Kawok In Mayan cosmovision, Kawok is the spirit of the midwifes and birthing process. As a midwife of the Soul, walking each other Home.

In this online "cosmic womb" I share my services and insights as a birthkeeper, womb- & lightworker and world bridger.

13 Aq'ab'al Today the energies are strongly connected to the concept of "spiritual conception". The spiritual concepti...

13 Aq'ab'al

Today the energies are strongly connected to the concept of "spiritual conception". The spiritual conception and union of opposites. Yin and yang. Shadow and light. Masculine and feminine. The ancestral dance of the future that enfolds in the mystery of the space in-between.

This brings me to the topic of consciously bringing in new life into the womb. What does that mean?

To be in communication and open to the connection with the baby soul that is in the field. To fine-tune to its energies.

To bring awareness to opening the pathway for New energies to come into the body. Which often means.. clearing the old "stuff" that is there.

The new frequency that comes in often creates a purging effect. Expressing itself through nausea, sickness and emotions arising. All very normal.

Yet.. once we more consciously walk the path of conception, there may be specific ancestral patterns, traumas and wounds that want to be cleared for this soul to come in without the energetic imprints from the past. The guidance into this work can start years before the actual conception takes place.

Amongst the Mayan midwives, this work is done through healing fire ceremonies. For the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, it comes down to clearing our sexual life force energy from all past partners and memories. In the Indian tradition of Ayurveda, there are specific diets to follow to prepare the mind, body and spirit. 13 Aq'ab'al points us to integrate these ways in modern day life.

This butterfly reminded me of the importance to listen to the messages from Spirit expressed through nature. To embrace the shadows as much as the light, and to walk the path in between. As consciousness and the light of awareness is developed in the darkness of the womb space.

The last few years I had the honor to walk many women on their pre-conception journey and do a beautiful trajectory of healing work. If this calls you, it would be a blessing to work together. PM me directly or visit my website www.withlovebylieke.com to read more on the work that I offer.

Over the last 9 years in my life, I have always been magnetised towards sacred sites, to connect with the lands and anci...

Over the last 9 years in my life, I have always been magnetised towards sacred sites, to connect with the lands and ancient structures that help us be in alignment with the lay lines of the earth mother.

Walking those lay lines, I had the insight that they are nothing less than the energetic imprint of the stars that are put under our feet. Helping us be in alignment and in connection with ourselves, and with the cosmos around us. A reconnection point to the pathways of the stars as they live within ourselves. In Maya, this is known as the Saq'Be.

Whether those energetic places look like pyramids, like sleeping mountains, like stone circles or however they were marked.. They all have in common to work with the alignment of the stars, the planets and for us to connect with the cosmic alignment. As a key to navigate our everyday life in connectivity.

Visiting Scotland and it's sacred sites was another deep activation within the cells of my body. On day 1, we visited a site that was shaped in the form of a womb. With a stone circle inside of it. At the beginning of the day, I had an interesting pain coming up in my womb, without reasonable reason. As soon as we came to the lands and I entered the circle, a big release happened in the middle of it.

It felt like a collective memory that my womb picked up to be released in the circle. Offerings of rose quartz were made and the sun peeked through the clouds again.

All I can say is.. whenever you get to visit a site like that, drop into your body. Listen and be still. Everyone has the gift to feel and receive what the lands hold for us. All that is needed, is to remember.


Do you feel a desire for deeper Soul connectivity and alignment with your essence? I have availability again for Saq'Be Sessions, as well as online womb sessions and in-person work in Guatemala. Follow the link in my bio for more details.

弩It is my moon time again弩A time to turn to my faja, the traditional womb belt handwoven by Maya midwife Do簽a Dominga. T...

弩It is my moon time again弩

A time to turn to my faja, the traditional womb belt handwoven by Maya midwife Do簽a Dominga.

