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Halfway through our Million Metre already!! Thanks so much to all of our supporters so far it means the world. Make sure to check out to send donations to this endeavour! Donations will be going to Fast and Female as well as the Dinos Rowing team for our upcoming competitions!
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Passing the 300km mark of the million meter row!!

Don't forget to donate at to support Fast and Female and Dinos Rowing!

Thanks again to Evolve Strength Sunridge for hosting us and Movement Performance & Health for providing chiropractic care!
Great treatments at a really affordable price. Have benefited from the chiro and the massage!
For the last week or two, I was really struggling with some health issues. Just not feeling right. I assumed that my last concussion came back to haunt me. But to my surprise, Lacey (who is an amazing and gifted acupuncturist with additional medical knowledge as well as knowledge of the nervous system that she gained as a medical nurse) managed to figure out what was wrong and after two treatments and following her advice, I can honestly say that I’m feeling much better. Dr. Hayer has surrounded herself with a team of healers who have helped and fixed me many times over the years. I highly recommend them to anyone 🙂
Dr. Hayer is the best Chiropractor I have ever found. I like her approach. I think is is super healthy. She makes the appointment about health. I left my other Chiropractor as I felt he just got people in for money after awhile. Dr. hayers aprroach with heat and tens first and ART technique then adjust makes o much sense. She also referred me to Anna Bruasard who has helped me beyond any massage therapist, osteopath or acupuncturist. My body feels more alined ( knock on wood) than it ever has. Anna has I believe a gift yet her approach and technique while at first extremely painful has allowed my body to realign and she understands what is root cause. These 2 combined are Aaaaamazing!

Chiro | Active Release | Graston | RAPID | Massage | Acu | TCM | Fascial Stretch | Hypnosis | Custom Orthotics | IMS | Dietician | 403.457.MOVE (6683)

Movement Performance & Health strives to prevent injuries, recover and to help you achieve your lifelong wellness goals. We provide many services to suit your specific health needs with our dedicated team of compassionate and expert professionals.

Operating as usual


Today is ! Mental health affects all of us. As a team of health professionals, we believe it's important to understand the wide range of mental health issues that exist, as well as provide a safe space for others to share their concerns, struggles and issues.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.


We can’t wait to be on the water with these beauties @dinosrowing. The Movement Performance & Health team continue to work with the male and female student athletes both in clinic and on-site during their off season. We love collaborating with their trainers @zealyyc to optimize their performance, keep them moving and healthy.


That’s a wrap 2021. Thank you from all of us at Movement, Performance & Health for all your support this year. We genuinely love what we do and all of you make it that much better!

We look forward to working with you in 2022.
Remember to keep moving…you got this.


Thank you for making our food drive a success! This month at Movement Performance & Health we collected much needed food and cash donations for the Calgary Food Bank @calgaryfoodbank


Happy Holidays from the team at Movement Performance & Health.
Have a safe holiday weekend. We will have regular hours next week but are taking weekend off with family.

Dec 24 Closed
Dec 25 Closed
Dec 26 Closed
Dec 27-30 Regular Hours
Dec 31 7am-1pm


Thank you to all our teachers and health care
workers. We are grateful for the work you do each and everyday.

Please come in and enjoy $20 off your 60 minute or 90 massages for the rest of this month. We look forward to seeing you and thanking you in person.

Call 403.457.6683 or
Book online


September 30, 2021 marks the first National Day For Truth and Reconciliation. This day honours the indigenous communities of Canada and the lost children, survivors and families of residential schools during a tragic time in our country’s history. Movement Performance & Health will be closed on September 30.


Movement Performance and Health is so happy to be working with these amazing @dinosrowing athletes for another season. Come check them out this weekend at @calgary_rowing club and cheer them on. They will be competing in the DINOS SPRINTS along with @edmontonrowing @saskatoonrowingclub @centralalbertarowingclub @lakelandrowingclub @lloydrowing


Yes we treat kids! Our practitioners are experienced and love seeing kiddos of all ages. From new borns to high level youth athletes our team is here to help. Book in now before school and activities take over your schedule.


