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Caring about my healthy life style a good life!
To improved your health and live happily without ache and pain.
Some of the ingredients used in the snacks for our nutrition workshop later today. Recipes to follow this evening.
Raising a healthy family may help with symptoms labeled as ͞ADD and ADHD.
Take it a step further with Kettle Bell Tips! This is a great exercise for hamstrings as well as other muscles. Dr. Fred Roberto of Maximized Living demonstrates this exercise using a kettle bell weight. This exercise is adjustable for any level so start with a lighter weight, working your way up until you find a weight you are most comfortable with.

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Castlefield Chiropractic is Toronto’s premier chiropractic office helping thousands of people reac

Operating as usual


The 5 Essentials 🌟


It is always a great time at Castlefield Chiropractic! 👋🏻


Don’t let your negative mindset damage your heart health! Join us at our Heart Health Workshop on June 22 🫀

- Discover the warning signs of heart disease
- Uncover the truth about cholesterol
- & more!

Talk to Front Desk to sign up. Limited spots are available!


Yes, we may be extra at work but we are proud of our patients 😆😍

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We’re loving the new artwork in our building!


🧠 If you want your health to change, you have to start by changing your mindset. Transforming your health is definitely not easy, but staying positive and being optimistic along the way will help you achieve your goals.
📖 Click the link in our bio to read more about mindset and how to win the war with yourself.


❤️ We look to the root cause of the problem rather than focusing on the condition. If you’re experiencing a health issue, contact us so we can help you unlock your full potential today! 416-487-6300


Another success of the day!!!!! Celebrating no red in her scan 😍🤗

Who do you know that is dealing with pain that is stopping them from living the life they deserve? Talk to Front Desk so we can help them!


Celebrating no red on her scan despite all the stress she’s been going through! Each win is a success in our eyes ❤️

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Detox workshop was a MAJOR SUCCESS!!!! 🌟🌟🌟
We’re so happy for those who joined! Early sign up to our next workshop is available. We have limited seats so make sure to talk to Front Desk to sign up ASAP.
See you at the next workshop 😍😍

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Celebrating Ana! She has no more shoulder pain and feels amazing!!!! 😍😍😍


😧 Can you believe all of the symptoms your body can express when just ONE of the MANY vertebrae in the spine are misaligned? Imagine the damage multiple vertebrae may cause.
Your C1 vertebrae controls blood supply to the head, bones of the face, brain, inner and middle ear, pituitary gland, and the sympathetic nervous system.
👉 Get adjusted to assist your body in functioning at its best!


Happy birthday Julia!!! ❤️❤️❤️
So grateful to be apart of your health journey!

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Celebrating Christina and her successes! Before starting care, she couldn’t move her arms much. Now, she has full mobility and her range of motion has improved!


🦠 Did you know that we're exposed to over 2.1 million toxins everyday?!?

‼️ On April 27, we will be hosting our DETOX workshop where you'll learn how to identify and avoid these toxins!

In person spots are limited to 25 so you won't want to miss it! Talk to Front Desk to register.

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Couples who get adjusted together stay together! 😍❤️🔥

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😌 It’s important to practice habits that eliminate negative energy and stress from your life in order to live life to the fullest.
👀 Follow us for more stress tips!

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💪 Do something today you will be proud of tomorrow.
➡️ Go to this link for more information on MaxT3:


Testimonial Tuesday! Celebrating Marlene today! ❤️🥰

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What is a subluxation? Subluxation is another way of saying spinal misalignment. This can be caused by an accident, poor posture, stress or slowly over time.

How do subluxations affect my body? Subluxations interfere with your body functioning and healing at 100%, which causes symptoms and disease to arise.

How can subluxation be corrected? We find the root cause of the subluxation and perform specific chiropractic adjustments to correct them.


Prioritize the 5 Essentials to live the life you DESERVE because without health, you have nothing.

Your greatest WEALTH is HEALTH

🖐 The 5 Essentials provide you with a new way to look at your health that’s focused on helping your body restore its own power and performance.
👀 To learn more, click the link in our bio!



It's time to get your loved ones checked!! On March 8 and March 9, we are having a day dedicated to those loved ones. Your friends and family deserve the best care 💕

Ask Front Desk how you can help the people you love.

Spots are LIMITED so make sure you you speak to us soon 😊




Removing interference and restoring function in the body is what we do! Whether you’ve been alive for just a few days, or 100 years, we’re committed to unlocking your full potential.

Call us to book your consultation and full examination: 416-487-6300

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🔐 Spinal health is the key to living your best life! If you have poor posture, struggle with stress or been in a traumatic accident, NOW is the time to take care of it before the damage progresses over time.

Call us and we'd be more than happy to set up a date and time to get to the root cause of your health concern! 416-487-6300


We ❤️ having you as a patient! Share this post with a loved one who you think should join our family.

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On February 16, we will be delivering our "METABOLISM" online workshop. Your metabolism encompasses all the chemical processes to keep you alive! In this workshop, you will learn how to correct the early signs of metabolic disorders and what you need to do to keep your metabolism functioning properly to remain healthy.

Text the word 'Metabolism' to (647) 360-7370 to sign up now or talk to front desk.





