¡Estamos a tres días de acabar el festival! Aún nos quedan 7 talleres. ¿Ya te inscribiste? ¿Ya fuiste parte de alguno?

Cuéntanos tu experiencia en los comentarios, ¿en qué talleres has estado, cuál es el que más te ha gustado, por qué, en cuáles otros piensas participar?

Cuéntanos: ¿Cómo va ese feeling your body? 🎶🤸🏾‍♀️🧗🏼‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️
Con la presencia de La casa flexible, Centrokinético - plataforma de investigación de movimiento, Danza K**i, MOVE TO MOVE AcroNomadas, AcroBeats y Machita Mujer Caporal, entre muchos más.
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Let’s make next year’s event happen again! Help support our local small businesses and Shop Local this winter season from our Presenting Partners: Spirit West and IMClimbing!

AND!!! Please consider supporting our Last Year’s Sponsors! Thank you so much for making 2019 festival possible:
Valentine Volvo of Calgary Calgary Climbing Centre Banded Peak Brewing @Mission Health Clinic Dr. Jason Fox Bolder Climbing Community MOVE TO MOVE OCÚN Ski Cellar Snowboard

Together supporting the ACC Calgary Section
Hey Fans! What’s keeping you busy during these quarantine times? Personally, I workout, eat, sleep and repeat. Oh and yesterday I shot a music video from home. I’m featured on a new track and they needed me to write, record and do a music video within a week. So I did! I didn’t have my team of @Shugarboy, Jackie Sonegra, Jarod Nichyporuk, Jalina Desgroseillers and Riki Findley due to social distancing so I had to do it solo. It’s just not the same without them, but I think I pulled it off. Shout out to MOVE TO MOVE for lending me their DJI Osmo. Here’s a lil clip of me messing around in a bear housecoat. Hopefully I can make ya smile during these dark times!
Today is Tourism Calgary's 4th annual #LoveYYC day where you can share stories and all the reasons you love YYC!

We at Fitterfirst LOVE how much YYC Supports Physical activities! To help Calgarians stay more active we are offering 15% off Fitterfirst items with promo code LOVEYYC

Check out these other great companies in YYC for more Functional fitness fun!

The Beach YYC, MOVE TO MOVE, COR.FIT, Participaction, Flexology, The Fitness Guy (Canada), The Fitness Fix, Calgary Personal Training, Nutrition, and Wellness Coaching-FRESH! Fitness, Apple Fitness Store and many more!

We are all here to assist you with all your fitness needs!

Huge THANK YOU to ALL our sponsors! These are local businesses which are engaged and tightly knit into our local climbing community. Some we visit to get stronger, some to get healthier, some will help us commute to the so majestic mountains we all get to share... and of-course the beer after! This event would not be possible without the valued support of:

Valentine Volvo
Banded Peak Brewing
Calgary Climbing Centre
Mission Health Clinic
Bolder Climbing Community

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ACC Calgary Section
Been looking for a place to train over my lunch hour, and the folks at MOVE TO MOVE have the perfect setup! Also just so happens to be where we train in the evenings 👌🏽 adjusting the routine to accommodate a quick training session to keep active during the weekdays 💪🏽🇧🇷
Come by Calgary’s Move to Move this Tuesday (tomorrow!) evening from 7-9 pm for a free movement class, followed by some open time for free play and socializing! ($10 donation for charity is appreciated). Tomorrow night’s event will feature Happy Belly Kombucha serving up some tasty beverages after class! MOVE TO MOVE
Moovin & Groovin and maintaining momentum high on the Chief. Thanks for supporting my Kinetic Intelligence
Happy to say we are opening this Monday!

MOVE TO MOVE has a full Rehabilitation Clinic offering Physiotherapy, Sport Chiropractor & Massage. We also have a fully equipped Movement Studio offering in-person & online classes.

Our training methodology is influenced by Ido Portal & FRC Principles. MOVE TO MOVE is a Rehabilitation Clinic & Movement Studio in Calgary, Canada. We have created this space for anyone who wants to explore the full capability of their body. Our team of teachers and practitioners have a diverse background in movement and are highly influenced by the Functional Range System and Ido Portal method.

Temporarily closed

Photos from MOVE TO MOVE's post 03/29/2022

From a movement perspective, strong legs can mean a lot of different things!


In @kinstretch we are focused on meeting every participant where they are at. Here @drrogermenta gives precise cuing so that all participants get the input needed to improve, no matter what their current ability is.



Strength & Mobility Series designed for Runners & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Functional Range System Instructor & Sport Specialist Chiro, @drrogermenta, will use the newest research in training to prepare you for the upcoming outdoor season with respect to injury prevention and optimizing performance.

