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Suffering from Knee Pain?
Jumper's knee is a chronic reaction to overuse or an injury to the patellar tendon, which joins the bottom of the kneecap or patella to the shin bone. If you suffer from patellar tendinopathy, you will feel pain in the front of your knee on the lower pole of the patella.

Physiotherapy can help you treat your knee pain! Our therapists will create an individualized treatment plan for you consisting of modalities, manual techniques and therapeutic exercises to control pain, reduce inflammation and increase strength, flexibility and muscle endurance.

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Rehab Science

𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐃𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬
📚Pain is a complex multidimensional experience that involves physical, cognitive and emotional factors. The degree to which each of these contribute to a person’s unique pain scenario can vary greatly and is something the intervening practitioner must recognize in order to optimize treatment success.

🔎Some people may experience musculoskeletal pain that is heavily driven by messaging from their tissues (sensory input or nociception), while others may experience pain that is modulated heavily by cognitions/beliefs or their emotions.

🧠It is important that we remember each person's pain is real and unique and that we take the time to listen to their story. Many times the drivers of the individual’s pain come out in their story rather than a bunch of complicated orthopedic tests. I can't tell you how many times I have been working with a patient and on their third or fourth visit they say something like, 'I just remembered my pain began about the time my kids left for college' or 'when I lost my job'. If we are too focused on muscles, fascia or whatever other tissue, we often miss what is happening to the whole person.

✅Health should always be examined through a biopsychosocial lens. Let's not forget this.


Happy Birthday Canada And a Wonderful Canada day to you and the people closet to you as well - wishes from Centre Street Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic Team.


Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association & Recreation Centre

One of our TGCA business members, Centre Street Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic, is offering its full range of service again! That's physio, massage and acupuncture.
and do a little self care while you're at it! We all deserve a bit of TLC right now. 💆‍♂️🤸‍♀️
See the TGCA business status directory here: https://tgcacalgary.com/thorncliffe-greenview-business-status-directory/
Check out their website here: https://www.centrestphysio.ca/index.php


Suffering from Ligaments injuries?

Ligaments are short bands of tough, flexible tissue, made up of lots of individual fibers, which connect the bones of the body together. Ligaments can be found connecting most of the bones in the body. The function of a ligament is to provide a passive limit to amount of movement between your bones.

Signs and symptoms of Ligament injuries:

With lower extremity injuries, trouble walking, change in gait eg: limps.
Joint feels unstable


Primary intervention involves protect, rest, ice, compress, and elevate the joint. After initial intervention, grading of the injury needs to be determined before physiotherapy action plan is instituted. In general, modalities for treatment include:

Crutch support with greater weight bearing activities.
Moving your joint through range of motion.
Bracing and splinting.
Strengthening ancillary muscles around the joint.
Goal directed therapy for specific ligament injuries.

If you are suffering from this condition, avoid waiting too long before you seek treatment. Contact us today-403-274-1111 to book an appointment with one of our trusted physiotherapist.


What is Patella Dislocation?

In a normal knee, your patella is positioned within a groove at the bottom of the femur (thigh bone).

Patella dislocation refers to when the kneecap is completely displaced out of its normal alignment. The most common direction for a patella to dislocate is outwardly (laterally). When this happens, the muscles and ligaments on the inside of the knee become overstretched and damaged.


Patients with a dislocated patella will report that “my kneecap slipped out of place”. It may self-relocate, otherwise, a health professional may need to relocate your patella.
Visible translation of the kneecap (often to the outside of the knee).
Pain, particularly with weight-bearing activities and active straightening of the knee.
Swelling and a wobbly kneecap.
Tenderness around your kneecap.
Feeling of instability or giving way during weight bearing.

Your physiotherapy treatment will aim to:

Reduce pain and inflammation.
Protect the patella via taping or a patella alignment brace.
Normalize joint range of motion.
Strengthen your knee: esp quadriceps (esp VMO).
Strengthen your lower limb: calves, hip and pelvis muscles.
Improve patellofemoral (knee cap) alignment.
Normalize your muscle and retinaculum lengths.
If you are suffering from this condition, avoid waiting too long before you seek treatment. Contact us today-403-274-1111 to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapist.
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Centre Street Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic

What is Myofascial Release?
Myofascial release treats soft tissues with pain and movement limitations. It is a generic term used in manual therapy. Our body is composed of several structures including the joints, the capsule, the ligaments, the muscles, the fasciae, the nerves and the skin. When we move a part of our body, these different elements work together to allow movement. It is essential to have a good relationship between these structures in order to achieve complete mobility.

