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Offering homemade, hand cut lye soap in a variety of fragrances! Red Barn Soap started as a hobby but blossomed a business as bars and bars of handmade soap accumulated!

Lye Soaps and Their Benefits Our soaps have no color added so they are a natural color. Lye Soap - Benefits of Lye Soap (All our soap is lye soap) General Skin Care : Daily pampering with lye soap cleanses and conditions skin, gets rid of dry and itchy skin, rashes and irritations. Acne Cure : Lye soap unclogs pores, reduces inflammation, and balances skin pH. Washing face with lye soap daily reduces acne and blackheads. It leaves skin silky and radiant. Balancing Dry or Oily Skin : Lye soap fends both dry skin and oily skin. The way it works is very simple and ingenious. Dry skin: Glycerin in the soap moisturizes dry skin. There is very little need or no need at all to use lotions any more. Oily skin: This is the type of skin that has overactive oil (sebaceous) glands. When harsh soaps are used on oily skin, they make skin overly dry, but just for a short period of time. Oily skin reacts to dryness by producing extra lubricants by the oil glands. Such skin becomes oily almost immediately after washing. Using lye soap on oily skin leaves the skin mildly moisturized by glycerin. Under these conditions, the oily skin doesn’t have to work overtime to produce oils any more. You must be patient though. This doesn’t happen overnight. You have to “train” your oily skin to slow down oil production by the hyperactive glands. It may take weeks to achieve noticeable results. Seborrheic Dermatitis & Dandruff Treatment : Lye soap is used in the treatment of seborrhea and dandruff. Simply washing your hair and affected areas with lye soap reduces the flaky skin and irritation. Some lye soaps prescribed by dermatologists are medicated with aspirin, coal tar, zinc, or other additives. Eczema, Psoriasis Relief : Because of the emollient qualities of lye soap, it is used by people with eczema and psoriasis to relief itching, irritation, and minimize the symptoms. Sun Burn Treatment and Prevention : Using lye soap on the bare skin before going out in the sun minimizes sunburns. Lye soap helps cure inflamed skin if the sunburns already happened. Lather lye soap on the sunburned area and leave it overnight. Repeat until sunburn is gone. Lye soap speeds up the healing process. Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac Treatment : Washing the affected skin area with lye soap immediately after contact with the poisonous plants may help avoid the reaction altogether. If some time is passed after the contact, the reaction is very likely to happen. To minimize the reaction, wash the area with lye soap as soon as possible, and rinse with water. Repeat washing a few times. Lather lye soap on the affected skin and leave it on until the next wash. Skin reaction will disappear soon. Insect Bites Cure and Insect Repellent : Washing the bites with lye soap reliefs itching and swelling almost immediately. Lather lye soap on your bare skin to repel mosquitoes. A bar of lye soap in your kitchen cabinets will keep ants in check. Hunters’ Trick : Wash with unscented lye soap to become “invisible” when you go hunting. Lye soap removes human scent and animals become unaware of you presence. Happy hunting! Lye Soap Slows Down Skin Aging : Soothing, moisturizing, and antioxidant qualities of lye soap slows down formation of wrinkles and age spots when used daily. Specialty Soaps - In addition to the above benefits..... Tea Tree Oil Soap - Great for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Also good for poison ivy, poison oak, and plant related rashes. All around good for dry skin. Goats Milk Soap - Also wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also perfect for healthy skin that wants to stay that way. Lavender Oil Soap - Lavender is a healing herb Lavender essential oil has strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it a good agent for curing insect bites and sunburns. It's aroma is great for stress relief. Green Tea Soap (available Feb 20) - Green tea is anti-bacterial and has been found to posses antioxidants that are good for cellular health. Soap products that utilize green tea as an ingredient will have the benefit of not only cleaning but protecting your skin. It is an inexpensive way to get the anti-bacterial and skin-beautifying properties of green tea as part of your daily bathing ritual. Green tea soap is sweet smelling, non-toxic and leaves your skin fresh and clean. We will be adding Rosemary Oil Soap very soon!

So my little doxie decided to have puppies on my bed this morning!. Of course, I had just put my off-white spring quilt on my bed. Thank goodness for lye soap! #RedBarnSoap. The other blue pillowcase did come clean. Zoey decided to have her third puppy on Rick’s pillow. He gets a new pillow!

