Central Coast Weight Loss Surgery

Central Coast Weight Loss Surgery


12 month Sleeveaversary
pre op: 197.5kg
CW: 108kg
GW: 97.5
Bariatric Surgery is not the Easy way out.
To anyone who thinks it’s Easy, Educate YOURSELF.
My Sleeve Doesn’t Meal Prep,
My Sleeve doesn’t take me to the GYM,
My Sleeve doesn’t make me choose Protein over the CHIPS,
My Sleeve doesn’t stop the urge to want bad easy junk food.
My Sleeve doesn’t help with portion control.
My Sleeve doesn’t move the Scale,
My Sleeve doesn’t make me More Motivated,
It is a hard struggle and fight each minute of the day to not to want to stuff yourself with rubbish food and go back to just eating everything and anything.
My Sleeve doesn’t help with the constant mind struggle every day when the stress starts at work and life.
You still have to make the correct decisions to lose the weight and keep your mind set on the right path.
It just a tool to help you.
After seeing where I have come and where I was I will continue to struggle and fight and I refuse to go back or give up. thank you Dr Wong and your team
A lot of people ask about eating cracker biscuits after having weight loss surgery. This review by dietitians Sally Johnston and Justine Hawke shows why they can be a problem.

Can you tell me the procedure of arranging to get a lap band removed? I am covered by health insurance, but I understand there is still an cost for anaesthetist? Do you know roughly how much that is?
I had my band placed in 2006 and I am increasingly worried about band erosion as I am reading a lot of stories about the lap band only having a shelf life of 2 years. What happens if my band has eroded? Will I be able to eat normally ever again?
Thanks for your time
Just signed up to bupa health fund and have the 12 months to wait to be covered. When do I come in to see you to get the ball rolling? I came in the start of the year to see you and should have had my surgery in November. But I was talked out if it by family and my personal trainer (well that hasn't budged the weight). So back to the original plan and getting the sleeve done. What is the rough overall out of pocket expense? Thank you
Hello, everyone! I am a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I underwent weight-loss surgery at the age of seventeen years old. The stigma surrounding WLS is a topic that is extremely important to me. Please consider helping me combat the stigma by viewing and/or sharing my latest article!
List of weight loss apps from app social see below
Just wondering what the price is for a gastro sleeve?
When will gastric surgery be available in public hospitals?
am very excited to be seeing Dr Wong in January. Time to get my life back and take control :)
Dear Dr Wong,

The team at THE SURGEON'S ASSISTANT would like to congratulate you on your excellent work as a weight loss surgeon. Keep it up!
link to my story :)

For all weight loss surgery and keyhole surgery We offer services in all aspects of weight loss surgery: gastric bands, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and removal/revision of failed gastric bands.

Besides weight loss surgery, we are proud of our keyhole approach to all aspects of surgery including hernia, stomach, bowel, gallbaldder and adrenal surgery.

Operating as usual


Thoughts on Ozempic?

Some information from recent clinical studies

Demand for the injectable Ozempic has soared recently due to a large randomised trial (STEP 1), published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), which found once-weekly Ozempic 2.4 mg was associated with an average weight reduction of 15% at 18 months, compared with 2.4% with placebo in people with overweight or obesity.

However, access issues have quickly arisen. In Australia, where Ozempic is approved for the treatment of type-2 diabetes, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) warned in May that off-label prescribing of the drug to people with obesity had caused a supply shortage. Doctors were told to limit prescribing of Ozempic to its approved use in diabetics.

Ozempic is associated with much greater average weight loss compared with placebo than the medications currently registered for obesity in Australia – (Duromine; iNova), (Contrave; Currax), (Saxenda; Novo Nordisk) and orlistat. Saxenda, the only GLP-1 agonist registered for obesity, costs three times as much as Ozempic ($387) and has the inconvenience of being taken daily rather than weekly


Delighted to be sharing with surgeons and anaesthetists around Australia about what we do differently in our practice to enhance patient recovery after gastric sleeve surgery.

