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The Walking Podiatrist


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My committed focus is for "walking beings" like you is to do it better, more often and take others w

Operating as usual


Moving the body and grounding my feet with my workout buddie. Grateful to do so at anytime of the day!


More TOPO shoes have arrived and elastic laces.

They have been so popular for my clients wanting something that allows for their feet to feel open and free.

If you want to check them out, lets connect in person

Call or message me for a booking 0421769976


Our toes should be able to spread like fingers. Often the environment ( aka Poor shoe design) creates the disability to spread. Easy Tip: only wear shoes when you have too and make sure they match your toes area. (PS - you have permission to go barefoot inside your home)


I'm playing at

WOY WOY............BOOKINGS......8964-7011.....(MON)
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What to wear on your feet?

If you need footwear advice for your feet,
I would recommend FUNCTIONAL footwear!
What does that look like?

Book in to see me and find out how to encourage healthier and stronger feet.


So a week of home movement draws to an end. There was squatting, running, stretching, bare feet, floor sleeping , dog playing, kettlebells, online connections, yummy food, work stuff, steam bowls, rain, blue sky, time to ponder and isolation. All good things must come to an end for another great thing to start!


The rain, the soggy grass and the freedom my feet played with today.
The more you allow your feet to be free and spend time spreading the toes or twisting them or a kind massage… they will change in a remarkable way that allows for happy walking feet .

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 15/10/2021

Friday's Foot Health Tip:

Take your feet for a walk or vice versa.

Take your time, speed up, climb a hill, or don't, maybe you can skip or not!

Catch the sunrise or an evening stroll, take a friend or your dog.
There are 33 joints plus all the bits in between the need to move every day to create a healthy body from the feet up!

This young man is ready to walk and now has better-shaped shoes that match his feet.

Happy healthy feet like to walk within an environment (shoes) that does not restrict or squash them.



Wonderful Wednesday Foot Health Tips for INGROWN NAILS!

A painful situation that could result from trauma( tight shoes, drop a can on your toe, kick or stub toe), poor nail cutting technique (leaving a bit of nail down the side), pincher involuted nails.

Your friendly Podiatrist can also assist with this problem and make you smile again.

Cut following the shape of nail and file edges.
Wear shoes (or no shoes) that are wide around the toes area.
If tender, USE TEA TREE OIL as an antiseptic.

See your podiatrist if concerned before it looks angry with pus oozing out!

A simple nail removal procedure is sometimes the best long-term option.
Did this procedure the other day for a runner and he can't wait to get running again without the painful toenail.

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 12/10/2021


It's so important for your health to LOVE and NURTURE your first mode of transport.

My "late" MONDAY tip is to CREAM daily or even twice if your skin needs it.

It's not about the cream or oil that you use... it is about the habits of regularity.


Wear a shoe that matches your foot!
Practically that means the toe box area of the shoe should fit all TOES in comfortably.

Take out the innersole and stand on it and see if your feet overflow. If so, it's highly likely that your shoes are causing a squashed effect on your feet.



shoes and socks

Options available for creating a "new space" for your feet.


Happy feet need a loving spacious environment

Let us chat about shoes and socks.


Joggers and Toe Socks ready for your feet!

Hello everyone,

It’s been quiet here as we move through lockdown, however it has provided opportunities to move our feet and bodies in different ways.

I get a lot of questions about where to find shoes that match the shape of our feet.

So I decided to provide:

one type of jogger -Topo

Injinji Toe Socks


Feetures Socks

to my clients.

If you are ready to invest in your feet and new new joggers… make sure you check these out.




The overgrown grass that infested my garden provide the chance to move at my own pace.

I got to squat, and bend, and pull and swing with lots of rest spots between it all.

I made sure my gardening shoes didn’t SQUASH or SQUEEZE my feet.

In a lockdown situation… gardening provides so many layers of goodness to the feet, body and mind.

BTW…my clinics are still open during lockdown.


