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RTT is a brand new method of therapy, It's fast and effective, providing permanent lasting change

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The beautiful thing about RTT is that it reveals the truth of who you are.

Most of the time we don't know where our behaviours originated from and why we act the way we do.

RTT unveils the reason for all of this in as little as two hours.

During a regression, we review the childhood feelings that become imprinted in our young minds and see them from an adult's perspective.
- giving us clarity, new light and compassion for ourselves and the people who hurt us.

For some people, this alone is where the transformation occurs, as they come to a place of deep understanding and new wisdom.


It is only when the water is still that we can see to the bottom of the lake or indeed when the light is bright enough we can see the ocean bed …

The same is true for ourselves… when we still the mind (either through meditation or a reflective period of time) we hear the truth…and we allow the soul to speak…

Many of us are suppressing the emotions through addictions and distractions, which are our true guides and intuition, trying to get our attention…

When we allow the feelings to be heard and felt they pass on and drift away with ease… like a child that has been validated, seen and acknowledged…we are just children in adult bodies!

The problem is the feelings don’t just go away when we drink/ take drugs/ Netflix/ shop. Whatever we do to ignore them and suppress them…makes them come back stronger because this is our souls way of speaking to us and we cannot ignore the soul 🦋


RTT works in three ways..

1) Instant change
2) Cumulative change
3) Retrospective change

After a session of RTT there are many ways in which a client responds.

Immediately, over time
or months down the line when they suddenly notice a difference..
Whatever happens, there is all types of clearing at a deep level.
This client received the instant magic!


Spending time at the beach with this little darling is good for my soul 🤍
We all need to slow down and reflect on what’s really important, ensuring not to rush.
Nature is our greatest teacher 🦋
“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished”
- Lao Tzu


This client came for an RTT session with ‘the yips’ in his golf game on Wednesday 🏌️‍♂️⛳️
(The yips are involuntary wrist spasms that occur when golfers are trying to putt)
Three days after the session, I get this message!
This work is so rewarding 🤩


I will be moving up north in December!!

For those in NSW thinking about booking in for a face to face session, now is the time. I have limited spots available. I will be continuing my business in the new year so zoom sessions are always available and just as affective❤️



Great feedback from a recent client, who was able to release years of suppressed pain since childhood.

The moment we allow these feelings to be expressed, energy begins to flow freely and we immediately feel lighter and more expansive.
This is where the healing begins...


Children are the most impressionable from birth to around the age of 8.

This is because of their brainwave state.

From ages 0-2 children are in a delta brainwave which means they are functioning principally from their subconscious minds- they are absorbing information without an ability to critically think, so whatever information is seen is absorbed as it is.

From 2-6 years children move into the theta brainwave frequency, which allows them to be imaginative and they are likely to accept most of what they are told.

The issue is, the majority of what is being absorbed in this time is negative, disempowering and critical.

For example:
> “Big boys don’t cry”
> “Your sister is smarter than you”
> “Children should be seen and not heard” etc.

As a therapist I am deprogramming the subconscious mind and removing these beliefs which I call “weeds” and In turn, planting “seeds” which are the empowering and upgraded new beliefs.

Remember our subconscious mind controls 95% of our lives.

Willpower alone CANNOT change habit ~accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis CAN and this is the wonderful gift I offer through RTT.

In as little as 90 minutes together we can find the belief and change it permanently.

RTT is incredibly powerful🌻


In the last month, two of my clients decided on their own terms to come off their antidepressants - after years of relying on them.
Through the insights of their RTT sessions they were able to find the root cause of the depression and anxiety; truly and permanently setting themselves free.

This is the power of RTT ❤️

As a therapist, I never advise clients to withdraw from any medications without prior consultation with their GP.


I've found through RTT that emotional pain is very often linked to physical pain.

"The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep."

RTT releases the valve which holds in emotional pain.
Pain that has been suppressed for so long. Once this has occurred, there is a beautiful moment of 'letting go' both physically and emotionally.


Our children are, and will become many things in life.

They will take on different identities.

They will pursue different paths.

But as their parents, this is the foundation of what our children mean to us.

We do not own them.

They are not our puppets.

Today, I hope you remember that ♥️


A message I received from a client after just having 2 sessions of RTT
I’m so proud of her!


Soaking up the sun at a beautiful cafe
I was sitting on a cushion with words of peace ☮️ reminding me of this quote:
“ We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves”
When you heal yourself with RTT, you create your new reality of peace.

We don’t live in a stressful world, it’s simply our thoughts that create a perception of stress.


A message I received recently from a client who was driving in the intense rain we have had here. Through my work I teach mindfulness that can be implemented in all aspects of life and the tools often show themselves in situations like this where you least expect it and when you may need it most. 🙏

“ We had a slighty hairy/scary situation driving yesterday. Washed out roads, detours and nightime foggy conditions in a place where we'd never been before. Couldn't see 15ft in front of the car at times.

