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Happy Thanksgiving! Today we’re thankful for good food, great company, and the opportunity to look after our patients’ eye health. Your eye health is vital, especially during these moments, spending time with loved ones and making precious memories. Visit our website to book an appointment for an eye exam today.




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The key to finding the right frames for you is options. A wide range of choices ensures you can find your fit and distinct personal style. If you’re looking for quality sunglasses, come in and try on a pair of Maui Jim frames for a comfortable and classic look. Visit our website to learn more and book your eyewear styling appointment.



Radiofrequency is an effective treatment option for dry eye disease that also helps improve skin health and appearance. Here at Dr. Zargar Eyecare, we’re proud to offer Forma I from InMode to improve your skin and eyelid health. Visit our website to learn more.


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Vision therapy is a way we can train your eyes to work together with your brain and improve your eyesight. People with lazy eyes, crossed eyes, trouble focusing, issues reading, or behavioural challenges can all benefit from vision therapy. If you would benefit from vision therapy, our practice will gladly refer to an excellent vision therapist in our area.


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From environmental changes to allergies, dry eye symptoms can worsen during the fall. Luckily, the team at Dr. Zargar Eyecare is here to help. Treatments like intense pulsed light therapy, radiofrequency, lid hygiene, and more help us treat your unique condition and bring you relief. Visit our website to learn more.


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Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, is a custom solution to help you overcome blurry vision caused by myopia. Ortho-k contacts are hard lenses worn at night to reshape your cornea and gently improve vision during the day. Visit our website to learn more about ortho-k and see if it’s the right treatment for your child.


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Today, we’re thinking about quality eyeglasses, investing in advanced technology, and seeing our wonderful patients. Why? Because it’s Positive Thinking Day! What are you thinking about today? Let us know in the comments—and visit our website to learn more about what makes us so positive.


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RF or Radio Frequency is a versatile technology that not only improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also helps us treat dry eye disease. It delivers thermal energy to the deep layers of the skin, freeing blockages in your meibomian glands and improving tear function to treat dry eye. Visit our website to learn more and book a consultation.



Happy Labour Day! We hope you’re taking the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of your loved ones during the final days of summer. Our practice is closed today, but we will be back Tuesday, September 6th at 8 AM to assist you! Please feel free to text us at 905-883-8182 or visit us online to book your next appointment.


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September is Healthy Aging Month! This month, we take the chance to reflect on our overall health and take steps to preserve it for years to come. Eye health is a vital part of aging; taking care of it begins with a comprehensive eye exam. Visit our website to book yours today.



IPL or intense pulsed light therapy is a non-invasive treatment we use to treat your dry eye symptoms. IPL also helps improve the appearance of age spots, sun damage, freckles, and more. Ask us about IPL for dry eye and skin treatment—visit our website for details.


Timeline photos 08/26/2022

It’s almost time to head back to school! Start your child’s year off right by coming in for an eye exam. Whether they already have glasses and need an updated prescription or need a vision check-up, an eye exam can give your child the tools they need for success in the classroom. Visit our website to book their exam today.


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Did you know that exercising regularly could help protect your vision for years to come? Studies have found that living an active lifestyle helps to prevent macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of vision loss among people 50 or older. We recommend you and your family aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day, 5 days per week. https://1ad.biz/s/GAlud

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What are the best foods to eat for eye health? We recommend you stock up on leafy greens, nuts, legumes, and citrus fruits. When your body is healthy, so are your eyes. That's why it's so important to follow a balanced, nutritious diet – you can't run on an empty tank! https://1ad.biz/s/K6fcu

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Traditional contact lenses aren't for everyone. If you have keratoconus or dry eye disease, for example, they could just make your condition feel worse. Thankfully, scleral lenses can help you attain the crisp, clear vision you deserve. Visit our website to schedule your consultation today. https://1ad.biz/s/cUVJb

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It's been shown that 65% of people experience eye strain and discomfort after prolonged use of devices – so what's the solution? While the best way to alleviate digital eye strain is to reduce time spent in front of screens, we understand that isn't usually possible. Instead, our team can recommend a variety of changes you can make, like using blue-light glasses or specialty lenses, to improve your situation. Don’t forget about the 20-20-20 rule! Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and stare 20 FT away! Our team can recommend a variety of changes you can make, like using blue-light glasses or specialty lenses, to improve your situation. https://1ad.biz/s/BQfxR