Myofascial release is a recommended technique for various musculo- skeletal problems.
Different disorders such as tendinitis, bursitis, etc. can be treated by myofascial techniques in combination with other modalities.
Important scars and adhesion on the skin can also benefit from this type of approach.
Let us help - Call us today at 403-274-1111 or visit us at https://www.centrestphysio.ca/ to book your appointment.



Experiencing Vertigo?
A person with vertigo feels a sense of spinning dizziness. Vertigo is a symptom of a range of conditions. It can happen when there is a problem with the inner ear, brain, or sensory nerve pathway. The most common is from a disturbance of the vestibular system, the part of the inner ear and brain that controls balance and maintains eye focus during movement. Dizziness, including vertigo, can happen at any age, but it is common in people aged 65 years or over. Vertigo can be temporary or long-term. It can occur during pregnancy or as a symptom of an ear infection.

Physiotherapy can help treat vertigo!
Our physiotherapists specifically trained to assess and treat vestibular problems are highly skilled at treating vertigo caused by vestibular problems. Research demonstrates vestibular rehabilitation improves balance, decreases dizziness/vertigo symptoms and increases general activity levels. Our physiotherapists will provide treatment including balance retraining exercises, specific exercises for the vestibular system, special repositioning maneuver for vertigo caused by the crystals in the inner ear becoming stuck, monitor progress and continually challenge the vestibular, visual and balance systems and home program of individualized vestibular exercises. In most cases, improvement or complete resolution of symptoms can be achieved within 6-8 weeks.

Call us now at 403-274-1111 or visit online to book your appointment at http://www.centrestphysio.ca/.


If you suspect bursitis, be sure to consult your physiotherapist. ... Untreated bursitis can result in calcification (bone growing) within the bursa and even nastier pain and disability. Your physiotherapist may use electro therapy modalities to hasten your healing rate and reduce your bursitis inflammation.


Bursitis can be caused by trauma, inflammation from overuse or directly related to a disease process such as rheumatoid arthritis, and less commonly infection.


Physiotherapy treatment is very important in the treatment of bursitis. Modalities such as ice, ultrasound, inferential current and acupuncture can help reduce pain and inflammation. Bio-mechanics of the affected limb are evaluated to identify contributing influences such as postural problems and habits, muscle tightness, muscle weakness and footwear problems. Patient involvement is required as stretching, strengthening and movement retraining exercises are almost always prescribed to improve the function about the joint that has the painful bursitis. Sometimes, a change in shoe or additional arch support such as an orthotic may be required in the case of heel bursitis.

If you are suffering from this condition, avoid waiting too long before you seek treatment. Contact us today-403-274-1111 to book an appointment with one of our trusted
Street physiotherapy


Expecting a baby? Thinking about Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage has tremendous benefits, such as, hormone regulation, reduction of swelling, improvement of nerve pain, reduced back and joint pain, improved circulation, less headaches, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep and much more.
Exciting news! We now have a specialized Pregnancy cushion for Prenatal massage! There are numerous Prenatal massage benefits, book in with one of our Registerd Massage therapist today!

Don't wait call us today at 403-274-1111 or visit online to book your appointment at http://www.centrestphysio.ca/. therapy # RMT #CentreStreet


Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes numbness, tingling and other symptoms in the hand because of pressure on a nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel.

There is no one common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. It appears that most the cases start for no clear reason. Carpal tunnel syndrome appears to commonly involve women between the ages of 40 and 60 and often affects both wrists to some degree.

Common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include:
Tingling or numbness in the affected fingers
Weakness in the muscles you use to pinch an object resulting in a tendency to drop things
Occasional discomfort or numbness traveling up from your wrist into the front of your forearm

Our physiotherapists can help you recover and provide education and resources to prevent future problems.

Call us today at 403-274-1111 or visit online to book your appointment at http://www.centrestphysio.ca/.

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Centre Street Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic

Hello Calgary !!!
We are doing something Great to promote our clinic! We are offering 15 minutes free screening / consultation for all of our services. Yes it's FREE !!!😊😊😊

We can help !!! Back pain and Sciatica, TMJ pain, Concussion, MVA, Dizziness, Neck and Shoulder pain and Many more...