5:45-6:45pm on Tuesdays, April 5-May 3
$180 for 5 weeks, please inquire how you can claim this series under your Chiro benefits!

Email [email protected] or call 587-356-2787 to register. No requirements needed.

MOVE TO MOVE MOVE TO MOVE has a full Rehabilitation Clinic offering Physiotherapy, Sport Chiropractor & Massage. We also have a fully equipped Movement Studio offering in-person & online classes. Our training methodology is influenced by Ido Portal & FRC Principles.


Organic stretching. Never a dull moment in movement class!

Photos from MOVE TO MOVE's post 03/11/2022

Our team is growing! We are excited to welcome Massage Therapist Curtis Martin. Curtis is trained in Functional Range Systems, he is an accomplished athlete and a personal trainer, and we are confident he will be a great fit within our clinic. Curtis will be treating on Tuesdays and every other Saturday, starting on March 22. His schedule is now open, you can book online via link in bio, or just call us! .

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Celebrating International Women’s Day. Today we want to recognize the amazing women who are the heart of our team here at MOVE TO MOVE. Without their leadership, skill, care, and friendship, we would not be here.


@drrogermenta explaining the Internal Strength model and how he will apply it in the series starting tomorrow. If you have experience with Kinstretch and are interested in taking it further, there are still a couple spots open in this exciting series.


Dr. Menta explains the FRS, how we use it at MOVE TO MOVE to provide comprehensive care. Whether you come in for treatment or movement training, you will be exposed to aspects of this system. It provides our staff, both teachers and clinicians, a clear plan to improve the lives of those we work with. Have a listen if you’ve got a few minutes!

Photos from MOVE TO MOVE's post 02/21/2022

Another Movement for Climbers Series concluded this last Friday. We had the privilege of working with a great group, and were very impressed with the progress they made throughout the series.

Due to its popularity we are running it again, starting this Friday, 7-8:30 pm. There are still a few spots available but they won’t last long. If you are interested in attending, send us a message or call us and we would be happy to sign you up!


Massage Therapy plays a significant role in the care we provide at Move to Move. We are thrilled to have highly accomplished practitioners like @sam_marchrmt on our team.


Sound ON🔈 - Level 3 C.A.Rs

Not all CARs are the same! Did you know there are 3 levels of CARs in the Function Range System?

@drrogermenta guides @oliviawyett through level 3 shoulder CARs in last night’s Kinstretch class.


Quick interview with our physiotherapist Karyn Robb @ocrphysio to give us a rundown on her awesome squat series which started tonight. We are so fortunate to have such highly qualified people on our team. Karyn is a highly accomplished Physio, but you may not know that she is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Kinstretch instructor and a Certified Mobility Specialist. The first class was amazing, we are looking forward to completing this series over the next few weeks!

Stay tuned for more classes from our amazing staff over the next few weeks.


Back to the basics!

@leajuszkiewicz with @make_repost
Go scapula go!

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How low can you go?


Only 4 spots left in the upcoming Squat Series which starts this Friday, Feb 11, 4:30-5:30pm.

This 3 class series is taught by our Physiotherapist Karyn Robb, who has been Olympic lifting since the age of 14, has competed as a Crossfit athlete, and has a Strength & Conditioning certification through NSCA

This series is designed for anyone who is interested in learning to squat or improving their squat, squatting safely under load and learning new squat variations.

• Fridays 4:30 - 5:30 PM
• Feb 11 - Feb 25, 3 Classes
• In-person only
• No prerequisites

Email or call if interested in joining the series!

Photos from MOVE TO MOVE's post 02/06/2022

Hard to believe we are nearing the end of our 5th year. We have spent some time these past few months reviewing photos from our first couple years, and we decided to bring them to life with a collage in our waiting area. Some great memories and reminders of the amazing people we have worked with these past years. We are excited to continue building new memories into the future.


Putting in the work.


Whether it is on the treatment table or in the studio, our rehabilitation team loves the work that they do.

Photos from MOVE TO MOVE's post 01/29/2022

A forward approach to healing is one of our core values at Move To Move.

Our Sport Specialist Chiropractor Dr. Roger Menta uses evidence-based Functional Range Release techniques to treat his patient’s neck to reduce neurological tension following shoulder surgery.

Spending quality one on one time with his patients allows for proper assessment and treatment to occur without the constraints found in many conventional clinics.

A standard of practice for all our therapists at Move To Move.

