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I have been a regular client since mid Feb when I experienced a slip and fall on the ice. My health, fitness and alignment has responded favourably to regular adjustments. Special thanks to Dr Devon, Dr Mike, Tori and Carly.
It's always exciting when we reach the point of installation. We hold our breath and watch the client's vision materialize and become real. And, if we've done our job, then it's at this moment that we'll see the client start to smile. It's super cool. Congrats to Telsec Property Corporation for finding another great tenant!
Good luck to our new neighbour Elevation Chiropractic 403-701-1488!
Shout out to DLight Signs-- one of our partners for installations @height! They are focused on quality and safe installations every time!
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Naomi Ngo EmmanuelJomin Ngo This is the office I recommend in Calgary 🙌🏻
I am very pleased and alrady happy after only 2 VISITS.
Dr Lyons is very knowledable,. His skills are very high.
All stuff is helpful and friendly. I can notice already very
Good result of treatment. I would strongly recomend
This clinic for everybody need chiropractors help.
Impssible makes possible here.
Healthy substitutions.
Make your own pizza. Use pita bread instead of the high carb dough.
Take it a notch healthier with chaffles instead of pita.
How about an easy healthy swap. Instead of high carb buns, we had our pulled pork on Chaffles. Even the teenagers devoured it. Win win.
Friday night self care smoothies for the whole family.
#teamtori #teamamanda
Thank you Dr. Lyons for keeping me hydrated on my Christmas Eve workout
Doc, I’m crying! You didn’t have to, but I LOVE it ❤️
Hope you & the whole fam @ home & in the office stay blessed forevvaaahhh x
Happy Monday.

Our friends at Elevation Chiropractic 403-701-1488 are reminding us how important water is for self care.

Check out the chart for how much water we should drink.

On Monday, Feb 3, 2020, Dr. Devon Lyons 🥼and his team from Elevation Chiropractic visited the Calgary International Airport Fire Station 👨‍🚒✈️🚒 with lunch 🥗 to educate the crew on general health and the importance of good spinal health.

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Thanks Dr. Lyons!!!!! Go Flames Go!!!

-Posture/Spinal Correction
-Family Care
-Home Exercises
*Over 150 5 Star Reviews on Google*
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Elevate Chiropractic has been open and healing patients since May of 2016!!

Operating as usual

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


To maximize the benefits of chiropractic and get closer to those health goals, make sure you do your exercises every time you come in!



Fun day doing free spinal nerve screenings at @littlemodernmarket
Be sure to check out this market next time they have one!

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Too good not to share!


It’s going to be 20 °C in Calgary tomorrow! Time to get outside!


Heads up! We are closed this Friday as both of our Doctors are out of town! We have extended hours tomorrow so text us to get in your adjustment!


Stress can cause major alignment problems in the spine. If left uncorrected, misalignments will cause dysfunction which can lead to all sorts of stress related aches, pains, headaches, etc. This is why we use chiropractic adjustments to correct misalignments in the spine and help the body function and heal at its best.


Meet Carly! Carly’s specialty is being our exam tech, however she is kind of a jack of all trades here in the clinic! Graduated with a Bachelor in Kinesiology so she loves movement and structure and helping you thrive in our clinic.
It’s also her birthday today!!! So make sure you give her some birthday wishes as you pass through the clinic this week!


Meet Chelsea! Her and Dr. Lyons own the clinic. After years of headaches and other concerns, it was really her transformation of health through chiropractic that lead Dr. Lyons to go to chiropractic school. Years later, when she’s not mothering her 4 beautiful children, she runs our nutrition department where we do weight loss programs and functional lab testing! Did you see her pretty office in our last post?