Being slowed down or held back by sciatic pain can be a real problem. But massage can help. With the manual manipulation of scar tissue and muscles combined with simple at-home stretches and hot/cold compresses, massage therapy can provide long lasting solutions.

See how massage therapy can help you achieve relief and recovery in just a few sessions – read our latest blog at the link in bio or book your treatment online today.

Photos from Movement Performance & Health's post 07/24/2021

All of us at Movement Performance & Health strive to bring and keep you in good health. And that’s why customer reviews like these mean so much to us – we love hearing your feedback and appreciation.

Thank you to all our customers who trust us to help heal injuries, relieve pain, and improve their lives. And thank you for supporting our small business.


Now that the warm weather is here to stay for a while, why not take your stretching or work-out warm-up outside! You’ll get the added benefit of getting your vitamin D while loosening those muscles.

Here are our favourite stretches perfect for the outdoors:

✔️ Neck stretch – with your back straight and head square over your shoulders slowly turn your head to the right until you feel a stretch along the side of your neck. Hold for 25 seconds, and slowly release. Repeat on the other side.

✔️ Hamstring stretch – extend one leg out and place that heel on a stair or curb. With a straight spine and hands resting on your waist or upper thigh, bend at the hip to bring your chest toward the thigh. Bring a slight knee bend into your standing leg and hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

✔️ Hip stretch – kneel on your left knee and extend your left foot in front, making a 90-degree angle to the ground. Bring your hip forward until a stretch is felt and hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times with each leg.

✔️ Back stretch – stand with legs shoulder width apart and a very slight bend at the knees. Slowly fold forward, letting your arms and upper body weight guide you until a stretch in your back is felt. Hold for 20 seconds before slowly coming out of the stretch.

Doing these simple stretches daily – inside or out – will increase your overall mobility and flexibility.


Relieve pain, inflammation & tension with fire cupping | MPH

Have you tried fire cupping yet? Don’t let the name fool you – therapeutic fire cupping can help relieve muscle tension and pain and even provide relief from chronic fatigue, joint pain, and can strengthen the immune system.

Fire cupping can be added to your massage therapy or be done as a standalone treatment. Book today with Shelley, a RMT and trained fire cupping specialist, to try this treatment and reap all the amazing benefits. Read more on our blog

Relieve pain, inflammation & tension with fire cupping | MPH Fire cupping is a great treatment to incorporate with massage therapy, acupuncture or done all on its own. Learn more about this treatment and its benefits.


Meet our newest team member, Colleen Gilbert!

Practicing since 2005 as a Registered Massage Therapist, Colleen will help you create a mind-body awareness to enhance your overall well-being.

In treatments – which ranges from children from the ages of 5 and up, Colleen can incorporate hot stone massages for relaxation or myofascial stretching to reduce muscle tension and headaches for therapeutic massages.

Colleen is usually outdoors kayaking, gardening, and hiking with her family when not in the clinic.

Book with Colleen today - call the clinic at 403-457-6683.


Stress is a normal part of life, but at times it can lead to anxiety or sleep interruptions.

Did you know that aside from physical benefits, massage therapy also provides numerous emotional and mental benefits?

Massage therapy can help: decrease your heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels while activating your sympathetic nervous system, which can help lower stress and improve mood.

The power of touch has an amazing effect on the mind as it stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine - the neurotransmitters that promote well-being and the feeling of happiness.

Serotonin also stimulates production of melatonin, which helps regulate your body’s circadian rhythms and can improve your sleep patterns. Decreasing the overall tension and pain in your body will also lead to fewer sleep disturbances. This gives your body and mind the healthy rest it deserves.

Reap the full mind-body benefits of massage therapy. Book a treatment today – online at or call 403-457-6683.


Welcome to the team, Dr. Stephen Lawson!

A second-generation chiropractor with over 40 years of experience serving Calgarians, Dr. Lawson provides care to patients of all backgrounds: dancers, athletes, front line workers, teachers, and the elderly. His goal is to help you regain or maintain your health.

Graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Dr. Lawson returned to Calgary to set down roots. He has lent his experience to the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors as a council member and has been integral in evaluating new chiropractic graduates to ensure competency in Alberta.

