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Owned and operated by Erika Reibmayr, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), licensed with City of Calg I offer the highest quality of care to my clients.

Much Kneaded Massage provides advanced therapeutic and relaxation massage in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment, which contributes and promotes an overall feeling of wellness. Clients of all ages including children, adults, and seniors are welcome. The services include a variety of massage techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and hot stone massage that are desig

Operating as usual

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It’s time to go rest. That was a lot.

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Today is an oatmeal kinda day.
Apologies to 😉

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“Habits are when we decide how to act

Before we are aware

That we have a choice”
~Moshe Feldenkrais


Winter is all grey 😉


New season mornings 💕. Doesn’t matter how late I am, gotta click 😉


New season mornings 💕 Doesn’t matter how late I am, I gotta stop and click 😉

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Thanksgiving weekend in Alberta
🙏 🍁 🇨🇦


Garden salad 😌 🥬💚


The un prepossessing moving blanket. Our homes for a second week of , of , of learning how to learn, and finally how to share how to learn and build awareness.

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On my way to Kelowna-again- and I tried car camping for the first time! Had no idea where I’d parked in the dark of the night. Turns out I was steps away from the flush toilets and many fewer steps away from a very swift river.


And that’s a wrap
…plus a swollen lip where my paddle connected 🫦

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Trail run meets flower appreciation morning.


Sensing, feeling, thinking, moving.

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My adorable, sweet, get me to the mountains, electric blue Mazda 3 with a nick on the rear passenger door, stick shift and roof rack was stolen last night. If you see it, call the Calgary Police Non Emergency line (403) 266-1234
However, if someone is in it or it’s moving call 911. Don’t approach it.

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“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant. “
-Moshe Feldenkrais

All set up for Week Two of my second segment of Feldenkrais Teacher Training! 🤓
Year One of Four 😅

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My favourite clothes of the moment 🤣 doin’ my new fave thing. Just keep the skates in the car and pop out when the right rink appears.
I’ve just signed up to do four years of training. It’s the kinda thing that helps you learn by leaps and bounds to do new things and learn how to do old things better.

@ Stanley Park


A short meditation. Finding the place of neither here nor there, neither left nor right. That moment in time and space where one can observe from within and find , be , .

I’ve purloined this idea for a meditation from Jeff Haller who was being interviewed on the Feldenkrais Summit 2020, Day 3, Moving Toward Emotional Dignity


breathe #muchkneadedmassage


This vid describes a kinder way of getting the deep hip flexors to release and bringing the glutes (bum) and hamstrings back on line. What is important is becoming aware of how everything is connected and how having one aspect of yourself slightly out of whack creates strain somewhere else. (Everything is connected; breath, physical, emotional, mental,social) Think of the body, bound by our skin and the superficial fascia, as a structure of tension and compression. Ideally, the tension is the same all around and through the body. However, repeating one or few postures, limiting our range of movements (let’s insert beliefs of oneself too) can throw that balance out of whack. Tom Myers describes this well:
“Put strain into a tensegrity structure and the deformation will get distributed all over the structure. Continuous compression structures like buildings do not show this property, but bodies do. Load one corner of a building with a huge amount of snow, and that corner might collapse, leaving the rest of building intact. Load a tensegrity, and it will distribute the strain around the whole structure. Ergo: Where will a strained compression structure break? where the strain is greatest. Where will a tensegrity structure break under strain? At its weakest point. If we are a tensegrity structure, the ‘load’ that is causing pain or strain in the low back may be sourced in the foot or the shoulder ..”


“We didn’t evolve to be healthy but instead were selected to have as many offspring as possible under diverse, challenging conditions. As a consequence, we never evolved to make rational choices about what to eat or how to exercise in conditions of abundance and comfort. “ David Lieberman, The Story of the Human Body, Evolution, Health ans Disease.

The wind swept my words away, but the main gist is that though we can now assume to live well into our eighties, the question is why isn’t it easier or just as pleasant as my first half of life. Well, as I say, Mother Nature bet that most of us wouldn’t make past 35 years old. And now, rather than enjoy the ease of life pre 25-30 without a thought or care, a certain amount of awareness might be necessary. Does this food feed me or just fill me up and taste good? Am I moving all these joints in all the ways that they were meant to move or am I restricting my moving to every day routines and habits? Of course, this line of thinking can expand further to: Am I spending most of my day in a cave, albeit there are now windows to our caves, or am I outside using my ears to listen and my eyes to look further away perhaps into trees or shrubs? All of this is in the search for reduction in pain or discomfort. We still don’t know all the minutiae that keeps us healthy and calm which in turn keeps us happier. My thought is that if we can start to see that the world that we have created is not natural to us, then we can take charge of ourselves and make choices rather than being stuck on a wheel doing the same thing over and over and not making progress.

