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Barlow Holistic Wellness Barlow Holistic Wellness strives for delivering the best holistic care to our patients.

We specialize in applying the combination of Western and Eastern therapeutic modalities to treat various health conditions.

Happy Black Friday!Barlow Holistic Wellness: Referral PromotionsGet $10 off on your next visit for both person!Applicabl...

Happy Black Friday!

Barlow Holistic Wellness: Referral Promotions
Get $10 off on your next visit for both person!

Applicable for our services in Massage therapy, Certified Esthetics.

Hope to see you in the busy holiday!


Burdock root, 牛蒡茶, Niu Bang, is one of the more well known traditional herbs and can even be found at your local supermarket. In Chinese medicine, burdock root is beloved for its profound effects on the body.

Burdock is also called "da li gen" which translates to "big power root'' in Chinese. The ancient story is that it was discovered by a farmer when his ox plowed more quickly after eating wild grass growing at the roadside. The farmer then pulled up the plant and found a huge root below, tasted it and felt refreshed. He collected some of the root and cooked it with turnip as vegetable soup for his family. After a week, the farmer's mother found that her sight had greatly improved, while his previously pale little son had healthy rosy cheeks.

In Chinese medicine, this root is used to unblock energy channels and dispel various pathogenic energies. It is considered cold in essence, so it is able to remove heat and naturally detoxify the body of heat-related conditions and swelling. It is known to treat constipation, sore throat, mumps, tonsillitis and coughing when caused by pathogenic heat.

Burdock root reinforces the Kidney system, purifies Blood, cools internal Heat and strengthens the lymphatic system.

Modern research notes that this root offers anti-aging benefits, reduces high blood sugar, fat and pressure and can restrict cancer cell growth. It helps skin problems including psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis and gout. Furthermore, burdock root can reduce inflammation, swelling, pain and Liver damage.

One 2008 study found that topical treatment with a natural burdock extract significantly improved the metabolism of the dermal extracellular matrix and led to a visible wrinkle reduction PMID: 19146605.

It helps aid digestion by removing food retention, helps gastrointestinal conditions and digestion due to its high inulin and mucilage and bitter components, promotes bowel movements, helps defecation, reduces the accumulation of toxins and waste in the body.

📍Shop my wildcrafted Burdock Extract:

Holiday Seasons are coming up!Book in with your professionals soon to get yourself ready for the holidays spent with fam...

Holiday Seasons are coming up!

Book in with your professionals soon to get yourself ready for the holidays spent with family, friends, love ones and furry pets with healthy cheers!

Barlow Holistic Wellness promos in our next post for acupuncture treatment, massage therapy and certified esthetic services.


Many Western women like to eat chocolate for comfort during their period, but Japanese women like to eat black sugar, while Chinese women go one step further to take warm brown sugar drinks which are enhanced with other nursing ingredients such as ginger, jujube, or goji berries. That's why Chinese brown sugar got named "oriental chocolate" [1].

Chinese brown sugar has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and alongside Asian cultures. It is made up almost entirely of sugar cane which has a long list of benefits and is not the same as the brown sugar seen in Western supermarkets. After being pressed to remove any bacteria and impurities, it is evaporated over fire to transform to thick brown sugar. The longer it's cooked, the darker the color. There is no chemical method used to extract it so by its nature, it contains iron, calcium, vitamin A and its original minerals like magnesium because it's unrefined. Black sugar is an alternative name.

According to Chinese medicine, it has amazing benefits:
〰️Tonifies (strengthens) the middle Jiao which is the core of digestion— the Stomach, Liver and Spleen, the areas where food is converted to energy and Blood.
〰️Warms the Stomach, expels coldness, dampness to stop pain— very beneficial to those with painful periods, diarrhea and cold extremities.
〰️Nourishes Blood, removes wind and cold, and activates Blood to remove stagnation.
〰️Soothes the Liver and brightens eyes— the Liver governs high eye health and detoxification.
〰️Benefits the intestines to promote good bowel movements
〰️Great for postpartum— drink for 7-10 days after childbirth to increase energy and strengthen the body, increase Blood and lactation, and heal the uterus.
〰️During the period it helps the uterus expel more toxins and reduce pain in the abdomen

You can consume it in your Ginger Power tea or just in warm water or tea. Just like everything, consume moderately, because it's so warming to the body. I love to put it in my red bean soup that I have a reel making.

