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Bjerke (bee/year/key) Therapeutic bodywork and natural remedies for the mind, body, and soul.

Dedicated to helping clients ease the symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and injuries from past or recent accidents using integrative massage, flower essences, and essential oils. My treatments often consist of a blend of Swedish, Cranialsacral unwinding, and Chinese medicine. I graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in August of 2015 and took an additional 16-hour Cranial-sacral Unwinding course post-graduation. Cranial-sacral unwinding is my preferred method to help clients with a decreased range of motion, pain that seems to be "stuck," and injuries from accidents. Unwinding acupressure points and meridians has proven itself to be beneficial during numerous sessions. Clients who have been experiencing stress can also benefit from unwinding to help balance out the emotional body and release the tension. Your first treatment is $40/hour; a sliding scale of $60-80/hour is provided after that, depending on what you can afford/what the treatment is worth to you. If you are unable to afford this price, please send me a message and we will work something out. Your wellness is my priority.

Massage Techniques That Helped My Lower Back Pain

"I had always assumed that professional massages where an indulgence, something you did to just to unwind... Yet when I dug a little deeper, I found that some of the earliest written records from thousands of years ago regarding massages referred to their medical uses rather than any relaxation benefits."

I have not been as active on here as I would like to be due to not having internet access, but I will do my best to share articles and other information when possible. This is an article where I briefly review the many massage techniques that helped my lower back pain. I'll discuss their pro's and con's

Exploring The Psychological Benefits Of Massage

Going through school and receiving several treatments a day did wonders for my anxiety and depression. With my practice, I aspire to help clients with mental health issues because it is something that I have experienced and witnessed my whole life. My massage table is a safe space for clients to feel comfortable enough to relax and let their (physical, emotional, spiritual) bodies heal.

I only charge $35 for your first 1-hour massage and work on a sliding scale of $40-60/hour after that. You can send me a message here or call/text 505-554-5605. I look forward to working with you, namaste. Stephen L. Salter, PsyD - While massage is commonly associated with relaxation or soothing aches and pains, it can be an effective treatment option for mental



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