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Bliss Feng Shui Consultancy is a professional feng shui for the mind and four pillars of destiny practice based on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. Marlih Jung the sole proprietor is a consultant and teacher who specialises in personal and business consultations, class courses and workshops throughout Australia

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What is your life's purpose?

It is only recently that I seriously asked myself this question.
“What is my life’s purpose?” As this is a very special time on earth’s evolution. I am sure we all have a role to play on the world stage.
As it says, “Ask and the Universe will provide”. The first answer came to me via a webinar about “finding your competitive edge” (analysing once bazi or four pillar chart) presented by Iverson Lee from the Joey Yap Academy of Chinese Metaphysics.
Illuminating is what best describes
Yin Fire types. .
Yin Fire people are great motivators. The downside is, sometimes, they are easily de-motivated, because they forget to light their own fire! I can relate to this lol.

Although I don’t claim to have all these qualities, yet I can definitely associate with some of them and make a conscious effort to implement them in my life.
Reminding myself of this, I realized how often someone said “thank you for sharing this information it really helped me to understand or thank you for your advice on this situation I could solve my problem or thank you for making me aware of this it really made a change in my life”. The funny thing is that most of the time I didn’t remember what it was that I said or did that may have helped the person, as these comments where often made days, month or even years later. I have now realized that it is not important for me to know as long as it was of help to the person.
Now that I am conscious of my purpose to shine the light so others can see clearer, I can just be myself and no longer have to search or pretend to be someone that I am not.
Hope you have found your life’s purpose and follow it. If not, ask.

Looking at my bazi chart I am a Yin Fire Day Master.


Everything starts in the mind. Our thoughts are constantly creating and if we are not in control of our thoughts, we are not in control of our life.
We can’t stop thinking, but we can change the way we think by consciously redirecting and choosing our thoughts.
Have you ever asked yourself ‘why do I keep doing this?’ or ‘why do I react like this?’
A person reacts to a situation according to his or her thoughts, which are mostly manipulated by hidden, pre-existing beliefs.
To experience a better, more positive outcome in the future you have to become more conscious of what you are thinking;
You cannot solve a problem with the same mind you created it. Albert Einstein
What has this got to do with Feng Shui? Our environment can support or block us from creating new thoughts and new experiences, hence our environment may need adjustment to stimulate and support our new way of thinking.
All my workshops are designed for students to understand how the internal and external energies work in synergy. It gives the student the opportunity to be a creator of their experiences rather than the victim.
No one else is responsible for your successes or failures in life, it is your responsibility to take charge, step up and claim your bliss!
The Bliss Balance is quick, easy and effective. It can be applied anytime and anywhere (except when driving!).

This balance is taught in a 2 hour workshop or you can book in for a 1 hour private session.

Be the creator of your own happiness, joy and success!
Next workshop
Tumbi Umbi
Thu. 1st Sept. 2022
7pm – 9pm
Investment $100 includes manual
Maximum 6 participants
Book now via email [email protected] to secure your seat.


For the Price of a COFFEE you can get valuable information to improve the energy in your home.


Have you achieved what you set out to achieve this year?

If not, then maybe it is time to consider a yearly forecast!

A forecast can highlight where favourable and unfavourable energies reside in your home, which is good to know when you are on a path of achievement. It can also show you where your yearly support and strengths are as well as opportunities that arise so you don’t miss any in the future.

Your environment plays an important role in your general well-being. Just as having good surroundings can contribute to healthy living, negative surroundings can drain your vital energy. In the study of Feng Shui, such places contains “Sha Qi” (negative energy) that could indirectly cause a myriad of problems including loss of motivation, constant fatigue and a general air of uncertainty.

The energy of the year also affects every building in a different way just as it affects every person differently - favourable or unfavourable. If you are aware of the favourable or unfavourable energies on a personal level and in your environment then you have an advantage - Forewarned is forearmed.

Sometimes, when life turns challenging or disrupts our stability, the universe is showing us a sign to change course, this process is called pivoting. Once pivoted, we achieve breakthroughs and continue our journey of higher rewards in all aspects of life.

How do we know if the problems we experience can be attributed to “Sha Qi? Many people go out of their way to avoid doing things they don’t like and learn to ‘cope’ but while operating in a state of ongoing uncertainty. They may not feel completely well or no longer feel inspired. This is because your life-force energy is being drained, and so it is important to balance out any negative areas in your environment for a smoother, happier run in life.

Your BaZi (Chinese Astrology) and yearly forecast can work as a roadmap and guide you towards what you can focus on in order to reach your goals. If you would like to see how a forecast can support your achievements, goals and wellbeing then please get in touch.

I would love to guide you through it so you know what to embrace and what to avoid in the near future! Please send me a message and I will get back to you.