The meaning of the faja is too rich in complexity to be fully explained here. But in short, the Mayan women know it as essential for overall health and care for the womb. It holds us like a mother. There is deep significance and intention woven into the fajas with every thread as a meditation and prayer for healing.

It is worn to protect ones core energy and keeps the womb warm, which is essential to a healthy cycle.

The Mayan women always make sure to cover the belly button with a faja. Think about it.. Via the belly button we received nourishment from the umbilical cord in the womb space. Still now, this is an open place for energy exchange. Either nourishing and positive, or draining and negative.

I also wear my faja when giving abdominal massages to be centered. If I don't wear it, I noticed I feel drained afterwards.

After a massage, I seal off the process and wrap the abdomen of my client with a faja. Like placing a bandage on the belly after an energetic surgery to integrate the process.

And so many more uses for postpartum and during pregnancy as well to dive into.


If you are interested in purchasing your faja - that I brought to Europe from Do簽a Dominga directly, message me for photos and pricing!

I still have some last ones left.

With lots of love from my womb cave

Soo excited to birth this into the world today with dear sister and visionary Kathryn Mayeux, bringing together women of...

Soo excited to birth this into the world today with dear sister and visionary Kathryn Mayeux, bringing together women of all ages and stories of life.

We as women are the weavers of life itself. Every story ever told is because a woman made it possible. We are the story tellers, the dream weavers, the oracles that seed creation onto this planet.

Stories make the world go round. It is our stories, the stories of the women before us that long to be told, re-membered. It is the voice of the young ones that we wish to hear, their prayers, their questions, their aches and yearnings, through sharing our hearts, our experiences, our unfoldings, our aches, our griefs, our pains, our joys, our gifts, our celebrations, our triumphs and our fears, we realize we are all fractals of the One, coming home to the ancient remembering of our brilliant light.

With the wisdom of the cycles, attuned to the vibration of the Earth, in alignment with the phases of the Moon, we gather to share, to be, receive, create, celebrate and grieve, to hold and be held. Most importantly we gather in circle to unify as women, to come together and tend the sacred fire of creation in community, remembering and reclaiming our wild wholeness.

Through breath, ritual, ceremony, and creative story telling we travel through the wheel of the year building while bridging wisdom across generations.

This is a gathering across generations from the first bleed to well beyond the last, with a lifetime of wisdom behind you, we welcome all womban who feel called to come home to community, ritual, and ceremony.

This circle was birthed through deep inspiration and embodied experience of sitting in these cirlces across the world, in different lineages, and touching the depths of the profundity that moves when women of all ages gather together.

Kathryn Mayeux and Lieke Moras are the stewards and curators of this container. Together alongside some incredible guest teachers and mentors we have been called forward to birth MMC as a gathering place for women on this planet.

Gathering on Zoom Each New Moon for 13 Moons From May 2023-May 2024

Price Ranging:
$288 Entry Price (Maiden)
$333 Sustainer Price (Mother & Crone)
$444 Contributor

Any questions, please reach out to either one of us. We would love to welcome you in 8 days 歹

With the bridging work that I do, I find it important that people know where I am coming from. Especially with regards t...

With the bridging work that I do, I find it important that people know where I am coming from. Especially with regards to the appropriation of indigenous wisdom being a sensitive topic.

Yet, I have always known that I am here to build Bridges between ancient wisdom traditions and modernday life. To make it available to westerners in a digestable and practical way that enriches our consciousness and connection.

With that knowing I went back to Uni and did my MSc in Medical Anthropology & Sociology in 2017. My thesis theme was the "Transmission of Mayan Healing Traditions".

I didn't know that it would pull me alll the way in. My teachers told me that I went "too native". Yet, it was the only way. I couldnt write about the dreams that were guiding me to my research participants, because who would believe me?

Yet, this was Exactly the topic of my thesis. I got the lived experience. The intersection of dreams as a different way of knowing and modernday learning. Who decides what is acknowledged?

I knew the University walls were too limiting for me and the ancient wisdom of the Maya. It was here to be spread. And for me, just the beginning of my path.

