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Jodi Law will not be practicing after August 25th according to the website linked below. Please tell us how to at least get a renewal on a prescription ...I have been unable to obtain any information or response for several months and my prescribed medication has been gone for awhile. Please advise. Thank you.
Jodi Law will not be practicing after August 25th according to the website linked below. Please tell us how to at least get a renewal on a prescription ...I have been unable to obtain any information or response for several months and my prescribed medication has been gone for awhile. Please advise. Thank you.
I just read a letter on the website from Jodi Law stating she is closing her practice. I never received this letter in person and was never notified in response to my many attempts at communication with her. Because I just found out about this, it is even more imperative I contact her with regards to renewing my prescription before she closes her office at the end of the month. Does anyone know if she is okay... and how her office can be reached????
William Wallace I'm wondering what the status of the practice is. Does Jodi have enough memberships to continue her practice? I want to sign up but haven't yet. I had sent a message via the portal about my medication and how soon I'd be able to get an appointment if I got a membership. I didn't get a response. I'm concerned about making a year commitment when getting ahold of anyone/getting a response is so hard. I so want to stay with Jodi and want her to be successful!

Thanks for any information you can provide.
It seems that everyone is waiting to hear back. Jodi is overwhelmed with questions. I have only had one appointment with Jodi. I was still learning about that and now I need a follow up and I am definitely confused on what to do. Maybe Jodi should set up a Zoom call or something similar and be able to explain to the masses. I am sure she is saying the same thing over and over when it comes to understanding this new set up. Why not knock a lot of people off the list at the same time. I know there might be some privacy concerns. If you are one of those people than you shouldn't attend. But I am sure there are many others that would love to here her explanation and the details about how this new program is to work. If she needs someone to host or help with the tech issues with Zoom, I would be happy to do that for her. Or an informational video would be very helpful
I'm wondering if anyone has signed up for the membership and after doing so heard from Jodi. Actually I'm also wondering how many have signed up for membership overall.

I have some additional questions about the membership and also need an appointment. I've called, emailed and send a message via the patient portal but haven't heard back. I can only imagine Jodi is overwhelmed with all of this, so I want to be patient. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard from her. Are people who had appointments scheduled still having them? Has anyone need prescription refills and been able to get them?

I think that many of us have sent messages and with not much response. Can you give us the status of when she might be able to return our messages or set up an consult. Your letter states that the new membership policy won't go in effect until after 8/21/21 which I would assume you would bill insurance until after that date. I also have an appointment that was pre scheduled August 10th so can you please clarify that for me? We really all need to get things settled as I'm sure many of us need prescription refils and to talk to her regarding our decision on what we need to do regarding our medical care. I have been with Athena for many years with Kathy Carroll and then Jodi when she sold her practice. They are like family to me as well as others.
Sad. I hope they fix this issue soon.

To all the patients that Jodi Law has seen for Athena Health Center via phone, FaceTime and all other patients, please respect her personal time and if you need anything go to the portal, DO NOT messaging her on her personal FB, texting her phone or trying to FaceTime her. You wouldn’t want people contacting you when you are off work or on your personal stuff, so respect hers please!
If you have a appointment, she will contact you!
If you have questions go to the portal!
She is very backed up with questions, PLEASE BE PATIENT!!!!!!!
Yes I am the one telling you, she is too nice to say anything. Thank you for understanding and hopefully we all can get through this hard time,
Is this a clinic for women only, or is family health care offered?
It's Official- You are Looking at the new owner of Athena Health Center, LLC.

Kathy Carroll & Kim Holmes, you are the best! Love you guys and wish you the best!!

June 29th - The Business Signing

Athena Health Center offers Family health care. Routine wellness exams and acute care management. Specializing in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, thyroid management, Botox and Juvederm esthetics.

Athena Health Center, LLC provides solutions for men and women. A woman-owned and operated business, Athena offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, pre-menstrual, peri-menstrual, and menopausal evaluation and treatment, education and treatment of diabetes by a certified diabetes educator, breast and cervical screening (free for qualified women), stress and diet management as well as serv

Operating as usual


Hey everyone! Our office is currently seeking a full time LPN. Please send resumes or questions to: [email protected]


Go to our website and buy your membership
Membership enrollment is now open for a limited time!
If you have hormone,thyroid and/or Adrenal, you want the total coverage package.

All memberships will start in August!


I have updated the website with more information on the membership.
I am still adding features to the site, but it should give you the information needed.
Thank you!


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As for everyone asking about the membership and what it entails, I am updating the website as we speak. I will have everything on there by tomorrow. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]


We will be accepting memberships only!!
No insurance!
After a long evaluation of the business and the major struggles with payment from insurance companies we regretfully decided to shut down all insurance As of Aug. 21
Thank you to all that supported us in the past.

Please go to our website for your medical records release form print it and mail it in.
Thank you

Athena Pure Health - Health and Medical, Botox, Medical Care 14/06/2021

Athena Pure Health - Health and Medical, Botox, Medical Care

Please visit our new website
We are now accepting pre memberships!
This will be our new platform when we open.
All existing patients will need to apply for a membership.
Please email [email protected]
We are not excepting calls at this time, due to the overwhelming messages.
Thank you in advance!

Athena Pure Health - Health and Medical, Botox, Medical Care health and medical


We have an office location!!!
Currently in the REMODELING phase.