Specifically we discuss:

1. Three incision laparoscopic surgery. TILS surgery - less cuts, less pain, better recovery, less complications

2. Short hospital stay - most of our sleeve patents stay in hospital under 24 hours- less than the national average for sleeve operations

3. Our innovative post op nausea and vomiting control protocol which has now been widely adopted


Great respect for the journey and the effort for better health

Great Health Guide: May/Jun 2022 03/05/2022

Great Health Guide: May/Jun 2022

Please let me know what you think about our latest article on weight loss surgery in the Great Health Guide. Appreciate your time in reading and your comments.


Great Health Guide: May/Jun 2022 Featuring... ** Anxiety in High Achievers ** ** Develop Your Self-care Plan ** ** Lifting Mood with Movement ** ** Running in Pregnancy Pt 1 ** ** The Power of Words ** + much more....

Photos from Central Coast Weight Loss Surgery's post 26/04/2022

Breasts , Bums, Bariatrics

Super excited to announce that Dr. Mifanwy Reece is joining our clinic. She is a specialist colorectal surgeon (Bum surgeon, in plain speech) who will be looking after haemorrhoids, a**l bleeds, colonoscopy, bowel cancers, a**l pains and gallbladder removals. She will look after patients at Gosford Private Hospital. For appointments, please ring 4393 6535

Dr Reece joins the eminent Dr Mary Ling - Specialist Breast Surgeon and Dr Ken Wong (weight loss specialist) to look after everything to do with Breasts, Bums and Bariatrics ( BBB !)


Hello everyone

Surgery is resuming again on 8th February.

We are trying to be in contact with our valued patients to organise a new Surgery date.

We appreciate your patience as we attempt this rescheduling process.

Please email us on [email protected] if we can be of assistance as our phones can often be engaged.

See you soon.

Dr Ken Wong and team


We have just emailed all our patients that have been scheduled for bariatric surgery in January 2022 and moved them to tentative dates in March. This is just to give everyone a date to work towards. If covid and the government allows us to resume sooner, we can certainly bring people forward.

We advise our patients to take a break from their preop diets and then resume closer to the new date. We are sorry that they have put in all the hard work and this has now happened.

Other types of surgery such as gallbladders, hernias and day cases such as colonoscopies and gastroscopies are still permitted to proceed so we will not be totally idle.

Appointments and consultations with Dr Wong and dietitians are still continuing as usual.

Please let us know if we can provide any clarification. Stay safe and hope to see you soon.

Dr Ken Wong and team


As expected, bariatric and other elective surgery has been cancelled by the government as of Monday 10th January 2022.

It is uncertain when surgery can resume. It is all dependent on the Covid situation.

We are very disappointed for all our affected patients especially those who have started their preop preparation.

We will be contacting all of you in due course to reschedule dates.

We ask for your patience in this matter.

Keep well and stay safe.

Dr Ken Wong and team


Not looking good. Stay tuned...


Covid update - Covid testing, positive Covid test results and elective surgery

Firstly, happy new year. Hope everyone is enjoying fun and safe holidays.

We have received a few enquiries regarding Covid testing before elective surgery and a few from patients who are booked for surgery in the upcoming weeks but have tested positive for Covid recently.

We thought we would share a few recommendations about these situations as it is increasingly relevant for all who are booked for elective surgery in Australia which has very high Covid case numbers.

Generally, the aim is to avoid operating on patients who are Covid positive at the time of surgery. There is extensive research data showing that this leads to much higher risks of lung complications, clots and deaths after surgery.

Bariatric surgery, like any other elective surgery, should only be performed when the patient is in best possible health to minimise complications and maximise results.

1. Covid testing before surgery.

There are no clear guidelines for this and different surgeons and hospitals will have different protocols ranging from no testing to a series of rapid antigen tests.

We would recommend at least one rapid antigen test (RAT) within 24 hours prior to surgery.

RATs are available in most supermarkets and major chemists. Supply should be improved in the coming weeks.

2. What happens if I am booked for surgery and have tested Covid positive on RAT or PCR?

Current guidelines suggest that surgery should be deferred for at least 8 weeks after positive tests.

