Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates

Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates


The best antiviral treatments are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. See medical journals for clinical studies. Effective against HPV, HSV, CMV, and EBV.
Website: https://lilaccorp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeneEdenVIRNovirin
A year ago was our 5th Annual Pilates in Paradise Retreat (and , , .international). We are dreaming of an even better retreat in 2022! Our community grows with love, compassion and evolving exercises every year! Plan to join us with Diane Kornell, Pilates Winnipeg and Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates in beautiful Kihei, Maui Feb 2022!

Due to popular demand. Darlene is back with
more Hypopressives Breath + Core work...today, Thurs May 28 at 4 pm CST on our IG Live feed with Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates from Toronto
We have so many options for management at Forces of Nature! We're looking forward to in-person options again soon. Meanwhile, talk to one of our naturopathic doctors Dr. Rachel Vong, ND or Dr. Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor at Forces of Nature Wellness Clinic or chiropractor Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates for virtual options.
Our give their patients stretches like these to reduce pain and increase mobility. Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates is offering virtual services at this time.
Hypopressives... Breathing + Core Fitness with Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates from Toronto...Thursday May 21 at 4 pm CST....just pop over to our IG Live feed and meet her there!
So many reasons to celebrate the 30 min Pelvic Floor class at 10 am Winnipeg time with Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates from Toronto! She is my fabulous friend who is part of our Around the World Pilates Tour and it is Pelvic Floor Pain month and it is Mental Health Awareness week...and this body based exercise class helps rewire the brain and makes the body feel good again! Jump over to our Pilates Manitoba IG Live for 10 am to join her!
How to join the best workouts anywhere in the world? Take your fitness around the globe without leaving your home with our Free Around the World Pilates Tour on our Pilates Manitoba FB Live Feed for Kelly and IG Live feed for Darlene.

I have been so lucky to train with, know and become friends with soooo many amazing instructors not just here at our studio but around the world ...so I just keep contacting them and asking them to come join us! I am so grateful for their love, support and enthusiasm! It is such a success, I've been thinking of having a class donation option but there are so many non-profits needing support it is heartbreaking to pick one so please share your thoughts!

Monday May 4 ( May the 4th be with you!), we have Kelly McKinnon (in the striped shirt) formerly of Winnipeg herself and now Master Trainer of Corpus Pilates in Belgium at 12:30 pm Winnipeg time. Kelly developed and founded Corpus Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2000. She has trained teachers in the methods of Classical Pilates, CoreAlign™, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® across Europe, Baltic States and Russia, Israel, Canada and the United States. Kelly worked in dance and choreography for +25 years and as a professor at the Ecole Superior Artistic du Cirque for five years in Brussels. Kelly has over 200 hours in human dissection and is studying osteopathy in London at LSO, currently completing her third year of a five-year course. Kelly will take you through a 30-40 min class emphasizing rotation and the standing leg. Make sure you are here at this Pilates Manitoba FB LIVE page!

And Mon May 4 at 4 pm Winnipeg time, join Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates (in the blue shirt) from Toronto with a 30-40 min Pelvic Floor Pilates class. Make sure you go to our Pilates Manitoba IG LIVE feed for Darlene's class!

Need help with breastfeeding? Check out this course by our chiropractor, Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates
When you unexpectedly find yourself working remotely, it can be tempting to spend your workday lounging on your sofa or bed with a laptop. But it doesn't take long for these awkward positions to start to cause pain and even injury. It's important to keep good workspace ergonomics in mind, even at home:

Neutral Elbow:
When you sit at your desk with your shoulders relaxed, you should be able to type with your elbows at a "neutral" 90-degree angle. Some options for achieving this include installing a keyboard tray under your desk, raising your chair height, or working at a child-size desk.

Flat Feet:
Your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle to protect your hips and lower back. If necessary, use a footstool.

Screen Height:
Elevate your computer's screen to a comfortable eye height to avoid needing to bend your neck for long periods of time. This can be achieved with a purpose-built stand, an inverted box or even a pile of books. If you use a laptop, adding an external keyboard will help.