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• 2 Medium Zucchini
• 3⁄4 lb Ground Turkey
• 1 cup Raw Cheese (or Cheese Alternative), Shredded (Optional)
• 2 tbsp Fruit Sweetened Ketchup or Tomato Paste
• 1⁄2 tsp Sea Salt
• 1⁄4 tsp Pepper
• 1⁄2 cup Sliced Fresh Mushrooms
• 1⁄2 cup Sweet Red Peppers
• 1⁄2 cup Chopped Green Peppers

1. Trim the ends of the zucchini.
2. Cut in half lengthwise.
3. Scoop out pulp, leaving a 1⁄2 inch shell.
4. Finely chop pulp.
5. In a skillet, cook ground turkey, zucchini pulp, onion, mushrooms, and peppers until meat is brown, drain.
6. Remove from heat.
7. Add 1⁄2 cup cheese, ketchup, sea salt, and pepper.
8. Mix well.
9. Spoon into the zucchini shells.
10. Place in a buttered 13 x 9 x 2 inch baking dish.
11. Sprinkle with remaining cheese if desired.
12. Bake uncovered at 350F for 30 minutes.

👇 Tag someone who would love our Zucchini Boats dish!


Did you hear? We have pillows! A doctor out of the Netherlands designed a pillow that has cooling features and is custom fitted based on 3 different measurements and adjusted for firmness of your mattress, and whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach to give you the best sleep possible. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping! How good is your pillow?


Happy Doctors Day! These two bring so much joy to the clinic! They both are so passionate about their careers! After 5 months they finally put on the cabinet handles in Chelsea’s office 🙌🏻


Did you know the neck has a natural curve to it, kinda like the shape of a banana. However, modern technology, especially our phones, cause us to bend our neck in the opposite direction a little too often and we can actually lose that normal curve in the neck as our posture worsens. The tension associated with that can contribute to headaches, neck pain, and a roster of other concerns. Exercises like this one can look to support the natural curve in our neck.


If you have a symptom that’s getting in the way of you functioning at 100%, we can help! Link in bio.

Elevate Chiropractic updated their website address. 03/04/2022

Elevate Chiropractic updated their website address.

Elevate Chiropractic updated their website address.


We are doing a challenge in our office this month following the Metabolism Workshop we just did a week ago! Clean eating and detox for the month of February! I thought I’d put this one on our main page as well for everyone to see.
Salmon, asparagus and cauliflower rice for dinner, with a home made Caesar salad with plantain croutons on top!


Who loves golf?? 🏌️‍♂️⛳️🙋🏽


Why do we only recommend this mayonnaise? All the others are full of rancid, unstable oils. When you ingest those oils they cause inflammation in the body. This mayo is made with avocado 🥑 oil which is a great healthy alternative! Costco sells it for a steal 🙌🏻


Nowadays people spend hours staring at a screen each day whether it's a phone, computer, tablet, or TV.
It’s important to take time to unplug not only for yourself, but also to set an example for the rest of your family, so you can relax and unwind together. The holidays are a time you’ll remember forever - don’t waste it by staring at a screen!
Fun activities you can do with your loved ones this holiday season include:

Making a new healthy recipe
Going to the chiropractor together
Writing notes to people you care about
Going ice skating (maybe not yesterday)
Tell us your favorite holiday activities in the comments below! .


Thank you to our neighbors @image360calgarysouth for creating these beautiful prints to showcase our Doctors with their families!

Elevate Chiropractic added a button to help you learn more about them. 12/18/2021

Elevate Chiropractic added a button to help you learn more about them.

Elevate Chiropractic added a button to help you learn more about them.

Elevate Chiropractic added a button to help you learn more about them. 12/18/2021

Elevate Chiropractic added a button to help you learn more about them.

Elevate Chiropractic added a button to help you learn more about them.

Elevate Chiropractic updated their phone number. 12/18/2021

Elevate Chiropractic updated their phone number.

Elevate Chiropractic updated their phone number.


