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Am exploring an add-on to how I use the Body Code to help rebalance any imbalances that keep people in the unhealthy zone! Look for future announcements!
I think I need to go a little deeper and hone my skills! What do you think?
I gave a talk today on the Holy Four that’s made up of fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices and wild food. This dish has at least one of each of the Holy Four!
Someone brought veggie samosas to a potluck today. I love samosas but am not enamoured with the crust so decided to try my hand at naked samosas for supper. Used mashed potatoes and all the normal seasonings and veggies for veggie samosas and cooked them in my air fryer. Nice and crispy on the outside and spicy on the inside! Don’t ask me for the recipe as I did some tweaking according to what spices I had in my cupboard.
This still remains my morning ‘coffee’ -virtually the same price, maybe cheaper, than a fancy coffee.

Celery juice has the ability to break through vicious cycles - addictions of every kind. When a person has a desire to heal that is so strong, the choice to drink celery juice everyday brings great rewards.

There isn’t a symptom, condition, illness, disorder or disease that won’t benefit from this amazing herb!

16 - 32 oz. every morning, on it’s own, is my #1 health-go-to. What’s yours?
As we move into the stage of ‘living with viruses’ (not that we haven’t been since we were born), remember that
Ever felt low, maybe a little sick, not quite yourself? First thing we usually think of is that we are coming down with something. Maybe we are and maybe we aren’t.

Our bodies are way more than just the physical matter that we look at in the mirror every day. We have the non-physical electro-magnetic systems that flow in and around us that help keep the physical in balance that can be impacted by the external environment and our thoughts and emotions.

One of the electro-magnetic systems impacted by any of the above is our aura - that protective bubble that generally sits arms length away from your skin.

When it develops tears or is distorted in any way, we definitely will feel it as ‘not feeling up to par’ and yet won’t be able to pinpoint where that feeling is coming from.

Or it might be that a chakra is out of balance.

Or it might be any part of the meridian system.

This is when a Body Code session comes in handy. Within a session, whatever is causing that feeling of not feeling quite like yourself is easily detected and remedied. Anything that is blocking the optimal flow of your energy systems is corrected and you feel like yourself again - balanced and reconnected to your heart.

Are you feeling ‘not quite yourself’? Maybe it’s time to book a session. PM me to set up your session today.
For those of you who live in Calgary and area, I'm opening up for hands-on treatment sessions in my home as of this week. I offer Advanced Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Body/Emotion Code work and much more.

Just click on the Send Message button if you are interested and we will set up an appointment time that works for both of us!

Feel free to pass this message on.
Niki you will love this lady
One of the easiest ways to release unprocessed trauma from the body is through the Emotion Code - a system developed by Dr Bradley Nelson. It's a system that I've been using for many years helping hundreds of people release the emotions that got trapped in the tissues due to trauma of some sort.

The trauma can be physical or psychological - can be from a recent trauma or from childhood.

The blessing is that you don't need to "talk about" the trauma - your Innate Intelligence knows everything about it. All that is needed is a willingness on your part to release it. Using the Emotion Code, the underlying emotion of the trauma is found and released. So simple yet so powerful.

How will you feel afterward? The most common comment I hear is "I feel lighter, freer". Emotional blockages bind up the tissues and express themselves as physical pain - tight muscles for example. Release a tight muscle and the body feels lighter and more open. The same thing happens when trapped emotions are released.

These sessions can easily be done as distance sessions using Facetime, Zoom or over the phone. If you live in Calgary or surrounding area, they can be done in person. The cost is $50 for 30 min. - value is priceless!

Click on the Book Now button to claim your session!

If you have questions about the Emotion Code and how it works, feel free to message me or text/call me at 250-219-4045. You can email me as well at [email protected].

Here's to your amazing health!

Create Dynamic Health has a proven step by step system that helps women with unresolved chronic heal

Operating as usual


I love it when FB asks 'what's on my mind?' This past week, as I work with people who are feeling their boundaries being pushed, I realized that having a routine that helps re-establish our energetic boundaries will go a long way in having good relationships with the people we interact with.

Prune Harris' October Energy Forecast has within it a lovely routine that does just this. Click on the link and follow along.

Having an understanding of what the energy might feel like is useful moving forward and having a simple routine that we can use to maintain our own energetic boundaries makes life more fun and relationships easier!

To your health and well-being!


Such an easy thing to do with such good results.

"When you use the healing power of your hands and move your them in a circular way you can activate more energy going to your heart, your lymph system, and your immune system"

The hands have 6 energy channels, and 4 of them connect directly to the heart, to the lymph system, and to the immune system.