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It's almost time for your little ones to head back to the classroom! 80% of learning happens through sight and an uncorrected vision-related learning problem can greatly hinder your child’s ability to succeed at school. Make sure your child has the visual skills needed to succeed in school by scheduling an eye health exam before the school year starts! https://1ad.biz/s/UffRD

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What are diabetic eye exams, and why are they important? Known for a link to vision issues, diabetes is currently the leading cause of blindness in Canada. That's why, at Dr. Zargar Eyecare, we develop a custom exam schedule for our patients with diabetes, so we can keep a close eye on your ocular health. To learn more about the tests we run, visit our website today. https://1ad.biz/s/dT7QM

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Dry eye relief is in reach! With scleral lenses, you can find freedom from both your uncomfortable symptoms and glasses. At Dr. Zargar Eyecare, we offer scleral lenses in a broad range of prescriptions and can customize them to fit your eyes. Visit our website to schedule your consultation today. https://1ad.biz/s/jOtYM

Timeline photos 07/28/2022

You would tell your family doctor about your family's history of a certain disease, and you should inform your optometrist about your family's eye health history too – it could help save your vision! For example, if age-related macular degeneration runs in your family, you have a 50% chance of developing it as well. Visit our website to schedule your next appointment today. https://1ad.biz/s/ABP8s

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Our practice is looking for an Optometric Assistant to join our team! If you have a passion for leadership and fashion, this is the role for you. Visit the link below to learn more about the role and our practice! https://1ad.biz/s/ZctML

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Sunglasses are a great way to express your personal style in the summer and all year-round, but they also protect your eyes from powerful UV rays. Exposure to the sun has been shown to permanently damage your eyes, increasing your risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. Protect your vision for years to come in style with a new pair of shades. Visit our website to schedule your next appointment today! https://1ad.biz/s/Z2wbG

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Our practice is looking for a Medical Esthetician to join our team! We're excited to offer RF and IPL treatments as part of our Dry Eye Spa and would love to have a new team member work side by side with our Doctors to provide this level of care for our patients. Visit the link below to learn more! https://1ad.biz/s/SHC8V

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You and your best friend may have more in common than you thought! Dry eye is not only a common condition among us but in our companion animals as well! Tears are important to the lubrication, comfort, and overall health of a dog’s eyes as well as yours. Tears contain antibacterial proteins and white blood cells to fight infection, and other enzymes to help keep the eyes clear and free of debris, infection, and irritations.

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Our practice is looking for Associate Optometrists to join our team! These positions can be full-time or part-time and offer a great work/life balance. Visit the link below to learn more about this opportunity! https://1ad.biz/s/MESqp

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Your next pair of shades should be perfectly suited to your lifestyle, fashion, and visual needs. Why? Because you'll look forward to wearing them every time you step outside! When you keep sunglasses with 100% UV protection on, you protect your vision for years to come. https://1ad.biz/s/xn4QL

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Blepharitis is the medical term for irritated, swollen eyelids, and is among the most common eye disorders. While there is no cure for this condition, you may be able to manage it yourself with the guidance of our team at Dr. Zargar Eyecare. To learn more about the home and in-office treatments available to you, visit our website to read our blog today. https://1ad.biz/s/paChZ

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Happy Canada Day! As we take time to celebrate our country, don't forget about your eye safety either. Around 15% of firework-related injuries were eye injuries. Make sure you respect safety barriers, keep children away from fireworks, and follow any instructions closely to keep your eyes safe! Our practice will be closed from July 1-3, reopening on Monday, July 4th.