Now, after some years and many processes on finding my unique and Authentic way of bridging, I found my niche and specialty.

Which is assisting others to receive the guidance of the Nahuales - the energies of the Mayan calendar - through LIVED and FELT experience, that helps us deepen our connection.

By offering intuitive transmissions, readings and guided meditations wherein the energies of the Nahuales come through as Activations to be felt within the body and energy system.

The wisdom encoded within the Mayan calendar is meant to be LIVED and FELT, not to be simply learned and accepted. It is here to Activate us at the cellular level. To help us Remember deep into the codes of our DNA. That this.. is a Universal wisdom.

Are you ready to join GOLDEN RATIO?

We start March 20th-April 7th - 1 Imox
20 daily live or recorded sessions (to join online or listen in your own time)
1:1 Deepening Session
Amazing guest teachers:
Mayeux sharing Breathwork Ceremony
Julie Surpreet Adi with Kundalini Yoga
Mayan elder Thomas offering a Mayan fire ceremony

Please reach out for any questions!
Early pricing ends March 17th

I am happy to jump on a quick call if you織d like to speak in person about it.

With love,

 6 Aj  If you'd ask me one word to help us live in a deep state of connection and graceful flow, I'd say:儭 ALIGNMENT ...

6 Aj

If you'd ask me one word to help us live in a deep state of connection and graceful flow, I'd say:


It's all about Alignment.

Today the energies of the Nahual 6 Aj in the Mayan calendar help us focus on exactly tht.

Aj is the connector between the Cosmos and the Earth. It helps us create stability and be like Pillars of Light once we align ourselves with the energies of the Cosmos.

Aj is represented by the corn - a sacred element to the Maya and seen as the connector between the upper and lower world, through which the babies are born and families are created. Therefore it is connected with a Homecoming to oneself. A Homecoming on earth, in ones heart, a feeling of true belonging.

How incredible would it be to live in a deep state of Connection and Alignment every.single.day. Right? How would our quality of life shift?

Therefore.. I created the GOLDEN RATIO 20-day journey. To help us live exactly tht.

Once I started living by the energies of the Mayan Calendar, I experienced all parts of my life Aligning themselves. I mean.. offcourse! When we attune ourselves to the energies of nature and the Cosmos, we open ourselves to more life force energy. To let ourselves be GUIDED and receive this guidance and direction.

As everything in life is made up of energy (thankyou Einstein), the Cholq'ij calendar maps out the very building blocks of these energies that are part of the Cosmos, our human body, and nature around us. Its also known as the human Ascension calendar.

Once we ATTUNE ourselves to those subtle energies, we naturally ALIGN and CONNECT. We start to attract synchronicities into our lives. We enter a deeper state of FlOW. We accelerate in our Growth and may find our Healing through that.

And.. you can experience this too!

GOLDEN RATIO starts March 20th. A 20-day online journey intended to guide you into these states, and to experience it within yourself and your daily life. You can do the journey in your rhythmn or join the live sessions

If you wish to receive more information or jump on a discovery call with me, please reach out!

Planting those Seeds of Light today with 1 Q'anil for the launch of.." Golden Ratio" 20-day journey into Soul Alignmen...

Planting those Seeds of Light today with 1 Q'anil for the launch of..

" Golden Ratio"
20-day journey into Soul Alignment & Cosmic Connection, following the cycles of the Mayan Cholq'ij calendar.

This is such a deep heart & soul offering of mine. It has been in gestation for several Mayan years now and my dreams told me that the time is NOW. Starting on 1 Imox, the start of a new Creation story. You are invited to step into yours!

