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Healing Tree Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic consists of qualified and registered traditional medicine practitioners who are committed to looking after your health needs and restoration, improvement and maintenance of the body's proper functions. Our aim is to be able to provide safe but effective treatments, and gain excellent treatment results. We take pride in understanding the individua

Operating as usual


Hi everyone!

Unfortunately our instagram account has been hacked so please do not reply to any messages from our instagram account.

Especially those that ask you to screenshot a text and send it back to us! Please be careful and apologies for the inconvenience :(

Stay safe!


Beautiful baby Lara💕 Welcome to this world, we are so excited to have you on this earth! Your mummy has done so much to bring you here and we couldn’t be happier!

Our fertility often challenges our patience to the MAX, but in the end, we know it was all worth the wait 💓


Delightful arrival of another beautiful baby on Monday!!

We are so proud of mum and dad for bringing such a bundle of joy to our world 💓

Mum has been consistently getting acupuncture for over 2 years for her wellbeing and conceived naturally with Dad also coming in for treatment as the time to have a baby neared🌿 Proof that it takes the power and work of two 🥰

Congratulations to the new parents and we can’t wait to meet little one in person ✨


Bit of a delay posting but this beautiful baby must be welcomed to Earth-side 🌏✨

Baby Naomi who came very quickly right on time with the help of weekly acupuncture sessions and herbs from 34 weeks! Also along with reflexology it was just the perfect combo 😍

Amazing love and dedication from both mum and dad have created such a wondrous little human 🥰 Congratulations again 💓


And we are back!!! 🌿

✨As we start this fresh new year full of dreams and new possibilities…

✨What foundations will you lay today for tomorrow?

✨Will you let you health become an obstacle to your happiness this year?

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Merry Christmas to everyone all around the world🎄

May your Christmas be filled with love, peace and joy ✨


Kind of into Christmas already 😛🎅🏻🎄

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If you’re looking for a simple and easy wellness tool to add into your routine coming out of lockdown, and you are on the Central Coast, we have the best option for you!

Our infrared machine is lined with platinum and diamond particles to give the best infrared treatment available.

We’ll let you know what sort of conditions it is best for in the coming weeks!

Don’t forget you can easily make bookings online via the Fresha app ✨

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How many out of the 5 do you try to incorporate in your day?

These tips can aid with digestive discomforts that occur in your day to day life! We highly recommend you give them a go!

Remember that habits take time to develop so no need to feel stressed or feel like giving up immediately if you've been forgetting 😀

Sometimes habit changes may not be quite enough if your health issues have stuck around for a long time. In this case, reach out to us and we can help you further with acupuncture and herbs!

DM to enquire about what we do today ☎️

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Welcome to earthside sweetest Amalie Sol 💓 Congratulations to Ali and Tom on their newest member to the family!

We had the pleasure of meeting you this week but sadly no cuddles to keep her safe! Now time to nourish your brave, proud mumma to recover and rejuvenate 🥰

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The liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. It regulates most of the chemical levels of the body, and breaks down, creates and balances nutrients in the blood that is passed from the stomach and intestines.

There are about 500 vital functions of the liver that have been identified, so it is very clear that it'll always be a great idea to look after your liver!

In Eastern medicine, the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of all substances in the body, including blood and energy, and the regularity of body activities. Liver imbalance can lead to "stuck" signs both physically and emotionally.

A dysfunction of the liver can come from a variety of different reasons. One of them is through the build-up of toxins and waste especially from processed foods and drinks, drugs, alcohol, the air we breathe, the products and chemicals that enter through the skin.

By overloading the liver with more chemicals and inflammation-causing substances, its detoxifying and metabolising functions can be compromised and leads to more waste and toxins circulating in our system.

Another way the liver can become distressed is through high levels of stress, especially over long periods of time. This prolonged stress impairs blood flow to the liver and can trigger liver damage.

The liver works closely with the organs of the digestive system including the stomach, intestines, pancreas and gall bladder. An issue with digestion can also indicate an issue with the liver.

External infections and infestations of various micro-organisms can also burden the liver. The toxins and waste released by these microorganisms can be damaging to the liver, and on top of that, any medications that are used to treat infections may add to the workload.

Regular medication-use due to other medical conditions will also affect the liver, especially over time.

​It is essential that we regularly check in with our liver and the rest of our body, and aim to support it before we see any serious liver imbalance.

We offer Liver Cleanse and Balance programs for our many of our clients, so ensure to book a consultation to start!


🌸 Wowzers we’re really into Spring already!

Happy September to our beautiful community.

The temperatures are slowly on the rise, and the sun is showing more and more!

