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One of the biggest challenges I see in struggling with their mental health is trying to change too many things in order to feel better. This most often leads to disappointment and discouragement. A better option is to focus on one valuable change at a time, gain success with this, and then add another change. Small changes done consistently lead to big gains in improving mental health , Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counseling.


Understanding that all our emotions, ways we make sense of the ourselves, other and the world around us are adaptive; ultimately their goal is protecting us from pain, or learning into meaingful actions. This understanding helps us with being less harsh and more curious and open to explore these parts. Openness is where change can begin! Illuminate yourself, luminesce counselling

4,000 weeks, that's the average life span for most people. How can create a wonderful experience in that time? Stop obse...

4,000 weeks, that's the average life span for most people. How can create a wonderful experience in that time? Stop obsessing about getting your to-do-list done, your in-box cleared, and your social media feed up to date. These often create more stress and the feeling like we are not measuring up. Instead figure out what ultimately matters the most to you and focus your attention there. Oliver Burkeman's book 4,000 weeks is a wonderful guide to get there. Illuminate yourself and free yourself from the frenetic race to get more done.

Nobody has enough time these days – but our efforts to cope with busyness just leave us feeling busier. Ancient philosophers and cutting-edge research agree ...

As we start 2023 let's focus on creating a good life for ourselves this year. Not sure what that means? Check out Robert...

As we start 2023 let's focus on creating a good life for ourselves this year. Not sure what that means? Check out Robert Waldinger's video (based on his research from the longest lived study on happiness) that lies out what is behind happiness and how to create it. Have a Happy New Year!

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, ...


sometimes anxiety is best treated through attending to what he eat and drink on a daily basis. Watching our caffeine, alcohol, and nutrition can help with not experiencing crashes in our nervous systems. Paying more attention to how food and drink affect our body can pay off BIG TIME with anxiety. One persons enjoyable cup of java is enough to amp another person up and create an unsettled feeling which can lead to anxiety. We can all start looking more closely at our daily habits and make teaks as needed. If you want more information or support please do not hesitate to reach out, Luminesce Counseling and Coaching.


A common theme driving many folks anxiety and depression is not feeling life has meaning or connection with others. Johann Hari in his excellent book "lost connections," points out that this is one of the key features behind people who are depressed. Hooking oneself back into simple things which bring some meaning or connection for a person is a great starting point. It can be as simple as deciding to do a meaningful task like organizing a closet or a starting a conversation with someone at the grocery store you're shopping at. These small nudges can fuel bigger shifts over time. Think of small ways you can stay connecting this weekend, Luminesce Counseling and Coaching.


Letting go of the belief we should not be in conflict with our minds, and learning to accept, and work, and dare I say, befriend, those parts of our mind we dislike, can be transformative. Instead of fighting against our brain, and inner critic, a better, more compassionate approach, is to think that our critic is trying to help us, or feel more secure with our situation. Our inner critic believes it is doing us something helpful. Find a way to step back, and understand the critic along with offering kindness to oneself. Have a great Monday to all! Luminesce Counselling and Coaching.

Author Adam Grant writes, in a recent article for the New York Times about the common experience of “languishing” during...

Author Adam Grant writes, in a recent article for the New York Times about the common experience of “languishing” during the pandemic. It’s the inability to stay focused, feel like we are progressing, life feeling less meaningful, and just feel “blah.” Grants’ antidote to languishing is we first acknowledge the experience of languishing. This can go against the grain of the societal message we should always be fine. Grant then goes on to say we should immerse ourselves in activities where we feel some sense of progression, even simple tasks like taking out the trash. Finally, connecting with people who can understand and support us makes a huge difference as well. Have a great Thursday!

Languishing may be the landing spot many people find themselves in after our period of collective pandemic grief, but there's hope we can all flourish again


One secret to living a meaningful life is to just keep showing up, as author Steven Pressfield states in his book “The art of War.” I know that when I can get engaged in life by fully showing up then small moments feeling so much bigger. Have a great Wednesday! Luminesce Counselling and Coaching


Judson Brewers new book “unwinding anxiety” is a must read for anyone dealing with anxiety, or I would suggest other mental health or addiction challenges. Brewer brilliantly explains how habit loops drive thinking and emotional states, including both healthy and the more problematic ones. Gaining self-awareness of these loops, and skills to work with them, can free us from the endless cycle of falling trap to them. I encourage you to check out this incredible book as it, if applied, can make a measurable difference in your life. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling and coaching.