You can purchase Chinese brown sugar at Asian food markets or online, it’s normally sold in 1-pound bricks that separate into wafers.

Barlow Holistic Wellness: Treatments & ServicesAcupuncture: Acupuncture needles, electro-acupuncture, fire cupping, auri...

Barlow Holistic Wellness: Treatments & Services

Acupuncture: Acupuncture needles, electro-acupuncture, fire cupping, auricular therapy, gua sha, and herbal remedies.

Massage Therapy: Traditional thai yoga massage, Chinese tui na, Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, hot stone, couples massage,
foot reflexology and scalp massage.

Clinical Esthetics Services: Microdermabrasion, micro-needling, dermaplaning, chemical peels, regular facials, anti-aging facial, acnew facial treatment, microdermabrasion facial, gua sha facial, as well as sugaring, eyelash extension classic.

Certified Esthetics Services: Spa manicure & pedicures, facials, waxing and tinting eyebrows and lashes.

Our practitioners are always welcoming new and returning patients and clients.

Consult with your licensed professionals today at Barlow NE area!
Office: (403)-452-3828
Text: (587)-402-8299
Online booking:
Walk-Ins and By Appointments are welcome.


Black sesame seeds are full of calcium, iron, magnesium, healthy fats, protein, B vitamins, minerals, fiber, and several essential antioxidants.

⚫️ In Chinese medicine, black sesame seeds, 黑芝麻 hei zhi ma, are used regularly and beloved for their properties and their actions in supporting the body.

“Taking black sesame seeds can heal all chronic illnesses after 100 days, improve skin tone on body and face after 1 year, reverse gray hair after 2 years, and regrow teeth after 3 years.” — from the Compendium of Materia Medica, the largest and most comprehensive medical writings in the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

⚫️ In TCM, the color of food provides an important clue to some of its properties. Black foods nourish the Kidneys— supporting the reproductive systems, strengthening bones, increasing libido, and favoring longevity.

What makes these little seeds amazing?
〰️Strengthen the Kidney and Liver meridians— helping our complexion, hair and nails
〰️Tonify Yin, which is essential for aging healthfully for our skin, for our joints and for our reproductive organs
〰️Tonify Jing which is our life essence stored in the Kidneys
〰️Tonify Blood which is essential to a healthy life
〰️Help build our Shen which is our Spirit and mind

Chlorella in the books of, Healing with Whole Foods Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition By Paul Pitchford: Chlorella, ...

Chlorella in the books of, Healing with Whole Foods Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition By Paul Pitchford:

Chlorella, is known as another form of algae food that's high in nutritional value like spirulina, but with twice the nucleic acid and chlorophyll. It's also considered the least cooling, very tonifying, gentle with cleansing the body and the safest use for deficiencies of the body.

The important factors are binding with heavy metals, pesticides and other carcinogens like PCBs (polychlorobiphenyls) and carries these toxins out of the bodily system.

Chlorella contains a great quantity of fatty acids than either spirulina or wild blue-green. It's about 20% of the fatty acids being artery-cleansing, omega-3 and alpha-linolenic varieties; leading to a few reasons chlorella can be effective in reducing cholesterol and a prevention of atherosclerosis.

These information are by no means to promote the intake of Chlorella, but to share important facts of the foods related to use of modern nutrition and asian traditions together.

There is beauty all around. - Barlow Holistic WellnessOur Clinical Esthetician, Shimin has joined our team at Barlow Hol...

There is beauty all around. - Barlow Holistic Wellness

Our Clinical Esthetician, Shimin has joined our team at Barlow Holistic Wellness, all your skin needs and care can be accompanied here!

Her prices and services are listed on her instagram
Hope you all visit her soon!


New Location of my business.


It’s that time of the year when only a facial doesn’t feel enough!
Harsh, Cold weather outside make us achy, fatigued & sluggish and heated indoor environments make our skin dry, dehydrated and dull causing premature aging.
Therefore we need a COMPLETE WINTER PACKAGE that not only addresses our Skin, but also the fatigue and aches we feel…
This package includes a detailed facial addressing your winter skin issues giving you a smooth, glowing, super hydrated skin! The facial will be customized to your skin type. All products we use are Professional grade Canadian products.

