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Any client of Acupuncture Collective will receive 40% off your first virtual cooking class hosted by Chef Joey.

Our next class is Vegetarian and it's full of amazing dishes to create the ultimate Buddha Bowl!
Time: Jan. 2 at 5:00pm

Here's the deal. When you sign up you get a shopping list, recipes and a Zoom link to the class.

Joesph is super fun (ask Sarah), and is great with all levels of abilities.
Dr. Allen is amazing. I've tried acupuncture a few times,with no real results. Within one session with him I felt so much of the sluggishness and fatigue in my body release, and over time, the health concerns I had began to heal. He is also such a wonderful person, caring and takes the time to really explain things from a TCM perspective, and very generous with his time.

Will is also amazing! He is truly gifted in both Reiki and massage. Having been to many RMTs his style is pretty unique. He has an intuitive sense of what's going on in my body, bringing my awareness inwards, and engaging my breath to breathe through the tension. He also creates such a warm, comfortable environment.

Im so grateful to have met and been treated by these awesome guys 💕

If you're looking for Acupuncture, why not visit a clinic dedicated to it? We help you feel your bes

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REPOST from the fab• .streu.tcm

i've been considering the process of digestion & nutrient breakdown a lot more, & how to optimize that. our spleen & stomach (digestive organs in TCM) have a capacity for consumption/digestion. whether that be audio, visual, food, sensory - all forms of consumption for the body. we only have the energy to focus on 1 of theses processes of digestion at a time.

today i sat & forced myself to eat in silence, free of distraction & lemme fell ya, it was uncomfortable. i had to actually tune in to my body & listen - instead of letting the mind override the innate signals. i had to focus & not only DIGEST this singular process but also ACCEPT the nourishment it was providing.

it got me thinking.. I have resistance to true nourishment. sure on paper it looks perfect, i'm going through the right motions when it comes to diet & nutrition. but the energy behind it - the love, the care, the worthiness - were missing. as such, my actions were empty. & i was missing out on all the true benefits.

i think it all comes back to worthiness. the understanding that we are worthy of deep nourishment & care. acceptance of the fact that until we give this nourishment to ourselves, we won't be able to accept it from any outside sources.

when you allow yourself to accept nourishment (physically & energetically) your body responds in a new way. breakdown of food improves & nutrient assimilation increases. our energy, focus, clarity & vitality improve. we feel mentally & physically satisfied, have fewer cravings. we start to believe in our bodies signals - listening & responding in tune with exactly what it needs.

i often have to remind myself that it's not the big ticket items (weekly massages, expensive skin care, wellness spas) that will bring me the feeling of being taken care of, unless I can find it in the little moments. it's the little moments where i have the opportunity to offer authentic care to myself that will shift everything.

the energy & intention behind our actions matters - arguably more than the action it self.

take action with love. with compassion. with gratitude. cause youuuu beautiful soul, you deserve it✨


New blog post by Antonina

“Did you know that the face is the only area where the skin is directly connected to the muscles? Acupuncture works deeply and comprehensively on the muscle tissue so that we are able to release tension and spasms, restore symmetry, improve muscle tone, and ultimately reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles or sagging…”

Check out the post to read more! Link in bio 👆

Book in for your 20 min complimentary consult (in person or phone call) with Antonina to learn more. When it comes to skin heath, this acupuncturist knows her stuff! Antonina received additional training in aesthetics with a diploma in cosmetology (obtained in 2016, Ukraine) and multiple certifications in Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture with Michelle Gellis.


We’re gearing up for another busy fall season and looking for an Acupuncturist to join our growing team!

Working among a team of acupuncturists is pretty fantastic if we do say so ourselves! 🙌 If you love the idea of joining a team who shares your passion for TCM, in a space designed for a modern acupuncture experience, we’d love to hear from you!


Practitioner Praise 🌸⁠

Looking for a natural way to reduce the signs of aging? Give facial acupuncture a try. ⁠

Check out our simple online booking at to book your next appointment. ⁠




Cupping is an effective tool used to ease pain, discomfort and muscle tightness. ⁠

At Acupuncture Collective we utilize both plastic cups as well as glass fire cups to relieve tension. ⁠

For more information, ask your AC practitioner about cupping at your next appointment or check out our website! ⁠


Did you know that improved sleep is one of the most common outcomes we see in our clinic? Even patients seeking treatment for pain, digestion or virtually any other concern often report an improvement in their sleep!⁠

This new blog post by Antonina explains the 'why' behind this awesome result of consistent acupuncture treatment, and her top four reasons to try acupuncture for better sleep! Link in bio!⁠