Lifestyle choices can have a profound impact on mental health. The six pillars of lifestyle medicine for mental and physical health include nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, social connection, and substance intake. Making some small changes to even one of these pillars can bring positive change to well being. Check out Saray Stancic’s website for more information and her terrific new book about her lifestyle medicine and how it can change you’d life, have one less drink, eat your veggies, get moving for better mental health! Illuminate yourself, Luminesce counseling.

Perserverance to good habits is one of the best gifts we can bestow upon ourselves for living a meaningful life. The hab...

Perserverance to good habits is one of the best gifts we can bestow upon ourselves for living a meaningful life. The habit of exercise, moving my body, and getting my mind in a good place through listening to podcasts, drives me to get up every morning at 5AM. Hoping your Tuesday is inspired, Luminesce Counselling and Coaching.


Al of us... including myself.... can get so fused with unpleasant experiences and moments in our lives, that we believe they will last forever leading to more suffering. A wonderful author and meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein lays out this wonderfully relevant image that we call can hold onto, moments are like fireworks, they are intense and incredibly brilliant in the moment but quickly extinguish themselves. The goal is to not add more fireworks to the initial experience which leads to more unpleasant feelings. Nicely said. Have a wonderful Monday all, Luminesce Counselling and coaching.


2020 has opened the door for more open, honest, and vulnerable communication. I can only believe, if we can continue, that this trend will have long term positive results for relationships, communities, and nations. How we make space for our own vulnerability, and others, lays a foundation for amazing things to happen. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling and coaching

The pandemic is elevating stress levels for most of us at times, uncertainty and fear are common feelings most of us hav...

The pandemic is elevating stress levels for most of us at times, uncertainty and fear are common feelings most of us have experienced, with varying degrees of intensity. Managing our stress is more important that ever. A great resource to assist with stress is Stanford's Spark "rethinking stress" tool kit. Hope this resource is helpful for you, or someone you care about. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling

OPTIONAL: To evaluate the impact of this toolkit, start by taking this survey before doing the activities. You will receive emails in one week and three weeks asking you to take follow-up surveys in order to assess possible changes to your stress mindset.


I’ve had inspiring conversations with clients who have been honest about the hardship this pandemic has brought, along with some of the incredible gifts which they said would not have been recognized, embraced, if this crazy time in our history was not happening. Embrace it all, since, ultimately, this time is going to be an incredible revealer of who we each are, and can be! Illuminate yourself, Luminesce coaching and counseling.


As we enter the second wave of this pandemic I am reminded of how grateful I am to live in Canada, have the resources to live comfortably and not have to stress about some basic things, such as getting healthy food, a warm home, and technology that allows me to access people I care about, at any time, anywhere in the world! What a blessing to live at this moment, this time! Not minimizing the struggle, I think its a tough time, just saying that I'm choosing to focus on being as grateful as possible for the gifts. Love your feedback. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling and coaching!

Discomfort, especially the chronic type, can be hard to tolerate, we often find ourselves fighting against accepting dis...

Discomfort, especially the chronic type, can be hard to tolerate, we often find ourselves fighting against accepting discomfort which makes sense. I struggle often to accept my own current life, with sciatica. My gift to myself, and all reading this, is a shift surrounding how to view the word acceptance. Acceptance is reminding myself that for 48 years prior to sciatica, my body supported me in working out hard and playing hard. Thank you body for good health for so many years! Acceptance is reminding myself that my body is has a hell of a lot more strength and resilience than brokenness. Thanks body! Today I’m thanking my body for the strength I have, and the past ways it has held me up, rather than fighting with the discomfort. Hope this gives you all a little more courage to journey more kindly with your own discomfort. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce counselling. Feel free to share if you think this can benefit someone else.