You can add eye brow shaping and upper lip hair removal if you want.

It includes neck-shoulder-décolleté-arm massage with warm oil & Aromatherapy!

Thats not the end! The session ends with a warm, moisturzing, relaxing PARAFFIN treatment to ensure the ultimate relaxation.
You will leave feeling relaxed & happy with glowing hydrated skin.

Duration: 1 hr 15 mins
Price: $100
Barlow Holistic Wellness
4220 23 St NE Unit- 11
Hours: 1-6 pm
Sundays closed


We have spoken many times about the importance of our Liver, and that a healthy Liver equates to a healthy life. Did you know that through our eyes, and specifically our tears, we can promote deep healing on a mental and physical level both for the Liver and our entire being?

Our eyes are the sense organ related to our Liver and tears are the fluid associated to the Liver. Tears are one of the ways our body detoxes, just like sweat, saliva, and mucus. Both the Heart and Kidneys influence the eyes, as well. That is why emotions also affect these two organ systems greatly as well.

In TCM we speak very often about the importance that our emotional health plays in our physical health, in fact, we say that often, emotions, especially repressed ones, can be the leading cause of physical disease.

When we have an emotional release and shed tears, our body, mind, and spirit feel cleansed. Even though what you may be crying about is painful, there is usually clarity and freedom experienced after we feel the emotions and cry. Crying showcases that the body digested feelings and is releasing after processing. This helps the body move through emotions to eliminate stagnation. Stagnation is one of the leading causes of pain— when Qi and Blood aren't flowing freely, pain ensues.

Tears can be associated with much more than sadness. Tears can express feelings of joy, fear, anxiety, grief, excitement and more. Even more interesting, tears of joy and tears of sorrow are physiologically and chemically different from each other.

Practices like acupressure, acupuncture, Qigong, meditation, proper rest, awareness, journaling, trauma therapy all help with emotional expression and moving the flow of Blood and Qi.

How can we help with herbs?
📍Liver Recharge helps the smooth flow of our emotions, Blood, and energy. Because our Liver is the most congested organ in the modern day, and also has such a job of regulating this flow, supporting the Liver is imperative. This herbal formula is available on my website.
📍Kidney Recharge can help those who have repressed emotions over the years alongside Liver Recharge.


The Kidneys are responsible for holding the vitality of the body and controlling water. They are associated with brain function, the lower back, hearing issues, reproduction, aging, and feelings of will power. The adrenals are part of the Kidney system. Therefore, when the Kidney system is healthy, so are the adrenals.

Both the Kidneys (Yin) and Adrenal glands (Yang) are part of the body’s stress response system, including the fight-or-flight reaction. To view this in the simplest of ways, Kidney Yin is calming and connects to the parasympathetic nervous system. Kidney Yang is active and connected to the sympathetic (reactive) nervous system.

When one experiences chronic stress, or unending stress, the adrenals become unable to meet the body's demand. Hormonal imbalance occurs and the adrenals are exhausted. Simultaneously, the Kidney system becomes compromised since there is no longer enough aldosterone to help maintain proper water-sodium balance in the body. In TCM’s perspective, this is the point where the Kidneys become depleted of vital Qi.

When we think of stress we tend to think of financial, work, and daily life stressors. What also stresses the body and especially the Kidney system are lifestyle habits— lack of proper relaxation, sleep imbalances, overexertion, substance abuse, improper work and life balance, poor diet, too much caffeine, and living in a fearful state regarding the future.

How can we help?

〰️Acupuncture, Qigong, meditation all work to relieve stress and create proper Blood and Qi flow.
〰️Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall well being.
〰️Magnesium encourages relaxation abilities, reducing stress and anxiety.
〰️Lifestyle habits like proper rest, natural stress relief, proper diet, decreased caffeine intake, no caffeine on an empty Stomach.

📍Kidney Recharge is a traditional formula to boost Kidney vitality and to help balance the adrenals.
📍Adaptogens to help include Schisandra, Rhodiola Root, and Astragalus.
📍For those dealing with lots of stress and emotional imbalance use Liver Recharge.

