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Enlightened Edibles has handcrafted the first ever Organic Raw Probiotic Cacao Fruit Chocolate. We are also New Zealand’s first Supplemented Chocolate Company. Vegan, Paleo, Raw, Organic, Refined Sugar Free, Stoneground


Parkinson's May Begin In Gut Before Affecting The Brain

It's so important to keep our gut microbiome healthy! It really is the source for optimal health. 🙌😊

huffingtonpost.com New research in mice and human cells indicates a brain-gut connection.


Harvard's Sugar Industry Scandal Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Interesting Sunday Read

Sugar is really bad, obviously. BUT it's been known for decades and large companies didn't want YOU to know.

m.huffpost.com There's a lot of junk science -- and corporate sponsorship -- out there.

Super Me Smoothies

❤️ A study showing that if you change your diet it will have positive impacts on your health and help prevent cancer.

You are what you eat!

"Modification in the diet can induce beneficial effects against breast cancer."

Food is medicine! Modify your diet and help fight disease ☺️❤️☺️


Cocoa flavanols lower blood pressure and increase blood vessel function in healthy people: Cocoa flavanols could help maintain cardiovascular health as we age

Stressed? Have a lot on your plate? Eat some raw chocolate!

Awesome findings show this may be the key to combating stress related conditions!


www.sciencedaily.com Consuming cocoa flavanols lowers blood pressure, increases flow-mediated vasodilation and improves blood cholesterol profile. Applying the Framingham risk score suggests that cocoa flavanols might therefore be able to reduce age-related risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.


Plant compounds give '1-2' punch to colon cancer

An Amazing new finding shows mixing Turmeric/Curcumin with Milk Thistle/Silymarin can help prevent and possibly inhibit Colon Cancer cells! =)

#Impactful combo!


sciencedaily.com A preliminary cell study finds combining curcumin, the active ingredient in spicy curry dishes, and silymarin, a component of milk thistle, inhibited the spread of colon cancer cells and increased cancer cell death.


Gut to brain interaction in Autism Spectrum Disorders: a randomized controlled trial on the role...

A new clinical study that will be looking into Autism Spectrum Disorder, Probiotics and the Gut. #FINALLY!! Have you heard of this one, The Kefir Company??


ncbi.nlm.nih.gov BMC Psychiatry. 2016 Jun 4;16:183. doi: 10.1186/s12888-016-0887-5.


5 Ways You Can Use Mindfulness To Fix Your Brain, Reduce Stress and Boost Performance

A few things to help keep positive, calm and present!

huffingtonpost.com THE BLOG 5 Ways You Can Use Mindfulness To Fix Your Brain, Reduce Stress and Boost Performance 06/18/2016 07:25 pm ET | Updated 23 hours ago Dr. Travis Bradberry Author of #1 bestselling book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, and president of TalentSmart, world's leading provider of emotional intelligenc...



In wake of everything happening in this world.......



[06/01/16]   If you were investing in the happiness of your future self, what would you do to make it happen?

Take time this winter to reflect!


It's Not All About Money: 5 Ways to Redefine Success


tinybuddha.com Your definition of success might not actually lead you to happiness. Here are 5 ways I've learned to redefine success and recognize value.


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