The pandemic has increased my sense of gratitude for things I might have taken for granted in the past. Going out for dinner has become more enjoyable. I have more gratitude for simple things such as going for a long walk, including hitting the local Tim Hortons's along the way a few times per week. The pandemic has reinforced for me that content comes from making the choice to fully appreciate whatever I am doing. What are you experiencing more gratitude for recently? Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling.


Reinforcing each small win or step, towards bigger goals we are moving towards, releases feel good chemicals in our brain that increases motivation and desire to continue moving forwards. Look at that excitement created in toddlers who are praised for simple tasks, such as eating with a spoon. The same part of the brain that fires with joy when a toddler is praised, also exists within us. We just need to access it more often through consistently acknowledging the small wins (steps) along the way to a goal. What are you waiting for, get out their and celebrate the small actions you are taking towards what matters to you! Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling and coaching.


The idea of "grace" has been circulating through my mind recently since listening to Rich Roll's (awesome podcast by the way) guest Zach Bush. Bush talks about grace the planet gives us, in terms of it continuing to provide for us, in spite of the ways we abuse it. To me both our planet and body grace us with their ability to bounce back from abuse we instil on them, and to provide for us. Grace to me means being thankful for these gifs; but more importantly being responsible for the gifts, not taking advantage of them, and nurturing and invest in them for out own health, and the health of the planet. I challenge us all to practice grace (however we define it) over the next week. Illuminate yourself and all of us take care of one another, Luminesce Counselling.


Social isolation has a toll mentally and relationally for us all, take care of yourselves, maintain your social outlets through social media, technology like Skype and zoom, or good ole fashioned talking to your neighbour (while keeping 2 meters apart). Luminesce is here for you as well for support. Through use of technology (zoom, google hangouts, phone), we can offer counseling services to you. Also, we offer 30 minute affordable sessions that support both your mental health and finances. We are all in this together, Luminesce counselling.

Living with chronic sciatica over the past 7 months has created moments of feeling a myriad of emotions from powerless, ...

Living with chronic sciatica over the past 7 months has created moments of feeling a myriad of emotions from powerless, hopeless, sense of unfairness about life, but most of all it has taught me that although I cannot control all of the circumstances that occur in my life, I can control how I make sense out of them. Sciatica has been one of my greatest teachers about how precious elements of life are we take for granted, cherish something as simple as being able to run. Sciatica has taught me that discomfort and pain do not define me, my life is so much greater than my issue. Sciatica has taught me many lessons which have been invaluable to life, you must have hope, persist, place your attention to the things which are meaningful. We all have the capacity to work with every situation in our life which means controlling what we can, seeing the growth and opportunity in the experience, and connecting to the things that really make life meaningful. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling. While your're here check out the link to the article which expands on my blog.

Everything happens for a reason and that reason leads you to another destiny. Accept the fact that s**t happened to teach you something, to push you to...


The new year brings new hopes and intentions for us all. Let's focus on finding out what we value in our life and relationships. Goals tend to not be achieved, or stuck with for the long term, if we do not know the underlying values that support them (example, values supporting exercising might be health, challenging oneself, learning new things, being health for our children into later stages of life, etc). If we know the values driving our goals there is better chance they will stick around long enough to become habits. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling and Coaching.

Think your anxiety is all in your head, purely the result of negative, ruminating thoughts? It could be more. Vitamin B1...

Think your anxiety is all in your head, purely the result of negative, ruminating thoughts? It could be more. Vitamin B12 deficiency, for example, can lead to being anxious, depressed and fatigued, along with other symptoms such as feeling light headed, foggy and confused. Vegetarians and vegans tend to be at higher risk, but there is a growing number of those who consume animal foods (meat, fish, dairy) who are also at risk. This is why one of the most important things you can do is get a yearly physical and blood work along with advocate for getting blood work prior to a physician pushing for medication to treat anxiety/ depression. Early detection of B12 deficiency can be treated easily with supplements or B12 injections. Knowledge is power, illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling and Coaching. See article from Psychology today below for more information

What is a Vitamin B12 deficiency?


Finding out what you value in life and then taking positive steps towards those values help us all live a more enriched and satisfying life. Living according to our values does not mean we don't experience moments of anxiety, depressed, or other unpleasant feelings; what it does mean is that we can at least take refuge that we are moving towards what matters for us, even with unpleasant feelings. Be fully engaged in your life rather than fully engaged in avoiding unpleasant emotions. this is the key to an awesome life!. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling and Coaching.

