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I set out to answer this question over a year ago, not only for myself but eventually with the goal of helping patients ...

I set out to answer this question over a year ago, not only for myself but eventually with the goal of helping patients and other clinicians understand what it would mean to have this genetic information long before cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and dementia came onto a patient's symptom radar. Given that APOE e4 carrier status could increase AD risk 2 to 10 fold, I was particularly interested in the intersection between APOE e4 status and female s*x, knowing that the AD risk triad includes APOE status, age and female s*x. What could it mean to know a patients APOE e4 status BEFORE they went through the menopause transition, which is independently associated with temporary cognitive impairment?

When a well known celebrity, Chris Hemsworth, publically discussed his APOE e4 status in a mainstream media documentary, there was some backlash - why test Chris and discuss this genetic risk if nothing could be done about it? This statement is in part why APOE status is not included in the standards of care around dementia: the belief that knowing this information will not change present day treatment. Additionally, we know APOE status is not deterministic, while 2/3rds of patients with AD are carriers of an APOE e4 allele, we also know there are heterozygotes and homozygotes for e4 who do not go on to develop AD.

The argument of early APOE e4 identification may actually sit right near the forefront of how our knowledge about dementia continues to be shaped. The updates and progress in only the past 3 years is profound, and it is my opinion at this point, we can no longer say with certainty that APOE e4s would not be treated differently than non carriers. But, as with all things, and perhaps especially neurodegeneration, there are nuances and caveats and we have to frame the context of this knowledge.

I'm actually lay-awake-at-night-excited to share this discussion with clinicians in September during Grands Rounds. It's going to be a wild 90 min lecture 🥰🤩 and yes, I am a nerd 🤓😎

I am VERY excited to showcase what I have been working on regarding female genetic risk, cognitive impairment and Alzhei...

I am VERY excited to showcase what I have been working on regarding female genetic risk, cognitive impairment and Alzheimers Disease risk, this September through The Confident Clinician's Grand Rounds Fall 2023 Women's Health Update!!! My aim is to have clinicians walking out (albeit virtually) with a reignited passion for cognitive trajectory, and confidence in easy solutions that fit seamlessly into their daily clinical practice. This is going to be fun, I promise 🥳

In this series seminar, we're covering the top evolutions in the treatment of womens health in 2023 to help prepare you to support your patients in an ever-changing medical landscape. It's your one-stop update on everything that has been published on topics you care about in 2023. Get our favourite protocols for topics such as PMS, PCOS, fertility, weight loss and amenorrhea.

Early Bird Pricing is on NOW for a limited time !! The Grand Rounds Fall 2023 Women's Health Update will be held September 22-September 24 virtually and recorded for playback for registrants who cannot attend the entire event live.

The Perks…..

The Confident Clinician is known for it’s practical approach to clinician education, it’s ruthless search for the best quality evidence to support the guidelines for integrative practitioners and the effective communication of concepts, clinical decision making and experience to it’s clinicians.

Their goal is for practitioners to learn it on Friday and be able to implement that knowledge with their patients on Monday. To do this, they provide registrants up with the resources they need to be successful in practice.

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I spent the last few years in a bit of a cocoon. I had this nagging feeling that had been eating at me for the past 2 ye...

I spent the last few years in a bit of a cocoon. I had this nagging feeling that had been eating at me for the past 2 years, a feeling that something was missing from my profession as an Naturopathic Doctor. Something pulled me back from social media and whispered "stop talking, you have more learning to do."

I had graduated in 2017 so excited to take on disease. But the longer I sat in front of patients and heard their stories, the more I scrolled through the of the onslaught of "functional" medical advice being touted online or at conferences, and as I spent hours inefficiently wading through PUBMED papers looking for shreds of evidence on how to tackle a complex case without giving a recommendation for a supplement that theoretically helps because "ancient clinical wisdom says so", I felt increasingly lost, and even a bit paralyzed.

It seemed to me like there had to be a better way to offer good quality care. But where were the standards of care? How could a clinician see a number of patients a day, all with different complex presentations and offer a really good quality solution forward that didn't waste a patient's time, energy or money, and that could be communicated to their existing health care team with confidence?

I had to reckon with the fact that even as a high achieving student, there was a lot more I needed to know. Thankfully in early 2020, I found that community in what was to become The Confident Clinician Club. Realizing that the burn out and disconnect I was experiencing was something other practitioners were actively fighting back against with critical appraisal skills and a focus on building evidence informed standards of care, was like a balm to the soul, and the joy and excitement began to creep back in.

So I spent the last 3 years honing my skills in clinical practice, becoming a wizard detective on PUBMED, and learning what it meant to truly understand how to contextualize evidence and turn that into good quality clinical care.

Now, I finally feel ready to "speak" again, and I'm going to start sharing on my original love and passion - brain health in the XX human. Stay tuned!


22 Richmond Street, Suite 207
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