Whilst in lockdown for a little, we can escape the four walls with outside adventures of walking and exercising.

It’s whatever movement you can do ( no gym tights needed!)

Breathe in the air to work the lungs and heart.

Give the eyes a workout by observing things far and near.

Stretch out the muscles in your feet and legs.

Load the bones and grease the joints.

Revive your thoughts.

Enlighten the heart and know that we can be still grateful for the simple and beautiful things in this abdundant land.

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 09/07/2021

Went walking to exercise with the kids and our dog Zambi during the week and found this beauty...a piece of wood!

It provided the chance to

- stretch the hamstrings

- stretch the calf muscles

- squat

- practice balancing
and then I got carried it for a km.

Nature provides stimulation for the body, eyes, and brain.

Hope you take the time to go for a walk this week as we move through this restriction time.

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 30/06/2021

I am still operating within this current lockdown period.

If your feet are causing you pain and grief...

I would LOVE to meet them (and you of course)

Bookings can be made at

Kariong: 4340-1643

Wyoming: 4328-4322

Lisarow: 0421 769 976


Ingrown Toenails...can make walking a painful experience!

Having one can result in limiting the activities you can do, the shoes you can wear, or even having to take time off work!

It may sound strange, but I LOVE the challenge to help fix the ingrown nail, eliminate the pain and bring to pass a happier toe.
(I feel like this pic when the job is done!)

Ingrown Nails can be caused by one of these or a combination...

- Shoes!

- Trauma (dropping an object on it or kicking the toe)!

- Poor cutting technique!

- Sports activities with narrow shoes!

- Certain nail types!

Unfortunately, they can be left too long, neglected, and ignored resulting in infection.

If this occurs, antibiotics may be necessary!

So before it gets too bad,
see your foot health professional ASAP

If you are suffering from an ingrown nail...

Book in to see me so you can keep walking and moving

Kariong : 4340-1643

Wyoming : 43284322

Lisarow : 0421769976


ARE your feet are STOPPING YOU from going for walks?
Today may be the right time to book in to see me for a walking and feet assessment.

There are many reasons why your feet may be in pain or dysfunctional.

Two main reasons are:

1. Your shoes!
2. Your standing position!
(Here are a few tips how to improve your standing)

If you want to get walking and improve your feet health...

Book to see me at one of the three locations

KARIONG: 4340-1643 (Tuesday and Friday)
WYOMING: 4338-4322 (Wednesday)
LISAROW: 0421 769 976 (Thursday)


Happy Story.

HEEL PAIN is a common problem, approximately 2 million people seek treatment for this.

Lovely Lass (code name) aged 84, is an active, independent, healthy woman who enjoys walking her dog daily.
She started getting heel pain and after three months of discomfort, decided to do something about it.

We discussed and educated about feet, shoes and walking better. With this powerful combination along with her positive attitude to follow the plan...she got amazing results.

She felt a 90% improvement in her right heel and that she noticed this the very next day after our session.

She DID the WORK, and got feet that are almost pain-free!
So, there are a few more exercises to master, but I'm super proud of her effects and results.

So if Lovely Lass can do can too!

If you need to connect your feet with me, send me a message.


A nice way to finish a working day yesterday.

Beach walks add variety to how the foot bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and skin function.

Make a set time to add value your feet.

If you are struggling with having healthy happy feet to take walking at the beach,
You may need a foot, walking and footwear assessment!

Make contact for a booking.

Note: the water temp was divine!


TOES...should touching the edge of your enclosed shoe!
Leave a gap of 1/2 to 1 cm from the longest toe.

These "CORRECT TOES" separator is being modelled by my client who has bunions.

She wanted to prevent her bunions from "growing"!

This device will help expand the distance between the toes, release muscle/tendon tension from years of "poorly fitted" shoes.

Check some videos about it

I have Correct Toes in stock...let me know if you want one.

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 16/01/2021

I love Saturdays...