Being a highly sensitive person (HSP) means we experience the world in a more intense and deep way. Our senses are heigh...

Being a highly sensitive person (HSP) means we experience the world in a more intense and deep way. Our senses are heightened incredibly leading to potential over stimulation and anxiety. For those who are an HSP, or have a relationship with someone highly sensitive author Jenn Grannerman, in a psychology today article she wrote, points out five important things to know: 1. We feel things deeply, but others may never know it. HSP's may take in others emotional state deeply leading to shutting down which can come across as cold to others. 2. We are incredibly sensitive to our environments which can be over stimulating and cause stress. 3.It is impossible for us to not absorb the energy from the environment, or the people we are with. It is important we communicate this to you, and take the space needed to self-sooth, be patient with us. 4. We notice small little things others might not be aware of such as shifts in their energy, being hyper aware is both a blessing and curse. 5. HSP's are highly capable people who thrive in the right environments and with supportive relationships. Illuminate yourself about HSP's by checking out the link, and share if you think others would like to know about this topic. Luminesce Counselling and coaching.

Five relatable truths that describe the HSP experience

While the research is still in its early stages, CBD oil (not to be confused with h**p oil which is a superfood in itsel...

While the research is still in its early stages, CBD oil (not to be confused with h**p oil which is a superfood in itself) is showing great promise for managing anxiety, improving sleep quality, pain management, and reducing inflammation in the body. This is exciting news for individuals dealing with the above conditions. As with any conditions, such as anxiety, start with lifestyle modifications such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, breath work and then add in supplements such as CBD oil to amplify benefits of these other lifestyle habits. A mind illuminated is a powerful tool, Luminesce Counselling and coaching. See the health line link below for more details about CBD oil and if it might be something to consider in your life arsenal. -to-useit

CBD, or cannabidiol, oil is currently being studied for its health benefits. It’s a type of cannabinoid found naturally in ma*****na plants, though it doesn’t give you a high. Here are potential uses, from anxiety relief to possible cancer treatment, for CBD oil and how researchers think it migh...

I, Robot: The Secret To Starting And Sticking With A Habit

Amy Aikon in her book "Unf*ckology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence,"talks about the value of acting like a robot (she calls it robot-ing) with regards to starting and sticking with habits. Robots, appliances, electronics, perform the task or function they are programmed to do,no hesitating, no conflicting emotion impedes it from its task. We can use the same strategy as a robot, appliance, or computer; first, and most important, start the task to give yourself momentum, a kitchen appliance such as an oven eases into the task of up heating up and with enough momentum reaches the point where it cooks our food. Be like that oven, getting on your running shoes, walk outside, down your driveway, onto the sidewalk in front of your home, and just start t walk away from your house; the natural tendency as we gain momentum is to move towards our predetermined goal (15 minutes of jogging for example). Take your emotions out of the equation, act like that stove, get some momentum and you will see that completing your goals in life becomes increasingly more likely. Illuminate yourself, Luminesce Counselling and coaching.

How to overrule your counterproductive emotions.

The Speedy Workout That Changes Your Brain

It is one habit, when done consistently, produces better results than medication at improving mental health and well-being; exercise may be one of the best defences to combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Alas, many of us have a difficult time committing an hour per day to exercise, here is good news! You don't have to. There is a method of exercise which gives you incredible results, both physically and mentally, for about a 15 minute investment a day. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to increase BDNF (brain derived nuerotrophic factor) and mitochondrial function, both important for mental health and overall feelings of well-being (low levels of BDNF are seen in depression, anxiety, and several otter mental health conditions). HIIT training also improves other markers of physical health and aging which can have profound influences on mental health. Researchers have found that HIIT can be used, and modified, for any age group. Check out Ian McMahan's article on The Cut for more details about the science behind why HIIT can be a valuable tool for positive well-being and mental health. As always check with your physician before starting any intense exercise program, such as HIIT. Knowledge applied consistently leads to positive change, Luminesce Counselling and Coaching.

It’s great for your fitness, but it has other, more surprising benefits, too.


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