Feeling in deep alignment with this offering of LOVE that will hopefully help you..
. connect deeper with your cosmic self and true essence
. be in alignment in everyday life, feel in a state of connectivity, guidance and receptivity to the energies of each day
. spiral deeper into yourself and help integrate all different parts of your being
. be inspired and guided by the cyclical nature of the Mayan calendar and learn how to live according to this ancient wisdom in everyday life
. tune in with your inner Golden Ratio - a state of Pure Alignment and connection with your natural rhythm and enfolding of Life

With incredible Guest teachers Kathryn Mayeux offering Breathwork, Julie Surpreet Adi sharing Kundalini Yoga and local Mayan elder hosting a Mayan Fire Ceremony for our group. All online, with recordings made available to optionally journey in your own timing.

Write me for questions or more details.

I cant wait to welcome you into this sacred container 潃潃

  Tz'ikin We are now flying into the new 13-day cycle under the guidance of the energies of Nahual Tz'ikin.Following ...


We are now flying into the new 13-day cycle under the guidance of the energies of Nahual Tz'ikin.

Following upon a cycle of change with the start of the new Mayan year on 11 E'b - which tells us it will be a year of new directions, travels and paths opening.

The Nahual I'q cleared our minds and may have blown us into a new direction.

Today, the hummingbird - the messenger - makes place for the Eagle as the great visionary.

Helping us See the bigger picture so we can put the puzzle pieces together.

Trust what you See.

Trust your Unique vision and follow it through.

Tz'ikin teaches us that we find True abundance by following our authentic dreams.

Tht, will bring us fulfilment, satisfaction and enrichment from within. Which is the real abundance!

You are here to bring down YOUR uniqueness. Finetune what that looks like, without compromising.


Did you know that depending on our Mayan day sign, we all have a different connection with each Nahual?

This gives us specific information on how to express and access the qualities of each day sign.

If you would like to be guided into working with the Nahual Tz'ikin, please reach out!

For all Mayan readings in the coming 13-days I will add as an extra the discovery of your unique combination with the energies of Tzikin.

Helping with questions like..
how to move forwards in ones business?
how to generate a deeper sense of abundance and fulfillment from within?
how to access and activate ones visionary qualities?

As always, honored to serve those who want to dive deep into this ancient wisdom and bring this alive into all that we do.

 Abuela Kawok ㏎low, but steadyFirm, yet compassionateThe strenght in her soft loving eyesFeeling her so close, in all ...

Abuela Kawok

Slow, but steady

Firm, yet compassionate

The strenght in her soft loving eyes

Feeling her so close, in all her forms

Abuela Kawok called me back home to Mama Atitlan early '21, while studying holistic midwifery in Spain

First, through a dream..

"Iyom" - was the word that jumped out of an ancient book of Mayan glyphs

Meaning traditional midwife in Maya language

I reached out to my midwife friends in Guatemala.. sharing the dream

A confirmation of the calling to the path of sacred midwifery

I needed to go back to where it all began

Then, Abuela Kawok started to whisper in my ears

"We are going to teach you all about the plants"

Followed by dreams of plant walks through the mountains of Guatemala and visions of the abuelas doing plant clearings on me while in meditation in the weeks leading up to my return

They clearly didn't leave me alone and I felt more and more in the space in-between

And now, more than ever I know.. they have always been there guiding me on this path, like a vision quest naturally enfolding

The other day, Nana Ixquik read in my cacao cup residue the image of the turtle, during one of the classes with

You could say the turtle goes slow, when its on land.

But its also in another dimension, in connection with the ancestors

When in the water, it flows in its own rhythm and is truly in its element.

Slow but steady

Yet flowing through the waters

Flying through time and space

Thankyou for your guidance

Abuela Kawok

I feel you..
.flowing through my hands when working with the sacred womb
.when the portal of birth, death and transformation opens up, helping me to hold steady and loving supported space
. your wisdom, always just right there.

I am honored to work with you

 10 E'b  Mayan birthday give-away 沉ts my cosmic birthday today! I believe I am turning 42 years following the Mayan c...

10 E'b Mayan birthday give-away

Its my cosmic birthday today! I believe I am turning 42 years following the Mayan cycles of creation. Still cycling up the end of my 29th Gregorian year on earth.