We hope that during winter (and lockdown) you have taken plenty of time to nurture and nourish yourselves 💓

Spring provides the best weather dynamic for new growth and beginnings by getting warmer and more invigorating sort of vibe ✨

In Chinese medicine, it is the season to attend to the liver and gall bladder to ensure smooth transitions and changes throughout this time.

It is in fact a great time to be doing a few cleanses guided by your practitioner to release any stuck waste and energies that have collected during the slower months of winter.

Plenty of steamed greens and vegetables, with some protein is what we recommend for this time.

Energetically be excited to feel more outgoing, sociable and motivated!

Go for those hikes and swims and allow the everything to flow! Check in with your health, happiness and financial goals and really make the most out of this uplifting, expanding vibe around us ✨

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Last week we took a deep dive into the stomach organ, which is the first to begin our digestion process.

In Chinese medicine, the spleen (which we now know is the combined functions of the spleen and the pancreas), is the organ that is almost always discussed together the the stomach in their role to breakdown food and fluids and send it to the appropriate places in the body system.

When we treat digestive issues, we often address the spleen-pancreas along with the stomach.

So what is the function of the spleen in our body?

We don't really learn much about the spleen at school, but it actually has some really important functions.

The spleen is very closely linked to the blood, and therefore body fluids, and has a major role in filtering your blood. It will breakdown and remove blood cells that are abnormal, damaged or old.

The spleen also stores red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells, so we always consider the spleen in Eastern medicine in blood disorders such as not having enough blood, or having clotting issues, stagnant blood and even abnormal bleeding.

As it also produces white blood cells, the spleen is very important in our immune response. We might suspect an underlying spleen imbalance if someone has weak energy and can't fight off pathogens well or gets sick easily.

The pancreas is crucial for digestion. It produces digestive enzymes and releases them to mix with the bile and help the body to break down fats, carbs and proteins.

It also creates and releases the important hormone we all know of - insulin - and glucagon. One helps to lower blood sugar, and another to raise blood sugar to the optimal level.

This function is crucial for the functioning of other organs such as the liver, kidney and brain, which is why we need to first look at the pancreas or other digestive organs first to see if the true root of the condition lies here!

There is more to your health than meets the eye. If you are struggling with symptoms that you have found no answer for and have tried everything else, consider acupuncture and herbal medicine to help! DM us anytime to book your consultation today 🍀

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We are all familiar with the fact that we should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day because around 60% of our body is water!

Every single cell in our body needs water. Even your bones have water!!

Water fills our cells, carries nutrients and allows everything to flow.

Not feeling like drinking water doesn't necessarily mean your body is hydrated enough.

It could mean that you are actually not consuming enough minerals and nutrients to promote the body to drink, or that perhaps the water is accumulated in the wrong places of the body causing you to feel that you already have enough water.

Or that you have been dehydrated for way too long that your body has become used to being so dry and aren't sending you the signals properly.

There are solutions for any of these issues in Chinese medicine. We find that sometimes patients feel thirstier after a treatment because acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and allows better communication around your body!

Do you want to make sure your body is flowing properly? DM us today to book a consultation 😀

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Most of us are pretty familiar with the stomach organ and have a good idea of what it is responsible for in our body system - digestion! 😋

When we place foods or liquids into our mouth, we are starting the digestive process through (hopefully) chewing well to allow the foods to be cut into smaller pieces and mix well with our saliva.

Then the food pieces travel down the oesophagus all the way to our stomach where it is held for 2 hours or so while the muscles of the stomach break it down further through contraction and relaxation.

The inner lining of the stomach contains cells which produce hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes to help digest the food.

They also produce mucus at the same time to help protect the stomach from the acid.

You can easily see that there is a great system of balance in place so that the stomach can digest but also be protected at the same time.

This balance in the stomach system can be broken through stress, poor eating habits and diet, external pathogens and toxins and other issues in the body.

In Eastern medicine, the stomach is referred to as the 'sea of food and fluids' because of its role in receiving and 'ripening' the things that are ingested. Decomposition of foods begins in the stomach.

It's function in the body is also referred to as the 'digestive fire', because it is viewed like a hot, boiling pot cooking and breaking down the food.

Importance is placed in supporting the warm environment of the stomach by consuming warm foods and drinks so as to not extinguish this 'fire'.

Common issues we face related to the stomach are usual not severe enough to show up in blood tests and scans, so many people seek us for help.

Just because they are not too severe, does not mean we should be neglecting them. In Eastern medicine, these milder symptoms can snowball over time to result in bigger, more serious illness.

Do any of these stomach imbalances or symptoms jump out at you? If yes, then drop us a message to see how we can help you!