❤️❤️I’m headed to the post office on Tuesday. ❤️❤️I still have inventory left. Check the comments for the scents I have!. $3.50 per bar or three bars for $10. For every 3 bars there will also be $5 shipping. I have a special going for healthcare workers. Please message me for details.#RedBarnSoap

**I will ship**Would anyone be interested in an all natural anti-bacterial soap? I have orange/cinnamon, lavender and lemongrass oil in stock and will have tea tree oil ready by Monday, possibly eucalyptus, too. These are the top antibacterial oils. I also will have Onguard soap ready as well. Just comment or message me. Special price - $3.50/ bar or 3 for $10. #RedBarnSoap Healthcare workers message me for an extra special deal. And please comment that you have messaged me so I make sure and see it.

It’s been a busy day! The white bars, coming in at #8, are Jasmine! The orange bars are another new one, orange cinnamon. Both are amazing!! $5/bar. #RedBarnSoap. Complete poll results tomorrow!!

More stain removing as requested by Denise Hampton! It worked! Now I need a spray bottle and a bigger brush!#RedBarnSoap

Coming in at #6 in the #RedBarnSoap poll is Freesia! The yellow color turned out amazing and the scent is like sunshine in the spring! $5/bar. Add it to a gift basket for Valentines Day!!

Grandma’s Lye unscented laundry bars are flying off the shelf. Only 6 regular bars left @ $5/bar and 2 slightly smaller bars @ $4/bar. Keep in mind these can also be used in the shower and bath. They are unscented and perfect for your guy. #RedBarnSoap. If you missed it, the video demonstration is in the comments.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, #RedBarnSoap is your answer. This cute little gift box comes with three bars of soap of your choice and little candy heart messages! All for $20.. Let me do the wrapping and you get the credit!

FYI - Lye soap has many uses!! #RedBarmSoap

Coming in at....#1 in the poll is... Lavender Bergamot ! It smells so good! Valentines Day is coming. I have gift boxes available. $5/bar. Purchase a gift box of 3 - $16. No wrapping required!! #RedBarnSoap

Today is a prep day. A friend gave me ground pork fat. It might sound gross to you, but to me it sounds like lard. I will be rendering pork fat today. Best thing ever. I try to use as many natural ingredients as I can and this is one of them. If you have extra ground pork fat or ground beef fat, let me know. I can sure take it off your hands and it might get you a few free bars of soap. #RedBarnSoap

#5 in the popular soap poll is...Rosehip! I’ve combined it with a touch of rise oil. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. $5/ bar. #RedBarnSoap

Seaside Citrus came in at #4 in the poll. It smells like a vacation at the beach!! $5/bar. #RedBarnSoap

Coming in at #3 in the poll is Blue Sage. Another earthy scent that you’ll love. New cents available so far R, lemongrass, dark amethyst, and blue Sage. Stay tuned for more. $5/each. #RedBarnSoap

Coming in at #7 is LEMONGRASS! The smell is so fresh and clean!! Now available. $5/bar. #RedBarnSoap


Please help me decide!! I will be adding new scents in the coming weeks. Please rank these in order one through 10. I will be making the top eight.

My soap cabinet is bare! It has been an amazing Christmas season and I am so grateful to all of my customers! Today I start restocking. I am always open to new scents. I prefer to use essential oil’s but I am also open to natural fragrance oil‘s. Let’s get creative. I am also open to combining scents! Give me your suggestion and if I use it, you will get a free bar!

My cupboards are nearly bare. Time to start over! I have limited supplies. Available soaps listed below.
1 Teatree oil
2 Cedar and Amber
2 Musk
3 Egyptian Musk
2 Lavender
5 Karma Loofah
6 cedar and amber loofah
3 goats milk
9 exfoliating oatmeal tea tree
6 exfoliating oatmeal goats milk
1 Grandma’s Lye
2 coconut free lavender
1 coconut free lavender loofah
WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Message me or comment here.

🎁🎄🎁 Need a few more last minute gifts 🎁 or stocking stuffers? I can help!🎄🎄. I have a pretty decent selection left. Buy 3 bars and get a loofah for $1. By 5 bars and get yhe 6th bar of your choice for free! Save 💵! I can’t even put them in these cute little gift boxes for an additional $1. Message me or comment here!’ #RedBarnSoap

**ALLERGY ALERT** Do you have allergies to nuts or coconut products? All natural lavender scented soap with ZERO coconut oil! This is brand new to #RedBarnSoap. Would you like a different fragrance or essential oil? Just let me know.