Today we honor our lifepath and our true essence. E'b is the Nahual of the journeyer, in all directions. Number 10 is the number of community and the force of manifestation.

Saq'Be is the white road that we see in the sky as the Milkyway as we look up on a cloudless night. It reminds us of our essence and spiritual origin. Inviting us to integrate our original Star essence into our human flesh and physical experience. Its the path of our highest growth and evolution. Gifting us all the experiences we need.

In celebration of my Mayan birthday, I am gifting away a Saq'Be Session! Which are always intended to help us remember our True essence and come Home to our cosmic and human selves. To walk this earth in beauty, leaving behind our unique footprint. Offering practical tools and insights to help us move forward.

If this is what you want to receive, then I invite you to enter the raffle! How do you do that? Simply follow the steps:

Comment below the post and tag along at least one sister or brother who may resonate with this

恫 Share this post in your stories and tag me along so I can see

In three days, at the end of this 13-day cycle I will announce the winner via my stories! If you want to read more details about this session, then follow the link in my Bio.

Wishing you a beautiful, wandering day with many adventures

For the San Marcos folks.. you are welcome to join for fire ceremony with Tata Thomas at the nature reserve E'b altar at 1pm!


Did we already tell you how grateful we are for all of the support we have received in this last year?

Only a year ago..
.we started uniting. Every 20 days we came together on the days of Kawok - the days of the midwife in the Mayan calendar for half a year.

Asking permission and guidance for the project to manifest in connection to the roots of the Maya midwifery traditions while integrating modernday midwifery practice.

Uniting the elder midwives with the next generations. Creating space for stories to be passed on. Opportunities to heal, learn and grow stronger together as midwives. More kept coming.

This is (a part of) our wonderful group of midwives. The youngest one 12, the eldest one 75. United by the same calling and purpose to Serve women. In full devotion.

These are (some of) the women you have been supporting by the donations that have come through.

We are almost fulfilling the first 6 months of the Empowerment through Education program, which will continue to evolve.

If you have been waiting for the right moment to support us.. now is the time!

We wanna say once more MALTIOX
to some of our main donors and supporters.. thankyou all for your generous support

We want to give a special thanks to .sanjuan for hosting us at the beautiful Womens Weaver Collective in San Juan la Laguna. If you are here.. go check it out and have a workshop with them!

And offcourse.. many thanks to ALL individuals who have contributed in ANY way! We cant name all of you unfortunately, but you know who you are 歹

Here also with who came to visit us. A midwife from Chile who is on a similar mission to preserve the wisdom of the traditional midwives.

If you want to help us empower the traditional midwives around Lake Atitlan, you can by:

Sharing our posts
Raising funds through events
making a donation

Yess.. we've made it into 2023! 信ave you wondered how to direct your energy in the start of this new Gregorian year? Le...

Yess.. we've made it into 2023!

Have you wondered how to direct your energy in the start of this new Gregorian year?

Lets have a look at the cycles that we're moving through in the Mayan Cholq'ij calendar, giving us a cyclical perspective on time. Allowing us to move in harmony with the energies of the cosmos and nature herself.

The 1st of January coincided with 1 Aq'ab'al in the Cholq'ij calendar. This represents the dawn, the space in between the light and the dark; the mystery herself. Setting us up for the conception of a new dream.

俊he first 13 days of 2023 are thus allowing us to feel into the new dreams that are coming to us.

俟omething new is being conceived to then be gestated and birthed as a new reality. Yet, we are still in the receiving mode of that newness. We may not be able to fully grasp nor see how those dreams and energies will eventually manifest themselves. Its still quite a mystery.

隹llow yourself to spend some time in the in-between space. Watch the sunset. Open and activate all of your senses. Tune in to receive that inspiration directly from the source of your own connectivity.

俐e may feel flooded with waves of newness. Follow it. Let it guide you. Get to know this sensation. Open yourself to the mystery of not knowingness. Yet, allowing yourself to be guided by the subtle energies of life that are forming themselves every second through the intention of being Present with what is enfolding for us.