Creativity is intelligence having fun
Albert Einstein


The beginning of a year is always a good time to orientate oneself and prepare for the new cycle as it affects everyone and every home in a different way.
“Forewarned is forearmed”, so why not make the most of it?
Some cycles take a longer period of time than others and can effect the whole world, including nature and all of humanity. Some cycles are relevant to the individual person, which are calculated from each date of birth. A home has its own cycle too, starting at the time the original building work was completed.
We may not be able to change these cycles, but we can certainly learn how to influence them.
On a personal level, the first step is to be aware of where in your personal cycle you currently are and what this cycle presents to you. A personal forecast can give more details of this cycle and indicate where there are opportunities waiting for you and to also help you more easily overcome obstacles that may lay ahead. You can treat these personal forecasts like a map written out just for you, for the year to come.
The energy in a home is shifting every year too. We find that favorable sectors (areas) in the home can also become unfavorable at different times and vice versa. When aware of current changes in the home one can choose to spend more time in a favorable sector to activate the opportunities and luck that is available. Unknowingly activating unfavorable sectors can sometimes lead to illness and/or misfortune.
I would love to show you how you can get the best out of your personal cycles and assist you in finding and understanding the most favorable sectors in your home.
For more information please contact Marlih at [email protected]

Photos from Bliss Feng Shui Consultancy's post 31/12/2021

Watching the sun rise into the year 2022


Energy cycles affect everyone and every home in a different way.

The end of a year is always a good time to prepare yourself for a new cycle of energy to enter your life.
Being forewarned is being forearmed, so why not take the opportunity to be forearmed?

Some energy cycles affect both the natural world and humanity as a whole.
Other energy cycles relate directly to you, calculated from the date of your birth.
Your home also has an energy cycle starting from when it was built.

On a personal level, the first step is to be aware of where you are in your energy cycle and what this natural cycle has in store for you. Although you can’t change this cycle, you can learn to influence it by knowing where you would like to be.
A personal forecast can make you aware of opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead, allowing you to enhance your opportunities and overcome any challenges with more ease.

Do you know which sectors of your home to activate?

Some energy cycles evolve slowly, others more rapidly.
The energy of a home shifts every year. Over time, favorable sectors can become unfavorable and vice versa.
It is always best to spend more time in a favorable sector than in an unfavorable one.
You can increase your fortune and opportunities by activating favorable sectors in your home. Activating an area of your home can be as simple as spending more time there.
Likewise, activating unfavorable sectors can lead to illness or misfortune.

Energy does not change in a moment - it takes time.
We are presently in Period 8 (a 20-year cycle) but moving towards Period 9 in 2024, which will last until 2043.
The energy of Period 9 started in 2017 and will be fully active by 2024. It is wise to look at what this period will bring and how you can take advantage of it as it gains momentum.

You are responsible for
• YOUR thoughts
• YOUR body
• YOUR space

For more information contact us [email protected]

We Shape Our Buildings - Thereafter They Shape Us 10/11/2021

We Shape Our Buildings - Thereafter They Shape Us

Space matters

What does it mean to create a healthy space.

It basically means to clear and revitalizing stagnant energies in buildings. A space does not just collect dirt and dust, it collects energy and thoughts from people using the space positive and negative.

All traditional cultures have a form of space clearing.

Space clearing can be performed by everyone. It can be done with your regular house cleaning or as a spring clean, add some visualisation while cleaning then burning candles if you like scented ones, play some calming music to finish the clearing.

If you are not confident in doing it yourself, have your space cleared and balanced by a professional. In this case at least once a year would be recommendable.

Living in a clean/clear space with vibrant energy it can support the occupants to be healthier, happier, more successful and more creative.

# visualization

We Shape Our Buildings - Thereafter They Shape Us Professional home, business or personal feng shui help and advice - provided by renowned feng shui consultant and teacher Marlih Jung - who comes to you


YOUR life YOUR choice

If you want freedom you have to make decisions. To make the right decision, you need to have choices and opportunities. Opportunities need to be recognized and seized!

Your choices create your life, favourable or unfavourable. So don’t let someone else make a decision for you, take responsibility and make your own choices.

If you let someone choose the flavour of your gelato, you may end up with a flavour you don’t enjoy.

The same applies for any life situation.

