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dōTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. Learn how to incorporate them into your everyday routine.

Friday's BOGO!

Today only, when you buy doTERRA Serenity® 15 mL, you will receive doTERRA Balance® 15 mL for FREE!

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To learn more about doTERRA Balance, please visit:

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Thursday's BOGO!

Today only, when you buy doTERRA On Guard® 15 mL, you will receive Slim & Sassy® 15 mL for FREE!

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Wednesday's BOGO!

Today only, when you buy Oregano 15 mL, you will receive Melaleuca 15 mL for FREE!

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Tuesday's BOGO!

Today only, when you buy doTERRA Cheer® Touch 10 mL, you will receive doTERRA Motivate® Touch 10 mL for FREE!

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Monday's BOGO!

Today only, buy Petitgrain 15 mL, receive Lavender 15 mL for FREE!

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FREE Red Mandarin & Serenity with qualifying enrollment! Let me know if you need more info.

We are kicking off the rest of the month with an exciting enrollment promotion!

When you enroll between January 15 and January 31 with a 100 PV enrollment order, you will receive a FREE 15 mL Red Mandarin, and if you enroll with a 200 PV enrollment order, you will receive a FREE 15 mL Red Mandarin and 15 mL doTERRA Serenity®. #doterrafreshstart

I am absolutely in LOVE with the Stronger roller from doTERRA's new kids Collection! Amazing blend for littles (and adults 🙋‍♀️) when they're not feeling their best.

Strong™ Protective Blend promotes a natural immune defense and is soothing to the emotions and the skin during times of distress. This blend combines Frankincense, Cedarwood, Rose, and Litsea essential oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

If you'd like to try the new Stronger roller, comment below or order here:

For more info on the kids Collection, read up here:

Happy New Year 🎊 I am excited to share doTERRA's January Promotions!

✔️ Slim and Sassy is 10% off all month.
✔️ The FREE Frankincense Promo has been EXTENDED until January 15th! Place a 200PV order by the 15th and get a FREE Frankincense ($93 value)!! This can be done up to 4 times and can be either a one-time order, Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order, or 1st time enrollment order!
✔️ Place a 125PV Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order by January 15th and get Grapefruit for FREE!!
✔️ If you have a doTERRA Wholesale Membership and have not placed an order in over 4 months, you can earn Breathe, On Guard, Grapefruit and Frankincense for FREE! Message me for details and the promo code!

Which promo are you most excited for??

Join me January 21-25 to Master Your Metabolism with a well "oiled" plan! Daily focus on oils, habits and an eBOOK with additional supporting recipes to aid in your journey of RESETTING a healthy Metabolism! Click the group link ( and ask to join and I'll add you! It will be a week of new healthy habits to set your body up for SUCCESS in 2019!

Look what's available tomorrow! LLV Daily Packs!!

The same great dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack products you know and love are now available in convenient daily packs! Take the contents of a pack morning and evening. Each individual daily pack contains two Alpha CRS+ capsules, two xEO Mega softgels, and two Microplex VMz capsules.

Starting on 12/28 this offer is available to ALL order types. (standard, enrollment, and LRP)

Tomorrow, December 22, 2018, is your last chance to save 15% on some of your favorite products!

doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Mist
doTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops
doTERRA On Guard+ Softgels
Lifelong Vitality Pack
doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Drops
Breathe Vapor Stick
Copaiba Softgels
Stronger Protective Blend

Need a last minute gift! Let me know if I can help. Oils make great gifts 🎁

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La Crosse Ambulance Service Using Essential Oils Instead Of Opioids

"An ambulance service in the La Crosse area is using aromatherapy as a way to cut down on pain medication use." 🙌 An ambulance service in the La Crosse area is using aromatherapy as a way to cut down on pain medication use. Tri-State Ambulance is equipping paramedics with six different essential oils that can help treat pain, nausea or anxiety.

Sweetest gift for all the little people in your life
Cool Baby - Use this blend to help support a healthy response to fever. These oils work with the natural process occurring within your baby to lower temp naturally. Apply to bottoms of feet and up spine every couple hours when fever is present.
Sleepy Baby - Use to promote relaxation and a peaceful night’s sleep. Apply to bottoms of feet, bottoms of big toes, up spine and/or over heart.
Tiny Airways - A soothing blend to help open up airways to relieve congestion of the sinuses and chest. Apply to chest and/or back, also to tops of feet at bridge of toes (lung reflexology point).
Tiny Teeth - Use to soothe the discomfort and fussiness that can accompany teething. Apply along the jawline, behind ears, and/or bottoms of feet.
Tiny Tummy - This roller promotes optimal digestion and address occasional issues: gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Apply on abdomen, lower back, and/or bottoms of feet.
- Diluted for babies and kiddos up to age 5
- Made with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils
- Fractionated coconut oil (carrier oil)
- 10 mL glass roller bottle
Helpful Advice:
- Shake before each use as blend will separate naturally
- Store in a cool, dry place
- Test blend on a small area of skin prior to use
Individual Roller = $9.00
Choice of (3) Blends = $25.00
Choice of (5) Blends = $40.00

