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I am a certified Infant Sleep Consulting, specializing in maternal mental health and successful infant sleep. Contact me for a free consultation.

You don't need to be exhausted anymore!

Operating as usual


"We have our happy baby back." 🖤😭 My clients are amazing.


Did you know that overtired babies often have "false starts" where they wake up shortly after their first sleep cycle? I can help create a perfect schedule that suits your baby's specific needs. Contact me today to book a free consultation.


This is my why....could my heart be any happier for my clients and their families? Best day🖤


These past few weeks have brought an onslaught of sickness to many of our babies. I have a total of nine clients who have experienced sick babies.
My advice?
SNUGGLE those babies! Comfort them, rock them, co-sleep (safely) when they are fevered. Sick babies need our support, without the fear of creating negative habits. It will be OK.

The beauty of my program is that it allows for setbacks (travel, sickness, teething). We simply do a mini reset, and baby will be sleeping again in no time! I offer you the skills and confidence to navigate tricky situations 🖤

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Sleep Training and Attachment

Did you know that when done correctly with the guidance of a professional, sleep training can actually optimize a secure attachment and promote self regulation?
We have always practiced attachment/gentle parenting, as I believe in meeting our babies needs and promoting connections.
I will always encourage you to respond to your baby, while respecting their boundaries and building upon your parental bond. 🖤


Tag a friend who could use a free sleep consult! (Anywhere in the world!)
I'm currently booking into April🖤


Can we PLEASE stop telling moms that it's normal to feel utterly depleted/exhausted? When did it become ok to openly shame families for making choices that will benefit their mental health?

While we ARE inherently maternal, the human body can only function when it has acess to with the basics: food/water/oxygen/SLEEP.

We aren't our best selves/parents when exhausted, and not all bodies handle stress/exhaustion the same way. In my recent polls, I saw that *most* mothers experienced frustration, resentment, disorientation, detachment...along with a host of physical ailments when they are sleep deprived.

My clients are amazing parents. Imagine reaching out for help...feeling exhausted, scared, anxious..only to have society tell us to "suck it up".
These social media posts that tell us that sleep training is going to ruin our babies? Harm our bond/attachment? False. How are we still mom shaming with all of the mental health awareness we have access to? We're better than that. Our peers deserve a better support system than that.

Its simple. Happy, sleeping babies=Happy sleeping families🖤

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Sleeping Baby=Happy Family🖤


I have the most incredible (well rested🤣) clients🖤


Congratulations to our winner of the $100 gift card to Urban Nest! (Excuse our awkwardness 🤣🤷‍♀️)


Sweet dreams🖤 And if not, I only have one opening left for next week. Book ahead, you guys really want your sleep! 🤣
Remember, I can work virtually with families from all over! Give the gift of sleep...

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When my son was a sleepless, colicky infant, I used to dream of the day I would be able to spend time with my 4 year old again. It broke my heart that all of my time/energy/patience was being depleted. I was resentful and NOT the mama I wanted to be. Fast forward to naptimes are bonding times, snuggles, tea parties and reconnecting. Swipe to see her face....pure joy!
If this sounds familiar, let's connect. We're not meant to be exhausted all of the time! It's time to bring back the joy in parenthood. 🖤


If I'm being completely honest, it hasn't felt right to post content promoting my business for the past few days. The state of the world has broken my heart and I'm grieving for families I've never even met.
That being said, if baby sleep has you feeling even more overwhelmed than normal, I can help.


I just wanted to welcome you all to my page!! My name is Steph Ryan and I was born and raised in Miramichi. I am a Certified Infant Sleep consultant. 🖤
I have my B.Ed from Crandall, and left education to be a stay at home mom when my youngest was born. My husband and I now have 2 (very well rested) children.
My decision to become a sleep consultant came from the incredible success we achieved when hiring one for my son. Sweet Finn had colic. He had reflux. He was lactose intolerant. He cried ALL. OF. THE. TIME (all of it). The poor little man was miserable. He would only sleep for 20 minutes at a time before his next screaming session. He saw every medical professional we could think of. I was a wreck, unable to bond with this tiny screaming human. My husband and I would take turns walking him around the house in a baby sling all night long. It wasn't working for us, and we needed help. Out of absolute desperation, I found a sleep consultant from Moncton and our lives were changed. Within 3 nights, we had implemented changes and a plan that had Finn sleeping 5 hour stretches. By the end of the 2 weeks, he was sleeping through the night. Even better, he was so happy! My sweet boy is still an amazing sleeper (7-7) and our bond is amazing.
I knew without a doubt that I wanted to help other families in this situation. You don't need to be exhausted! I'm here to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out.🖤
I can work virtually with families from the comfort of their homes, please spread the word to your mama friends!


Postpartum in a pandemic....anyone else? 🙋‍♀️

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Why hire a sleep consultant? The easy answer is this: I will help you and your baby to develop the skills to reach your sleep goals. But there's a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into each individual sleep plan.
I'm so excited that my schedule is filling up so quickly! (The next 2 weeks are fully booked). We're going to have some well rested families in no time! 🖤 Message me today to book a free consultation!


It's time for our first ever GIVEAWAY!!
Enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card from @shopurbannest🖤

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🖤Draw will take place the first week of March


🙋‍♀️Anyone else? Let's normalize putting your sleep needs first. My approach is to use a holistic approach to help your entire family to reach their sleep goals. 🖤 I currently have one spot left for next week!


Please remember this. You may not realize it now, but the world needs you. If you're struggling with sleep deprivation, I encourage you to reach out. I can help. 🖤 We are our absolute best selves when we allow the benefits of restorative sleep to heal our bodies and minds.


Sleep is the single most amazing act of kindness we can give ourselves. Our overall health thrives on it. As new parents, we're often told that sleep deprivation is normal. We're told to power through the exhaustuon and be super parents on 3 hours of sleep. We end up feeling lost, frustrated and tired. I can help. Once your sweet baby hits the 4 month mark, we can begin implementing safe and healthy sleep habits that will help your baby (and you!) to meet your sleep goals. 🖤 You don't need to be exhausted.


Did you know that I can take on clients anywhere in the world!? My sleep consulting services can be done from the safety and comfort of your own home. What an amazing baby shower gift, right?


As a parent, are you waking up feeling peaceful and well rested? Sleep plays a huge part in our mental health and wellbeing. We can't function as the best version of ourselves without it.
I can help. 🖤

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