That’s why when you are practicing your active exercises focus on the feeling, focus on your hands moving your energy in the body.

Many Blessings,
Chunyi Lin


Am listening to another interesting series on health. This time it's about mast cell activation syndrome - a new (and not so new) syndrome that's come to prominence in these past 2+ years.
I say 'not so new' meaning that anyone who's been suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme and the many other health issues where women, in particular, have been told it's all in your head is dealing with some level of MCAS.
"Mast cells are among the first cells to interact with environmental antigens and invading pathogens or microorganisms. Mast cells are thus considered one of the first cells of the immune system that interact with external antigens."
With long-term chronic health issues and with new insults to the body, these mast cells can go into over-drive causing conflicting messaging to be sent to other cells of the body resulting in a multitude of new signs and symptoms that never seem to go away.
So far, I've learned that the limbic system in the brain and the vagus nerve are often impacted. I've also learned that we need to go back to the basics of removing toxins from the body and nourishing our bodies right.
Functional doctors will look for mold, heavy metal toxicity, gut issues, previous infections - viral or strep, parasites, new insults to the body and stress as underlying causes for MCAS.
So, not new but harder to diagnose and treat. But, do remember, taking it one step at a time, people do get better. And, I would point out that the many, many people who have followed the Medical Medium info and recovered from their 'unrecoverable' issues show that this is so. It just takes time and dedication and the desire to be completely healed.


Am in the UK meeting up with my sister's walking buddies. The lovely lady on the right just finished a 24 hour fast! She took a week to get her body ready for it by slowly closing the "eating/feasting window" a bit more every day. Nice surprise for her is that her irritable bowel issues have reduced significantly during this time. She will do the reverse to back herself to the "feasting window" she is most comfortable with. She's 79, walks at a great pace and does half-marathons! How does it get better than that?!? My new role model!


Learned something new today! Did you know that jumping on a trampoline for only 3 minutes in the morning will open all the lymphatic gates that close overnight? What a good way to start the morning!! Benefits you all day!!


Mastering Diabetes With Tropical Fruit

A reminder to me on why fruit is so good!!


You know what I love doing and being the most? I love being the catalyst for a person's change in being. I love helping someone uncover whatever is holding him or her back in body, mind and spirit - whatever that may be - using whatever tools I have at my disposal. I love doing that for myself and I love teaching people how to do it for themselves. I love having sessions with people who are seeking change and who are willing to actively participate in the sessions and beyond. That is what brings me joy and so much more! We are moving through quick periods of change, up-gradings in energy right now that
might be causing stress in your body, mind or spirit. If you are struggling and feeling stuck, consider booking a distance session with me - let's play! Let's discover what needs to be uncovered, disentangled, realigned and reset in order for you to be in alignment with all that you are! Text me and we'll set your session up with ease and grace!


If the sun is out, or hiding behind a cloud, go recharge!


🎨 Leunig

Create Dynamic Health 04/18/2022

Create Dynamic Health

Have an unexpected, due to weather, cancellation available at noon today for anyone who lives in Dawson Creek.
Here's the appointment link if you are interested:

Create Dynamic Health Schedule your appointment online Create Dynamic Health


9 Unexpected Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide usages...

Create Dynamic Health 04/17/2022

Create Dynamic Health

For anyone in the Dawson Creek vicinity, 2 appointments became available in the next 2 weeks. Tomorrow, April 18, at 1:30 and, Wed, April 27, at 1:30. If you are interested in booking either one, here is the appointment link - and, text me at 250-219-4045 if you are interested in being put on a cancellation list between now and April 29.

Create Dynamic Health Schedule your appointment online Create Dynamic Health


It’s important to know when to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘yes’. Setting up your energetic boundaries are just as important and can be done with a simple intention of having a bubble of light surrounding you that only allows what serves your highest good to enter. Most of the ‘no’ situations never show up when you do that and life becomes easier.

Essential Movements for Longevity 04/05/2022

Essential Movements for Longevity

If you’ve never experienced Feldenkrais and have wanted to try it, here’s a flexible way to learn about it and get your body back in balance. Lessons every hour on the hour so that you can join in and do a lesson when it suits you. These lessons have been my saving grace over the the years allowing me to stay healthy and flexible through my joints. Wouldn’t you love that too? Sign up - it’s free!

Essential Movements for Longevity Taught by Master Practitioners


Celery juice takes care of acid reflux...just saying...


The biggest key to detoxification | Dr. Vivian Chen

Struth!! Just stop! Makes detoxifying so much easier...


How to Balance Shoulder Pain

Have shoulder or even neck pain? Try this easy method to release it - can be done anywhere, anytime...


