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Earn bright summer essential oils with June's Level Up! Find some of these citrusy, uplifting oils in this month’s incentives. Learn more!

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D. Gary Young, put together an empowering essential oil routine, Gary’s Great Day Protocol. Known for his vision and belief in pursuing his vision despite obstacles, there was never a goal too large or impossible for Gary to achieve. The four elevating oils in Gary’s Great Day Protocol embrace this sentiment, and when used together are a powerful way to start each day with intention.

Learn more:

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Dreaming of Bora Bora? Diffuse this beachy diffuser blend to promote feelings of inspiration while setting your Dream 500 goals. #YLTip: Earn Jasmine essential oil- FREE, with 20 points! PLUS, more exciting dream oils!

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Diffuse Clarity™ a blend of Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint and other essential oils for an aroma that invites a sense of clarity and alertness. PLUS, find Clarity essential oil FREE in this month's PV Promotion.

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6 super-sweet soda-inspired diffuser blends

Soda pop shop diffuser blends😍 Whether you can’t get enough cola or are always rooting for some root beer, now might be the perfect time to tell those sugary cravings to can it! Stop being soda-pendent on pop culture by mixing up one of these blends, so you can enjoy a delicious scent without worrying about those unfriendly art...

Love on your locks: Get extra moisture with DIY leave-in conditioner

Love a great leave in conditioner!! From loose waves to tightly coiled locks, your mom was right—naturally curly hair is a gorgeous gift. Instead of wishing away your wild mane with heat and chemicals, make it the envy of everyone you meet with a moisture-adding regimen. Whether you’re letting your locks flow or you’re styling w...


We pretty much nailed it with this #YLTip! 💅

Lindsey Elmore

Nutmeg is so versatile with its spicy, warm aromas. It can act as a sleep aid, has the ability to de-stress and can even improve your concentration and memory.

Here are four ways to use Nutmeg, and head to the blog for six other great ways!

Lindsey Elmore

I just can't get enough cinnamon, it's a must have Essential Oil for me. There are so many ways to use it, including for your hair, teeth, muscles and more. Multi-purpose oils are the best, am I right?!

What's your favorite way to use Cinnamon Bark?

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Happy New Year!

Day #1
Our daily challenges will officially kick off on Monday Jan 6th, but before we get started, let me share a bit about this oil with you.

Abundance is a powerful synergistic blend of 8 essential oils that magnifies the vibration and energy needed to usher abundance into every area of your life. Use Abundance oil to begin to shift your mindset and create an energy that will attract prosperity, joy, and peace.

Make sure you have your bottle of Abundance because you are going to use this oil everyday!

If you don’t have any of your own, or you are waiting on your order to come, I would be happy to share a few drops with you. Just shoot me a message and let me know!

Are you ready for a shift?! Start thinking about specific areas of your life you want more abundance in.


Feast your pies on this diffuser blend.

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Whether you know it, use it and love it—or this is the first time you’ve heard of it—your cleaning is about to be transformed by the strength and versatility of the all-purpose Thieves Household Cleaner. From November 25 to December 2 only, enjoy up to 20% off select Thieves and home cleaning essentials!

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Calm nerves and reduce stress as the busy holiday season begins to arise. Enjoy Stress Away's relaxing properties on #StressAwarenessDay by adding a few drops to your diffuser!

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Add a DIY eye serum to your skin care routine to keep your skin glowing throughout the holidays.

Find Lavender essential oil in this month's rewards:

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Share good vibes of love, compassion, joy and happiness wherever you go with this oil and jewelry set.

Carry your inspiration with the Good Vibes Holiday Collection:

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Earn Blue Tansy this month, free when enrolling 4+ new members with Level Up/DoubleUp. #YLTip: After your soak, apply Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream to soothe fatigued muscles after a long day of holiday shopping.

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Sharing this because it’s important to know the difference!!!

**Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equal**
When you see a $6.99 price tag on a big bottle of essential oil at Target, Amazon, Walmart, or any other vendor, it’s quite natural to feel tempted to purchase it and use it throughout your home. After all, oil is oil, right? Well, like most things, the story is much more complicated than that.

What's to stop a company from artificially synthesizing some of the constituents found in an essential oil and then using these synthesized constituents to approximate a natural essential oil through reconstitution? What's to stop a company from using these cheaper and more readily available forms of the constituents to adulterate a natural oil to increase their profits? Nothing.

These types of games are routinely played.

