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Our goal is to facilitate your access in obtaining medical marijuana. We aim to educate you, answer all of your questions in regards to whether your desire is to simply learn more, consume, or grow/produce your own personal supply.

Green Leaf's team of specialist Doctors provide facetime/skype interviews to anyone Canada-wide, any age, without a family doctor referral for medical marijuana. Once prescribed, you have the option of purchasing from Health Canada’s licensed producers or applying to Health Canada under the ACMPR program for a growing license. Our Doctors can prescribe up 30gms/day, which means 146 plants of any size can be grown from home after approval.

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Opioids Vs. Marijuana

How safe is marijuana you may ask? Safer then peanuts!

The deaths associated with prescription drug abuse is so prevalent. If your seeking a form of treatment and would like to eliminate opioid use, marijuana is a great alternative.

For many people suffering from conditions listed here and seeking a safe and natural form of treatment. Marijuana might be a great option.


CBD not get you high or leave you feeling stoned. Great for patients seeking natural medical solutions without the psychoactive side effects.

A raw marijuana plant dosnt contain active THC (the component responsible for getting you "high") till its been heated or dried. Ingesting parts of the plant contain many benifits. Here are some common cannabinoids! A great way to extract these benifits is to "juice" the raw cannabis into a smoothie like beverage! Grow your own supply today! Call : Green Leaf Patient Services toll free at 1-855-535-5077 or [email protected]

"Green Leaf Patient Services" can can assist you in obtaining a licence to grow!🍃 Call us toll free at 1-855-535-5077 or email us at [email protected] or visit our website for additional info!

What "Green Leaf Patient Services" can provide for you!! 🍃

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Green Leaf Patient Services

Some common cannabinoids. Its always important to keep yourself informed on all the benefiting properties marijuana can assist you with. If you suffer from various medical conditions and seek treatment, mainstream medicine might not be your only option! Learn more today.

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TO SMOKE OR NOT TO SMOKE..?! A little info on absorption and highest forms of THC vs Lowest!
Consult with our physicians today Anywhere in Canada!
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OR Toll-Free : 1-855-535-5077

Sativa VS. Indica
Feel free to consult with our team of specialists today, anywhere Canada-wide!

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OR Toll-Free : 1-855-535-5077

[01/02/18]   Did you know that raw cannabis is non-psychoactive? The herb only becomes psychoactive when two things happen. 1.) When the bud dries and ages. 2.) When the cannabis is heated. The primary psychoactive compound in cannabis is delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is what gets you high when you smoke it/eat an edible. But, you won’t find THC on a live, growing marijuana plant. What you find is another compound called THCA, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. THCA is NON psychoactive. By applying heat you are removing a “carboxyl group” from the acid form of THC. Hence the term “De-carboxylation“. Without that carboxyl group, THC is able to freely bind to cell receptors in your brain and body.

THCA has a number of known benefiting properties when consumed, including; anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective qualities. But THCA is not psychoactive, and must be converted into THC through "decarboxylation" before any effects can be felt.

Common Benefits of THCA

-Anti- emetic - For treating nausea or loss of appetite.
-Anti-proliferative - Used to prevent the spread of malignant/cancerous cells into surrounding areas.
-Neuroprotective - For treatment on neurodegenerative disorders
-Anti-inflammatory - Reducing the bodies inflammation (ex. used in treating lupus and arthritis)
-Pain Management- Its been documented in many cases for treating all kinds of pain. (Ex. Muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, etc.)
-Sleep aid- Widely used in treatment of conditions like insomnia.
There are other various forms of conditions and symptoms THCA can aid with that have not yet been studied or reported.

How to attain these benefits using Marijuana plants?
Most popular is to consume raw cannabis plant parts. A common option is to "juice" the plant into a smoothie like beverage. Green Leaf's specialists can assist you in the option to grow you own supply for personal juicing to extract the THCA. This is a great option for patients looking for the healing properties of cannabis without ANY psychoactive effects.

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OR Toll-Free : 1-855-535-5077​​

Green Leaf Patient Services's cover photo

Green Leaf Patient Services's cover photo

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