Doing some form of energy moving is great this week. Qigong, yoga, Tai Chi or a nice slow walk in the woods are wonderful ways to move stagnant energies out and new brilliant energies in! Stay hydrated, keep breathing deeply, keep shining the light of Peace!

"Even if you do not feel the energy being moved – it is still moving. Even if you do not believe you can transform energy – it is still being transformed."

You don't need to believe in it for it to work.

If you believe it, it works.

If you don't believe it, it still works.

If you believe it will work, it often works faster.

Either way, it works, because energy is energy.

Albert Einstein established that "energy cannot be destroyed, but energy can be transformed.

Energy is in a constant state of transformation. In fact, you are constantly being engaged in transforming your energy, whether you are aware of it or not.

Many Blessings,
Chunyi Lin

Main-Event Landing Page - Energy Healing Summit 03/15/2022

Main-Event Landing Page - Energy Healing Summit

New summits are showing up every day - here's one I'm interested in and maybe you will be, too! Sign up is free!

Main-Event Landing Page - Energy Healing Summit By submitting this form, I consent to receive offers and related promotional communications from the Global Energy Healing Summit, the hosts Thomas McCarthy,


This, in essence, is you! Now, you know why your hands heat up when you put your hands on someone, or yourself, with the intention of healing something.

We are a torus having 2 directions, an In and an Out.
Jain 108



Image: Dr Randolf Stone


Absolutely! That 95% of ‘junk’ DNA is where this sparks from. This is why it’s important to treat your body as the treasure it is.

“You are not controlled by your genes. You are controlled by your beliefs." – Bruce Lipton

Explore the epigenetic research of Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.


Celery juice has replaced coffee in the morning for me.

Did you know that this simple herb, when juiced, can break vicious cycles of addictions? If ever you've been stuck with an addiction to some food or drink that's less than beneficial to you, drinking celery juice, by itself, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can shift you away from that addiction into much improved health.

I use celery juice as a preventative while others, who are critically ill, use it as a restorative. Celery juice, for me, is a really great tool for maintaining my health as I grow older and, in particular, in boosting my immunity consistently. Who doesn't want that?

Regardless of where you are with food, incorporating celery juice is always a winning approach because it's a real answer to getting better or maintaining your health that's not attached to any belief system about what to eat and when.

My daily routine costs about the same as all the fancy coffees and teas that lots of people consume without thinking every day - beverages that are addictive, full of preservatives and, often, sugars.

The key to benefitting from celery juice is consistency - every day - especially if you have a health issue you are choosing to resolve. As with vitamin C, it's using as much as is needed for as long as it takes to get the job done.

Have you tried celery juice like this?

Nitric Oxide Routine video 02/26/2022

Nitric Oxide Routine video

Since we are moving into the era of 'living with viruses', not that we haven't been since the day we were born, there's a couple of activities that are beneficial to do anytime as a preventative which mobilizes the nitric oxide in our bodies.

One is deep breathing with a hum on the exhale - very simple. You can even expand on that by adding 'Om' on the exhale which will calm your whole system.

The other is the Nitric Oxide routine which has the added benefit of strengthening you. Feel free to share this link...

Nitric Oxide Routine video This routine sets your body up to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure as well as build muscle.


The TWO Surprising Reasons Why Your Friends Aren't More Supportive

Changing anything in your life is a gift to yourself. Be the change and they might follow —- or not. There’s always new friends met when you level up. Look around and forward - not back and down. Welcome to my world!


Have you ever had those days where you don't feel quite right? A little off? Out of sorts?

2 things could be happening.

You could actually be coming down with something or your energy systems might be off-balance.

Either way, instead of guessing what might be the reason, why not book a Body Code session to find out the real reason for feeling this way?

In a Body Code session, we check through 6 different areas of possible ways this is happening to you and systematically clear anything and everything that is creating this feeling in you.

Oftentimes, suggestions come up as to what you could add to or eliminate from your diet, supplementation, other healing modalities that might be beneficial. This is like diving into the "Book of You" where we find the chapter, page, sentence and word and make corrections so that everything comes back into balance.

It's easy, painless and so informative!

So, if you're feeling a little off or are struggling with something, why not book a Body Code session today?

Click on the appointment calendar or PM me. I look forward to being of service to you!

Create Dynamic Health now takes appointments on their Page. 01/15/2022

Create Dynamic Health now takes appointments on their Page.

Create Dynamic Health now takes appointments on their Page.

Create Dynamic Health now takes appointments on their Page. 01/15/2022

Create Dynamic Health now takes appointments on their Page.

Create Dynamic Health now takes appointments on their Page.

