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Operating as usual


Ever wanted to practice meditation? Join us on Thursdays at 6.30 for an hour of led practice grounded in yoga and zen methods of mindful stillness. We start with some gentle stretches mantra and breathing, a guided relaxation with music and then a 15-20 minute sit/lie down in noble silence. After a short break we sit again for 10 minutes finishing with some beautiful sounds of the hand pan and flutes. All welcome, by donation


Meditation practice is on Thursdays at 6.30-7.30. No need to book. We will start with a stretch and shake out of tension and stiffness, mantra chanting to bring us into the Vibe and then sit in silence, just breathe and relax into stillness for 15-20 minutes. See you on the cushion


Hi Hut yogis. I am not able to take the class this Thursday. Also was wondering how much interest there is for continuing the classes on Thursdays? Last week nobody turned up so i practiced on my own. The previous weeks have only had 2 or 3 people. Please Let me know if you'd like the classes to continue at this time or at another. I really need some bods on the mats to keep it happening. Om sweet om


Chakras and Bija or seed mantras...from the base to the crown..lam, vam ram, yam, ham, om and immanent silence


Come and sweat and relax, learn a mantra and awaken the inner light of awareness with yoga at the Hut


Thursday 5pm yoga is back with Sanjay! Class by donation - tell your friends!


Last Yoga Class with Tatiana today at 12pm.

We will keep you updated regarding when regular yoga classes will be back at The Hut.
In the meantime, we've got a full lot of yoga and meditation happenings planned to keep you shiny and on track with your practice!

- Weekly Monday Meditation sessions, 5.30pm with Max Young and Tammy de Ron-Cox only $5 per session

- Crystal Grid Meditation Workshop with Tammy - Wed, 27th Sept, 7pm. Bookings: (02) 4322-5971

- Didgeridoo and Flute Sound Healing with Ian Hakker and Leandro AlchemicalArt First Thursday of Each Month, 8pm

- Mindfulness Meditation: Fire and Sound with Max - Sun, 15th Oct, 6.30pm

and many more!

Get in touch for bookings and inquiries:
(02) 4322-5971
[email protected]

Stay tuned and watch this space for more goodness and inspiration


Tammy and Max are running weekly monday night meditations at The Hut, 5.30pm. They are beautiful. $5 for a session only

Join us TONIGHT for our weekly Monday Meditation with Max and Tammy!! 5:30 PM start, 6:30 PM finish, $5 only! Last week delved into sound and fire meditations. Who knows what we'll explore tonight?!

6 Sciatica Stretches to Prevent and Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain 24/08/2017

6 Sciatica Stretches to Prevent and Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain

This might come in handy for many of us. Very often i get asked to recommend exercises to help with sciatica. There are a few good ones in this article.

6 Sciatica Stretches to Prevent and Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain Lower back pain is one of the most common problems that people have. It can range from slight stiffness or soreness to a painful sting or a “shocking” feeling. Regardless of what type of back pain you are experiencing, approximately 60-80% of Americans are suffering from some sort of back pain. Whet...

Timeline Photos 25/07/2017

There are few changes in the class timetable this week and next two weeks while I'm away deepening my teaching experience. There are less classes, but I hope you will make the most out of it.
Alex will be coming all the way from Sydney to teach Thursday 5pm classes. Please, come along and enjoy his wonderful teaching.
There are no morning classes or Saturday 12pm classes until I'm back on the 18th of August.

This week & next week: Thursday, 5pm only


8 Keys to Take Your Yoga Teaching Beyond Standardized Alignment Cues

Very good read for both: teachers and students. Both need to remember:

a) a teacher SUPPORTS student's OWN journey. Students SUPPORT teacher's own JOURNEY It's a process where BOTH ARE INVOLVED EQUALLY.
b) it is YOUR body/mind/soul, your UNIQUE experience. It can not be the same for everybody else.
c) when teachers & students come to practice together, there is no space for dogmas, but for sensitivity and openness in order to support MUTUAL GROWTH in a safe and loving environment CREATED BY BOTH.

Key Points from the Article:
1. Not Every Pose is for Every Student.
* I would add "not every practice" as yoga is not limited to physical postures only.
2. Is Your Goal Function or Aesthetics?
3. Stress is Different from Stretch.
4. Each Pose Needs a Purpose.
5. What are You Feeling?
6. Never Ignore Pain.
7. Explore Options - Avoid Dogma.
8. There are No Universal Alignment Cues.
Read more here:

See you today at 5pm for nurturing and supporting each other!
Much love ❤️

8 Keys to Take Your Yoga Teaching Beyond Standardized Alignment Cues Standards are nice—they make it much easier to learn how to guide students into the large number of poses taught in yoga classes, but unfortunately students are not standardized.

Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear - Neuroscience News 02/07/2017

Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear - Neuroscience News

As you might know, we include pranayama practice in every class and pay a lot of attention to the breathing in general. Do you wonder why?

"Modern science states that the subconscious mind and its relationship to the conscious mind are dealt with in pranayama by the establishment of an interface between the conscious and the subconscious minds in the area of the brain called the reticular activating system (RAS).

The RAS is the trigger for other parts of the brain. Man is able to affect the RAS through the breath only. No other function of the autonomic nervous system can be controlled by conscious human activity. Control of the brain through the RAS by means of conscious breathing is a method by which other functions of the body may be controlled, for example, heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, excretion and absorption. Therefore, control of the subconscious is achieved through conscious activity of prana nigraha(control of breath) and then pranayama." - Swami Niranjananda Saraswati, Yoga Magazine.