I'm so glad I'd done RTT recently. It was weird as I felt cautious without anxiety or fear. Something that hasn't happened to me before. Usually danger for me felt like crippling anxiety. Yesterday it was "Yes (name), be careful but you know you've got this". "You make good decisions in tough situations".
Caution without fear. Being present for myself and my family in that situation. I don't think I could have done it without taking the time to work on my inner self and do RTT recently.
Thank you Caragh.”


Have you ever found yourself consciously trying to change a habit but always falling back into the same familiar cycle?

This is because the subconscious beliefs will always override the conscious.
95% of our brains activity is running on subconscious programming which only leave us with 5% of our conscious mind trying to initiate change.

If you want to go deeper and uncover the underlying blocks that are holding you back then reach out! I would love to help you 💙


Your life is a mirror reflecting your inner world ~

Your choices and behaviours are the result of conditioned beliefs carried from a young age. These beliefs are unconscious because they were formed during an impressionable period usually from the ages of 0-7. You had little choice in the matter because your upbringing was not in your control.

The incredible tools used in RTT find the belief, interrupt the belief and change the belief, installing new truths in the 4 weeks that follow the RTT session.

In the same way we update our phones, cars and computers we MUST update our minds. If we don’t do this, we remain in the same patterns, negative habits and struggles!!



Another incredible healing story from a recent client. This is why I do what I do. RTT is truly life changing ❤️

“I have experienced crippling anxiety as long as I can recall. I was in denial about it until a well meaning friend pointed out that my new puppy was misbehaving because she was picking up on my anxiety (which I didn't believe).

However it spurred me on to addressing my problem. I was however, dreading the endless counselling sessions that I envisaged as the only solution. Fortunately another friend suggested hypnotherapy! It seemed like the answer to my prayers. Anyway she gave me Caragh's details and my wonderful journey into healing began. I had never heard of RTT before, but now I feel this therapy has opened a door to deep and profound inner healing.

The process was almost instant and since the session, I have an inner level of calmness, inner knowledge and acceptance that I have never felt before.

It has been an amazing healing experience and Caragh is a wonderful empathic, kind, supportive and encouraging therapist. I felt she was right there with me holding my hand for the whole three weeks after, while I listened to the recording.
I highly recommend RTT to anyone who is seeking to heal and transform their life.”

- D


I saw this post today in one of the PMDD groups and it broke my heart:

"I'm being given two options by doctors:
1. Take Yaz for birth control
2. Take Orliss to mimic menopause to see if I can handle hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries.
I'm a holistic person who typically doesn't take pharmaceuticals so this is a very hard decision and my gut is saying neither. I don't know what to do but I need help with my PMDD".

This makes me so frustrated!

Her gut knows neither of these options is good. Her body knows there is another way. And I'm shouting it from the rooftops every day - there is!

There IS another way and it is not about messing with your hormones or your beautiful sensitivity.

It is about healing what this hormonal shift and sensitivity is putting you in touch with - your pain from your past which created painful subconscious beliefs in your mind which keep getting triggered when your sensitivity increases. If you just sit with that for a moment, you will feel the truth in it.

I have been free of PMDD for four years now after living with it for over a decade I healed through the same therapy and tools I now practice to help others. You can read just a small sample of client testimonials in my FREE e-book Women Who Heal - grab it in my bio link.

This is why I am so passionate about what I do. I only wish I knew then what I know now.

This is a new and exciting era for the Red Tent and healing PMDD as more and more women wake up and become aware that this doesn’t have to be something you just “manage” until menopause.

PMDD is calling you to heal the pain of your past so you can be emotionally free. And we know how to help you do that, within a matter of weeks.

Being a “PMDD warrior” is great and all… but if you are just bloody exhausted with the battle and you are fed up with putting bandaids on your wounds instead of truly healing them, then I invite you to join us.

We begin our eight week journey on June 27. There is a 20% early bird discount until June 20 so act fast. Spots are filling up faster than ever before.


You don’t have to live with anxiety
The results from RTT are permanent 🪷

Video Conferencing, Cloud Phone, Webinars, Chat, Virtual Events | Zoom 16/06/2022

Video Conferencing, Cloud Phone, Webinars, Chat, Virtual Events | Zoom

Are you suffering from PMDD?

Feelings of overwhelm,anxiety, anger, rage,depression and guilt on a monthly basis…

Believing that there is nothing you can do…

The hormonal shift exacerbates the unresolved deep rooted pain and traumas ( Big T and little t ) from the past and combined with the heightened sensitivity hijacks logic and calm replacing it with these emotions.

There is a way to find Peace and Ease during this time every month which is what I found when I went “deep within” through RTT.

Check out this wonderful masterclass with Natalie Ryan Hebert and Chloe Jimenez Peters to learn more about how you can make PMDD a thing of the past 🤍


Video Conferencing, Cloud Phone, Webinars, Chat, Virtual Events | Zoom Zoom's secure, reliable video platform powers all of your communication needs, including meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events.