Friday BOGO! AND my gift to you... 🎁

TODAY ONLY - Everyone pays WHOLESALE price!! These three items normally retail for $163.99. 😲 You're getting all three for $60!!!! This would make a great gift for someone special in your life!

Buy one Lumo diffuser $10 off and receive doTERRA Peace® 5 mL and doTERRA Cheer® 5 mL for FREE!

The Lumo can run intermittently for 10 whole hours (5 minutes on, 5 off)! It's ultrasonic vibrations causes the essential oil to break up into tiny micro particles, which the body more readily absorbs. It also has seven different lighting color options.

Peace includes some of the most relaxing and calming oils. Feeling anxious, fearful, nervous, struggling to sleep? Reach for Peace to counteract these emotions. Child tantrums? Apply Peace to the bottoms of the child’s feet or behind their ears to help calm the crazy inside. I've been wearing Peace as my perfume for over a year now. I'm in love with this blend.

Feelings of negativity, tension, being overwhelmed, lonely? Use Cheer to counteract these emotions and uplift your mood. Use Cheer in a classroom or office to promote positivity. Cheer is sunshine in a bottle. Carry happiness with you!

Comment below by 7:00 p.m. tonight if you want me to order this deal for you.

Wednesday BOGO!!

The active ingredient that helps with "aches and pains" in CBD is 2-3x MORE concentrated in copaiba essential oil and the synergy of all four powerful types copaiba oil that doterra blends together in each bottle has the highest naturally occurring BCP (Beta-CaryoPhyllene, a cannabinoid that effects the CB2 receptors for pain in the brain) on the market. Plus, it's SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive and longer and faster acting. Most importantly, however, while all true hemp and marijuana family plants have varying amounts of THC, which could be flagged in drug screens and has hallucinogenic effects, it’s not in copaiba because it’s from a different plant family. This oil sold out when it first came out.

Copaiba is great for:
- Pain! Arthritis, Inflammation, the list goes on and on! There are SO MANY amazing testimonials on this oil and helping reduce pain! Take two drops under your tongue 2x/day
- Headaches - under the tongue
- Skin healing for blemishes, etc
- Anxiety, stress, sleep, Nervous system support- under the tongue & diffused
- Digestive support (crohns, ibs, etc) in a shot of water

You know those muscle aches and pains you deal with or worse yet, constantly take over the counter meds for? This is your go to for those aches and pains. Just rub it on and let the relief begin. A few drops rubbed directly when it hurts can bring relief quickly

- Reduces with joint & muscle pain
- Great for tired, sore feet
- Use this for a headache by rubbing a drop on the back of your neck.
- Throw this in your gym back for before and after a workout!

Mix these two together and apply on pain and you're in for a huge treat! Then do 2 drops of copaiba under your tongue and YOU. ARE. SET!

Order here by adding Copaiba to your cart:

Or if you would like me to order for you, join my group:

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Head over to my group to order Monday's BOGO!

No better way to start BOGO week than with a GIVEAWAY!! If you don't have your own doTERRA account yet, join my Facebook group to enter:

Only two days till BOGOs start and doTERRA is letting us in on a big secret!

Monday's BOGO deal: buy doTERRA On Guard® receive doTERRA Breathe® for FREE!

Oils are becoming more of a staple in a lot of homes and these two are must haves. We ALL need immune and respiratory support and these two pack a mighty punch!

I'll be posting the BOGOs daily in my private group. If you'd like it to join, click here:

Be sure to read about how this whole crazy BOGO week works in the Announcements at the top. I HIGHLY recommend enrolling as a member before Monday to SAVE 25%!

Also, please remember to invite your friends and family to join my group if you think they'd like to take advantage of these "hot" oil deals!

It's BOGO week! Buy One, Get One FREE essential oil deals start Monday!! Are you ready to “warm up” with some “hot” deals? Join me next week, Monday through Friday, to learn more about doTERRA, the BOGO oils, and how to utilize them in your home!

AND I may already know Monday's BOGO deal so join my BOGO group for more info!