This is especially the case if you have had symptoms. Patients should be at least symptom free for eight weeks before undergoing elective surgery.

We understand the significant inconvenience when having to defer surgery as most patients have planned work and family committments around surgery date. However, if serious complications do arise, this would be even worse. Therefore, please let us know if you are experiencing Covid symptoms or have positive Covid tests so that we can defer surgery.

Please be in touch if we can provide any further clarification.

Dr Ken Wong and team

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Happy Holidays!

As 2021 comes to a close, we would like to thank everyone for their support during this trying year.

Against the background of the pandemic , - QR codes, covid tests, - we were very grateful to be able to continue providing our core services - gastric sleeves, bypass, gastric band removals to over 500 patients this year.

We greatly appreciate all your personal referrals and feel humbled to be trusted to look after friends and relatives.

TILS (three incision laparoscopic sleeve) surgery has been performed for close to 90 percent of our gastric sleeves. Less scarring and better recoveries.

This year, we have moved predominantly to telehealth services - video and phone calls - for everyone's safety and convenience.

We wish everyone a safe and merry Xmas and New Year.

Our offices reopen on Tuesday 4th January and we look forward to seeing everyone then.

Dr Ken Wong and team.


UPDATE. Great news. We are back on for next week! See you all next week.

The government has changed its mind again.

Stay safe.

Ken Wong and team


UPDATE: Just five minutes ago, we have just been advised that due to the worsening Covid situation, all elective surgery is to stop on Monday 23rd August.

The government has not advised us as to when surgery will be able to resume.

We will be trying very hard to contact all our valued patients in the coming days to reschedule their surgery.

We ask for your patience and understanding in these difficult times.

We will keep you updated as soon as we hear of any new developments.

Dr Ken Wong and team


Business as usual for now. Fingers crossed.


Latest data from the National bariatric surgery registry for which many of you contribute data. Pleased to note that weight loss after sleeve and bypass are almost identical. This clears up a common misconception that bypass produces better weight loss. Ultimately, it's about the person and not the surgery.


Timing of covid vaccines and gastric sleeve surgery

We are often asked about the timing of Covid vaccines in relationship to the timing of gastric sleeve and bypass surgery.

Generally, we have advised avoiding Covid vaccines two weeks before surgery. This is to avoid having reactions to the vaccine at the same time of surgery. Secondly, the vaccine may affect recovery from surgery.

We have also advised our patients to avoid Covid vaccines for at least two , preferably three weeks AFTER surgery so as to allow full recovery from surgery. After this time, it appears safe to have Covid vaccines and there is no increased risk because of the surgery.

In patients with a previous clotting history, we would recommend taking a prolonged course of blood thinning agents after surgery.


Update. This seems like a re-run of last year but today, we have received some information from our hospital managers as follows.

As advised by NSW Health this afternoon, Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour will enter 14 days of lock down at 6pm today 26 June until 9 July.

For our hospitals on the Central Coast the following additional restrictions apply:

· No visitors unless for essential reasons (end of life etc.)

· No children visitors under 16 years. No siblings to maternity units. One support person for maternity patients.

· Face masks continue to be mandatory for all staff, VMOs, third parties, students, volunteers. Patients must wear masks outside of their rooms.

· Staff and VMOs can travel from/around these areas for essential work reasons.

· There has been no directions at this time to restrict elective surgery.

This is obviously a rapidly evolving situation and we will be posting more updates here as they arise.

Stay safe everyone.

Dr Ken Wong and team

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When less is best.

Less cuts means less scarring, less infections, less pain, less time to recover.

TILS surgery. Two or three incision laparoscopic surgery by Dr Ken Wong.

Fans confused as star now looks like ‘another person’ 23/05/2021

Fans confused as star now looks like ‘another person’

I had surgery; I don’t give a f**k what anyone has to say,” she explained.

“I did it, I’m proud of it, they can suck sh*t. I did the gastric sleeve. All it does is change the shape of your stomach. I got that almost two years ago. I will never ever ever lie about it ever. It is the best thing I have ever done.”

