Sutherland Physiotherapy and Pilates

We are a multidisciplinary clinic offering an extensive range of specialist skills and services to cater specifically for your needs. Sutherland Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic employs highly skilled and professional physiotherapists

Sutherland Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic was established in 1989 to provide quality physiotherapy services to the Sutherland Shire. The clinic not only caters for the needs of the sporting population but also people of all ages. Our primary focus is to provide the highest quality care to our patients giving thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. We are committed to your care. We pride ourselves on the level of experience of our physiotherapists and believe that in working as a team we will be able to provide you with the best possible service. Our therapists are regularly taking part in ongoing professional development and training courses to remain up to date with the latest information and evidence based treatments. This has allowed us to maintain a reputation for excellence within manual therapy, sports and musculoskeletal fields. Our multidisciplinary clinic has an open plan gym setting and adjoining Pilates and Exercise Studio. We ensure that the latest, most up to date equipment is available to give you the complete treatment that you’re looking for. Keeping up to date with cutting edge treatments is important to us. We now have available a Real Time Ultrasound unit (RTUS). RTUS has been shown to be the most accurate tool for assessing the muscles of the pelvic floor, deep lower back and abdominal stabilising muscles. Whilst getting visual feedback, clients are best able to understand the concept of recruiting these muscles. We also offer specialised Women's Health Physiotherapy assessments and treatments. In addition to physiotherapy, we offer a wide range of complimentary health and medical services. In particular, a sports physician, specialist doctor in the field of sports medicine is available within the clinic. There is also a podiatrist and we have a range of psychology services available, giving you the option of choosing which profession best suits your needs. We have also just completed our refurbishment creating a new gymnasium incorporating new equipment such as a treadmill, free weights, and weights machine. Programs are given to improve muscle strength, endurance and function.

Have you visited our new and improved website?

Find information regarding the clinic and read in detail about the services we offer.

You’ll also find the most up-to-date clinical exercise timetable.

Take advantage of the ability to view available appointments and book online, click on the link to check it out!

Looking for a last minute gift idea for Mum this weekend?
Massage vouchers are available and always appreciated! Drop in or give the clinic a call to organise one!

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Let’s hear it for the boys!!

We love seeing men participate in our Pilates classes!
Pilates inspired classes are excellent for any age and any gender. Focus on developing core strength, mindfulness, flexibility and target those smaller muscle groups that don’t often get a lot of attention with heavier weight lifting.

Come on in and see us to get started! 👊🏻

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It's officially here!!
We are excited to introduce the Game Ready to our practice. It is the market leader in ice compression therapy and is used widely by professional sporting organisations to help reduce swelling and accelerate rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

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Talking all things hands 👋
Resident hand physiotherapist, George providing some in-house skills training on thumb splinting.

The team at Sutherland Physiotherapy love to continue to learn and update our skills so we ensure we provide the best treatment to our patients!

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Those back-to-school feels! Take a breath and come on in to see our massage therapist Donna!

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Thank you to The Australian Physiotherapy Association for continuing to promote awareness surrounding pelvic floor issues and the treatment options available 🙌🏻

At Sutherland Physiotherapy we offer Women’s Health Physiotherapy to help treat, educate, and empower women regarding pelvic floor concerns including incontinence, painful intercourse, urgency, post-natal recovery, prolapse and more!

#pelvicfloor #pelvicfloordysfunction #stressurinaryincontinence #urinaryincontinence #urinaryurgency #pelvicorganprolapse #postnatal #physiotherapy #rehabilitation #continence #australianphysiotherapyassociation

It has been an absolute honour and privilege to work with this amazing athlete and leader for the Rabbitohs, QLD and Australia. Congratulations @greg_inglis1 on an amazing career and best wishes for the future.

#physiotherapy #sportsphysiotherapy #southsydneyrabbitohs

Diastisis rectus abdominus muscle (DRAM) or abdominal separation usually occurs during pregnancy. It is where the connective tissue in the centre of the abdominal wall, called the linea alba, weakens and thins causing the abdominal muscles to sit further apart.

It is a NORMAL part of pregnancy occurring in up to 100% of pregnant women in the 3rd trimester, although it is often only first noticed in the postnatal period.
Things you may notice include: • Sensation of weakness in the abdominal wall
• A soft ‘gap’ down the centre of the abdominal wall especially when contracting the abdominal muscles
• A bulging or doming appearance down the centre of the abdominal wall

Early intervention is important to first diagnose, and then focus on restoring the strength of the abdominal wall.
Physiotherapists can asses the degree of DRAM, the function of the abdominal wall, as well as use real-time ultrasound to determine correct activation patterns of deep abdominals.
Education regarding symptom management and appropriate exercise choices also form an important part of the treatment of DRAM.
At Sutherland Physiotherapy we are passionate about encouraging women to return to/continue to exercise and want to encourage appropriate exercise choices to ensure long term progress for you! If you have concerns regarding your abdominal wall, give us a call today!