As a practitioner with a special interest in treating sleep disorders, Antonina would love to discuss how acupuncture can benefit your ZZzzz's leading to a healthier YOU. Book in for a complimentary consultation today!⁠

⁠ ⁠


Meet the newest member of the Acupuncture Collective team⁠: Antonina Bezsmertna R.Ac⁠

Clinical area of interest: ⁠
- Sleep disorders⁠
⁠- Digestive issues⁠
⁠- Mental Health⁠

What do you enjoy doing outside of the clinic?⁠

I love travelling and getting to know different cultures, reading novels and psychology literature, hiking, spending time with my family, journaling, cooking sweet and savory pancakes.⁠

What are your goals for treatment? ⁠

◽️ bring a patient to his/her optimal health, including all aspects in life
◽️ treat the main symptoms that brought patient to a clinic by focusing on root causes ⁠
◽️ create a healing space for a patient⁠
◽️ educate patients how they can stay healthy long term and how to prevent the recurrence of their symptoms in future.⁠

⁠Fun fact about you⁠: ⁠
◽️ My favorite animals are hedgehogs and lamas.⁠
◽️ I love paragliding and in the future I want to learn how to fly myself⁠
◽️ The easiest way for me to release stress is dancing.⁠

What days/ hours do you work at AC? ⁠

Monday 2:30 – 8:30 pm⁠
Wednesday 8:30-2:30 pm⁠
Saturday 8:30-2:30 pm⁠

Book an appointment with Antonina online at⁠




Today we celebrate 3️⃣ years since the opening of AC!

3️⃣ years of supporting our community with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy.

3️⃣ years of connecting with other small businesses on the ave we call home, .

3️⃣ years of growth as practitioners who have learned so much together,
through case discussions and success stories that time & time again demonstrate the power of this ancient medicine.

Thank you to our community for your support over these 3️⃣ years, and trusting in us to share our passion of TCM with you!


Seasonal allergic rhinitis is a common condition caused by environmental allergens most commonly experienced in the spring, early summer and fall. ⁠

Common symptoms include: sinus pressure, runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy eyes and sneezing ⁠

Did you know Acupuncture can help? ⁠

A randomized control trial concluded that acupuncture is a safe and effective option for the clinical management of seasonal allergic rhinitis. Acupuncture was shown to improve symptoms as well as quality of life in patients suffering from seasonal allergies. ⁠

For more information on the effectiveness of acupuncture for allergy relief, check out the following link:⁠⁠



Photos from Acupuncture Collective's post 06/24/2022

Have you tried Acupuncture before? Come relax with us in our tranquil space on 17th Avenue. ⁠

Visit our website for availability and simple online booking!⁠⁠




Photos from Acupuncture Collective's post 05/20/2022

Have questions about Fertility Acupuncture? We've got you covered 🌿⁠

If you have more questions about how we treat check out our website or send us a DM! ⁠


Acupuncture and other TCM modalities have been studied as a very promising approach for treating fertility, hormonal imbalances, PMS, menopausal symptoms and other women’s health conditions.

There are volumes of both scientific and anecdotal evidence to support the use of Acupuncture for fertility support, and .streu.tcm has outlined five of the ways through which its’ mechanisms work. Check out this super informative new blog post

Curious about how acupuncture can support your fertility? Book in with Dr. Lexi Streu for a complimentary consultation!


Reposting these wise words by ✨ • .streu.tcm • ✨

just because your symptoms don’t fit in to a particular box or diagnosis doesn’t mean that your experience is not real, painful, & life altering⁠

it’s unfortunately all too common that we feel lost, hopeless or discouraged after being told countless times that “the lab results came back normal” or that “nothing abnormal was found”, despite feeling really unwell. it’s invalidating & further perpetuates any feelings of shame or frustration associated with dis-ease in the first place⁠

as feelings of shame or frustration take residence in the body, they encourage tension & resistance - furthering any existing dis-ease ⁠

though the advancements in testing & diagnosis are remarkable, they don’t hold a candle to the intricacies of the functioning of the human body. we are only scraping the surface in understanding what our physiology is truly capable of⁠

your inner knowing, that “gut feeling”, is far wiser than ANY quantitative test. if your body is whispering that something is off, listen to it. don’t silence or ignore it for fear of being written off⁠

lean in to it. hold space for it. allow feelings of safety. cultivate compassion for yourself & what you’re going through⁠

it’s real. ⁠

& by the same token, it doesn’t have to be this way forever⁠

we don’t have to label the body in order to guide it back to harmony⁠

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