If you are experiencing pain, Chiropractor Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit is taking acute pain patients in-person and working virtually with everyone else. Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates
Pressure points to relieve from ...


works even better to relieve headache pain. You can get acupuncture pain relief from Joy Walraven Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates Dr. Brandon Davy Dr. Rachel Vong, ND Dr. Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor at Forces of Nature Wellness Clinic
The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. -Dennis Waitley

If you need help reaching your health goals, we have a wellness pro for that. Joy Walraven Dr. Brandon Davy Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates Dr. Rachel Vong, ND Dr. Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor at Forces of Nature Wellness Clinic Sanaz Baradaran - Registered Dietitian jamali wang
"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well." --Diane Ackerman

If you need help living your life to the fullest, talk to one of our wellness pros: Joy Walraven Dr. Brandon Davy Dr. Rachel Vong, ND Sanaz Baradaran - Registered Dietitian Dr. Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor at Forces of Nature Wellness Clinic Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates
Are you worried about picking up a viral infection? Your best defense is a healthy immune system.

Washing your hands regularly, reducing or eliminating sugar and refined foods, amping up your veggie intake and getting adequate sleep are always your best defenders against illness.

Talk to one of our for more immune system help Dr. Rachel Vong, ND Dr. Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor at Forces of Nature Wellness Clinic

Self-care with any of our wellness professionals helps you feel your best Dr. Brandon Davy Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates Joy Walraven Sanaz Baradaran - Registered Dietitian

Support the body’s natural healing ability using adjustments, mobilizations, gentle soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, then we strengthen the body.

Online assessments and treatment options are available. Please contact us for details.

Free virtual consultation!

Operating as usual

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It’s a beautiful moment for both mommy and baby to receive care, side by side💕

While the baby is checked after a for any additional areas of myofascial tension and restrictions…

Mommy can get her shoulder, neck, wrist checked so she can improve her breastfeeding ergonomics/positioning

Because the best outcome after a is to have a good feeding position that will promote proper feeding mechanics…

When the tongue function improves, breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) improves, digestion improves, sleeping improves💖

It’s a true privilege to be trusted, and I thank this mom for permission to post🙏🏻

Photos from Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates's post 10/27/2022

Hypopressive Low Pressure Fitness technique…for core, breathing and pelvic floor.

This system of exercises has research evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness on … so much more as it integrates with

“Before any real benefit can be derived from physical exercise, one must first breathe correctly; our very life depends on it”-Joseph Pilates

To breathe your best, the diaphragm, rib cage and thoracic spine should be free from restrictions… then get ready to feel amazing!!!

Photo demonstrating rib cage expansion and myofascial stretch…

retreat with and Kristin DuweFranks🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

How’s your breathing today? Reach out for more info 🌺


Pilates is serious stuff…😊 keeping it short, simple, and fun with


Flexibility for men…not easy, not natural, but so important! Stretching can be painful and counterproductive😖

When an area is tight constantly…it may be protecting a weakness!

Joseph Pilates developed equipment to help with creating long lean muscles by harnessing the eccentric movement pattern…leading to stronger AND flexible bodies!

Ask us about your areas of concern…


Checking spines on World Spine Day😂

How’s your spine today? If this can have his spine released of tension, alignment improved…shouldn’t you

Happy Sunday

Disclaimer: I’m not a chiropractic vet, just a chiropractor 😊


Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada…I am so grateful to the humans in all aspects of my life.

Hoping this was a weekend to rest and rejuvenate.

Back in office tomorrow💖and don’t forget about our giveaway with


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Good health starts at birth…but even before that!

Studies have shown what happens during pregnancy can affect the growing fetus. Ask me for some of the studies related to sleep disordered breathing on maternal health presented at the ICAP conference!

Looking forward to presenting on Pregnancy, Posture and Gait; as well and learning from other presenters to support the journey into motherhood

October 1, 2022

To register


Happy last long weekend of summer in Canada!

Just returned from Conference Vancouver, ready to help more babies and their families with and

Regular office hours begin tomorrow with


What are the long term effects of Tongue Tie over a lifetime?!?!? Stay tune but first…

My baby had TWO tongue tie releases, I was lucky to have an incredible support system, .therapy so we overcame our #

That nightmare is what propelled me to research, learn and support other families, and share what I’ve learned🙏🏻

But…years later, she may still other needs, so why not have the leaders in the industry evaluate her, even if it’s in the middle of the hallway 😆😆😆 at the conference


Wishing you all a lovely last week of summer 2022☀️☀️☀️

Heading to Vancouver for the


I will be presenting on the rationale, research and techniques for Manual Therapy to support Infants and moms, so they can prepare for, and recover from a tongue tie procedure.

