Dr. Goel has been monumental in improving my physical, mental and emotional well-being. In the very first session she was so thorough in her questioning that she was able to understand my health picture with immense accuracy, and prescribe the best remedy for me. And now, a mere few months later, I am so grateful for her help. I feel incredibly more balanced, on every level of my being. She is also working with my teenage daughter now to help her with some chronic issues, and we are hopeful to see improvements in her as well. Not only is she a knowledgeable practitioner, but she is a very kind, caring and authentic human being who truly cares about her patients. We highly recommend her services.

Homeopathic Practitioner Specialising in the treatment of PCOS and its associated conditions

Hi, I'm an international homeopath specialising in PCOS and its associated conditions like painful periods, anxiety, low mood, exhaustion, hormonal disturbances, fibroids, infertility, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), & adrenal fatigue/hypothyroidism. I also offer non fertility appointments with a special interest in ADHD and Autism spectrum. Book a free 15 minute online consultation by clicking

Operating as usual


Are you taking birth control pills to fix your PCOS or conditions related to PCOS like suppressed or irregular periods?

Did you know that the birth control pill doesn’t fix your PCOS; on the contrary it suppresses your hormones. The birth control pill actually shuts down communication between your brain and ovaries. When you take a pill it affects the production of hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and pituitary gonadotropin secretions.

This confuses your pituitary gland as a signal is sent to your brain that there are enough hormones and no need to make more. Your brain in turn stops talking to your ovaries and no longer signalling them to produce FSH (follicle stimulating hormone – to develop an egg) and LH (luteinizing hormone – to release the egg).

PCOS has a root cause! Your hormone imbalance has a root cause! Without fixing that you can not fix your PCOS. Pill only masks the symptoms, it doesn’t address the root causes but homeopathy does address the root causes.

Let me know in the comments what has worked for you.


Are you dealing with painful, long, heavy periods, PMS/PMDD, vicious mood swings, irritability, anxiety, hair loss, weight gain or exhaustion?

What are the ROOT CAUSES of your not so perfect health or should I say who is the culprit behind your misery?

Is this all happening just because of your hormonal imbalance?
No, there are other factors too who have joined forces and you are forced to live with miserable cyclical symptoms…

Let us have a look at those other factors or root causes that are contributing to your illness

👉Leaky gut
👉Unhealthy diet and lifestyle

Do you see any of these root causes as your root causes?


Are you dealing with acid reflux, bloating, constipation and diarrhea?

And to make the matter worse you are also experiencing brain fog, fatigue, food intolerances and even food allergies.

You have tried every available diet protocol, supplements, exercise, intermittent fasting but still struggling then it is time to seek a homeopathic consultation as a homeopathic treatment can help you reverse all the above symptoms and boost your immune system so that your body can heal itself.

Wanna know how, then book a free 15 minutes introductory call with me by clicking the link below



Do you often have pain under your lower rib cage? If yes, have you ever wondered what might be causing this?

It is usually because of trapped gas in your intestines and blocked stool.

What do you do to relieve it? Do you have a favorite homeopathic remedy for this? Let me know in the comments


Are you always craving that extra cookie, slice of pizza, cake or chocolate when dealing with overwhelm? Have you ever wondered what is making you crave these things?

We have a wide and diverse community of microbes in the gut. These gut microbes play a key part in cravings by influencing our brain. The gut and brain constantly keep on talking to each other via the vagus nerve. It is called the gut-brain axis. The bacteria in the gut uses this gut brain axis communication pathway to send signals to our brain.

Microbes communicate their food preferences with the brain in a variety of ways, producing both toxins and neurotransmitters. Yes, different bacteria prefer different substances. Some prefer carbohydrates and sugars (like yeasts), some dietary fibers (like Bifidobacteria), whilst others prefer fats (like Bacteroidetes). Other microbes are “specialists” and can only grow on a single nutrient source. Some microbes, such as Akkermansia muciniphila, do not depend on dietary substrates at all and instead thrive on the carbohydrate of the mucus layer secreted by host gut epithelial cells.

In order to get their preferred food these microbes produce toxins so that you feel bad and force you to eat that makes them happy. It is all about the survival mechanism as these microbes need certain nutrients to thrive. So they try to survive by battling against each other.

These gut microbes also have the ability to control our food choices as they can modify the receptors throughout the gut based on their food preference. For example, the microbes that prefer sugar, they trigger the body to increase the number of sweet receptors in the gut that leads to craving for more sugar.
Gut bacteria also produce and respond to the certain neurotransmitters like GABA, serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, acetylcholine and melatonin that helps to regulate mood and cognition which further affects our food choices.

What to do?

As these microbiomes keep on competing with each other in order to survive, it is really important to have microbial diversity as important to maintain the balance among the microbiota. When there is a balance in the population, the gut microbiome helps good microbiomes to flourish and keep pathogenic or harmful bacteria at the bay.

