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More then Christian Psychological Counseling! Offering proven relational transformation and intimate healing for a seeking Christian community.

Come, see a new dawn! Come experience a safe place. A place where both your heart and your spirituality are truly understood. We walk with you through ancient restorative spirituality and modern psychological understanding to unlock the mystic spirituality, the relational intimacy and the passion filled freedom God created you to enjoy. Registered Christian Counselling: It's so much more then just counselling from a Christian.

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Three key reasons your most intimate moments sometimes go so wrong. (Part #1 of 2)


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The hidden nature of abuse and trauma has long been an issue in our society. However, it's time we openly talk about this issue, to normalize the feelings and help all victims of abuse feel safe enough to heal.



Struggling to find a psychologist that works for you? Discover the essential elements of client-therapist fit.


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How NOT to choose a Psychologist: Discovering what doesn't matter as you search for the right fit. (Part #2 coming later!)


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Christian Counselling Calgary: Discover healthy spirituality, in the jungles of religion.


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Understanding Spiritual Abuse: If His yoke is easy, then why am I working so hard?


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Feeling out of control? Learn how to conquer Intrusive Thoughts & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder!


Not convinced that yet another stint in rehab will do the trick? Perhaps it's time to chart your own path of recovery?


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Ever wonder why America just keeps on getting more and more addicted?


(What works coming soon!)
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Seeing Beyond: Host article posted here for Friday's Web Story. Enjoy!


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Ready to learn the life-changing steps of freedom that break the bonds of your past and liberate you to live the life you were made to live? We have just posted a new Web Story under our Spiritual Direction theme called Seeing Beyond.

View it here:


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As requested, here is the primary page from which yesterday’s Web Story came:


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Couples Counselling Calgary featured Web Story: Learning to be held:


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One of the most surprising discoveries we made when we first opened our Calgary Counselling Services related to the reasons most of our marriage and couples counselling clients were coming to see us. Now well over 20 years ago, it was obvious to all of them that Henze and Associates was a new Calgary counselling centre and even more apparent that we were both fresh out of school and only barely knew what we were doing.

Furthermore, we had clearly branded ourselves using keywords like “Christian Counselling Calgary,” and most marriage and couple therapy clients coming through our doors were not from any sort of Protestant spirituality. Yet, they still came.

As we talked with these clients, we began to discover something rather dark. The average couple had already visited multiple Calgary therapists and had walked away from all of them. So many of them reported coming to see us not because they had any sort of affinity for Christianity, but because they believed that a Christian Counsellor would be the one kind of therapist they could go to for marriage counselling who would not try to destroy their relationship!

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Embracing life, in the shadow of death

One of the weirdest rituals Christian religious leaders perform seems to happen at nearly every funeral: The service is drawing to a close when either the Reverend or someone else stands up to do a Scripture reading taken from Psalm 23:


You Deserve Love! We often tell ourselves a myriad of stories:

I’m too busy.
I need to get settled first.
I’m focusing on my career right now.
I’m not ready for another relationship.
I’m still enjoying being single.
I’m just not sure he/she is the one.
I’m still playing the field.
There’s no room in my life for a relationship right now.
I’m not sure where I’ll be in a year from now.

While those stories are sometimes true, they mostly represent us barricading our hearts and making excuses for how we are acting-out what we can’t otherwise admit we believe about ourselves:

I don’t deserve to be loved.

We usually come by that belief honestly - by way of the pain and damage others have inflicted upon us. But, that doesn’t make it any less damaging. And, when we continue to live out that belief, we ever increasingly make it into our reality as we sabotage our own lives.

But, it’s still a lie!

The truth is, your heart is beautiful, and it deserves to be loved. You deserve not only to be able to give love, but to accept it as well.

And, if you can’t see it, then perhaps it’s time to set up an appointment to do something about that.

Start your journey of healing today: https://henze-associates.com/contact.htm

Why can’t we just say it?

What is it about our society that keeps most people believing that everyone thinks just like they do while, simultaneously, communicating to the minority that they are the only ones? And, will anything induce us to change our path? {Read More}



Calgary Christian Counselling: Why has the COVID-19 crisis made me feel so weird? | Session Notes

Why has this COVID-19 crisis made me feel so weird?

We've probably been asked a variant of that question a hundred times since the COVID-19 crisis began – by people from all walks of life. Of late, it's become one of the most popular issues mental health care providers address – because a substantial segment of the population is feeling just that: Weird.