Looking forward to 4 days of jammed pack learning

Looking forward to meeting IN PERSON once again, colleagues from all over the world🌎

If you cannot attend in person, please note there will be recordings available, for CECs, and

Please reach out to if you need an appointment this week, but make it soon…this awesome colleague will be joining me in Vancouver too!


Playing with pilates…where I can find my


It’s that kinda Monday 😂

Lesson learned…this child is getting much too heavy to with me

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A perfect Nona and me date…how can I not love my job!

From babies to grandparents…it’s my privilege to use all that is in my tool box so they can

Using techniques appropriate for their body

And so much more

Always grateful for your trust🌺


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and fatherly figures who support us, hold us, and will do almost anything for us…this guy would rather be playing beach volleyball, but, oh well😊

“A father is also born…”

With gratitude and respect 💕


Assessment of

Because there are
60 voluntary and involuntary muscles,
22 bones connecting at 34 sutures, and 6 cranial nerves
that affect the baby’s primary function to feed!
(Linda Smith 2006)

Ever wonder what can go wrong?

Learn more with myself and other amazing presenters at the next ICAP conference: September 1-4, 2022 in Vancouver🇨🇦

Photos from Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates's post 05/31/2022

Last day for Early Bird Rate at the next ICAP CONFERENCE :

This year I am a presenter:

Manual Therapy to prepare for frenectomy and promote success!

Too often babies have come to my office after 1, 2 even 5 tongue tie releases! Parents are at their wits end, babies are fussy and still struggling…and I can definitely empathize!

Still committed to helping more families, I have moved on from ICAP board to presenter!

Hoping more families can get the knowledge and support they deserve.

Come learn more with us as I discuss

1. The whole body’s myofascial connections
2. Red flags to success, and
3. Share using specific treatment techniques


Is it Friday already?

Decompressing and stretching…is great way to head into the weekend!

Please remember to use your masks for in person treatments.

Thanks and for demonstrating this PNF neck stretch!!!

Because we do more than “crack backs” although that adjustment can be so gratifying sometimes😊


Remembering what it was like to graduate many years ago from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College…and the amazing teachers and chiropractors that inspired, mentored, encouraged me.

My turn to and realize how the profession needs to continually support, evolve, and learn, so that we can all achieve our innate health potential!

Congratulations class of 2022! Thank you for assisting in clinic and your willingness to learn, accept feedback, and grow🌺

That feeling of:

Photos from Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates's post 05/20/2022

Jumping into the FIRST SUMMER long weekend like…

Happy long weekend 🇨🇦

Office closed till Tuesday


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, and all moms, and motherly figures in our lives that enrich and support our lives🌺THANK YOU for all you do for your families and community.

Too often you are the unsung hero of our lives, our day…you many not need or want a thank you, but you deserve so much more💖


Wondering WHY a baby might need some hands on treatment either from a health professional or their parent….

Let’s ask this little human 😊

After all, they do have muscles, fascia and joints…controlled by their nervous system…that can all get compressed/strained/stretch during the delivery process or perhaps during their growth in the womb!

If you or someone you know would like to learn more…join our webinar and/or giveaway (previous post)

To support these littlest humans and endure joyful beginnings, I created an online course on Infant Massage and Crainalsacraltherapy. Please share and tag someone who would love this 💕

Photos from Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates's post 05/04/2022


To thank and acknowledge of our wonderful community of moms, fur mommas and the amazing motherly figures who enrich their community!

To join:

1. Follow accounts

2. Tag an amazing human who would love to learn more about infant massage, or enjoy a mommy baby park class, or deserve their hair styled and blow dry at a Yorkville salon!

The giveaway prize is transferable, so all can join💕

Winner will be selected at Friday’s webinar, hope you can join us!

This giveaway is not endorsed or associated by Instagram.