Centre Street Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic is fully equipped with the latest physiotherapy equipment and modalities. Call us at 403-274-1111 or visit us at www.centrestphysio.ca to book on appointment...

centrestphysio.ca We care about you and your health and will do everything we can to ensure your treatment and recovery is successful.

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Centre Street Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic

“Free Meet and Greet with our Therapists “. Our team of experienced therapists have more than 50 years of combined experience, and we focus on providing an excellent standard of care that helps to find the root cause and help you to alleviate your pain and assist you to resume your pre-injury functional level. If you have a Concussion, Motor Vehicle Accident, sports injury, Back and neck pain, dizziness, TMJ pain or even just have some questions, our experienced physiotherapists are here to help you. Centre Street Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic is fully equipped with the latest physiotherapy equipment and modalities. Call us at 403-274-1111 or visit us at www.centrestphysio.ca to book on appointment.

centrestphysio.ca We care about you and your health and will do everything we can to ensure your treatment and recovery is successful.

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Centre Street Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic on Google

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Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears.

What are the potential benefits of reflexology?

Reflexology is linked to many potential benefits, but only a few of them have been evaluated in scientific studies.

So far, there’s limited evidence that reflexology may help to:
-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Reduce pain
-Lift mood
-Improve general well-being

In addition, people have reported that reflexology helped them:
-Boost their immune system
-Get over colds and bacterial infections
-Clear up sinus issues
-Recover from back problems
-Correct hormonal imbalances
-Improve digestion
-Ease arthritis pain
-Treat nerve problems and numbness from cancer drugs (peripheral neuropathy)

Call now to book with our Professional Registered Massage therapist today at 403-274-1111 or visit us at http://www.centrestphysio.ca/

healthline.com 01/23/2020

SI Joint Pain: Causes, Treatment, and More

Symptoms of SI joint pain:

Each person experiences symptoms of SI joint disorders somewhat differently. Common symptoms include:

- pain in the lower back
- pain in the buttocks, hips, and pelvis
- pain in the groin
- pain limited to just one of the SI joints
- increased pain when standing up from a sitting position
- stiffness or a burning sensation in the pelvis
- numbness
- weakness
- pain radiating down into the thighs and upper legs
- feeling like your legs may buckle and not support your body

Physical therapy, low-impact exercise like yoga, and massage can help stabilize and strengthen the SI joints and ease pain.

healthline.com If you have chronic lower back pain, your sacroiliac (SI) joint may be to blame. Here’s what you need to know.


Is this happening to you? Book today with our Qualified Physiotherapists, and get on track to having your posture corrected today! 403-274-1111

Postural dysfunction, also known as “poor posture”, occurs when we position our spine in unnatural positions such as rounding our shoulders and protruding the head. This can place great stress on the vertebrae as well as the joints and muscles in the surrounding area. It’s important to correct our posture before too much pressure accumulates leading to the onset of more pain.

Essentially our body is designed for movement. It’s not meant to stay stagnant for long but today, more and more people are adapting stationary lifestyles and habits (i.e. sitting at work for long hours, watching television, or using the computer).


FREE Neck and Shoulder Pain Workshop

Is this you?

Do you carry lots of tension and tightness in your shoulders and neck?

Does it sound like “Snap, Crackle and Pop” live inside your neck when you move your head and neck around?

Do your shoulders shrug up around your ears until your neck about disappears?

Do you sit at a computer for too long until your poster is horrendous?

Do your shoulders round forward, your chin jut forward and the back of your neck crunches and hurts?

You are not alone! The biggest problem so many of us have in our stress -filled and busy, busy, busy world.

Neck and Shoulder pain typically doesn’t start from a single injury. Instead, the problem usually develops over time from the stress and strain of daily activities.

In this hour workshop, you will learn,

- What parts make up the Shoulder and Neck
- What causes Neck and Shoulder pain
- How to decrease your pain and increase your mobility

When and Where

22 FEB 2020, Saturday from 3-4 pm.
Centre Street Physiotherapy and Wellness clinic located at #2, 6219 Centre St NW, Calgary, Alberta – T2K 0V2.

How Do I Register for the Workshop?
Register by calling us at 403-274-1111, email us at [email protected] or online by clicking this link https://www.centrestphysio.ca/contactus.php
We have only limited seats available for the event, so if you would like to attend, be sure to register now…

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