Hello world and hello Healing Tree fam!! 🖐️ It's Dahbin here!

I thought it was a good time to introduce myself as well, to anyone who hasn't come to see us yet for their health 😀

You have met my amazing lifelong mentor, friend and mother Youngmee, and I am very lucky to be her lifelong student, friend and daughter 💞

⭐Here's my story on how I got into Eastern traditional medicine and healing.

I can't remember the first time I decided I wanted to become a doctor of Eastern medicine, but it must have been a while ago because my 6th grade year book states that it was exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up 😆

Maybe it was the influence of the culture of my birth country, Korea 🇰🇷 Traditional and natural medicine is huge there and doctors of Eastern and Western medicine are very important professionals in the healthcare system. The positive impact they were making as well as the amazing teamwork they always had seemed so COOL 😎

Or maybe it was through the influence of first-hand experience, seeing how valuable and effective Eastern traditional medicine was every time Youngmee resolved any health symptoms or issues I came across throughout my life.

With little hesitation, I signed up for the 4-year degree at UTS that would teach me the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine so I could go on to live my passion of helping others strive for optimal health and to be their best version of themselves!

Every day is filled with new challenges and I can honestly say the more I work in this field, the further I fall in love with it!

🌈Feel free to ask me any questions via DM or in the comments!

I love getting to know our followers and I am here to help 😃

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Eastern medicine looks at patterns in nature to apply to the body. 🌱

We say that when everything is flowing freely, there is no pain.

Look at the stream in this picture and imagine it flowing freely. There are no issues, and no stagnant water 💦

When the stream is blocked up with more stones, branches and other obstacles, the stream will not flow as smoothly - or at all! 😫

This leads to waste accumulating and rotting to occur. Painful for nature it is.

In order to promote free flow again, we must unblock whatever is blocking, add more water to flow again and create good pressure.

We can do the same for our bodies to promote good flow of energy and blood between all of our cells so that we can be pain-free again!

Acupuncture promotes flow of energy and nutrients in our body by stimulating and re-balancing the nervous system.

▶️ Message us if you want to know more about how we can help you!

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One thing that will stay with you until the end of your life - it's your body!

It's there when you travel, there when you work, there when you meet the love of your life and move in with them, or have kids, there when you go through life's challenges.

Mind matters most, but we do have our physical body which also needs just as much attention and love.

Take care of it 🥰

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Gifts are about sharing the positive and loving energy to those around you ✨

I think it's pretty obvious that Coasties are one of the best at supporting each other and giving!

So we wanted to join in the gift of giving too!

To brighten up your time during this lockdown, we are gifting our natural mineral soap/shampoo bar to all of you coming in for your appointment this month! Surprise 🥳

We'd also like to say a huge thank you for supporting local during this time.

Without your love and support for our healthcare services, we wouldn't be here 🥰

Hope you are all keeping your mind and body well-nourished through this turbulent time again, and we will see you at your next appointment!

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I'm sure you've wondered why many Chinese medicine practitioners will ask to look at your tongue during your consultation or treatment.

There is quite a lot of information we can gather from the tongue.

It's because the tongue is super long and connects very deep inside of the body, and therefore can indicate changes happening from the inside.

When we ask to have a look at your tongue, it's important that we can see from the tip to the very back, and even underneath the tongue sometimes.

We look at the colour of the tongue, the shape, the coating, the moistness and the bumps and cracks.

Also just like the picture, each area of the tongue can be attributed to an organ. We often see that when there is an imbalance of that organ, it can show up on the tongue in those areas.

Which tongue are you?

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(always young at heart - so Young + Me!)

This beautiful lady is the Founder and Co-director of Healing Tree!

Although she is extremely camera shy, we thought it was time to introduce her on our social media platforms!

Because you ought to know about this lovely and incredibly caring human behind the amazing treatment and remedies given in our clinic.

Youngmee comes from a family that is very knowledgeable about natural health and natural medicine. Her grandfather and great grandfather were both doctors of Korean traditional medicine, and her mother grew up eating and playing with all different kinds of Korean and Chinese herbs.

So no wonder she developed a deep passion for natural healing and natural treatments.

Back in Korea, Youngmee actually pursued a pathway in journalism and broadcasting, but later on discovered her interest in acupuncture and herbal medicine. Especially as she became pregnant with her daughter, Dahbin, she knew she wanted to make sure she grew up as healthy and happy as she could with focus on promoting natural health.

Youngmee spent most of her motherhood being the family doctor and head chef of the family knowing that food and natural medicine was paramount in anyone's life. She attended many courses and gained many certificates in Korea to give her the tools she needed to help her whole family.