Traditional Thai Yoga MassageDala L., RMTDala came from Laos. This background deeply enriched her genuine Traditional Th...

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Dala L., RMT
Dala came from Laos. This background deeply enriched her genuine Traditional Thai Massage techniques. Thai Massage is considered being very effective in reconnecting the energy of the body, mind, and spirit. Dala is an expert in Traditional Thai massage. She performs this treatment on a comfortable floor mat, progresses through various poses, stretching and strokes, helping the client slowly release muscle tension and increase range of motion. Dala's expertise also includes her phenomenal deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, hot stone, scalp and foot massages.

- Barlow Holistic Wellness


The more you know… 💫💫💫💫

"Your skin, beauty and facial care." - Barlow Holistic Wellness. We are welcoming our Clinical Esthetician, Shimin to Ba...

"Your skin, beauty and facial care." - Barlow Holistic Wellness.

We are welcoming our Clinical Esthetician, Shimin to Barlow Holistic Wellness soon, please contact us for bookings with Shimin - all services are indicated on

~ Updates coming soon ~

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage at Barlow Holistic WellnessWith our Registered Massage Therapist, Dala.Thai massage is con...

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage at Barlow Holistic Wellness

With our Registered Massage Therapist, Dala.

Thai massage is considered being very effective in reconnecting body and mind to the 10 energy lines known as sen. This therapy is performed on a floor mat specific for thai massage which is safe for processing stretches, stroke and pose bodywork that release extensive muscle tension in deep layers of tissues.

Best for clients that do not have osteoporosis, recent bone surgery/injury to the bone.

Quote of the Day: "Believe in yourself and in your health" - Barlow Holistic WellnessVisit  #11, 4220 23 St NE, for trea...

Quote of the Day: "Believe in yourself and in your health" - Barlow Holistic Wellness

Visit #11, 4220 23 St NE, for treatment and services near Barlow NE Calgary, we work with both acupuncture, massage and certified esthetics professionals.

See you there!

Properties of Vegetal Foods: RiceFacts of the Day!Rice, the healing properties include a sweet gentle flavour that stren...

Properties of Vegetal Foods: Rice

Facts of the Day!

Rice, the healing properties include a sweet gentle flavour that strengthens the spleen-pancreas, soothes the stomach and expels toxins, increases qi energy and is hypoallergenic.

Rice is also one of the grains that can draw out dampness from the body.

Whole brown rice is concentrated in B vitamins and therefore beneficial for the nervous system and helps to relieve depression, diarrhea, nausea, diabetes and thirst.

Sprouted rice is a common herb in Chinese medicine, it's neutral in temperature and sweet in flavour, used for weak digestion and poor appetite from spleen-pancreas deficiency, resolves food stagnations composed of undigested starches. Be careful that over cooked sprouted rice will lose their therapeutic properties and best to use it fresh for food stagnations or keep it lightly toast powder and mix with hot water.

Also helping to reduce lactation and is useful for nursing mothers who have painful, swollen breasts or who are weaning their infants.

Caution: Sweet rice can worsen diseases marked by phlegm and mucus in additional it should be avoided by those with deficient digestive fire (watery stools, mucus in stools, and signs of coldness).

Ref. Healing with Whole Foods - Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition Book.


Ancient textbooks say it is the best way to extend a person's life and can also cleanse the kidneys which adds vital life force back into an ill individual.

How amazing is that?

Natural Medicine consultation:

Barlow Holistic Wellness: New Clinic HoursMonday-Saturday: 10:00am-7:00pmSunday: 11:00am-5:00pmBy Appointments &  Walk-i...

Barlow Holistic Wellness: New Clinic Hours
Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-7:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am-5:00pm

By Appointments & Walk-ins are Welcome!
Office: (403)-452-3828
Text: (587)-402-8299

Quote of the day!"Get time for yourself immerse yourself in healing..." - Barlow Holistic Wellness With falls arrival an...

Quote of the day!

"Get time for yourself
immerse yourself in healing..." - Barlow Holistic Wellness

With falls arrival and the changes to climate weather,

It's a good time to warm yourself up, take preventative treatments to combat colds and flus or seasonal allergies!

Get your treatments and services booked in and transition yourself ready for the colder months to come.


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