The were so many opportunities to walk and move.

Activites included...

Walking the 🐩
Running up a hill
Walking into ocean for a dip
Practicing my freestyle
Mowing the grass( push mower)
Grocery shopping
Making my lunch
Whipper snipper the gardens( I really like this one and I think it’s now my favourite gardening activity)

I listened to several podcasts from The Plant Proof Podcast with Simon Hill

If you want to listen to one, this is a great one discussing brain cognitive decline ie dementia and more.

I will move more later this evening with another beach dip, gentle walk and picnic with my family!

Would love to see how you moved today!

3 cheers to the weekend!

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 11/01/2021

Our environment moved us today.

Walking in the glorious sun,
catching waves in the ocean,
having great company was in the movement menu today!

I love the connection of my body to nature.

It’s a new year and it’s often I time to reassess and resolve our life.

If you are tired of having sore feet like my recent
46yr old client who has been suffering heel and arch pain for 3 years!( wow- that’s tough!)

I created my “Walk this way- 12-Week Online Program” for clients just like him and to help eliminate foot or heel pain.

After showing him some of the principles I teach in my program, his foot pain had decreased already in the one session.

If you want more information about “Walk This Way”, click in this link

3 Cheers to health, walking and movement!


1960: Panorama: Stiletto Heels

We have be overcommitted to fashion for so long...however there are better options for shoes today...they not necessarily match the outfit🤔😜


Loving the scenery while out walking our pup!

Being outdoors and simply walking provides many benefits...

1. Blood circulation
2. Visual exercises of depth and perception
3. Mindfulness of the surroundings and movement within it.
4. Connection ...your pet, others, yourself or nature
5. Joint health
6. Heart health...getting your heart rate higher either by walking a hill or increasing speed
7. Improving lung flow with breath
8. Muscle and bone loading for osteoporosis prevention.
9. Emotional and mental support
10. Feelings of happiness

Go forth and enjoy your walk!

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 19/12/2020

I hear this a lot...

“I wear good shoes, they were expensive”

Price does not always reflect shoes that create healthy function and happy feet.

These belong to a lovely stylish 80+ young lady who was wondering why the corn on her right 4th toe had come back.

Shoes are a choice!

How are your choices going?

My favourite saying “ change the environment, change the outcome”


The water was blissful today!

Grateful to move my feet , body and bathe in the ocean.

Tried a few sprints to spice up my movements.

What is something you could add today to spice up your moves?


Call all bunions, stiff toes and joints, and feet.

My order of Correct Toes have arrived and I’m excited to share it with you.

Designed by a podiatrist with the improvement of feet biomechanics in mind.

If your toes are dancing all over each other or you can’t spread your toes... unfortunately this can affect how you walk and move.

If you want to get your hands or should I say feet, comment or DM me.

You can find out more here


Ingrown Toenails!

I have been seeing a lot lately in the clinic and mainly young people.

There are many causes for getting one of these...

= incorrect or incomplete cutting of the nail edge

= trauma to the toe like dropping something on it, stubbing the toe or someone standing on your toe

= tight shoes

= tight calves (causing toe walking)

= nail shape and thickness

= overloading of the toes due to shoes of body alignment

= picking at and ripping off the nail (low-grade trauma or incomplete rip of the nail).

Treatment...PREVENTION IS better than treatment.

So a few tips that will help to get this problem...

+ make sure your shoes have enough room for your toes to spread

+ wear flat shoes with a good fastening mechanism

+ cut the nail completely...leave no sharp corners

+ keep feet and the skin around the toes hydrated

+ stop ripping nails or picking at them

+ work on stretching calves and keeping weight over your heels more

BUT if you have swelling, redness and pain with a nail,
apply tea tree oil to the nail to help with infection, and see a podiatrist.

I have appointments available and finish up on 23rd Dec until 2021. If you need to see me ...0421 769 976


What do you footprints say about you?

