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Richmond Hill Animal Hospital Richmond Hill Animal Hospital He then enrolled in internship in Internal Medicine & Surgery in Manhattan Veterinary Group for 1 year and 6 months.

Dr. Issam Kadri
Owner, DVM

Dr. Kadri received his DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. Dr. Kadri began his career working in a 24-hour general and emergency practice hospitals for 7 years and became a partner in 2009. Dr. Kadri has over 8 years of experience in Internal Medicine, emergency care, Dermatology, and soft-tissue su

rgery. Dr. Kadri took over Richmond Hill Animal Hospital in October 2011 and has made it his own. Dr. Kadri enjoys working with dogs and cats. He has three dogs: Frankie - Boston Terrier, Oliver - Brussels Griffon, Trudy - Shih-Poo.

Your daily dog walk can be daunting when there’s snow in every direction, but seeing the pure joy of your dog frolicking...

Your daily dog walk can be daunting when there’s snow in every direction, but seeing the pure joy of your dog frolicking through makes it worthwhile.

These pups all thrive in the cold winter weather including the popular Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and Norwegian Elkhound.

Studies show less natural light and more cold weather stimulates appetites of indoor and outdoor cats, even though indoo...

Studies show less natural light and more cold weather stimulates appetites of indoor and outdoor cats, even though indoor cats live in temperature-controlled environments. Check with your vet on how to maintain optimum and weight during winter.

  to all our clients, family, and friends. From the team at  .

to all our clients, family, and friends. From the team at .


11 Centre Street West
Richmond Hill, ON

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We are so grateful for you!
We would like to thank Dr. Kadri and the team at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital for taking such wonderful care of Joey. Joey is spending the long weekend recovering from a marathon surgery on Friday in which he had an enucleation, a lump removal, and a dental with an extraction. Being the little trooper that he is, Joey has taken it all in stride and is recovering well and getting an abundance of TLC from his amazing foster family. Joey will be having a recheck in 3 weeks and we anticipate that he will be able to go up for adoption shortly after.

We are so fortunate to work with veterinarians who extend their compassion and generosity to our dogs. Because of them, and our generous supporters, we are able to help dogs like Joey who need substantial medical care. If you would like to donate towards Joey’s surgery, or the care of any of our dogs, we are a registered Canadian Charity and issue tax receipts for gifts of $20.00 and above. Etransfers and PayPal -
[email protected]. Please send an email with your full address for the tax receipt and password if applicable.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy long weekend!
This year our March Madness is most definitely March Veterinary Madness. We have numerous surgeries and procedures going on all month and we wanted to give a big thank you to the veterinary clinics that take such great care of our dogs. While we often bring dogs into rescue knowing they have medical issues that will need attending to, at times issues only come to light after they arrive in our care. Such was the case with our sweet tiny chi, Bailey. Shortly after arrival her foster mom sent our director of veterinary care a video of her walking and a consult followed. Bailey was found to have luxating patellas in both knees (not uncommon in small breed dogs) but one was severe enough that she required orthopaedic surgery which was successfully done on March 11. Thank you to Dr. Justin Levy and the staff of Thornbury Veterinary Hospital for taking such wonderful care of Bailey. We cannot imagine the skill it must take to perform such delicate surgery on such tiny bones. Bailey is recovering well and has a number of months of healing and rehab ahead of her until she will be ready to go up for adoption.

We have been keeping Dr. Kadri at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital and Drs. Hinsperger, Clark, Montgomery, and Murphin at Kingsdale Animal Hospital very busy. While medically necessary dentals have accounted for many surgeries we have also had a number of tumour removals (all benign thank goodness). Our boy Baba had a nasty bout of haemorrhagic gastroenteritis which resulted in him needing to be hospitalized and we are so grateful that he has recovered beautifully and will soon be having a medically necessary dental. We are working on regulating Bella (thyroid) and Chance (diabetes) which involves a number of vet visits and tests. Recent arrival, Logo has a severe injury to his tail that we are hoping to heal but we do anticipate that he will most likely need a partial amputation. Add in the 4 heart worm positive dogs that we have treated south of the border before bringing them to Canada, assorted ear infections, upper respiratory infections, a couple of neurological exams, and a haematoma and we have March Veterinary Madness with quite a few remaining surgeries booked over the coming weeks.

Last year, our adoption fees covered less than 1/2 of our overall veterinary expenses. Even with the very generous discounts our veterinarians extend to us, things still add up very quickly and it is the donations we receive from our generous supporters that close the gap and make it possible for Save Me to take so many medical needs dogs and seniors. We appreciate each and every dollar received. If you would like to help with our veterinary expenses we are a registered Canadian charity and are pleased to provide tax receipts for donations of $20.00 and up. Donations can be made via PayPal or e-transfer to [email protected]. Please remember to also send the password and your mailing address for the tax receipt.

