101 Pharmacy - Travel Clinic and Health Consultation

Inspired by a new practice model, we are a travel clinic and a health consultation pharmacy all in one. We are an innovative pharmacy.

Operated by experienced pharmacists with certification in travel health medicine and other areas, we focus on travel consultations and health promotions. The services we offer include personalized travel consultations and vaccinations, weight management, diabetes education, smoking cessation program and medication reviews.

Operating as usual


所有亞省省民,都可以每兩星期一次,嚟到 101 藥房免費索取由省政府提供嘅 "新冠病毒快速測試套裝",方便你同你嘅家人喺假日期間隨時進行自我檢測,以策安全。索取時,記得帶同你嘅亞省醫療卡!101 藥房中央街北 1107 號,電話:403-455-8648


每年流感季節又開始,現在已開始為大家注射流感疫苗。今年65歲以上人士可以注射亞省政府提供的高劑量流感疫苗。無需預約,詳情可致電403.455.8648 查詢。


Immunizing the community, protecting all of us from COVID-19. If you are eligible, book your appointment now.

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Albertans over 75 years old can receive their free COVID-19 vaccines here. You can book your appointment with us by phone, email, or online form. Thank you!


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Webminar today.


Flu shot in high demand! We have given >600 shots so far! Book your appointments now (wait time is about a week at the moment)


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During this Covid19 pandemic, we make sure everyone practises social distancing, and awareness of personal hygiene to prevent spread of diseases. We also do what we can to support our community. We can still connect with each other through technology, social medias, and other channels. 101 Pharmacy is sponsoring a FREE online concert put together by some talented local artists on Aug29. You can find the links below, which you can like and subscribe to their FB and YouTube, join their live show on Aug29, and have a chance to win great prizes!!

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❤️Sponsors (listed in no particular order):
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We have TB tests and vaccines available!
If you are looking for these, give us a call at 403-455-8648

cnn.com 02/28/2020

The best prevention against the coronavirus is still washing your hands. Here's the proper way to do it

cnn.com The best way to prevent novel coronavirus transmission is washing your hands with soap and water. Here's the five-step process the CDC recommends.


Time to travel!

insider.com 02/16/2020

You and 15 friends can rent a medieval castle in Spain for less than $25 per night

Time to travel!

insider.com The castle can sleep 16 people, and its Airbnb listing notes that guests who stay for a month receive a 50% discount on the nightly rate.


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Something to think about when you are flying.

8 airplane safety features you didn't know existed.

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These maps show where you should and shouldn't drink tap water around the world

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Thinking of traveling? How about travel to Japan?

Reflection of Mt. Fuji, Japan
Credit: Furstset

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It’s Not What It Looks Like - Protect Yourself - DUKORAL® Drinkable Vaccine

Who wants to get sick during vacation oversea???!!! Have you got your Dukoral before boarding the plane?

youtube.com If you are travelling to an at-risk area, you can help protect yourself from diarrhea caused by heat-labile toxin producing enterotoxigenic E. coli (LT-produ...

cbc.ca 10/12/2019

Health experts urge Calgarians to fight flu with early vaccinations

Have you got your flu shot yet? Drop by 101 and get your free flu shot today! No booking necessary.

cbc.ca Albertans are being urged by AHS and the provincial government to defend themselves against the season's fevers, sniffles and coughs with the flu vaccine that became available across Alberta this week.


Get your flu shot this year!

Who are you getting your flu shot for? 💗

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101 Pharmacy & Travel Clinic on Google

search.google.com Same-day appointments are available at our Calgary location. Travel consultation and consultation conveniently at one stop. Call to book now.

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Cruise ship crew member waved 'bye' with giant foam hand as vessel floated away from 2 late passengers

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You should probably think twice about ordering tea or coffee on a plane

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The 30 best places to visit in the world, ranked

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A 6.4 magnitude earthquake just shook Southern California

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Bedbugs may be traveling home in your suitcase — here’s how to keep them away

Don't bring the bedbugs home.

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You Can Now Zipline Off of the Eiffel Tower, But Only for a Limited Time

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Travel safe.

France is facing its worst heat wave since 2003, with the screaming heat skull of death looming.

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Lyme disease and tick surveillance

Pay attention to these bugs.

alberta.ca Learn about the submit-a-tick program, how to remove a tick, tick surveillance in Alberta, and Lyme disease.

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Scientists Say That Traveling Makes Us Much Happier Than Any Material Wealth

Happy travel!!!! Are you planning to travel soon? Are you really ready?

dailyhealthpost.com Why do many people go shopping the minute they have money in their wallets? Material wealth brings you happiness, albeit


Every season is travel season! Have you fully prep for your traveling? Ask about your vaccinations today!

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Why Do Some People Always Get Bitten By Mosquitoes While Others Don't?

educateinspirechange.org Have you ever felt like you're being specifically targeted by mosquitoes when you end up with itchy welts all over your body, while your friends seem like they're not even aware of the pesky biters' existence?






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Calgary, AB
T2E 2R1

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Monday 9am - 6pm
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