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We are dedicated to helping you improve your overall health not just through fitness and nutrition but every aspect of life.

We put this page together in order to help as many people as we can live better, healthier lives. We do this through every aspect of health, not just your typical fitness and nutrition advice. Certain products you put on your face or in your hair are just as bad as the crap food you put in your body. We want to help people sort out what's good, what's bad, and what will help them be healthier overall. Cory is also a personal trainer who is willing to take on clients who are seeking progress and change in their fitness. He is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has a bachelors degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Holistic Health. He has been training for over 2 years and has worked with a great variety of clientele. If you're interested in personal training or have any general questions, just send us a message here or follow the link to the website below to send a message there and we will do what we can to help you.

[08/12/14]   Pretty crappy outside today. Perfect gym weather. Get yourself in there. If you don't belong to a gym, now's a good time to find one.

[08/07/14]   Thirsty Thursday challenge!!! Drink as much water as possible today. Try getting at least 64oz. But aim for more. Post your totals! Maybe the winner will get a prize.

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Friendly reminder to check out my personal training site.

[07/29/14]   It's TACO Tuesday!!! I want you to Take Action, Create Opportunity! Now is the time to get motivated and get yourself healthy so you can live a long fulfilled life. Create something better for yourself and for the people you love. Take action and get serious about your health. The time is now. Create opportunities for yourself to better your well being. You're worth more than you realize.

[07/28/14]   Happy Monday everybody!! I know for a lot of guys Monday is national chest day. If that is the case for you, try this triset in your routine today.

3 sets of:
Medium grip barbell bench, 8 reps.
Neutral dumbbell chest press, 10 reps.
Push-ups to fatigue.

[07/27/14]   Today may be sunday but that doesn't mean you have to be lazy. Get off your duff and move. Get a workout in.

[07/27/14]   We are up and running!!! Let us know what we can do to help and what you'd like to see us give advice about. We are open to suggestions and conversations.


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