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Calgary Marma - Ayurvedic Acupressure what is marma? Marma is Sanskrit that refers to 107 points in the body where veins, nerves, muscle and tissue intersect.

Each Marma serves as a direct access point into the physical, energetic and mental bodies. (Annamaya, Pranamaya and Manomaya Koshas). Marma Chikitsa(therapy) is a multidimensional modality. Marmas are lead points where stress, toxins, imbalances and negative emotions get lodged, blocking the flow of Prana; a prime source of energetic and physical health. They connect to Nadis (subtle energy channe

ls) and Chakras (energy centers), overseeing the link between physical and subtle bodies (energy, emotions, moods) and the exchange of energy and information between them. Working with Marmas removes blockages, improves the flow of Prana and can align with hidden energy reserves, restoring connections between the subtle and physical body and re-connecting you with greater potentials of life and nature, and giving you an increased vitality and health. In both Yoga and Ayurveda, Prana is central to your mental, energetic and physical health. All therapies in both these sciences work on Prana to stabalize, energize and harmonize it’s function. Ayurveda recognizes Marma Chikitsa as an immediate and direct therapy to achieve this. Quickly and effectively it returns Prana to it’s natural state of free flowing movement and vibrant energy. Marmas are like doors into your total body and mind. Working on them is turning a key to unlock and open your body to rebalance and heal itself. It is an important branch of Ayurveda, a sister science to Yoga, and a practical and effective modality in an era where few of us have the time or inclination for complex and drawn out therapies. Marma chikitsa has been carried through generations of practice and refinement to the present, passed from respected teachers to myself. It is one of the most valuable natural healing systems available. I have personally seen and experienced miraculous results from this work. Imbalances that have been there (some for decades) are brought to light and dissipated, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and relaxed into a calm, clear state of mind.


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What is Marma Chikitsa?

Marma is a Sanskrit word referring to areas on the body where veins, nerves, muscle and tissue intersect. There are 107 of these points across the body. Each marma relates to and serves as a direct access point into:

1. The physical body:

Bones, muscles, tissues, organs,

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