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A gentle reminder about one of the steps to reduce people-pleasing and help us discover balance in our relationships✨

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Movement & Intention Setting Workshop✨

Welcome 2023 by connecting deeply with yourself through guided movement and journalling. Limited spots available! Pre-registration is required!

See link in bio for more details and to register for your spot.


Boundaries are hard for many of us because they stir guilt and concern in the person setting them.

The guilt when you set boundaries does not mean they are wrong or mean, it likely means that you are doing something different then your used to, which is needed if you want to create more balanced, healthy relationships.

You got this✨ (p.s it does get easier with time!)


The weather is changing, the holidays are coming, for anyone who needs this…here’s a gentle reminder to take things one day at a time. You will get through🤍


A gentle reminder for today✨

Change can happen, but it does take intentionally putting effort and energy into new behaviors. One simple exercise that helps people get unstuck from patterns of people-pleasing, rescuing, and/or neglecting our needs is starting the practice of asking yourself, “what is one small thing I need or could benefit from right now”. Your wellness matters!


It’s been a little while since I introduced myself here (other then you seeing my face on reels ofcourse) so I thought I’d pop in to say hello!

I’m Ali, owner of an independent private practice in Calgary (Ali Chacalias Psychology & Wellness). I LOVE walking alongside my clients on their healing journeys. My office operates out of a really incredible shared therapy space called in downtown Calgary.

I’m a “dig deep to the root” sort of therapist. I use a holistic approach that incorporates cognitive, emotional, mindfulness, and body-based work.

My biggest passions are working with trauma, attachment (relationship issues and patterns), and anxiety. I think most other issues tend to dissolve down to these 3 themes.

Helping clients with their relationships and others with themselves is a HUGE part of my work. We need connection to thrive! This means working on shame, self-criticism, boundaries, people-pleasing, communication issues (all the good hard stuff).

I am a real human outside of being a therapist. I laugh. I cry. I struggle. I’m currently working on my own anxiety, over-doing-it-mode, and FOMO. I try to practice what I preach and embody balance and wellness in my life too!

I love yoga, hiking, biking, reading, my dog, travelling, live music, and downtime in the coziness of my home.

Drop a comment to say hello, I’d love to connect with my community on here 🤍🙏🏻


You can do this, you will get through, one day at a time🤍✨

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Monday Mantra!

My little monday mantra feature is meant to inspire you to use weekly/daily intentions or affirmations to help you create change.

We get stuck in rigid patterns of beliefs that we learned from childhood, and to change these we must practice and intentionally connect with new beliefs. Change can happen, it just takes time! Your Wellness Matters!


Yay!! Thank you thank you for all your hard word on this. I am so appreciative and excited to have my website go live today! Link in bio!!!✨🧡

P.S. Small biz owner folks, creating website copy is hard work! Psychology schooling didn’t train me for this😅


A gentle reminder for today✨


I have exciting news to share!

and I have been working hard on my new WEBSITE! Yay! Feeling so excited to share this with you all. Launch day is Wednesday!


A gentle reminder for anyone who needs it today✨

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Monday Mantra!

What mantra or intention will you use to guide you this week?

Here’s a few of my faves continuing with the theme of boundary setting!

Share in the comments🙏🏻


Trauma is any experience that overwhelms our nervous systems ability to cope. It’s not the fault or abnormality of us that we become traumatized, it is the fault of abnormality of a situation in which we are exposed. You are worthy of healing from trauma✨


Hey you, I see your efforts despite the struggle. I see the hurdles your jumping over. Your doing amazing, you’ll get there. One. Day. At. A. Time. 🤍✨

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Monday Mantra! Set intentions to create change. What mantra do you want to focus on this week?


A gentle reminder to anyone who needs it today. Worthiness is inherent. It doesn’t come from doing or giving. You are enough✨


A gentle reminder about boundaries with ourselves…our mental wellness depends on us setting boundaries to honor and protect our needs. Your Wellness Matters!✨


Being a therapist is such an incredibly special honor. Walking alongside my clients every day on their healing journeys is something that I truly appreciate so very much. You are all incredible✨

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Time to choose the mantra or intention that you want to weave into your life this week. Mantras help us unlearn unhelpful patterns that we may have adaptively developed in the past that are no longer working for us. Your Wellness Matters!


Feeling emotions is incredibly difficult at times, but also so important for healing and wellness✨

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Monday is mantra day!

Change does not happen spontaneously and without effort. In order to shift unhelpful, limiting patterns of being (such as thoughts or beliefs), we must take intentional steps toward this change. Mantras are small steps that help support change. They are like intentions or affirmations, and are meant to be regular reminders of how we want to exist.

Traditionally mantras helped guide us into single pointed awareness during meditation. We are meant to focus on a mantra for a long period of meditative practice.

Choose your mantra for a week, and weave it into your day-day. Repeat it during your morning routine. Set small goals to practice it. Set a reminder on your phone if it. Meditate on it. Journal about it. Start creating change and healing in your life today, Your Wellness Matters!✨


Healing happens in our bodies. Trauma, stress, emotions…they are all stored in your body which means that intentional connection, movement, and processing must involve your body.

Somatic therapy is all about using the wisdom and strength of our bodies to create wellness and healing. Don’t get me wrong, there is still value in cognitively processing, but when integrated with using the wisdom of our body, healing truly transforms.

Here’s your daily reminder to move your body, connect with your body, nurture your body, and do therapy that targets body based healing (somatic-based)✨


Only 2 days until I get to share my new space with you and I can hardly wait🤍🙏🏻

Things to remember: there is street pay parking along 4 ave and 6th street. My building is called McFarlane Tower and my office is in the Riverwest Therapy Collective in unit 840. Just take a seat in the waiting room once you arrive, make yourself at home, and enjoy the plants and some tea☺️.


Eliminating stressors is not the only way to create wellness and fight burnout. Though it is one way…it’s just not always possible.

Turning inwards and nurturing ourselves is another way to find balance and wellness, to reset our nervous system in the midst of stressors. Ask yourself what you need. Discharge stress with exercise or a breathing exercise. Slow down or speed up based on what your nervous system needs. Learning more about how to connect with your needs can be a difficult skill to learn but it is not impossible. Your wellness matters so take some time for you today🤍

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Welcome to: Ali Chacalias, Psychology & Wellness! I’m so excited to announce that I am moving into independent practice and will begin seeing clients at my new location Sept 6, 2022.

My new office is located out of the in downtown Calgary. There is plenty of street parking for clients. I’m looking forward to welcoming you all to my new space🤍🤗🙏🏻

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It’s time for a Monday mantra!

Select a mantra, or affirmation that is meaningful for you today. When you find yourself feeling challenged, hold onto your mantra to help guide you.

Change happens when we become intentional about it. Your wellness matters!

Note: the word mantra is a Sanskrit term that is comes from eastern traditions and is traditionally used in the practice of yoga and meditation.


Your wellness matters folks and this means setting boundaries with yourself and others.

Saying no is not selfish. Saying no is a savior that prevents burnout and promotes balance.

It’s not easy to set boundaries - especially when we are used to supporting others more than ourselves or people pleasing. It is possible though and your wellness may depend on it🤍

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Your Wellness Matters!




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