Over the last little while, I've spoken with several Calgary therapists on the front lines of mental health care for the COVID-19 pandemic. We were discussing how, as the Covid-19 crisis has continued, people seem to be exhibiting a variety of responses to it. But, as the discussion with those psychologists and counsellors continued, we realized that those responses generally seemed to fall into three categories:


henze-associates.com We at Henze & Associates have probably been asked a variant of that question a hundred times since the COVID-19 crisis began – by people from all walks of life who are seeking Calgary Christian Counselling.


Six Key Tips for surviving the Stress and Anxiety of COVID-19

Is it starting to feel like the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 is just as bad as the suffering being inflicted on people's bodies?

With all of the focus on the physical pain and the staggering loss of life this virus has inflicted, it's easy to forget how many more people are suffering on a purely mental, emotional or psychological level.

In this video, Henze & Associates: Counseling & Care shares six key tips for surviving the mental suffering that chronic stress and anxiety can inflict on us all.

Go to https://henze-associates.com to learn more about how we can help you come out of this time with greater personal wellness and a stronger intimate relationship with your partner!

Cal Henze of Henze & Associates: Counselling & Care in Calgary Alberta, Canada shares six key tips for surviving difficult times of uncertainty and the stres...

Want more than momentary passion? Especially in the worst moments, passion quickly fades. It's in times of the deepest pain and sorrow that we learn what love is, and who really loves us.

Come and learn how to build the kind of deep and lasting love that is even stronger when all the chips are down at Henze & Associates: Counselling & Care. https://henze-associates.com"

Explore truth in your relationship today with Henze & Associates: Counselling & Care's Calgary Couple's Counselling


Getting Through Uncertainty: Can you survive Coronavirus related anxiety in Calgary? | Session Notes

Clear and practical advice for surviving the COVID-19 crisis.

henze-associates.com For most of us, it seems like our safe little world here in Calgary has turned upside down. One moment, we were all going along - living our regular lives, goin(...)


Spiritual Direction Calgary: The Heart of Grief Counselling. | Session Notes

Can anyone end an internal conversation with death?

henze-associates.com Spiritual Direction Calgary - where your faith and your grief counselling come together and create real change.


Does anyone ever get over abandonment?

Calgary Grief Counselling: Is there really healing when someone you love has walked away?

henze-associates.com It’s happened to so many little boys: The young man comes home one day. Dad is out on the driveway finishing packing his sports car with all of his worldly possessions. Mom is upstairs crying…


Surviving infidelity: Is there healing after an affair?

How will our marriage/relationship survive infidelity?

henze-associates.com After nineteen years as a Calgary couples counsellor, I now get the desperate emails and the frantic phone calls practically all the time: My wife cheated on me… My husband had an affair…


Is your life constantly in chaos?

Do you have a death wish?

henze-associates.com Of all of the eccentric, odd and sometimes down-right dubious characters who are regarded as founding fathers in the field of psychology, the award for weirdest among them definitely goes to Freud.


How to win at the game of love.

How well do you really know your partner?

henze-associates.com “After all these years of marriage, you still don’t know anything about me — do you?” Spend any time at all in the field of couples or marriage counselling and that snarled/shouted comment will, re…


Breaking the power of resentment

Resentment: I will never forget!!!

henze-associates.com Watch any Remembrance/Memorial day service or the yearly September 11th events and, over and over again, you hear the publicly repeated vows to never forget the atrocities of terrorism that has spa…

Henze and Associates: Counseling and Care

Can't get enough sex?


How to raise a victim of childhood sexual abuse

How hardened adult sexual predators spot their prey.

henze-associates.com Just for a moment, let’s completely ignore the tragic cascade of underage child abuse victims themselves acting out the same behaviours on other minor family members or peers where the perpet…

Henze and Associates: Counseling and Care

CAN you protect your children from online erotica or pornography?

Henze and Associates: Counseling and Care

Healing couple relationships - from the heart!


Overcoming key barriers to healing addiction

Eight steps to seizing control of the fortress of addiction.

henze-associates.com Earlier today, I walked two separate clients through the exact same material: An understanding of 8 key barriers to escaping from addiction and how those barriers actually represent a very clear ro…


We’ve moved!

We finally escaped from the medical clinic!!!

henze-associates.com Nine months after starting on the project of finding a new (And so much nicer) home for my (Cal’s) external office, we finally did it! Yes, we finally escaped from the cramped box that was th…


Escaping the depressive spiral (Part #2)

Can you really escape depression and anxiety for good?

henze-associates.com So much of the psychological and medical community today speaks of, “Managing your anxiety and depression.” Think about that phrase for a moment. The implication of it is that, if you struggle with…

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