This balance can be achieved by eating nutritiously dense food and making good and healthy food choices but many times just diet is not enough to restore this balance. That’s where homeopathy comes into play. There are several homeopathic remedies that can bring balance in microbiome diversity and rebuild the flora too.

Want to end the cycle of food cravings? Let me know in the comments.


Are you dealing with oral thrush and having symptoms like

👉white patches (plaques) in the mouth that can often be wiped off, leaving behind red areas that may bleed slightly

👉loss of taste or an unpleasant taste in the mouth

👉redness inside the mouth and throat

👉cracks at the corners of the mouth

👉a painful, burning sensation on the tongue or around the lesions

👉can affect the ability to swallow, speak, and eat

Oral thrush is a non-contagious fungal or yeast infection of the mouth caused by the overgrowth of Candida fungus. It is also called oral candidosis (or candidiasis) because it is caused by a group of yeasts called Candida.

There are several homeopathic remedies that can fix this condition. If you want to know which homeopathic remedies can bring relief let me know in the comments.


I am back here with homeopathic remedies for lazy bowel syndrome. Have you used any of these remedies for your lazy bowel syndrome?


Nux Vomica is one of the most effective remedies when there is a constant urging sensation in re**um for a stool which never comes, or a small portion of stool may be passed with this urging sensation. Even after passing stool many times a day, there is a never “got done” feeling causing constant uneasiness in the re**um. Abdominal pains with awful nausea, particularly when a patient feels very sick at the stomach, feels "If I only could vomit, I would be so much better." It is well suited to people who love to eat fatty food, easily get chilled, and avoid open air.


Bryonia is an excellent remedy for relieving constipation when there is a hard, dry stool that passes in lump form. There is great difficulty in passing the stool. Stools look as if burnt. There might be involuntary evacuation of stool during sleep. There is a burning sensation with the passing of stool. Cramp-like pains along with pinching and cuttings in the abdomen, especially after eating or drinking . Feels worse in the morning, from moving, in hot weather or after being heated.


Alumina is extremely helpful for constipation in children, infants, bottle-fed babies and among elderly persons. The keynote of this remedy is that there is no desire for passing stool for days. Stool is hard as stones. The people who need alumina have a craving for abnormal things like chalk, charcoal, dry food and tea-grounds. There is an aggravation from potatoes, salt, wine, vinegar, pepper and from spirituous drinks. Stomach is distended with gas and can have sour vomitings.


Constipation from inability of the re**um to expel the faeces although there is constant urging to pass the stool. Stool comes down with a difficulty, after a lot of straining but when partly expelled, recedes back again. There is always a burning or stinging feeling in re**um during stool.Constipation always before and during me**es. There is an aggravation after drinking milk.


Does your laxative or fiber supplement don’t relieve your constipation and you have to spend a lot of time on the toilet straining and pushing to move your bowels?

If the answer is yes, then most probably you are suffering from lazy bowel syndrome. It is also known as slow transit constipation where there is a slow movement of waste through the digestive system because of reduced motility of the large intestine.

The large intestine moves waste from the small intestine to the re**um through a process called peristalsis, which is characterized by rhythmic, muscular contractions of the intestinal walls, controlled by nerves of the enteric nervous system.

Causes of lazy bowel syndrome
👉Congenital (i.e. present at birth)

👉Abnormalities of the enteric nervous system causing reduced or blocked peristalsis

👉Intestinal blockage like tumor)

👉Damage to a**l muscles

👉Unhealthy bowel habits such as delaying bowel movements

👉Eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia

👉pelvic floor dysfunction

👉Prolonged use of certain medications such as opioids

👉Excessive use of stimulant laxatives

👉Lack of physical activity

👉Stress and anxiety


👉Passing bowel motions infrequently less than a few times a week


👉Painful bowel movements

👉Abdominal pain



👉Poor appetite

👉Urge to have a bowel movement only very infrequently

👉Hard stools that are difficult to pass

Do you suffer from lazy bowel syndrome? If yes, let me know in the comments.


Did you know that your mitochondria plays an important role in your fertility?

Mitochondria are our cellular powerhouses” because they turn the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP — our bodies’ major, most elemental fuel.

Guess what? They make ATP for your egg cells too!

Majority of cells in your body have hundreds of mitochondria in them. As your follicles aka egg cells mature, going from a microscopic primordial follicle cell to a visible egg cell, mitochondria multiply exponentially to 100,000–500,000 in fully mature eggs. There are way more mitochondria in one egg cell than in any other cell in your body!

You might be wondering why there is this exponential increase in the number of mitochondria in a mature egg cell. It is important to understand that the egg, the mature egg, is the largest cell in the body of a woman and it takes a lot of energy for an egg to be fertilized, implant, and grow into a baby so mitochondria is in high demand when you are trying to get pregnant.