Our sweet Penni has earned her Angel wings. Penni came into rescue late May of 2020. During the course of her veterinary care to get ready for adoption, it was discovered during her spay surgery that she had a very aggressive form of cancer. We knew that surgery would not cure her but hopefully give her some time to be cherished and loved. Penni spent these months having all the love and care any dog could hope for, with her foster family. Her foster mom, Uyen, has suffered the loss of palliative care dogs far too often over the years and even knowing the heartbreak that is inevitable she continues to open her home to the senior and medical needs dogs.

Thank you to Dr. Kadri and the wonderful staff at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital for their compassionate care of Penni since her arrival to Save Me. Between Dr. Kadri’s expertise and Uyen’s family’s care, Penni exceeded her prognosis and had extra time to both give and receive love. These last few weeks Penni was telling us that her time was growing short and she was given the final act of kindness in the arms of her foster Mom and left us peacefully. Although her time with us was short, she will always be remembered.
As we come to the end of the year, we are finishing off a very busy 12 months of vetting with surgeries on two of our very sweet senior ladies. Gaia is having a mass removed today (which we hope will be benign) at Kingsdale Animal Hospital. Tomorrow, Maya will be having a number of surgical procedures at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital. In a year that presented many challenges we are profoundly grateful to the many veterinary clinics we work with - both in Canada and the United States.

Kingsdale and Richmond Hill are the two primary clinics we work with and we would not be the rescue we are without the many kindnesses they show us. While dealing with the uncharted obstacles that covid presented, they continued to provide the best of care to the many dogs that needed their expertise.

We are always so happy when many of our adopters continue with the clinics we work with and support those who support rescue. We are fortunate to have caring and compassionate veterinarians in many areas of the province - a list of the clinics that extend themselves to our rescue can be found on our website.
Penni is home!

We are so relieved to see her looking so well and know she is very happy to be back home with her loving foster family. Dr. Kadri is very pleased with how she is recovering from a very big surgery and although she has a journey ahead of her she is well on her way.
We are hoping to have good news to share once her histopathology results come in.

Many many thanks to everyone for their good wishes for Penni and of course to everyone at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital for always doing their utmost for each and every dog we bring to them.
Penni Update 🐶

Things did not go as planned today for our girl. We will preface this by letting everyone know that Penni is stable at the moment.

It was found, as soon as Dr. Kadri started her surgery, that Penni had a large, bleeding mass on her spleen. There was blood accumulating in her abdomen and had this not been discovered Penni would have been in dire shape within a few days. As her blood work was completely normal less than 2 weeks ago, we know that this was a very recent occurrence. Dr. Kadri called our director of veterinary care from the operating room and as Penni’s general health is favourable it was decided to proceed and do a splenectomy. Penni made it through the surgery without complications and the 24 hours following surgery are critical. Due to this, Penni is spending the night in an emergency hospital where she will be closely monitored and stay on IV meds. She will be back at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital in the morning and our hope is that she will be able to go home tomorrow evening.

We will not know the prognosis for our sweet girl until the histopatholgy report comes back in approximately 7-10 days. We are hoping for encouraging news but no matter what the future brings we will make sure to put Penni’s needs and well-being at the forefront of all decisions made.

One bright spot today is that the pressures in Penni’s eyes are greatly improved and she will no longer be in pain from this condition that had been so horribly neglected.

Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kadri and his amazing staff for taking such expert and compassionate care of Penni. We will keep everyone updated and as always are so grateful to our supporters who make it possible to help dogs like this amazing little girl. She is a fighter and we will keep fighting with her.
We are very happy to welcome Penni into rescue. This exceptionally sweet senior girl found herself in need, after ending up in a Quebec pound. The minute we saw her we knew we had the perfect spot for her and she made her way along the 401. Many thanks to Freedom Drivers: Animal Rescue Transports for getting her to her foster Mom.

We know her picture is hard to look at but we also know that the rest of her life is going to be the best of her life. Penni saw one of our amazing vets, Dr. Kadri at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital, and her examination and blood work all looks very favourable for her to have the surgeries she needs. Penni’s mouth is in horrendous shape and this will be our first priority. When she is ready she will be spayed as well.

Penni has glaucoma in both eyes. One of her eyes registered the highest pressure reading Dr. Kadri has ever seen. We are going to try medication in the hopes of reducing the pressure. There is a chance that Penni will need enucleations should this not work. Penni is blind and in a very short time she has figured out her new surroundings and is navigating her world better and better every day.

No matter what her challenges are, or the reason that she found herself in need, Penni is a very sweet girl who is enjoying the love and comfort she is receiving in her foster home. Our hope is, that once she is medically ready, that there will be a special home for this girl to live out the last years of her life with the love she deserves.

We know these are very challenging times during the Covid Pandemic on so many levels. If anyone wishes to donate towards Penni’s care that would be greatly appreciated. We hope everyone is well and staying safe!

[email protected] - tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $20.00 and up. Please send your address and contact information to the donations email so a tax reciept can be mailed to you.

**Please note, we are not accepting applications for Penni at this time.