#RedBarnSoap ‘s newest scent - Egyptian Musk Essential Oil. It’s a light earthy scent in a light earthy color. There is still plenty of time to get your Christmas gifts. Buy 3, get a loofah soap for $1. Buy 5 and get a bar of your choice free. Gift boxes available for an extra $1. They can fit up to 6 bars. Bars /$5 each. 

**HEY SHOPPERS** Christmas shopping made easy! Buy 3 bars at regular price and get a loofah for $1. Each bar is individually wrapped and all 4 are put in these cute little gift boxes. No wrapping required!$16/ea.  #RedBarnSoap

** I will not be at the church vendor event in Keithsburg on this Saturday*. Please like this post so I can make sure everyone sees it. Some unexpected work scheduling came up and I just can’t go. I will be honoring all small business Saturday deals. Buy three bars and get a loofah for $1. Buy five bars and get one bar free. All bars regular price - $5.

**SHOP SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY** #RedBarnSoap has a few deals. Message me or comment here with your order! Buy 3 bars and get a loofah bar for only $1! Buy 5 bars and get one regular bar OR a Loofah bar FREE!! Available soaps are in the comments! Good today only! Get your orders in!! **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST**

Put some sunshine in your morning with new sunshine loofah soap. Stay tuned tomorrow for small business Saturday deals! #RedBarnSoap

So many new things at #RedBarnSoap. Goats milk oatmeal exfoliating, green tea oatmeal exfoliating, and brand new to Red Barn Soap- Cedar and Amber & Fresh eucalyptus loofah soap on a rope. These loofah bars may not be beautiful but they are super cool. They might just be my new favorites. Fresh linen to come soon. Try one.Loofah bars introductory price-$3 per bar. Good through December 20th. All other bars are $5. . Come see me at the church bazaar in Keithsburg on December 7th. Doors open at 9 o’clock.

These turned out better than I ever expected. Oatmeal exfoliating soap with a touch of goats milk! #RedBarnSoap

New to Red Barn Soap! Oatmeal exfoliating soap with a touch of goat’s milk!! #RedBarnSoap. Come see me at the church vendor event in Keithsburg on December 7th. Doors open at 9:00 AM!!

I’ve been busy and I do have soap!! Fill those Christmas stockings with something they can use! Made from all natural ingredients right in my very own kitchen!! #RedBarnSoap

I’ve been busy making #RedBarnSoap. I have a new and improved pine!! Musk, patchouli, and cedar & amber are done! Get your Christmas 🎄 orders in!!

**Start your Christmas shopping early with Red Bar Soap baskets!! Each basket contains one bar of hand made soap, matching body lotion, matching shampoo bar and some goodies. $20. Want to custom design a basket? Just let me know. ** ** I need 2 weeks advance notice for shampoo bars. Each shampoo bar is individually made. **

**Red Barn Soap Christmas Order Time** It's getting to be that time of year again. I will be making TONS of soap to cure in time for Christmas giving! I have been working to perfect my shampoo bar making it a harder bar that is longer lasting! Available soaps this year are: Patchouli, Sunshine, Musk, Breath Easy, Ocean Breeze, Fresh Linen, Grandma's lye, Goats Milk, Jasmine, Baby Powder, OnGuard, Karma, Lilac, Lavender, Tea Tree, and back by popular demand Cedar And Amber. I will also be adding Pine for the holiday season! Have a type in mind and don't see it here? Let me know!! I love making new types of soap!! #RedBarnSoap

Now you can shop for Red Barn Soap directly from the page!! Place your order and have it delivered to your door step!! #RedBarnSoap Click on "shop" on the left and take a look!!

What better day than a gloomy rainy day to introduce this new awesomeness! Everything you need right here. Sunshine shampoo, Sunshine bar soap, and new to #RedBarnSoap , Sunshine massage bars! These have a fresh clean scent that you’ll love! All bars -$5.

I just want to take a minute and thank everyone who purchased soap, lotion, or a shampoo bar from #RedBarnSoap yesterday at Rhubarb Fest! It was a HUGE success and I appreciate every one of you. We are so very fortunate to have this amazing event in Aledo. Thank you to all those who make Rhubarb Fest happen every single year!

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