Cacao aka Chocolate Is Not A Health Food 01/15/2022

Cacao aka Chocolate Is Not A Health Food

Well now, this sucks....but, if you are struggling in any way with your health, this might be important information to consider...

Cacao aka Chocolate Is Not A Health Food Learn some of the reasons why chocolate is not a health food. Sign Up For The Medical Medium Newsletter : Medical Medium Cooking Show on Amazon

Vegan Substitutions for Cooking & Baking 01/14/2022

Vegan Substitutions for Cooking & Baking

Found this article from Food Revolution Network that is really useful if you are transitioning over to a plant-based way of fueling your body. Lots of great information on substitutions! I was originally reading an article on lemons and followed the link to this page which I found more interesting!

Vegan Substitutions for Cooking & Baking See the top vegan substitutions for cooking and baking. And discover how to substitute dairy, flour, sugar, or meat in your favorite recipes.


Often in a Body Code session, essential oils come up as a solution to someone's health issue. Cloves showed up in a recent session and, now, I know why.

Clove has the power to kill nasty germs and fungus. A study in the Annals of Microbiology concludes clove essential oil has anti-carcinogenic activity against a large number of oral pathogens. Clove neutralizes harmful Staphylococcus bacteria (“staph” infections) as well as E. coli (the same bacteria responsible for food poisoning), as well as Candida albicans. The main natural chemical in clove, eugenol, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activities stronger than over-the-counter NSAIDs.

Are you having health issues that won't resolve? A Body Code session could help you understand why you are suffering! These sessions on done over Zoom so that you get a recording to refer back to anytime. Book your session today by simply sending me a message! Session times can be in the evenings or on the weekends or during the week day. Book your session today!

Watch This Before Eating Any Produce 01/11/2022

Watch This Before Eating Any Produce

Things we might not think about...

Watch This Before Eating Any Produce

Shawn Buckley on Canadian's "Quiet Submission" 01/08/2022

Shawn Buckley on Canadian's "Quiet Submission"

If you value using natural health products and, if you value your health freedoms going forward, this is a great video to listen to to get a clearer understanding of how our actions are speaking louder than words.
Listen, contemplate it with non-judgement, share it with others and start a conversation, take action in whatever way you feel is right for you. Think and act in terms of 7 generations forward - what would we love to see that generation experiencing because of our actions now.

Shawn Buckley on Canadian's "Quiet Submission" 500 engaged Canadian's registered to join constitutional lawyer and NHPPA President, Shawn Buckley, on December 8, 2021, for a conversation about current eve...

Shawn Buckley on Canadian's "Quiet Submission" 01/08/2022

Shawn Buckley on Canadian's "Quiet Submission"

If you like natural health products and love being able to choose how you take care of your health issues, this is an important video to listen to as we move into 2022.
Listen, contemplate it from a non-judgemental point of view, have discussions with others and share it, if you choose.

Shawn Buckley on Canadian's "Quiet Submission" 500 engaged Canadian's registered to join constitutional lawyer and NHPPA President, Shawn Buckley, on December 8, 2021, for a conversation about current eve...


Just a little reminder to tap into the love!


Sometimes there is more harm than good overall -


I’m doing this! Will you?

Hello, my dear friends,

This month, is the start of a new year!

And what better way to start you new year, then with a Blessing!

During your day no matter how busy you are, remind your body, each day...

"I am happy. I love myself"

By doing so you will put yourself in such a beautiful healing environment and your body listens to you.

Please give it a try.

Each day, pick just 5 things and say,

"Thank you," "I love you," "I bless you," and see what happens.

See how your life changes and how your love grows in this, the Season of Love!

Many Blessings,
Chunyi Lin


Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

Have you chosen your word for 2022? A word that you can focus on, feel and live through?

If you haven't and have no clue of what to choose, join me at 8 pm tonight on Zoom and let's play with the energy of words and some high vibe words you might like to wrap yourself in.

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...

FLCCC’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 12/22/2021

FLCCC’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Health is as healthy does....keep these supplement levels up and you should be just fine!

FLCCC’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide Give the gift of a healthy immune system

Take Control of Your Own Health!!

Your health is your greatest asset, bar none!

And who better to trust your health with than yourself.

More and more women are discovering that the best results they get when dealing with mystery symptoms and unresolved chronic health issues is when they get in the driver’s seat and take control of the wheel.

With Create Dynamic Health, the bottom line is “Take control of your own health and heal”.

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Pine Needle Tea - just trying something new...
Day 3 - Mono-eating Challenge
Day 2 -Mono-eating with bananas
Liver Rescue Broth - the best!




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