There's been a recent study about correlation between the rhythm of your breathing, memory and fears. Pretty good insights in the article:

Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear - Neuroscience News A new study reports the rhythm of your breathing can influence neural activity that enhances memory recall and emotional judgement.

Timeline Photos 27/06/2017

Seeing your progress and growth, witnessing you overcoming challenges in the class and then taking it into life, - is the best reward and the biggest inspiration.
Your feedback (and it's not about praise) is priceless. Knowing your struggles, your needs, your experience is an honor.
Keep sharing and keep shining!

A little feedback from dear students:
"Thank you for teaching me that meditation pose. I can finally sit for one hour without any pain or discomfort!"

"Absolutely loving this deepening of practice, deepening of self presence & awareness"

"I am doing some of the seated yoga and modified ones you taught me. Thank you. Xx feeling great after "

In the Kids Yoga class, after abdominal breathing, asked kids how did it make them feel, and one 6 years old yogi replied: " It made me feel satisfied" ❤️Priceless!

Timeline Photos 14/06/2017

We've been practicing Tkataka Meditation (concentrated gazing) on a candle flame lately. I thought, I'd tell you about it a little.
The word trataka means "to gaze". This practice is known as one of the cleansing practices in yoga.
By fixing the gaze the restless mind too comes to a halt. It is said also that control of the blink reflex stimulates the pineal gland, which produces melatonin, a hormone that helps to modulate sleep patterns. Trāṭaka is said to enhance the ability to concentrate. It improves eyesight, increases the power of memory and brings the mind in a state of awareness, attention and focus.
If you suffer from insomnia or mental tension, 15 min of trataka before going to bed will make a big difference.

Though Tratak is simple to perform, regular practice reaps results for the well-being of your eyes and mind. Besides that, it cleanses your eyes and strengthens your eye muscles.

"There is a wonderful message to realize when you practice Trataka. You are staring and there is strain, burning etc. and suddenly without you having to do a thing, the eyes wash themselves. You need do nothing! That's the message. The "I" need do nothing. If the eyes need to be flushed and cleaned, there is something deep within that knows. See That."
- Swami Ventakesananda

Timeline Photos 30/05/2017

I'm back! Together with all classes this week, great energy, new ideas and inspiration. Looking forward to sharing light with you! ✨

Wed & Fri - 7am

Thursday - 5pm


Kids - 11am

Adults - 12pm

P.s.: thanks for all your lovely messages and keeping in touch! So wonderful to feel your love ❤️

Timeline Photos 04/05/2017

"Yoga is the space where flower blossoms" - Amit Ray
See you in my garden at 5pm


Struggle with getting out of bed for your yoga practice? Wonder how do I do it every time?
Just like this! 😂
Try! And maybe you'll make it to the class tomorrow at 7am ☀️

How 'Yoga Nidra' Works 22/04/2017

How 'Yoga Nidra' Works

Yoga Nidra is such a beautiful and profound practice. Have a look in this article for some insights re the process and benefits. It's amazing how it affects our brain, psyche and the physical body.

Come and experience it yourself.
See you on "the border between waking and sleeping states"!

How 'Yoga Nidra' Works Why “yogic sleep” class is bringing veterans and CEOs to the mat Go to one 30-minute yoga session—feel like you’ve slept for two hours. Hard to beli...


Fully inspired i'm back to teach tomorrow. Can't wait to see you!

Kids Yoga - 11am
Adults Yoga - 12pm

Timeline Photos 18/04/2017

Hope you all had a wonderful time over the Easter and looking forward to a good yoga time! We've got very special treats for your this week!

I'm still away catching an autumn beauty in Victoria, but two of my dear friends and awesome teachers will be coming specially to share their magic with you!

Tomorrow at 7am there is a class with Sam. She is a very experienced and absolutely magical teacher. She really has a gift to put students into a very special space guiding them through the practice. So don't miss this opportunity, especially as this is the only morning class this week.

Thursday, 5pm - Alex is preparing a really funky class for you. If you're not a morning person, get there on Thursday.

I'm glad that you will get to experience different styles of teaching this week. However, don't worry, it's still going to be gentle and nourishing classes.

And I will see you on Saturday for both Kids (11am) and Adults (12am) classes!

Timeline Photos 04/04/2017

Love it when students stay for a tea and a chat after a class ☺️
Have a great day guys!

Timeline Photos 04/04/2017

Well-well-well, there are some great news re Yoga classes at The Hut!

1. Two extra regular classes from this week on!
Every Thursday - 5pm
Every Saturday - 12pm
We're still doing morning classes on Wednesday & Friday at 7am. If you've been struggling with getting out of bed that early, there are no more excuses left! 😜

2. And this is the most exiting part!
All adult classes are BY DONATION now! Yesss! Pay as you feel or as you can afford.
It's always been my little dream - to teach my classes by donation only, because i want so much Yoga with its wisdom and its healing power to be accessible for EVERYBODY. I want it to be a safe and supportive space for all of you, an incredible tool anybody could take into one's life. And now it's finally happening! I'm happy beyond measure ❤️🔥🙏

3. Kids Yoga Classes are now on Saturday at 11am!
They are suitable for kids between 6 and 10yo, and they are a great fun for both kids and parents!

Please, spread the word among your friends.
And bring your dear Self into Yoga 🙏

I will see you tomorrow morning!

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