# barefoot


This short vid describes your ability to move the pelvis separately from the rest of your body, allowing your trunk to move in one direction as your pelvis rolls in the other, releasing tight muscles. Feel the ability of the pelvis move other parts of you as well. Notice the weight on your feet or movement of your legs. (Interesting bc you’ll be practicing proprioception and even interoception) Don’t force any of this movement, which is often a paradigm shift in this world of bigger is better. Ideally, this is slowed down and the smaller the movements that you can do, the more you are refining gross motor skills of your trunk and pelvis. If you move in the spaces that you are familiar with, then you may be practicing what is making you stiff in the first place. So slow down and feel your body. Even feel what emotions this may bring up (interception). Which sounds unrelated but by moving your viscera , gut, diaphragm(due to your pelvis moving) you will possibly be activating the vagus nerve. This time from the bottom up. Releasing tissues, allowing the ribs to move, the gut to be massaged. That sense of anxiety may be more your body’s reflexive reaction than your mind. In this case, you are moving body parts around that have been kept still because of being in protective or reactionary mode. Rather than trying to still your mind, what about looking for ways to quiet the body? 🙃 Check out the Polyvagal theory if you want to understands this better
Two very different approaches are:
1. Allow your exhale to be longer than your inhale. Imagine that each round of breath squirts vagus stuff ( acetylcholine) over the heart prompting it to slow down. OR
2. Get up and shake, jump, jostle. Shaking the reflexive contractions in the muscles will send a message to the brain that the danger is past. Of course, your breath will also be affected.

I made a couple of spoken mistakes🤪 in the vid. Moving your pelvis into an posterior tilt (slouch) will have you move OVER your sitz bones towards your Tailbone. Also, the word that I was searching for was plane not vector 😬

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Need a cat nap? Do it.

Maybe drink some water first.


This introduces you to why you may have low back pain or stiffness. I talk a little about our anatomy. If nothing else, think of moving stagnant water.

We may not appreciate how often we sit: eating, computer work, reading, talking to someone, phone calls, watching a show, loading Instagram...Bring an image in your mind’s eye of the shape that you make right now. Are your elbows tucked to your ribs, is your head down, are you standing in a long pole like shape or a smaller seated shape? How about doing the opposite. Raise your arms, move your head one way and your eyes the other, look up, stand up, reach back, raise a knee above the hip, kick your foot up towards your bum, move your hips in a circle.


This is a simple breathing technique that can be easily available to you when you need to self soothe. It stills your mind and allows you to regulate your breathe.

Imagine a square or a box in your mind’s eye. Inhale for the count of four as you go up one side of the box, hold your breath, neither inhaling nor exhaling for the count of four, going along the top of the box, exhale as you go down the other side of the box, and hold again as you imagine going across the bottom of the square or box. Do at least three rounds of these. 🌎💙

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Happy Earth 🌎 Day💚

This is a perfect day to get outside and touch the earth with your feet 🦶. It is incredibly grounding. Let your feet feel the coolness of the soil or the warmth of stones. Let them fall into divets, pressing a toe up here or there. Stand in the sun and notice how it easily brings a sigh, a calm breath. If you have a backyard (or a front yard) set yourself a time every day, for outside recess. Out you go, ideally without shoes, and stay out until you hear a bird song, until you feel a breeze against your skin. Settle into just standing on Mother Earth. For a moment. 💚


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This lovely space for a walking meditation is somewhere up on Nose Hill. Couldn’t tell you how to find it again and it is wet right now but this can be a very grounding practice nowadays. Unlike usual times, only one person can walk it at a time so that you don’t meet each other face to face as you round a curve.
Labyrinths have been around for thousands of years, spiral paths that fold back on each leading you to its Center. The path will always lead to the Center no matter that it seems to be leading you away or appears to be overly complicating the journey. Do not rush, this is one of those (aren’t they always?) the journey is the destination experiences.
The way I approach my walk has often been to ask a question of myself or to think of an issue that I’m having trouble with at the entrance. I then let it go and begin the walk. No rules really, just silence. The effort of following the path can still your mind. For many, once they find themselves at the Center a resolution or answer comes to them. Nor is it necessary to ask a question or set an intention, the simple act of following the winding path is quieting.
Labyrinths have been used to help people through their grieving process, to meditate or to quiet the mind and to ground the body.
I know of another beautiful one in Calgary that I don’t think is available to us right now and that the one in Knox United Church downtown.