We celebrate everyone’s wins at our clinic ❤️😊


TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY! Celebrating Kenny’s success today and everyday ✨❤️

“I have been working as a chef since I graduated in 2015. In this industry, where service is the upmost faction between a good or bad experience, I sacrificed my well-being to please others and be the best on the job. In 2020, I had the worst eating schedule: dinner at 1am. I was always angry and tired. I was scared that at 29 years old, I ruined my health and I would have to live life like that. I was diagnosed with signs of carpal tunnel in both wrists. I used to smoke significantly daily and felt shallow breathing.

Since my first visit until now, I don't have wrist/hand numbness, and my chest pain and mid back feel a lot better. I was also made aware that my posture has improved. My neck improved in its range of motion and my focus is the best it has ever been.

Overall, a routine for my health and taking the time for it was asked of me so that was the most life changing step forward I needed.

My words of encouragement: You will have to make the time to work towards optimal health; it is not just about cracking bones and being happy about feeling straight. Self-care is important, your body is more than your personalized vehicle.”

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We got some beautiful winners from our giveaway! ❤️🎉✨

Christmas in the Clinic was a MAJOR success and we’re beyond happy to be able to give back ❤️❤️❤️


All appointments have been rescheduled accordingly 🎄✨


Celebrating Nicole today ❤️😍🥰


Just a few of the toys we’ve collected for CHRISTMAS IN THE CLINIC! 🤩
All proceeds go to The Salvation Army ❤️🥰💕


TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY! Celebrating Samantha today ❤️❤️❤️

“I have been diagnosed with sciatica, depression, and anxiety. I also have arthritis because I was still recovering from a dancer injury, which put my career on hold in the entertainment industry so it's been a couple of years since I've done anything very physical.

I'm so happy to say that I no longer have chronic back pain. I've been sleeping great each day. I feel more confident in working out. I've actually just started going back to the gym. I could see my six pack again! I'm eating healthy as well.

I'm continuing my usual regime I did a year ago with starting my health journey but to see that with my proper alignment, I can see the results that I went through in the last couple of years. Knowing that it was my alignment blocking my thyroid and that it's no longer a problem, I can say I feel more confident in doing activities.

Don't believe any rumors that it's just cracking your bones. It's about alignment. The nervous system is very important. You have to protect all your organs. It's all connected back to the brain. It's actually essential. Alignment goes with everything. I recommend coming to MaxLiving to have all your questions answered.”


It’s not too late to participate in Christmas in the Clinic… we have 1 more week left! Here’s how you can join the fun ❤️✨🎉🤩😍🥰



TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY EVERYONE! Celebrating Jayon today and his successes in his health ❤️🤩

“I was on the road all the time and gaining weight, feeling unhealthy. I switched to veganism and I started to feel healthier but I still had hip pain and other random pains. One day, my back started killing me. I had to slow down.

I've been here since June and I feel healthier from when I switched from meat to veganism. I don't have back pain anymore. I was developing arthritis in my back, wasn't standing up straight. I actually got taller since coming here!

The information that I've been given on health - these are things that I didn't know and I've learned a lot. I was never unhealthy but I've been on a journey to become healthier and Castlefield Chiropractic gave me a leap forward.

My advice to everyone on Earth: Go see a chiropractor! Even if you believe you are 100% healthy, go see a chiropractor.”


December 1st is tomorrow meaning the holidays are around the corner…… Remember to keep a few things in mind during this time ❤️

👎 It is all too common for health issues to express during the holidays. In fact, heart attacks are more common during the holidays than any other time of the year. Instead of prioritizing our health over the holidays, it takes a back seat to busy schedules, toxic food, and limited sleep.
😞 Stress causes tension through your muscles and impacts the tone of your nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerve roots). As stress increases, the tone of your nervous system tightens resulting in a sympathetic/fight or flight mode. When you are stuck in stressed, sympathetic healing, your body’s priority of healing, resting, and absorbing nutrients to fight mode - blood to muscles and adrenaline release. If this tone and stress is left unchecked, the nervous system stays in a sympathetic tone causing symptoms in the body. Chiropractic adjustments align the spine and balance your nervous system to express a parasympathetic/healing tone allowing for physical and mental well-being. Once you start expressing the right healing tone, your body begins to heal those stressed out symptoms!
🤝 Start the holidays on the right foot by letting us alleviate your stress through chiropractic care! Call our office today to begin your health journey!

416-487-6300 ❤️✨




Celebrating Johlissa. You’re amazing❤️🤩💕

“Before coming here, my back (top and bottom) was always sore and stopping me from dancing and working at my full potential. I would have to stop working because the pain was so intense. I thought I broke something because of the pain.

Since starting care, I don't have much pain in my lower back and neck. I wake up without being sore. I stretch more. I overall feel better.

I was able to do a dance routine with arm movements and it didn't hurt!

The most inspiring idea is the idea of letting your body recover and heal itself instead of constantly using medication.

You have to work for the results that you want and you have to be committed to doing the workouts and getting the adjustments. Just do it (Nike, haha!) No, but really just do it.”


👎  Food additives such as BPA, phthalates, artificial food coloring, and more are extremely harmful for children when ingested in high doses. Although these chemicals seem almost impossible to avoid, here are a few things you can do to limit your child’s exposure to food additives:

✅  Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and wash them thoroughly before use
✅  Cut back on buying processed foods
✅  Avoid microwaving plastic food containers

By following these tips, you and your family will be at less risk of toxic buildup, and live a healthier life. For more information about toxins, listen to episode 1 of The MaxLiving Podcast! Link in bio.

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