Williamstown, WV

Athena Health Center updated their address. 07/05/2021

Athena Health Center updated their address.

Athena Health Center updated their address.


Enter your password to access the online shopping of vitamins and supplements as usual. At check out, enter the discount code for Mother's Day. Offer Ends May 10th !!!


If you receive a letter or call from Memorial stating you have to request your medical records or you have to make a appointment with them.
Memorial is trying to mislead you to believing that you have to stay with them.

Jodi is still your provider if you so choose and has always had your records on our system at Athena.
Thank you for understanding.


New Phone Number


Jodi is now doing Telemedicine Visits.

She is no longer affiliated with Marietta Memorial or Express Care.


201 Second Street
St Mary’s, WV 26170


For the month of January, Jodi will be working at the Express Care St Mary’s Office.

(681) 612-3501


Marietta Memorial Hospital Department of Primary Care
Jodi Law, NP
807 Farson Street, Suite 203C| Belpre, OH 45714| (740) 423-9640 |

January 2021

Dear Patients,

I am excited to announce that I am joining Memorial Health System and will relocate to Belpre Medical Campus beginning Tuesday, February 2.

I value you as a patient and hope that you will come to my new office and allow me the opportunity to continue to meet your health care needs. Our office will continue to provide the best care possible. If you wish to continue under my care, there is no need to take any action. You can call the office and schedule your appointment as you normally do. If you currently have an appointment scheduled, this will remain on the same date and time. The appointment will, however, occur at our new location.

Our new office isn't too far away—I will be located at 807 Farson Street, Suite 203C in Belpre, Ohio, and the clinic phone number will change to (740) 423-9640. We will assist in making this transition as smooth as possible and continue to provide the care you expect.

Thank you for the trust you have put in me over the years. I hope to continue serving as your health care provider. If you have any questions, please call my office at (740) 423-9640.


Jodi Law, NP
Department of Primary Care
Marietta Memorial Hospital


Pulse Oximeters available for purchase!!

With the concerns with COVID19 and breathing compromise risk, it is important to be able to monitor your oxygen levels in the blood. This is an accurate way to determine if you are getting enough oxygen exchange in the body.

Typically a healthy individual with range 98-100%

Bronchitis symptoms ranges 97-96%

Respiratory compromise or pneumonia risk ranges 95% and below and needs immediate medical attention.

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If you have a Telemedicine appointment approaching, I encourage you to NOT get labs drawn. I am going to post-pone blood work until June 2020. This is to keep everyone safe and avoiding high risk areas where COVID19 is more prevalent.

Stay home & stay safe.



We just received CorDefense in the office!!!

All the important IMMUNE BOOSTING ingredients:

• Epicor®†, dried yeast fermente of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
• European elderberry flower extract
• Vitamin C and D
• Zinc



I have a shipment of Epicor arriving sometime between March 21st - 24th.

The Pure Defense & Daily Immune are on BACKORDER. Yes, people are buying them out.

I have limited quantities of the Pure Defense and the Daily Immune in the Office. Call the office for inquiries 💊🦠🩺 16/03/2020

Patient Portal

The Best way to send medication refill requests or send medical questions is to utilize the Athena Patient Portal. If you do not have one, the link below will allow you to sign up for one. This will allow you to access labs, review medications request refills, and ask questions.

This truly is the most efficient way to communicate.

Portal Login/SignUp These terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and Athena Health Center, LLC ("we," "us," or "our"). The Patient Portal is an Internet service that allows our patients to: communicate with us; access their health records; request or reschedule appointments; view and update per...


Due to recent changes with Government Recommendations on public health concerns from the coronavirus; Athena Health Center will be operating with temporary closed doors from March 16th to March 28th. Athena Health Center will be offering telemedicine availability, phone and patient portal communication; and the mailing of pure encapsulation vitamins upon request. We will be working on limited staffing and this is our goal to play our part in protection of our patients, community, staff, and families, in hope of reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

Updates on the Telemedicine apps for use include: Chiron Health which will allow you to integrate your online video visit into your chart and allows easy use with your patient portal with Athenahealth.


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Botox smooths lines and wrinkles, giving the face a more youthful appearance. Results typically last 3-4mo and can vary from person to person.

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Photos from Athena Health Center's post


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Grow your own LONG eyelashes!

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Received a big shipment of Spark, 🥤Rehydrate, and Pure Encapsulation Supplements 💊


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Want a quick and simple snack? All you need is: -1 container of light cool whip
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-1 fruit punch Spark

So delicious even the kids will love it! 🍓🍍🍎 04/10/2019

Car crashes into Athena Health Care

Thank you to all our patients for being patient with us rescheduling appointments yesterday! We will be open normal business hours next week Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm. We are just glad everyone is ok! VIENNA — One person sustained apparently minor injuries after a vehicle crashed into the windows and door of Athena Health Center in the 1600 block of Grand Central Avenue Thursday morning. Vienna Police Sgt. A.N. Harris said the driver of the 2011 Lexus SUV, Vienna resident Merrell Oshea, 78, rep...


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Green Apple Spark 1 packet
1 tablespoon Vanilla extract
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1 to 2 Tbsp Sweetener of choice (honey, sugar, stevia, guava nectar)
Mix in 8 floz of hot water


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Monday 08:00 - 16:00
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