Find yourselves something soft to kneel on: rolled up blankets, carpet or rug and have atter’ This is an idea for a movement flow that you can play with.

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Supporting our immune system means living as we were designed to or evolved to be. We were meant to spend most of our time outside, not in our dank, dark caves. And that meant that we evolved on the premise that we would always be outside Research shows that we get some of our nutrients from being outside. The obvious one is vitamin D. The other benefit of the sun, the infrared light, is that it causes our mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells, to produce more ATP, a compound that provides the cell’s energy. Potentially, increasing our wellness and lifespan. Doing exercise inside versus outside is vastly different as well. Being outside and ideally, in nature calms the mind, sharpens your focus, improves vision, improves your balance. Whenever, I’m out walking or running, I’ll look for places to walk that aren’t commonly walked on: the guard rail, boulders, grassy embankment, anything that will me! 🙃💚I want to thank the for opening up spaces for us to . ❤️❤️🙏


Some more variations to floor sitting. Getting reacquainted with our ankles and hips ❤️


A few more variations to sitting on the floor.


A few variations of sitting in the floor postures and why we should try them. ❤️


This begins the variety of ways of sitting on the floor and why we should ❤️


"The feeling of effortless movement and sense of balance arises when all our systems; muscular, skeletal and fascial work in an integrated way with our neurology and emotions. No part of our system works more than necessary thus freeing disproportionate tensions that hinder our comfort." Anastasi Siotas

This is a special opportunity coming to Calgary. Anastasi Siotas, hailing all the way from New York City, will be presenting, along with Rob Black for two days only!

Timeline photos 10/17/2019

Touch changes stuff.
New booking hours means more availability. Spots available tomorrow and next Saturday, October 26!

Timeline photos 10/07/2019

See that blue patch? A skin grabber . Kindly and slowly moving skin to pull on proximal or distal cutaneous nerves creates magic! No pain just change and relief. This is Dermo Neuro Modulating. Thanks to . Respecting that “we are not the agents of change in someone else’s body”. It’s their own nervous system. We, primate groomers also known as manual therapists, can through our clients skin, talk to the brain 🧠 and allow it to change the tone of tissue.

Timeline photos 09/17/2019

One hour appointment available this Thursday at 11am. 😅


Timeline photos 07/09/2019

An opening!! I know my calendar seems overly tight this summer but a spot has just opened up on July 19 for table or Thai massage between 1:30 and 3. Head to the website or DM me 😊🙏

Timeline photos 07/05/2019

New Moon 🌙 intentions

Our Story

Much Kneaded Massage provides advanced therapeutic and relaxation massage in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment, which contributes and promotes an overall feeling of wellness.
Clients of all ages including children, adults, and seniors are welcome. The services include a variety of massage techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and hot stone massage that are designed to relieve the pain and stress related to day to day living, while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries or addressing postural alignment.

I offer the highest quality of care to my clients. I am licensed with the City of Calgary and I am registered with Natural Health Practionners of Canada (NHPC). Having graduated from the 2,200 hour program at Foothills College of Massage in 2006, I am qualified to be covered by the new policies offered by Sunlife, Manulife and Alberta Blue Cross. All aspects of your treatment will be treated in a friendly and knowledgeable fashion. I customize each treatment to meet your specific needs by incorporating a variety of assessment and treatment techniques that are best suited to you as an individual.

Through the gentle and effective use of myofascial techniques, as well as, deep tissue and swedish massage techniques, adhesions and restrictions causing pain and stiffness can be released. I also regularly use hydrotherapeutic methods such as hot clay packs or hot and cool stones to massage muscles and connective tissues allowing you to regain freedom of movement and a healthy posture. As part of my service, I will talk to you about possible changes in movement patterns to increase body awareness and range of movement, and use of hot and cold therapy which will help you get the most out of each treatment.

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