Psychotherapy with Jackie Bristow

Psychotherapy with Jackie Bristow


No matter what has happened to you and no matter how others see it, you’re experience is your truth and it is just as valid as anyone else’s.

I often see arguments amongst family members about whose version of the story is the truth. The goal is to find a way to hold space for everyone’s version of the story because all are true to each individual. Your narrative your story.


Self-care however you need it, feel it, see it.


Openings for psychotherapy appointments Weds and Thurs evenings between 5-8 p EST.

Sometimes we feel guilty if we feel depressed, when we compare ourselves to others who “have it worse.” This is how we undermine self-compassion, and in essence, how we invalidate ourselves and ultimately abandon ourselves.

Grief and mourning are not just a feeling we have when someone dies, but when we lose other things. Sometimes it is a childhood we thought we should have had, or a life or person we feel we should have been.

Currently have openings for individual therapy from 5-8 on Wednesday!


Remember, this life is yours! No one else’s. Inspired by a client.


Openings available for therapy.

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Currently I have open availability Wed between 5-8 pm.

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Online therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, ocd, eating disorders, and more. Therapy does not have to be intimidating or scary.

Whether you can not stop thinking about something over and over again, or never feel good enough, whether you constantly compare yourself to others, or feel you must do everything perfectly or not do it at all, I am here to help. Some of the goals I have worked on with clients are: leaving a toxic job or relationship, learning self-compassion to improve self-esteem, labeling emotions as that beget

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"Ask yourself: Is there joy, ease and lightness in what I am doing? If there isn't, then time is covering up the present moment, and life is perceived as a burden or a struggle." - Eckhart Tolle




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What a gorgeous tree with heavy bunches of snow 🧤🧣❄️☃️ Hope you are all enjoying this winter weather !


Anxiety and depression lies to us. Don’t believe it for a second!


🙏 both guilt and shame are difficult emotions but knowing the difference can help you regulate them more. Shame is always about the self and guilt is always about an action or behavior.


Holidays are hard enough as it is. It’s a difficult time for those without mental health struggles too: trying to coordinate everything, feeling pressure to buy certain gifts or cover all the bases, or trying to find time to shop while working and carrying on other duties, seeing family or friends that we might have estranged relationships with, financial struggles, etc.

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When we feel a bad emotion especially intensely, we often want to escape from it, which ultimately prevents us processing it. Sitting with the emotion and being open to where it takes you means noting the judgments and putting them aside (for later processing) and just continuing to focus in on the emotion and how it makes you feel. For more book an appointment with me now. Slots are going fast and I only have a few more openings!


Single shaming is a thing! Being single is not synonymous with unhappiness, being desperate or having something “wrong” with you. You don’t have to defend yourself or apologize for being single, nor do you owe anyone an explanation.


Nothing stays the same but change can be an open door to a new chapter of adventure, magic and wonder. Sometimes it doesn’t look pretty but the rainbow, flowers and cute little mushrooms will be there somewhere, waiting to be found✨All we need to do is ride the waves and trust our journey into the unknown 💫

I created this illustration after a particularly challenging moment in time and I hope it resonates with you. Have an amazing day 🌞💖


When people suffer from emotional dysregulation, their emotions can swing to more extreme highs and more extreme lows. Sometimes when clients like this try to get better, they can take their intensity and apply it to their get-well-plan, just furthering the cycle of intensity with just a different external outlet. Remind yourself that part of getting better or staying well is being able to slow down and regulate the intensity of our emotions.

Youtube Channel Stream 12/04/2022

Youtube Channel Stream

Have a Qigong Sunday with me. Do this short Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that helps bring Qi (energy) into your body and help unblock the meridians. Washing the barrel is good for grounding and reducing feelings of overwhelm. Enjoy

Youtube Channel Stream Youtube stream


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I like “relax in your favorite way”



Many of us have trauma and sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective but anything that triggers your system to dysregulate and that imprint hangs around long term, then you probably have experienced some form of trauma.

Here are just a few.




A healthy partner will offer you more than just companionship – they will help you grow into the best version of yourself! This person will communicate well with you, respect your boundaries, and allow you to grow and spend time on your own. Your person should love spending time with you while allowing you to have your own life and growth.


🙏 whatever it is let it pull you. Ask yourself what you need in this moment and then move towards that feeling or energy.

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"When you are present you can sense the spirit, the one consciousness in every creature and love it as yourself." - Eckhart Tolle


Let's normalize:
going to a counselor
talking about feelings
rejecting stigmatizing and discriminatory language, attitudes and practices

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All hail winter runners! 🤗😍
It really isn’t as hard to get out as it looks. I find it completely a de stressor that leaves me feeling present. Although I enjoy meditation, I see how running and exercise in general is it’s own form too. 👟🧤🧣



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Photos from The Happy Sloth Club's post

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Here is your reminder to be kind to yourself and invitation to practice it as often as you can. 💕

The Power of Being King to Yourself 🙏🏽

• More and more research is showing that self-compassion is a key to living a h life.
• Self-compassion is a source of strength and resilience

The 3 Elements of Self-Compassion:
1️⃣ Self Kindness: we are as caring towards ourselves as we are to others
2️⃣ Recognizing Our Common Humanity: When we understand that we are not alone in our pain through a moment of connection with others and that it is a part of the shared human experience
3️⃣ Mindfulness: Being open to the reality of the present moment [yes, you are here], acknowledging our suffering without exaggerating it

Graphic created by the amazing Johnine Byrne from See Your Words 🙏🏽





An interesting perspective...

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"Become aware of the silent but powerful sense of presence." - Eckhart Tolle






Kingston, ON

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Monday 1pm - 8pm
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