@functionalrangerelease @functional_range_conditioning

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE. 01/29/2022

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE. 01/29/2022

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE. 01/29/2022

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE. 01/29/2022

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE. 01/29/2022

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE. 01/29/2022

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

It's now easier to call MOVE TO MOVE.

MOVE TO MOVE updated their information in their About section. 01/29/2022

MOVE TO MOVE updated their information in their About section.

MOVE TO MOVE updated their information in their About section.

MOVE TO MOVE updated their business hours. 01/29/2022

MOVE TO MOVE updated their business hours.

MOVE TO MOVE updated their business hours.

Photos from MOVE TO MOVE's post 01/21/2022

We all have different bodies. Everyone has different ranges of motion, different strengths and weaknesses.

With this in mind it stands to reason that effective treatment should meet you where you are at, the cookie cutter approach just doesn’t provide the input needed for recovery and growth.

Here @drrogermenta is working with Yaruuna who is gifted with above average flexibility, working in ranges where she needs the most help.

For most of us we would not be able to achieve the positions that Yaruuna is in, and treatment would be adjusted to meet us where we need it.


Move To Move presents another 4 week series on Movement for Climbers!

This course is designed for rock climbers looking to expand their movement repertoire and improve their performance on and off the wall. Previous participants will be challenged by new concepts.

* Fridays 7:00 - 8:30 PM 
* Jan 28- Feb 18  (4 Classes for $120 + GST)
* Bonus Class: Try out any of our KINSTRETCH or Movement classes on us during the week of Feb 21 to 25, 2022.


Nice to see you back doing what you love Kevin! We are happy to play a part in your ongoing rehabilitation. @kevintheclimber with @make_repost
Five months after “fracturing” my spine, I finally got to climb again. This was my fourth day back and needless to say, it didn’t go well haha 😂. Still, it was nice to hike and at least try to climb. I broke my back on my project in Unicorn Canyon so I’m going to have to change my beta when I get back on it, bummer. It’ll be a long road, but we hit the gym today and it only hurts a bit right now so it feels like I’m getting past the worst of it. I’ll try not to go overboard and re-injure it (that’ll probably be the biggest hurdle in all of this, 😔). At least my physio insurance has kicked back in for this year so if I need to get something minor worked out I can go back to . They did a great job and actually listened! There’s a new concept (for doctors at least). I would highly recommend the therapists there. 📸 @kelly.thenonclimber.wilson


10 Rules for Students, Teachers and Life.
~ Sister Corita Kent and John Cage

Which rules hold true for you?


Beginner Kinstretch Series. Tonight @sam_marchrmt brought the class through a series of rotational and linear Hip Pails and Rails.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in-person as well as virtually! We’ll see you all next Wednesday for week 3 when we tackle End Range Options.

Photos from MOVE TO MOVE's post 01/11/2022

Good things take time.
~ John Wooden

@leajuszkiewicz Diagonal stretch progression, August 2020-March 2021.

After injury to her right hip flexor, Lea decided to set goals to regain her hip and trunk mobility. At the start, progress was uncomfortable and slow but with consistent practice and reps changes started to occur. Lea used a picture journal to objectively record her process over 8 months.

With a new year here, new goals are set. What are your goals? What will be your measure of success and change? How will you ensure accountability to achieving your goals? Tough questions!

Lea has some big goals for this year. She is now 5 weeks post-operative after having her right shoulder labrum repaired.
You can only imagine what goals she has for herself! One things for certain is that she will have to embrace CHANGE wholeheartedly. @apeco_denver

Photos from MOVE TO MOVE's post 01/10/2022

We know we have one of the strongest rehab teams in Calgary, but in reality it’s the feedback we get from our patients that speaks loudest. Dr. Menta’s approach to chiropractic care gets consistent results. Thanks to C. Shewchuk for expressing this so well in the review shown below.

Dr. Roger Menta was recommended to me as I was frustrated with the Chiropractor I was using at the time. I was using this individual for about 1.5 yrs with minimal results with the injuries/conditions I was dealing with. its now been 2.5+ years working with Dr. Menta and I have never felt better. Prior to seeing Roger I had been doing some research regarding FR, FRA and Kinstretch and was intrigued with the results I was reading about. I was happy to find out that in addition to his Chiropractic degree and associated certifications like ART, Graston, Acupuncture, Dr. Menta was certified in FR and Kinstretch. I have been blown away at the quick diagnosis regarding my injuries and Dr. Menta’s treatment plan has attacked the route causes of my injuries and not just put a bandaid on them. I highly recommend Dr. Menta and I highly recommend Kinstretch. They’re both game changers. .

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1010-2600 Portland Street SE
Calgary, AB

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 8am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 2pm

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