We operate under the premise that your body is designed to heal! That healing flows from your brain, through your spinal cord out every nerve to every part of your body. Your spine protects this vital system and naturally has a structure to it that should be straight from the front, and from the side actually has curves! Many don’t even know that your spine actually has curves in it. When life beats this spine up, shifts in that spine can happen which can put stress on your nervous system. Our goal is to restore your spine to its best optimal position and keep it there so you can keep your nerves under the least stress and, in turn help your body heal its best. Everything you see in this picture from the traction, to the wobble cushions to the vibe plates aid us in helping you achieve that optimal position of your spine.
Interested in correcting your posture or getting an idea as to where you are at? Give us a call!


Monday motivation!!
I got this poster for my birthday and I would say the embodies my everyday quest to be the best version of myself possible! Have an amazing Monday and be just a little better today than you were yesterday!
-Dr. Lyons


Celebrating 2 years 🎉🎉 of Tori being at Elevate Chiropractic! As our Current Patients Coordinator, she makes sure that each visit to our office is one filled with love, positive energy, and healing! Congrats on 2 years, Tori!


Just chilling on the adjusting table… Repost from mom.
Adjusting a baby is nothing like adjusting an adult or even a kid. It’s really just subtle touches to influence the tone of the spine and musculature. It’s rewarding though and fun to hear about the milestones they continue to hit over the first year of life.


We had @silkplantwarehouse put up a 12’ tree this year!! They did a killer job. Head over to them to get your holiday season decorated right! Mention Dr. Lyons for 10% off your order!


BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DR. LYONS! The man who started it all! We appreciate all of your positivity and your passion for health! 🎉🎂🥳🎈🎁


We are slowly adding things to our product wall! First up is @topknot.co scrunchies. They make a perfect pick me up or stocking stuffer!


Every health journey starts somewhere… we work with the premise that your body is innately designed to heal itself. Interference to that healing happens when we experience stress in life. That stress can be as extreme as a car accident, and as subtle as spending too much time looking down at your phone. That stress doesn’t have to be physical either. It can be emotional stress or even what we put into our bodies everyday, as well.
We look to locate that interference, and by understanding where that stress has manifested itself through things like abnormal posture, restricted range of motion, asymmetrical muscle tone, and other findings, we can then start to help you correct these things and move your body back to a state of optimal healing.
The reason for being that the greatest doctor in the world is the one inside of you. It knows how to heal best. We only look to remove any interference that gets in the way of that healing so that your body can do what it was already designed to do.

Elevate Chiropractic updated their information in their About section. 11/09/2021

Elevate Chiropractic updated their information in their About section.

Elevate Chiropractic updated their information in their About section.

Elevate Chiropractic updated their address. 10/25/2021

Elevate Chiropractic updated their address.

Elevate Chiropractic updated their address.


Dr. Lyons and Dr. Mike are pretty much twins today 💙


In school I had one doctor that would always say, “your posture is a window to your spine…” And now I simply can’t unsee it everywhere I go. I see people at the bus stop unable to communicate to each other because they are glued to their phone. And, regardless the lack of communication that they are having with those around them, I just think about what kind of stress that is putting on their spine and how long before their spine stays in that position and causes them grief.
Posture is one of the big things we help people correct and in the next little bit im going to focus my attention on IG to helping you correct some of those habits that cause many of the concerns people come into our clinic with on a regular basis. So, stay tuned…

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Aches or pains can be caused by bad posture.
This is our favorite all purpose cleaner! Such an affordable, effective cleaner.
In case you need ideas on how to burn some energy indoors... Just Dance videos on YouTube has become a daily ritual for ...
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One of the amazing features every patient utilizes in our office is the cervical traction unit. It warms the spine up an...
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Smoothies make the whole family happy! Get your kids to help you make a healthy lunch. #family #smoothie #elevatecalgary





3412 114 Ave SE
Calgary, AB

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 10am
2pm - 6pm
Tuesday 3pm - 6pm
Wednesday 7am - 12pm
Thursday 11:30am - 1pm
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