Fast forward to 2011, Youngmee decided she wanted to pursue her second 4-year degree, this time in Eastern/Chinese medicine as it was her long-time dream.

She never knew she would actually open a practice once she graduated.

When friends and families started to see Youngmee through word of mouth, it slowly developed into a clinic open to all others in the Central Coast community.

Youngmee is an incredible practitioner with her whole philosophy based on holistic health, non-judgement and universal love.

Once you are under her care, you'll know very quickly that she will treat you like family and only give advice that she would give to her own family 🥰

If you are looking for a practitioner like Youngmee, it's never too late to discuss your health with us!

Message today to book a consultation 🙂

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Read that one again.

Where are you focusing your changes or not changes on today? And how will that choice look like in 5, 10, 20 years? 🍀

Photos from Healing Tree Acupuncture and Natural Medicine's post 20/07/2021

🎋 Asians and bamboo! It’s a thing!

We love our bamboo and there are plenty of reasons why ✨

When we think of a tranquil forest, it’s usually a bamboo forest that pops up in our mind ☺️

Bamboo is a symbol of strength and prosperity due to its resilient and fast-growing nature.

It’s leaves are used for medicinal properties in Chinese medicine.

Here are some cool facts about bamboo:

🎋 Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world!

🎋 Bamboo is a giant grass, not a tree!

🎋 Bamboo can purify the air up to 30% more effectively than other plants.

🎋 Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

👀 Spot our sign on the Central Coast Highway! You’ll find us next to the bamboo trees 😛

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For a long time in history, we believed that the brain cannot change.

However, now we are very aware that new connections in the brain are occurring all the time.

With practice and change of habits long-term, we can definitely change the way our brain and our subconscious thinks.

Hence the importance of positive thinking.

If your brain is only used to you feeling or thinking that you are sad, depressed, anxious, guilty, deprived, self-conscious etc. it will only know to think that way and see situations and events in that way.

Your brain is limiting your vision of what's possible.

Repeated positive thinking, positive words and positive actions will release different brain chemicals and will rewire the brain in a new way of thinking and receiving information.

A lot of us choose to remain in the same circumstances because we have become addicted to the emotional state produced by those situations, and the chemicals that excite and promote that state of being.

So what can we do to change the regular emotions that we feel that seem to trap us such as anxiety, grief, sadness, anger, worry or stress?

Just like learning how to play a piano, we must start with small baby steps by paying attention to the language we use, the thoughts we think and the actions we take, and slowly replace them with new, uplifting and positive ones.

It takes a lot of practice and consistency but stick with it.

Acupuncture can assist with regulating the nervous system to allow thoughts and feelings to flow better, and we also highly recommend therapies such as hypnotherapy and emotional freedom techniques or tapping!

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😷 Know someone who you think will benefit from acupuncture, a herbal remedy or even just a holistic view of their current health?

Healing Tree Gift Vouchers are like you gifting a new doorway into the life of someone you really care about 🌈

A super special TLC gift for their wellness and happiness 🥰

💎 P.S Take advantage of our FREE DELIVERY anywhere for all gift voucher purchases no matter how small or big the amount!

▶️ DM or call us on 0431 625 784 to purchase one today!

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⬇️ Comment YES if you are already doing it! ⬇️

There are so many benefits to inner cultivating practices such as meditation, mindfulness, qi gong and tai chi!

If you have forgotten to add it to your daily routine recently, here's a cool study to encourage you and cheer you on!

One group of buddhist monks who were experts in meditating, and one control group (regular people) were asked to focus on specific states of mind such as compassion and unconditional love.

They were all attached to electrical sensors to monitor their brain activity during this process.

The monks who had practiced meditation for up to 50,000 hours displayed brain wave activity related to higher mental functioning and heightened awareness. Basically they could change the way their brain worked on command.

They also showed the longest levels of gamma waves, that were higher than any other healthy person the researchers had seen! These waves are usually present when the brain is making new circuits - so what they were seeing were some highly advanced brain functions!

In addition, the left frontal lobe activity was significantly enhanced, which correlates with joy. Researchers stated they must be the happiest people alive!

Through meditation, we can optimise how the brain functions. And of course, this trickles down into all areas of the rest of the body to promote optimal body functions too.

So is meditation good for you? Absolutely!

There isn't one specific way to do it, so don't stress over the HOW if you've never done it before. Experiment, change things up to suit you and find guided ones to help you get started!

p.s. If you think you need a little more than just meditation, acupuncture and herbal medicine can provide great benefits for your body and mind. Check the link in our bio for more info!


Sending out love to anyone who needs to hear this right now 💓

Whether it is just a tough point in time within yourself, your relationships, your health, your job - you got this ✨

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