Gratitude is not delayed but this post is😊I am grateful to have had the opportunity to present to a couple of groups; here’s a follow up video as we did not get a chance for some important movement…BTW these exercises are great for every body, because we call all use tips for better breathing and posture!

Such a privilege to have worked with:

The 4th Trimester with


Breathing and a pelvic floor connection with .by.lauren

Disclaimer: for education purpose only, contact your health professional or reach out for specific conditions/concerns.


It is the highest honour to be trusted by parents…when Toronto’s leading physiotherapist/award winning clinic owner who is highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable brings her little ones for I am truly humbled and grateful💕

Love being able activate and facilitate healing, growth, regulation!

Thanks for assisting so both mommy/baby can have some


to celebrate all dance forms all over the world…

Our favourite form is salsa by the ocean with live music, and sand between our toes…It’s been too long, I think I need more practice 🤣

What’s you favourite dance?


A gentle MELT method release for TFL, the muscular component of ITB…focusing on breath


Telehealth works…for remote areas, travel, or for whatever your reasons to stay home, but keep moving!

Thank you .murdock for demonstrating


We practice what we preach 😂


This never gets old…Happy Sunday🌸


A truly special moment: My first official event as an thank you for facilitating such an important workshop to prepare for


How is your posture and breathing changing…

How what is “normal” pregnancy pain?

What else can you do to help deliver with ease and joy?

Learn more tonight 8PM EST LIVE workshop with .by.lauren

Photos from Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates's post 03/07/2022

At least 50% of pregnant women will experience back pain….

With a weight gain of 20-30 lbs, the extra weight puts pressure on the back, hips, knees, feet and ankle…

Posture, breathing and biomechanics changes are all challenged…

Looking forward Thursday 8pm EST .by.lauren

Let’s talk about what you can do to have the best pregnancy!


to 🌺

Where the sound of the ocean during early sunrise allowed me to

The big city and life demands can easily push aside…hope you all take some time to

Just a reminder🌈


Still time to register🌺

What would you like to learn about

Last day of Pilates in Paradise Maui…

I’m so excited to end the retreat with these simple exercises to mobilize and strengthen the spine with Annabel to end with MELT

My incredible partners thank you for nourishing the dream, building a community!

let’s do this🌈🌈🌈


Learn more about for

Spinal Stenosis Pilates Bootcamp

Presenting for Pilates in Paradise Maui 🌺with

Photos from Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates's post 02/25/2022

Coming this Sunday….

Spinal Stenosis Pilates Bootcamp

A virtual workshop for the 4th annual Pilates In Paradise Retreat in Maui🌺

The retreat is sold out his year but we are offering this virtually to help more people with

Simple evidence based exercises to help and decompress the spine, strengthen posture and core!

Looking forward to presenting such important information. Thanks to my partners who are hosting this year in Maui🌈🌈🌈

So excited for my awesome chiropractic associate

This will an epic opportunity to

Photos from Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, ChiropracticPilates's post 02/23/2022

Working on to prevent

A or any unstable piece of equipment helps the muscles in the back and core work!

How are you on toning and strengthening your postural muscles?

Virtual workshop on spinal stenosis rehab coming this weekend!


Happy Family Day - it’s an official holiday in Ontario!

Even if you don’t live here…it’s wonderful to celebrate family…friends who are like family, work family, furry family, your family!

We choose adventures, with lots of good eating lol!

Back in office tomorrow


It’s official…International Board Certified Lactation Consultant!

After 10 years and over 1000 hours of treating babies…

After my nightmare start to breastfeeding a tongue tied baby…

After courses, conferences, workshops for babies and tongue ties including two with

Finally studied and wrote the board exams during a pandemic…

All that means nothing without the support of amazing IBCLC who inspired me, taught me, trusted me with these beautiful babies and moms, so I can help areas of
.p_chiro_and_lactation .nutrition
My privilege and honour to collaborate as a trusted chiropractor🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Now that I’m INTERNATIONAL….there’s a world of possibilities out there🌺

I am full of gratitude to all the beautiful humans I am blessed to know and work with in the baby world (and out) thank you so sooooooo much for your support!

and so many others!



Chiropractic and pilates can be incorporated for:

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