This means, we need healthy powerhouses!⁣ So to have healthy mitochondria, your cells need all the building blocks for producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the molecule which provides energy for all of the cells’ processes.

Go for healthy fats, green leafy vegetables, and nuts and seeds. eliminate ingredients that are toxic to your mitochondria, including processed foods, all sugars and refined sweeteners, trans fats, gluten, and dairy products.

Embrace exercise as it increases the number of mitochondria in muscle cells

Also take mitochondria-protective and energy-boosting micronutrients, such as Acetyl-L-carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, N-acetylcysteine, NADH, D-ribose, resveratrol, and magnesium aspartate.

Last but not least ask for homeopathic help because homeopathic remedies act at cellular and molecular levels gently but effectively enhance the function of your mitochondria.

🌷You can be fertile
🌟I can help you thrive with excellence of Homeopathy!


Hi everyone!

How are you all doing?

Today I am here to talk about the curative properties of tissue salt Calcarea Sulph.

Its common name is Plaster of paris. Calc sulph is an excellent tissue salt when it comes to purulent discharges from mucus membranes for a long time affecting the epithelial tissue.

Because of its curative action for abscess, it aids in the healing of pustules and pimples too.

There is diarrhea after maple sugar and a change of weather. Itching in re**um with pus like slimy discharge from bowels. There can be burning pain in stomach along with nausea and vertigo.

Women who need calc sulph their me**es are usually delayed and long lasting accompanied by headaches and weakness. There may be leakage of pus inside the pelvic organs. There is itching in va**na after periods. There is a great desire for fruits, tea, and sour green vegetables.

And the most important thing is that this tissue salt can heal the abscess when given after silica.

Have you ever used calc sulph tissue salt? Let me know in the comments.


Did you know that homeopathic healing is a process where we peel several kinds of layers contributing to your health conditions?

There is no magic pill which can fix long term issues overnight without messing the vital area of your healthy mind and body.
No health condition shows up in one day, it takes a while to be part of your system. It takes several assaults and traumas to hit your body’s immune system to give up. It takes overuse of synthetic hormones, conventional drugs, and exposure to tons of environmental toxins. How can you expect it to leave your body and mind in one day with one pill?

Homeopathic healing is not just one pill for one ailment. It is healing for the whole of you - You as a physical person, You as an emotional person, You as addicted to a worse lifestyle person, You as carrying an emotional toll from past generations.

So healing you on all of these aspects needs you to be present there in your healing as it asks for your commitment, your belief, your investment, your time, your patience and most importantly your trust in your therapist.

What you give in, that's what you get in return. You can’t be healed if you are not ready.

Homeopathy is an energy medicine and if you are not ready to align your energy with its healing energy - healing is not possible. Believe in the process of healing from your heart and you will be amazed by the results.

🌷You can reclaim your life
🌟I can help you thrive with excellence of Homeopathy!


Last time we talked about Adenoids. Today it's time to give you a snapshot of homeopathic remedies to treat them acutely.


Have you been given the solution of getting an adenoidectomy for your child’s adenoids? Does it really provide the solution?

Let us first understand what adenoids are? Adenoids are small soft tissues present at the back of the nasal cavity, above the roof of the mouth. Adenoids play an important role in combating infection and supporting the immune system in little kids.

As children start to grow their immune system also gets stronger and adenoids begin to shrink and often practically disappear by the teen years.

Adenoids can get enlarged while fighting off bacteria and viruses that enter the body via nose or throat. Adenoids trap the germs and fight them off. In this process the white blood cells aka the immune cells of the body travel through the adenoids to fight off the infection and adenoids get swelled up.

They can also get enlarged due to an allergic reaction.

Main symptoms of enlarged adenoids

👉Difficulty in breathing through the nose

👉Noisy breathing and nasal voice

👉Frequent ear infections

👉Mouth breathing


👉Swollen glands in the neck

👉Frequent colds

👉Consistent runny nose

👉Breathing stops for a few seconds during sleep

👉Bad breath

👉Dry mouth

👉Chapped or cracked lips


👉Frequent sinus or middle ear infections.

👉Can Homeopathy provide help in treating enlarged adenoids?

Yes, Yes and Yes. Homeopathy can provide a solution for enlarged adenoids by treating the ongoing infection which helps adenoids to shrink and go back to their normal size. Besides that homeopathy also helps build the immune system of your child. A strong immune system prevents the recurrence of respiratory infections.

❤️ Drop me a comment if you had to do adenoidectomy or you have been told to get it done for your child.

Our Story

I’m an international Homeopath, treating Hormonal Imbalance naturally along with its associated conditions like Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, Anxiety, Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), & adrenal fatigue/hypothyroidism.

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We aim to treat you and your family in a safe, effective and natural way to help you live the life you deserve. We offer Online Consultations through Skype/Whatsapp/FaceTime or Face to Face Consultations in our office.

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