Timeline photos 06/28/2022

If you suffer from dry eye disease, what could be causing it? Dry eyes could be a result of poor tear quality, inadequate tear volume, or a variety of medical conditions or environmental factors. While there is a long list of possible causes, our team can help you get to the bottom of it. Visit our website to schedule your consultation today. https://1ad.biz/s/QqAYl

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You don't need to change up your entire wardrobe to get ready for summer! Freshen up just a few key accessories to completely shift your look instead. Some of our favourite sunglasses trends to follow this season are rectangular glasses, metallic frames, and bold accents. Visit our website to browse the list of eyewear brands we carry today! https://1ad.biz/s/I2VUu

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When you have healthy eyes, or even perfect vision, is it still important to see your optometrist once a year? At Dr. Zargar Eyecare, we look at more than just your prescription – regular eye exams are also a vital tool for safeguarding both your eye health and your vision. Has it been more than a year since your last visit? Visit our website to book your next appointment. https://1ad.biz/s/TYF3G

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Can keeping up your Omega-3 levels help your dry eye symptoms? Yes! Omega-3 fatty acids can improve the eye’s oil film, thus improving the discomfort associated with dry eye. Our online shop carries liquid and pill Omega-3 supplements. Not all brands respond the same, so if you've tried one without success, another might still help! To learn more about your treatment options, visit our website today. https://1ad.biz/s/dT1eN

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Orthokeratology, or Ortho-k, is widely considered by many to be the gold standard of non-surgical vision correction options – but that doesn't mean it's perfect. Before your family decides to go with Ortho-K as your myopia control treatment, visit our website to read our latest blog post and learn about both the pros and cons of this option. https://1ad.biz/s/jJhix

Timeline photos 06/09/2022

Get to know Dr. Byer! After receiving her optometry degree at Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Byer completed a residency in primary care and ocular disease at the Illinois Eye Institute and Illinois College of Optometry. Today, she has a passion for optometry with an emphasis on dry eye, ocular disease and specialty contact lenses. Dr. Byer is currently accepting new patients and is pleased to offer full-scope care to her community. Visit our website to schedule an appointment with her today! https://1ad.biz/s/6Q35K

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We are currently facing a global myopia epidemic – nearsightedness affects 30% of Canadians, and that number is only expected to rise. At Dr. Zargar Eyecare, we're dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of myopia control technology to give you and your family a wider variety of myopia management options. Learn about our myopia management program today. https://1ad.biz/s/LsyaV

Timeline photos 06/02/2022

June is Cataract Awareness Month, a time for us to learn more about the world's leading cause of blindness and what we can do to fight against it. In general, the best way you can protect against any eye disease is to see your optometrist regularly for an eye exam – and cataracts are no exception. Visit our website to schedule your next appointment. https://1ad.biz/s/YFUJ1

Timeline photos 05/31/2022

This summer, remember that your sunglasses are just as important as sunscreen when it comes to protecting against harmful UV rays. The sun can damage your vision, leading to serious conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. Protect your eyes in style with a new pair of shades! Learn about polarized sunglasses at your next eye exam. https://1ad.biz/s/koDww

Timeline photos 05/26/2022

At Dr. Zargar Eyecare, our team is committed to uniting you with the perfect match. Whether that means fitting you with the ideal frames, identifying which dry eye treatment is suited for your unique needs, or finding the only pair of contact lenses in the world that work for you, we'll be there to help. To schedule your next visit today, check out our website. https://1ad.biz/s/3fUqg

Timeline photos 05/24/2022

How many radiofrequency appointments does it take to find dry eye relief? We find that most patients achieve results after the first treatment, but for best results, we recommend 4 to start. Overall, the number of treatments needed is determined by your unique situation – and our team will work with you to find a plan that works. Visit our website to learn more about dry eye relief! https://1ad.biz/s/KF3gM

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Both children and adults can face visual challenges in their lives. Vision therapy helps build effective reading, writing, and learning skills by developing the coordination and teamwork of the eyes so they can work together. Vision therapy can help a variety of conditions; visit the link in our bio and schedule your appointment to see if vision therapy can benefit you. https://1ad.biz/s/wC0GI

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When it comes to wearing contact lenses, one of the most commonly encountered issues is experiencing dry eye symptoms. So how can you prevent this discomfort when wearing contacts? Dry eye has almost countless causes; the team at Dr. Zargar Eyecare can help you get to the bottom of your symptoms and find a solution. https://1ad.biz/s/zsIM0

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The key to finding the right frames for you is options. A wide range of choices ensures you can find your fit and distin...
Radiofrequency is an effective treatment option for dry eye disease that also helps improve skin health and appearance. ...
IPL or intense pulsed light therapy is a non-invasive treatment we use to treat your dry eye symptoms. IPL also helps im...
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