#sutherlandshire #physiotherapy #rehabilitation #pregnancy #postnatalfitness #postpartum #abdominalseparation #diastisisrecti #fitness #strength

Did you know we offer Massage Therapy at Sutherland Physiotherapy? 🙌🏻

Our massage therapist Donna offers a range of treatments such as Relaxation, Remedial, Sports, Cupping & Pregnancy.

Gift Vouchers available too!
Call the clinic on 95451933 for more details & to arrange an appointment today!

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Sutherland Physiotherapy is expanding and we are looking for an amazing Physiotherapist to join our team!

Check out our Seek ad below or find it on the APA website

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Congratulations to the Rabbitohs after their 28-20 win over the Titans last night!

Our practice principal Kenny is pictured here helping player Braidon Burns from the field following a hamstring injury sustained during the game.

Hamstring strains are some of the most commonly seen injuries in sports that require a high degree of speed, power and agility.

Luckily we know he’s in great hands to assist in a speedy recovery!

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MYTH BUSTED: Exercise isn't harmful for people with knee osteoarthritis

‘Inactivity and rest makes pain and osteoarthritis worse, not better in the longer term. Our joints need movement and exercise to stimulate repair and keep them strong. There is undisputable evidence that staying active and regular participation in exercise is safe and will help improve pain, and a person’s quality of life.’

Important information regarding osteoarthritis and activity levels. If you are unsure as to how to get started, see your Physiotherapist for management advice!

#physiotherapy #sutherlandshire #osteoarthritis #exercise #strength #activerecovery #OA #arthritis Advice to rest and avoid pain is commonly provided to people with knee and other joint pains - advice that is often wrong, and harmful.

Did you know?

A healthy bladder:
• empties 4-8x/day
• has the capacity to hold 400-600ml of urine
• does not leak
• alerts you when it is full, but gives you enough time to find a toilet without racing/leaking
• May wake you 1x/night, or 2x if you are older

If your bladder or pelvic floor control is causing you concern book in with our Women’s Health Physiotherapist - we can help you be the boss of your bladder once more!

#physiotherapy #sutherlandshire #womenshealth #urinaryurgency #urinaryfrequency #overactivebladder #nocturia #stressurinaryincontinence #pelvicfloorexercises #pelvicfloordysfunction #continence

Are you experiencing shoulder pain?

Recent clinical guidelines published by the British Medical Journey indicate that surgery is no better than Physiotherapy and exercise for some common causes of shoulder dysfunction including Tendinitis and Bursitis.
If you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain book an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists to explore all your options!

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Did you know pilates takes its name from its creator Joseph Pilates?
At Sutherland Physiotherapy we offer Physio lead Clinical Exercise Classes implementing Pilates-informed exercises. Every class is tailored to your individual needs and goals ensuring you get the most out of your experience.
Call the clinic on 9545 1933 to get started!

LADIES! Did you know we offer Women’s Health Physiotherapy?

Do any of the following apply to you? •Stress urinary incontinence: leaking with activities such as cough/sneeze/laugh/lift
• Urinary urgency: Having to race to the toilet
• Prolapse: Vaginal heaviness/bulge
• Pain with sexual intercourse
• Abdominal separation
• Post-natal check
• Pregnancy related pelvic pain
• Concerns regarding pelvic floor strength

If the answer is yes, make an appointment to see our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Jessie! Call the clinic on 9545 1933 today!

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Have you visited the clinic recently and seen our amazing new gym equipment? At Sutherland Physiotherapy we take injury management seriously. We have recently upgraded our gym space for patients to work with our physiotherapists to optimise rehabilitation, as well as strength and conditioning.
To make an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists call us on 9545 1933

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May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them 👊🏻💃🏼#iwd2019 #sutherlandshire #physiotherapy

A useful article outlining some of the lasting effects ‘W’ sitting can have for our children.

Kids First’s OTs help lots of children to get out of the habit of ‘W Sitting’. This seemingly harmless habit can have long term effects on kids’ bodies. Want to know more? This poster and article are excellent resources for teachers and parents.

S E V E N Y E A R S ago I taught my very first Pilates class here at Sutherland Physio...
This wonderful lady happened to be my very first client, in her very first session!
Fast forward to today, here we both are, working as hard as ever and smashing goals!!

Happy Pilates Anniversary to us!

How do you bridge?
Our dedicated client Cherilyn performing a tough variation at the Spring Board 👍🏻
Happy New Year! The studio is back in full swing 😊

2018 Staff Christmas Party 🎄🎄🎄

Stuck for a gift idea?
Need to unwind this silly season?
We’ve got the perfect solution!

