-Fib! I dumped the Plantar. His pulse was 96 quite choppy and irregular so I used Master Tung's bilateral 88.01, .02, .03 as well as left side 5 Elements to tonify Kidney. He converted to a regular 62 BPM. Even sent me his normalized EKG. Thanks Henry, you taught me well.

Acupuncture Fights Influenza, Decreases Mortality Rate

This is a pretty interesting study. Acupuncture decreases mortality rates, improves interferon levels, and increases phagocytosis for cases of influenza.

Calling All Acupuncture Skeptics: Here Are Some Great Reasons To Give It A Try

I tell patients this all the time. Maybe you should give it a try. I will work for you, it's amazing. I'm always surprised at the results. Like many other alternative therapies, acupuncture has plenty of fact and fiction surrounding it.

New Treatment Provides New Hope For Migraine Sufferers

This article contains some information that may help to clarify different headaches. It concentrates on Migraines and a new injectable medication that just came out. No long term studies have been performed. The Med is called Aimovig. Do your research. The throbbing, nausea-inducing acute pain associated with a migraine can be debilitating. The good news? A new treatment can reduce its frequency.

[09/28/18]   Stressed, fatigued, anxious, not sleeping, menapausal, stuffy nose, headaches, back pain, irritable, or depressed? Come in for a treatment. Give me a call, text or email.

[09/22/18]   I've been seeing more people for Stress, Anxiety and Depression lately. The first step to thwart these challenges is to stay in the moment. You can only do what you can do, don't return to the past or jump ahead to the future, simply stay in the moment. If you have a hard time with that, start by washing your hands slowly with warm water and lather up. Take about 5 minutes and feel the bones in your hands and the muscles between your bones relax. Breath from your naval, inhale for the count of 7, hold for 4, and exhale to the count of 8. Repeat 3 or 4 times. Then give me a call.

Using Tai Chi to Build Strength

This is a really good article about Tai Chi. Very informative, reassuring and a lot of fun. Tai chi moves can be easily learned and executed by people of all ages and states of health, even elderly people in wheelchairs.

Qigong is a Way of Being

118 years old! Wonderful technique & form Master Lu Zijian exhibits.

Considered to be one of the greatest martial artists of all time…
Grandmaster Lu Zijian who lived to 118 years of age… performs two amazing Wudang Martial art forms… just a few years before his death in 2012

Qigong is a Way of Being

Western doctors are increasingly supportive of integrating Eastern practices such as Qigong & Yoga to help with the cure of cancer and other diseases



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