Dr. Lawson is excited to move his practice, Calgary Chiropractic Clinic South, to Movement Performance & Health and is looking forward to this new chapter.

Book with Dr. Lawson today - call the clinic at 403-457-6683.


As we continue to navigate Covid-19, all clinic staff and practitioners will follow guidelines for healthcare facilities set by AHS and The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors.

All of us at Movement Performance and Health have your best health in mind and will continue requiring everyone coming into the clinic to wear a mask until we are directed otherwise.


Heads up - our Student Massage Therapist, Sam Mongrain will be fully licensed and able to bill insurance in July.

So that means it's your last chance to get a 60-minute massage with her for just $45!

There's a handful of open spots - book now at or call us at 403-457-6683 to snag one!

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It’s finally here Calgary, camping season!

With the weather improving and restrictions lifting, the return to our pre-pandemic camping plans is finally happening. But do you come back from your glorious trips a little sorer than when you left?

These 5 exercises can help you stay pain free and enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

Stretch 1: The bridge
Laying on your back with knees bent and feet on the ground, keep your palms face down on the ground as you lift your butt off the ground. The goal is to make a straight line from knees to shoulders. Lower down slowly. Aim for 10-15 reps each day, and this will help strengthen your core and glutes!

Stretch 2: Knee to chest
Laying on your back, legs straight, bring on knee to your chest, holding with your hands either under the knee, or over. Only go until you feel a stretch, and hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Stretch 3: Windshield wipers
Lie on your back, knees bent, similar to the bridge earlier. Gently and with control lower your knees together to the left, then bring them back up to the right. Rotate back and forth slowly, gently stretching the low back. Repeat 12 times in each direction.

Stretch 4: Childs pose
This stretch is great for pelvis, low back, upper back and shoulders. Start on your hands and knees, and bend your knees until your butt touches your heels (or as close as you can get) with your arms stretched in front of you. Relax here for 30 seconds.

Stretch 5: The twist
Laying on your back, keeping one leg straight, bend the other knee, lifting it to about 90 degrees. With the opposite hand, bring that knee over the straight leg, twisting the body. Feel a good stretch all through the hip and low back. Hold for 10-20 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

Happy camping !


Eating Well for a Bright Life; Tips and Recipes from our in-house Registered Dietitian Gillian Ronald

"Can you give me some ideas for healthy snacks?”

As a Registered Dietitian I get asked this question A LOT in my nutrition counselling and coaching sessions.

And for good reason - snacks get us through those times in between meals when we need nourishment and energy to help us coast along to the next meal. They help us fend off that hangry afternoon slump so we aren’t rummaging in the pantry while we are cooking dinner.

What's the best combo for a healthy, small snack? Protein and high-fiber carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will fuel your brain and muscles with energy, and the protein and fiber will sustain your blood sugar levels to avoid an energy crash.

Protein balls or “bites” are an easy snack that can be made at home, they taste like a cookie and can be loaded with things that make your body feel fabulous.

I have shared an easy recipe for cinnamon almond protein bites for the MPH blog. Get the recipe:

P.S. If you're feeling fatigued, need some support on meal ideas or need a nutrition wing man, Gillian can help you get back on track. Book a one-on-one customized nutrition counselling and coaching session today. Movement Performance Health will direct bill your health insurance provider!

Optimize your Movement, Performance and Health with MPH

Opened on March 25, 2019 by Clinic Owner and Director, Dr. Madhu Brar-Hayer, Movement Performance & Health is health and wellness clinic that offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments.

Treatments are designed to relieve pain, heal injury, ease movement, improve strength, enhance performance and optimize health and well-being. We employ a variety of approaches tailored to our patients’ needs.

Our services include chiropractic care, massage therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, RAPID Neurofascial Reset, nutrition and osteopathic care. Our certified practitioners bring a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise to the treatment of our patients.

Learn more about our services and meet our team at:

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Custom orthotics, medical acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, compression stockings, athletic therapy, nutrition, physiotherapy, active release techniques, and much more.



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