The chemistry of artificially synthesizing molecules that replicate the scents of natural sources has been developed extensively by the perfume, scent, and flavoring industries, which are gargantuan. The infrastructure is extensive and the chemistry is well-established, making this pathway the cheaper option.

To give you an example: In the picture below I show you how they can take turpentine, derived from pine trees, and then chemically convert that to many of the terpenes that are found naturally in essential oils. They can then use these compounds to build an oil completely from scratch; or they can use any one of these artificial constituents to adulterate a natural essential oil to make it cheaper.

For the chemistry geeks who want to keep following along, they take resin from pine trees, and steam distill it to extract turpentine. Turpentine is mainly a mixture of alpha and beta pinene. They fractionally distill the beta-pinene and then use this to produce myrcene. To convert pine to myrcene, they use a process called “pyrolysis”, which takes place at very high temperatures (above 700F). It’s these high temperatures where the problems arise. Toxic compounds are produced at these high temperatures, just like in vaping.

To the right I list out a host of these products that are produced from this high temperature conversion process. On the bottom right, I show the detailed chemical pathways that lead to these decomposition products. They then take myrcene (along with all of the other unwanted byproducts) and produce menthol, citral, citronellal, geraniol, nerol, and linalool, among others. These then find there way into the perfume industry, and yes, you guessed it, into a cheap bottle of oil.

Now some of those decomposition products sound harmless. Pinene, limonene, etc. Well, do you notice three different forms of Xylene on the list? Xylene is a very harsh and toxic organic solvent that’s chemically derived from petroleum. Inhaling xylene vapor leads to depression of the central nervous system, delayed reaction time, nausea, vomiting and headaches. This can occur at very low exposure limits, as low as 100 parts per million. The Xylene component can make up more than 1% of the final myrcene mix after the pyrolysis reaction is completed. How much of that xylene makes it into the final “Essential Oils R Us. ” bottle is anyone’s guess.

This is typical with artificial synthetic chemistry. You always end up with a host of unwanted compounds. Every one of those compounds can make it into the final product, and they don’t have to inform you about these impurities on the label.

Please make sure you know your company and the processes that are being used to produce your essential oil. Your health literally depends on it.

Best Regards
Dr. Doug

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Bergamot essential oil will be the zest part of your day! Get it here:

Young Living Essential Oils

When you need some self-reflection, are searching for a moment of peace, or are looking for a calm companion, the grounding, complex aroma of Frankincense will get the job done. #yleo

Young Living Essential Oils

This diffuser blend is so fetch! #MeanGirlsDay #youCANsitwithus

Young Living Essential Oils

Like this if you are nuts for Nutmeg! Get yours here:

Young Living Essential Oils

We’ve put together 17 terrific ways to use Tea Tree oil every day! Learn more here -

Greta’s OilsWell

This is So much more than a box of oils... The Premium Starter Kit unpacks the everyday products you need to reveal a strong foundation of Green Living and overall Wellness!

When you order the Premium Starter Kit you will receive the SAME discount I get because of the LIFETIME membership! There is nothing else you have to do! NO monthly quota or quarterly orders to place, NO number of customers you have to recruit... Nothing else. You will get the FULL 24% member discount just like me!!!
To make this even better for you, I am offering you a $25 credit and a bottle of Citrus Fresh with the purchase of a kit before November 1!!!!

I would love to hold your hand and walk through this journey with you! If you have been considering trying essential oils for your family this is the perfect time!
Just follow this link
Or visit my website for more information ...

Greta’s OilsWell

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No matter what your hair type is, all strands need some extra love and care—and what better time to start than summer? Get more mermaid hair tips:

Young Living Essential Oils


Young Living Essential Oils

While you're enjoying the outdoors, use this #YLTip to keep the inside of your home smelling fresh!

Young Living Essential Oils

Count 4 oils? Find out the fifth oil that simplifies your life on the blog -

Young Living Essential Oils

Want your home to smell sweet without harmful chemicals? Use these essential oil blends instead of candles! -

Young Living Essential Oils

Get jiggly with it! You'll love our DIY bath jellies recipe! These fun and adorable bath jellies make shower or bath time a party full of whimsical wiggles, fabulous fragrances, and playful pigments.

Greta’s OilsWell

🌷Spring Flowers 🌸
Because our Calgary summer still feels like spring☔️
3 drops Orange
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Geranium
#springflowers #rainyday

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