YOUR life YOUR choice


Moving toward 2022 a #6 year
With 2021 being a number 5 year, coming to an end, so does the energy of instability which is predominantly represented by this number.
Change was the key for this 5 year, but not what most of us had expected or wished for.
It certainly has pushed everyone to their limits in dealing with the challenges of fear, boundaries, freedom and responsibility.
It has been a volatile year in every aspect.
Moving into the year 2022, which is a number 6 year, requires adjustments.
A new pace to acclimatise into a new reality, to find ourselves more grounded, with a new sense of purpose and equilibrium.
We will all have our role to play in this transformation.
It is important for everyone to build solid relationships again, to create a better life for ourselves and the world.
On this note, I strongly believe that 2022 will be a better year if everyone is willing to do 'their work' with trust, love and respect.
" What is the work that you are prepared to do?"
If you are not sure, a yearly astrology forecast or a Feng Shui for space and mind may give you more clarity in planning the year and become aware of your opportunities.
#2021 #2022 shui


This goes for everything we do.

Photos from Bliss Feng Shui Consultancy's post 06/09/2021

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from nature and usually a place where not too many people go, and this morning I needed some inspiration to lift myself out of thoughts that I was getting stuck in.

On this walk it came clear to me that "Yes 'we are all in this together’" although maybe not necessarily in the way the politicians voice it! It is my belief that we all chose to come into this world at this time to experience this exact experience - together.

I believe there is a purpose for everything in my own life and assume that there is something for me to do while I am here and therefore, I was Inspired to share. I have often mentioned in the past how I use the Ho’opono’pono technique for various matters and challenges, but I also realise that this current global situation we find ourselves is a personal concern for all of us, on different levels.

There is an understanding that we are all actually contributing to this situation in some shape or form and in my realisation today it became clear that every individual has to take some responsibility to do a clearing on themselves, for the greater good.

I call on everyone that has ever used the Ho’opono’pono to apply this technique on this global issue we are all in, and say it every day as often as you can. The more people who are happy to do this, the quicker we can find peace and balance.

If you need a reminder of the Ho’opono’pono wording contact me on messenger.

If we are all in this together - we can get out of this, together.


’opono’pono #


Have you ever stood under a tree, looked up, and wondered how many storms it has survived?

Surviving storms, takes a strong root system, that is deep and wide, and some flexibility of its trunk and branches.

When the wind pushes the tree from one side to the other, it's flexibility keeps it moving with the storm, not against it, and when the wind stops, it comes back to its centre.

In a forest each tree is protected by the trees around it, but a free standing tree is totally dependent on itself.

When we compare a tree to a person, the root system represents a person’s beliefs and values. It also represents a person’s heritage.
The flexible branches represent the upbringing, experience and how the character of a person develops.
Just like the trunk finds it's centre after every storm, so does a person with sound character.

Having a close family and circle of friends offers protection.
However, if this protection falls away, one is exposed, and it take's strong beliefs, values and character to face and overcome a challenge.

Stay flexible, keep drawing on your beliefs and values, remember who you are and centre yourself after every challenge.

Photos from Bliss Feng Shui Consultancy's post 31/08/2021

The best way to start a new season, especially Spring is with a spring clean.
Not only in your home, also in the mind. There are many ways to do this, choose a method that suits you.


Never in our lives have relationships been more under threat than they are now.
This is why it is extremely important to make sure that we have a good relationship with ourselves, with spouses, family, friends and neighbors. Relationships need love, nurturing, communication, respect and support. All this is presently under attack.
It is essential for each person to make sure their relationships are nurtured in the best possible way.

Find the relationship sector in your home and/or bedroom, create a space in this area that inspires love and peace for yourself and towards others. While in this area visualize and feel hugging someone. Being deprived of physical touch can lower the immune system, cause depression and create other illnesses.

Furthermore, find the NW sector in your home and use this area when communicating with others, in person or over the phone, until the end of this year, this can provide you with extra courage and support.


#8 Feng Shui tip for lockdown

If you are fortunate enough to be able to go for walks in nature or not, there is one exercise I recommend to everyone.

I am sure there is one place that you call your special place, it could be anywhere in nature, one that makes you feel calm, happy and safe - think of where that would be.

Use your imagination to create this special place in your mind knowing you can visit anytime you want.

When you wake up in the morning visualize yourself in this space for about 15 minutes. Relax and daydream and absorb the nurturing energy you are visualizing. Then when you are ready you can get up and go about your day.

In the evening when you go to bed and before you sleep, visualize yourself there again, relax while feeling gratitude for all that has happened during the day. This will also help you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

“Everything you can imagine is real” - Pablo Picasso


Your immune system will love you for it.


#7 Feng Shui tip for BODY, MIND & SOUL
Most people think that Feng Shui is mainly associated with the space in our homes and offices. Although the space we live in can make a big difference in our lives, but a space is just a space it only comes to life when it is occupied by living beings.
Our Body, Mind & Soul is the activator of this space, hence it is important that these activators are kept clean, grounded and energized.
Here are some tips to keep this incredible vessel of energy perform most efficiently.
Be creative, be happy and have fun with the process. or send a PM




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