On the 13th this trecena will end with 13 Tzikin This is the Eagle, the visionary and the higher spiritual guidance. The energies of these days are building up for us to receive clarity on what our new dream may look like.

Pay close attention to what is coming to you in this trecena to see what you can bring into 2023!

Want to dive deeper? I am available for Mayan readings to help you further understand your energies according this very precise and ancient system. PM for any questions!

This is tomorrow! 歹Come join this special opportunity

This is tomorrow! 歹
Come join this special opportunity

2 KameTTTTTTTTT㏄ombwork is portalworkinto the lineageas one of the directions to spiral intoTTTTTTTTT℉ame is the energ...

2 Kame


Wombwork is portalwork
into the lineage
as one of the directions
to spiral into


Kame is the energy in the Mayan calendar
as the perfect portal energy
to heal and journey
into the lineage
connecting with our ancestry


The Nahual Kame
as a wayshower into Pure presence
which is connected
to the spaces of death, birth & transformation
as invitations
to spiral into the present moment
through the heart
through the womb

Presence, so related to Love.
when presence is lacking
another moment is dying

What does it mean to be present?
to be in the heart
through the heart
is how the portal opens

Maltiox Nahual Kame
for your guidance
for your teachings
for the portals that you open


Link in BIO to find out more about my Womb Sessions. PM if you are ready to dive through the portal with me.

Book your session before November to enjoy current prices, as afterwards they will go up.

With love,

Breech babies. Bottom or feet first babies. Those who do things the other way around. Or... simply another variation of ...

Breech babies. Bottom or feet first babies. Those who do things the other way around. Or... simply another variation of normal birth.

The issue is not that the baby is breech.

The issue is that it織s an almost lost art in midwifery.

The issue is in the lack of proper education for birth attendants and doctors on how to facilitate and attend a physiological breech birth without manipulation.

The issue is in the protocols that make midwives put their license at risk if they DO attend a breech birth at home or in the birthing center (even though in their hearts, they most likely DO want to serve you in this way!)

The issue is in the fear that is put in peoples minds.

Breech birth should NOT be automatically a C-section.

There's different reasons why a baby is positioned like that. On all the levels - physical, emotional, spiritual... Which varies per mother and baby.

My point here is... There are options. There are ways.

Some midwives still DO attend physiological breech birth and know how to do this safely (grateful to have one of them as my teachers ).

There are gentle techniques that can help create space in the pelvic floor - if that is the reason that baby is breech, this may be successful.

One of them called the WEBSTER technique, which comes from chiropracty. This technique works to release tension in the round ligaments, which then creates more space in the uterus for baby to turn if it wants to.

A super gentle and non invasive technique that doesn't touch baby nor placenta!

No coincidence that this was taught as part of educational program of The Midwife Project Guatemaya two days after I had an online pregnancy session with a dear sister who carries a breech baby in late-term pregnancy. She now found a Webster technique practitioner closeby

Thankyou Dr. Amy Tafeen - for sharing your wisdom. As a chiropractor, she helped turn >900 breech babies while working in a birthing clinic. She learned for 5 years directly with Dr. WEBSTER - the inventor of this technique and was close friends with Ina May Gaskin.

Other ways that can be considered:
Accupuncture & shiatsu massage
Walking on knees and hands for 10 minutes 3x a day
Spinning babies

Keep questioning歹

What is my WHY? WHY?.am I actually doing what I'm doing?? This question keeps my flame burning. My heart roaring. My pas...

What is my WHY? WHY?
.am I actually doing what I'm doing??

This question keeps my flame burning. My heart roaring. My passion flowing. To create and show up. To share my gifts with you all.