The new line for kids is one of my favorite launches yet! This collection contains six new blends: Brave, Calmer, Rescuer, Steady, Stronger, and Thinker.

doTERRA released a NEW eBook!
Essential Oils & Children
Download it at the link below 👇

25% Off Wellness Rollers
Normally $12, now $9
Buy More & Save!
$25 - choose 3
$40 - choose 5
$75 - set of 10

10 blends to choose from! Labels indicate application instructions.

Respiratory - Helps maintain clear airways while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats
Throat - Helps soothe and calm bronchial activity during high seasons
Romance - A captivating fragrance for relaxation of the mind and stimulating properties
Muscle - Helps with mild discomfort associated with an active lifestyle or strain
Head - Helps minimize head tension and discomfort
Stomach - Helps reduce occasional nausea and promote healthy digestion
Defense - Promotes a healthy immune system and supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses
Seasonal - Protects against seasonal and environmental elements
Energy - Helps support an active lifestyle without artificial stimulants
Sleep - Promotes restful sleep and peaceful dreams

Clove is FREE this month when you place a 125 PV Loyalty Rewards order before the 15th.

Here are helpful ways to incorporate the power of Clove into your daily routine.

Clove just makes everything more cozy!


A Nurse and doTERRA Wellness Advocate shared this about her son using Turmeric Oil...

"This oil is changing this kid’s brain....literally.

Our youngest has done speech therapy in the past, and is currently in vision therapy. A month ago, he would cry for an hour trying to write 6 sentences. We put 2 drops of this oil under his tongue everyday, and now he sits down willingly and writes his 6 sentences in 10 minutes with a happy attitude.

Turmeric oil (which is much better absorbed by the body than the powdered supplement) can help accelerate the rate at which healthy neuronal stem cells are created. This is great for older people struggling to recall old memories. Turmeric oil helps to create new pathways to old memories.

For this kid, Turmeric oil has helped to create new pathways for learning."

AMAZING!! Order here for only $37.33 under Shop & New Products section:

doTERRA Essential Oils USA

There are some amazing holiday items still available! Shop here before they sell out:

We're LIVE with Emily Wright talking about exciting holiday product updates!

Back while supplies last!
Both sold out November 1st

Retail $32.00
Wholesale $24.00

Harvest Spice
Retail $32.67
Wholesale $24.50

We heard you! We are excited to announce that two of our Holiday oils: Beautiful Touch and Harvest Spice™ are available now for individual purchase.

Beautiful Touch comes is a 10 mL roller bottle and makes a lovely and sweet personal aroma. The sweet scent of this blend is uplifting and inspires confidence.

Harvest Spice is a warm and comforting when diffused. This proprietary blend combines Cassia Bark, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cedarwood, and Eucalyptus.

These holiday blends are available while supplies last.

PLEASE, oh please read this... especially if you’ve ever wondered why you can’t just grab oils from off the shelves at your local store. This. Is. Why!!! Please know that EVERY time I talk about using essential oils, I’m referring to doTERRA essential oils purchased from their website (NOT amazon)!

“Please be so careful when shopping for essential oils for your health.

What does Organic mean in the essential oil industry?


Only 1 drop of essential oil has to be tested for organic standards.

The rest of what's in that bottle? Who knows. 🤷😯

Why does this matter?

When you are using synthetic compounds, they are going to disrupt your endocrine system. What is that? YOUR HORMONES.

It is a dangerous game to use synthetic anything on and in your body.... especially synthetic essential oils.

If you cannot get the 3rd party testing results on your specific batch of oil, there's something wrong with that.

Why is doTERRA different?

They are ABOVE organic standards.

These are some of their testing methods they use:

❇️Organoleptic testing
❇️Microbial testing
❇️Gas chromatography
❇️Mass spectrometry
❇️Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
❇️Chirality testing
❇️Isotopic analysis
❇️Heavy metal testing

Where you source your oils matters! Different plants in different parts of the world and different soils can create a different composition of the chemical constituents inside of it. Please make sure EXPERTS are in charge of this and know their stuff and the science behind it.

It's wonderful that essential oils are becoming noticed, but like you wouldn't blindly take a medication you know nothing about, please do not blindly use an essential oil that you don't know is backed by science and chemists and doctors and vetinarians and millions of moms who have done their research.

There's a reason doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world...

We created this movement and we're the only company that is transparent with our quality:

And for the love of all things...DO NOT BUY OILS FROM FREAKING WALMART....or Amazon! Your body is precious!!!!”

☝🏽Amanda Garibay said it best!

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