“To heal the child, cure the parent”

RTT completely changed my life, especially in the way that I parent~

Upgrading old negative and disempowering beliefs brought me to a place of peace and ease within myself. From this place came tremendous understanding of how as parents, we project our fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs (I call these traumas) onto our children.

RTT has revealed to me, my own traumas, allowing me to unlearn and break the cycle. I have learned to express, calibrate and validate my feelings which has also given permission for my children to do the same 🦋

I now parent from a place of deep awareness and consciousness, which has manifested in the most beautiful relationship with my girls. I have RTT to thank for this🤍



Another incredible testimony from a life changed through this amazing therapy ❤️

Natalie Ryan Hebert and Chloe Jiménez Peters are running a LIVE PMDD masterclass on Sunday June 12 at 7pm GMT/ 11am PST!!

If this is calling you and you are yearning for healing beyond a pill, countless counselling sessions or a belief that there is no cure… Then this is the perfect chance ✨

For more information ⬇️



“Awareness is the first step in healing or changing”

So lucky to be able to work with such committed clients 💫
The results speak for themselves


This is a testimonial from a client, just 3 weeks after a session
It’s so rewarding seeing people thrive after this therapy 🌟

“I’ve absolutely loved the RTT its definitely been life changing!… The therapy has seeped into my soul, I’ve made so many great decisions, made so many changes.
Even just eating really nourishing healthy food. Working out because I get to do it and it makes me feel good.
I’m so pleased, it couldn’t have been more successful.
It’s just been absolutely fabulous. Thank you so so much for everything! I’m feeling so much more like myself; who I really feel I am. What you do, truly is magic!
It’s been such a positive and life changing experience for me”


A very simple reminder for when our minds wander to the past or the future

Everything that matters is here in this moment 🌟


“Will I lose control under hypnosis?”

Many people fear going into hypnosis as they believe they will lose control of their mind.
This is in fact not true at all!!

Hypnosis is simply a sleep of the nervous system where you are in a very relaxed state

During hypnosis:

🌱 You are fully in control

🌱 You are completely aware of what you are saying and hearing

🌱 You will feel relaxed and safe

For more information on hypnosis in RTT feel free to visit the FAQ’s page on my website🙏



“What you focus on you get more of”
How often are we stopping to reflect on the thoughts that fill our mind?
Most of the time these thoughts are based on;

*Lack, Fear
*Money blocks and worries
*Relationship issues

We spend so much money upgrading our phones, homes, cars, closets and even our bodies- yet when it comes to our minds we tend to put it last on the list of priorities yet in fact this should come first…

Our minds are a million dollar machine that we are gifted with. We use it more than anything else on this planet and most of us are still running on the programming that was installed from the ages of 1-7.
IT IS TIME FOR AN UPGRADE, we need to be undoing the negative layers of the past that are holding us back and installing the new.

The Jesuits once said “ Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man”

RTT allows you to see how and why your past affected you.

These events and scenes from your past however aren’t what affected you, it’s the meanings and the interpretations that were attached to these experiences that affects you.

RTT allows you to change the meaning of the scenes in hypnosis by speaking directly with your subconscious mind.



It’s not about the quantity, it’s always about the quality 🌄


Hypnosis brings a new understanding to past events and beliefs🤍

Photos from Heal From Within's post 01/03/2022

This is a testimony from a client of mine I received today. This work fills me with so much joy 🧡


Just because it feels comfortable or familiar doesn’t mean it’s true/right for you. You may work in a job that you “can’t stand” ( 85% of people do) or be in an unfulfilled relationship… your health may be suffering or you may feel uptight and uneasy most of the time….

The core beliefs that run our lives are often negative and disempowering and until we change those beliefs our lives will remain the same.
How often do we upgrade our computers or phones? yet we are unaware of the necessity to upgrade our deep subconscious programming.

What you focus on you get more of…..
Do you ever stop for a moment to notice what it is you are thinking about? How many of your thoughts are spent ruminating over past events or worrying about future issues most of which may never happen…?

When we are congruent with the highest version of ourselves~ life just flows and rather like a river when it reaches a bolder or a tree trunk it simply navigates its way through and over it without much difficulty…

If you are tired of feeling “stuck” or anxious or unhappy or simply that life isn’t fulfilling you in any way that at your core you know that life could- ( if only )

A 2hr session of RTT could change your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine.
Working with me I am able to unlock the subconscious constraints that frame your life and replace old negative patterns with positive new ones.


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Your past does not define you. Everything you’ve experienced is all part of the great journey. ⛰
“You helped me immensely last session. I find myself being more present in the moment especially with my children.”A sni...
Another incredible healing story from a recent client. This is why I do what I do. RTT is truly life changing ❤️“I have ...
https://healfromwithinwithcaragh.squarespace.com#weightissues #rapidtransformationaltherapy
Hypnosis brings a new understanding to past events and beliefs🤍
Feel the feeling until it no longer needs to be felt.. Remember: you cannot heal what you cannot feel
Exciting announcement ❤️





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