How we stand and walk can have an impact on our feet, body and mood.

Would it make sense that if we are moving forward in a straight line that the “wheels” aka feet should also in in a forward placed alignment?

If you are ready to start getting your feet placed in a more helpful and healthier position...

Post your questions in the comments , message me or you can Check out “Walk This Way” a 12-week online feet/walking program.

An important part of living a healthy and moving lifestyle is your wonderful feet


Beach moves for tight hips

Tight hip flexors can be due to sitting a lot...lunges are easy and helpful stretch.

Check in with your body that you are not lunging with your lower back or excessive knee bend.

Keep upper body vertical and move forward with your pelvis.

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 03/12/2020

Using the beach as your gym...

Walk This Way- 12- Online Feet to Body Prorgram 29/11/2020

Walk This Way- 12- Online Feet to Body Prorgram

I noticed something different about my client, her response took me by surprise...

So Margaret attended my Happy Feet Group class in 2019 and again in 2000.
She loved going barefoot and earthing on the grass but was having FOOT PAIN, had BUNIONS and STIFF FEET!

The knowledge, exercises and understanding of her feet have allowed her feet to improve their flexibility, eliminate her pain and have a better relationship with her feet and body.

I saw her twice last week and I mention she had a different look about her (she appeared confident, happy and her face glowed- and it wasn't a new haircut).

She stated nothing...but then she said...

"I think it started when I met you and have been exercising them, my body is responding to it. I love my feet and I feel great!"

Margaret's story is one of the many reasons why I LOVE what I do and share. The hero in this story is Margaret...she did the work!

What we do every day determines our future self!

If you can relate to Margaret and want to get your feet in a state that they move better and have no pain, then my
"WALK THIS WAY' online program will what your feet and body need.

Check it out here.


Walk This Way- 12- Online Feet to Body Prorgram help your body to start healing and fix itself without orthotics or surgery (saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on things that can only ever give you limited results)!


Children are not born with all their bones formed and have soft and flexible feet.

It's important to consider what you use for their shoes.
Often best practice to let them be barefoot as often as possible, and to have shoes that do not

: constrict or compress their feet
: allow them to walk and run easily
: cause them to have to lift their feet to walk
: have the only purpose of looking good/ fashionable
: have them scrunching up their toes to hold the shoe on
: have a heel

Teach them to love and care for their feet.

How to Get Your Feet in Walking Shape | Walking | MyFitnessPal 24/11/2020

How to Get Your Feet in Walking Shape | Walking | MyFitnessPal

Some exercises to help your feet improve their ability to perform for walking and life

How to Get Your Feet in Walking Shape | Walking | MyFitnessPal Stretching and mobility exercises for your feet help prevent injury so you can walk stronger.

Photos from The Walking Podiatrist's post 23/11/2020

Adding a strap or backend of the shoe and a good fastening mechanism HELPS the SHOE stay onto your feet.

--This allows you to take each step with little effort or force on your toes and feet.

--It will provide some stability around the ankle and heel area than if you wore a slides/thongs/strapless shoes.

-- Increased stability will give you better balance

--Less potential for tripping or falling

So strapless shoes aren't "evil" for our feet, however, they wouldn't be the type of shoe that you should "live in" daily for years and decades

Our feet need and want to move us for our entire life, so loving and caring for them today and tomorrow and forever will help achieve this.

Have a look at your strapless shoes and see what you think?


Try this for fun...well it’s really to get you stabilising the joint behind the big toe better and ...some toe dancing!


Summer fun is coming and it's time for a change in shoes.

Let's talk about summer footwear this week.

If you have questions, post them up for discussion.

Happy Healthy Feet

We provide a variety of services like podiatry care, diabetes care, orthotics, feet classes, and walking classes.

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shoes and socks
Happy feet need a loving spacious environment
Joggers and Toe Socks ready for your feet!
Beach moves for tight hips
Are your hips feeling tight?
Feet exercises  with your Feet





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