Our wonderful client, Bev, working on her pelvic stability with some ‘Big Frogs’. Can you believe she had a pelvic fracture only a couple of months ago?!?
Bev, a competitive horse rider, has been a loyal client of the Pilates studio at Sutherland for many years and has used Pilates to recover from some pretty major injuries! She loves Pilates so much than she’s embarking on a total career change, and has become a Pilates instructor herself! We wish you all the best Bev!

Some good info to help keep our kids safe and encourage good development!

The APA has endorsed a campaign by the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital paediatric physiotherapy team and Kidsafe SA alerting parents to the dangers of baby walkers and exercise jumpers due to the risk of injury and milestone developmental delays. APA National President Phil Calvert today appeared at a media call with SA Health’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Nicola Spurrier, KidSafe CEO Holly Fitzgerald and Kirstie Morgan, APAM. Phil said that parents often think these products support their children's development, but in fact they can have the opposite effect, often causing milestone delays or muscle tightness. Parents and carers are urged to utilise new resources that provide alternatives such as standing activity tables, push trolleys and baby swings or rockers for younger babies. Take a look at the full recommendations on the KidSafe website:

Congratulations to our Practice Principal Kenny Michalopoulos who has been appointed physiotherapist for the New Zealand Kiwis and their upcoming test tour against Australia and England.
We wish him well and best of luck.

Click here to support BRING BACK KIVARNI organised by Justine Allouche

Some sad news for the family of one of our receptionists, Maria. Any donation would be greatly appreciated... Kivarni Winter Stroh has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called Acute Necrotising Encephalopathy (ANE) and is fighting for her recovery at Sydney Children’s Hospital. After contracting Influenza at the end of September, her reaction was severe and she is being treated for inflam...

Raise for Reusy

Our lovely Physio Letitia and her husband Dave are having a pretty tough time at the moment. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way 💕 For those of you who know Dave "Reusy", you would know he is one of the most generous guys you will ever meet. He now needs us to return the generosity more than ever. Please read Dave's story below.

Balmain Sports Medicine

Fri - yay!!

Happily welcoming in the long weekend 😊

The clinic and studio will be closed on Monday and will re-open on Tuesday 2nd October

We wish you all a safe but fun-filled weekend ahead 🙌

Warning - please don't try any of these at home!

Friday 😳 who else thought this week was one balancing act?

Lucky for us it’s now the long weekend!

BSM will be closed on Monday 1/10 and reopen at 7am on Tuesday 2/10.

Keep strong!

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Follow @fun.ning & it’s safe to say that @suzannesvanevik has super human powers😳😳😳👍🏽💪🏽👏🏽
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A friendly reminder to focus on being you 🙏
Try not to compare yourself, everyone is different, with different impairments, goals and recovery timeframes.
#youbeyou #rehab #Sutherlandphysio #Sutherlandpilates #goals

Happy Friday 💃
#Sutherlandpilates #sutherlandclient #Strong

As the seaon draws to an end we'd like to wish our physiotherapists Kenny and Daniel and our sports doctor Dr Annett the best of luck this weekend as their respective teams play to make the Grand Final
Hoping they both advance and go head to head for the 2018 premiership!

Adrian showing us how it's done. Working hard for his post Pilates coffee this morning 🙌
#Sutherlandpilates #sutherlandclient #sutherlandphysio

Exercise + pregnancy 🙌

Considering its women's health week we'd like to share the benefits on exercise during pregnancy 🤰🏼

The Australian College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology recommend at least 30min of moderate intensity exercise on most days of the week. Among the recommended are swimming and brisk walking for aerobic exercise and weights based classes or Pilates for resistance exercise.

The health benefits include:
- Reduced pelvic and back pain
- Increased energy levels
- Faster recovery after labour
- Prevention and management of urinary continence

If you would like to find out more about pilates during pregnancy, contact us for more information or to book a Pilates assessment.

Wishing all the Dads out there a Happy Father's Day! We hope you had a day filled with fun and love 👌

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there especially our Dads on staff - James, Craig, Tim, Gavan, Trent, Wendel, Dave, Jeff, John, Bernard, Scott, Angus, Brian

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See also: superman, best friend.

Fancy pants Friday!!

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Starting the morning off the right way 🙏
Pam has been doing pilates with us for the last 12 years and she couldn't think of a better way to keep herself strong and active!

#pilateslovers #Sutherlandpilates #pilatesisforeveryone

Wow!! Your age shouldn't define you 👏

"The ‘Iron Nun’ Sister Madonna Buder is the oldest women to ever finish an Ironman triathlon aged 82 years, in a time of 16 hours 32 minutes!

🏊‍♂️ 2.4 mile swim
🚴‍♀️ 112 mile cycle
🏃‍♀️ 26.2 mile run

She didn’t start running until she was 48 years of age!"

Credit for the picture and text:
@Strength4_Life on Twitter.

A perfect way to keep warm this week 🙌

Book your 60min appointment with Donna on 95451933

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