So let me tell you my why..Which is for EVERY.SINGLE.BEING... that I am blessed to work with, and specifically for my womb work sessions..

for women to experience the multidimensional aspect of their wombs.

to feel the pulse of raw lifeforce and gentle power that resides within us.

to know how to FEEL our center, our core, our truth... To allow ourselves to move from that place deep within.

to know how to access that place of ancient wisdom that is within the wombspace.

to experience the very MAGIC of life and of their own existence.

to feel part of something bigger than themselves. This life is a Bloody miracle. And so are you.

系o feel HELD, SEEN and supported in the most challenging, vulnerable processes of growth and transformation. In the midst of the realness and the rawness there is beauty to be found. May you find that piece of raw unpolished beauty.

It changed my life..

When I actually discovered the DEEP well of sensations locked within my womb. After years of inner "work" and healing, it was only when I touched deep into the womb, that the real deal began. Pandoras box of treasures & ancestral trauma opened up.

Suddenly (relationship) patterns started to clear.

Unexplicable rage and sadness found its way out of my womb.

The gifts and burdens of ancestral memories and trauma being released.

Many of it was not mine to carry. I had no idea.The freedom.The lightness. The increased psychic connection that came through the clearing of my Wombs Eye.

Since then, it became my mission. My passion. My deepest honor and service. To help women reach these places. To facilitate spaces for transformation within. Through the womb we all go.

So blessed to share.
Together we can do miracles.
Yes, we can.
Yes, you can.
You're not alone in this.

 1 E'b ~ the road 冠 new trecenaa new roada new directiondoors are opening opportunities may arriveadventure is awaitin...

1 E'b ~ the road

a new trecena
a new road
a new direction

doors are opening
opportunities may arrive
adventure is awaiting

become your own wayshower
pave those new and foreign paths
go through unexplored terrains

as much within as around
as much above as below
walk through those gates
in all directions

once skywalkers
before earthwalkers

remember your true essence
walk your Saq'Be
the white and yellow paved path
of your souls evolution
with stars under your feet
leaving the footprint
of your true essence, your blueprint

accept the ways
your spirit chose to evolve
go beyond the ordinary and the known
as old roads dont bring us anywhere new


Do reach out, for a Saq'Be Soul Session..

If you like to remember and embody more of your cosmic self and let that fuel your creativity & nourish your personal offerings to clients.

If you feel the need to connect more deeply with your True Essence, your gifts, qualities and natural genius.

If you like to establish yourself and your work in deeper connection with your unique mission, your unique lifeforce energy. You are here to be YOU. Not to copy anyone else.

Learn more about the energies you bring according the Mayan Cholqij calendar - which helps us embody our Cosmic self in grounded and practical everyday life.

If you feel the need for a shift, a transition, a transformation in something new, that welcomes more of YOU.

If you need someone to help you translate, hear and see the messages from your higher self, your spirit team and bring this to you in empowering ways.

If you desire to be truly Seen!

If you need some guidance and someone to walk with you and see which gates may want to open for you..


If you feel a pull, a curiosity, a spark.. I'd love to connect. I am available for 1:1 online or in person sessions as well as longer-term trajects that can be set up to be finetuned to your needs.

I'm here for those who are ready.

PM to book your session


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Kawok - the Mayan birthsign or Nahual of the midwifes, womb wisdom keepers & counsellors in Mayan cosmovision. The ones who helped me to recognize my story. Kawok Doula Services bridges worlds and traditions, guiding others on their journey of Life, starting from the very beginning - at birth. Kawok is also a guide to others on their Souls path, assisting to navigate along the way & connect with your true Soul essence. From the very intuitive Mayan midwifery practices to Quantum birthing. From yoni eggs to sharing menstrual cups. From womb wisdom & storytelling to birth integration sessions. From SaqBe Soul Sessions to intuitive counselling.

Some of the services that I offer.. Maya abdominal massage Metamorphic massage Womb clearing sessions Soul- & Counselling sessions Doulawork before/during/after birth Yoni egg guidance, events & (whole)sale to help women walk back to the power of their wombs Guided by Love