She continued: “I want to be very clear about this kind of surgery I had. I didn’t have a gastric bypass.

“The kind of surgery I had … if you don’t work out and you don’t eat right, you gain weight. All it does is move you in the right direction,” she said.


Fans confused as star now looks like ‘another person’ She’s been in the public eye for almost two decades now – but even some of Kelly Osbourne’s most devoted fans confessed they couldn’t recognise her in her latest Instagram photo.


Why are wounds important? At our clinic, we offer three incision laparoscopic sleeve surgery (TILS surgery) as opposed to the conventional five cut sleeve. We do this as we know that less cuts means less complications such as less infections and less hernias. We saw a patient in our clinic today which illustrated the disastrous effects of a wound gone wrong. This gentleman had undergone a large cut to remove a kidney and now has developed a large hernia related to his wound. He describes it as constantly feeling his guts fall out everytime he moves. This will involve multiple major surgery to fix.

Photos from Central Coast Weight Loss Surgery's post 16/04/2021

Thank you for all your support. Could not have done it without you. Data collected allows safer and better bariatric surgery.

Photos from Central Coast Weight Loss Surgery's post 30/03/2021

Dr Wong at his part time job.


Mindset is everything.

Will I Feel Hungry After Gastric Sleeve Surgery? 22/03/2021

Will I Feel Hungry After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

A commonly asked question both before and after surgery. Will there be feelings of hunger after gastric sleeve surgery and what to do about it.


Will I Feel Hungry After Gastric Sleeve Surgery? Will I Feel Hungry After Gastric Sleeve Surgery? Central Coast Surgery Outline the Basics of Appetite After Gastric Sleeve.


Maybe a new name for our clinic?


We are back! Our office has reopened and surgeries will start later this week.

Best wishes to everyone who have allowed us to be part of their journey for better health and we look forward to working with all our new patients this coming year.

Goodbye 2020. It was a tough ride. Bring on 2021. For a bright and better future. We got this.

Dr Ken Wong and team


Today was our last operating day for the year. Grateful for the team that has worked through a most challenging year and is still smiling.

Despite the challenges of Covid and stoppage of operations for 5 weeks earlier this year, we still performed about 450 bariatric operations including gastric sleeves, bypass, band removals.

For over 60 percent of our operations, we are now able to offer TILS surgery – Three Incision Laparoscopic surgery. We hope to be able to increase this percentage in the future. Less cuts means less pain, less scars, less hernias and better recovery.

Face to face consultations have largely been replaced by video and phone consultations and hence, we have often met our patients for the first time in the flesh on the day of operation.

We would like to thank all our lovely patients for their support during these testing times. Earlier this year, about 100 patients needed rescheduling of surgery without any definite time frame due to the uncertainties of Covid. Given the current up surge in NSW, we may yet face these problems again and we appreciate more than ever your patience and support.

Our office has closed for the year and will re-open again on 4th January 2021. We look forward to working with past, present and future patients.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and your ongoing success in your journey for better health.

Much love and gratitude.

Dr Ken Wong and team


For our upcoming patients, please note the latest NSW Health alert about hospital restrictions on entry for patients from certain postcodes and hotspots. Please contact the hospital if needing clarification and email us if we need to reschedule your surgery.

Updated information for visitors:

- Visiting hours are from 10am-8pm and all vistors are to ensure physically distancing of 2sqm per person.
- All visitors (including essential contractors or representatives) will be screened at entry to the hospital before access is granted to the hospital.

Patients and visitors who reside or work in identified hot spots are restricted from visiting all NSW Hospitals sites. Any exception will need to be discussed with the Hospital executive (e.g. in the case of an emergency or where treatment or care should not be delayed).

Further restrictions are also in place for Gosford Private Maternity Services. Learn more at https://gosfordprivate.com.au/visitors/visiting-hours

We appreciate your ongoing patience as we navigate this challenging time.

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Gastric bypass with latest indocyanine green dye technology
Gastric bypass with indocyanine green (Part 1)
Safer keyhole surgery using latest indocyanine technology
What to expect 6 months after gastric sleeve surgery




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