Vegreville Family Clinic

Same Day Clinic hours:

Monday through Friday mornings: 9:00am. Phones are answered starting at 9:00am. Please call to book a time. Times assigned until the day is full.

Times will be given for same day, you cannot book for walk in on specific days.

Operating as usual

[04/29/21]   **UPDATE**
Reception position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied. So many great resumes came across my desk. This was definitely a great way to get the word out.

We are looking for a permanent part time receptionist. Resumes can be mailed to Box 219 T9C 1R2. OR dropped off at the door Attn: Clinic Manager

[04/29/21]   We are looking for a permanent part time receptionist. Resumes can be mailed to Box 219 T9C 1R2. OR dropped off at the door Attn: Clinic Manager

[03/03/21]   The Clinic would like to welcome
Dr. Sohail Siddiqui (Dr. Sid) will be joining our clinic just after the middle of March. We are already booking new patient appointments for him.

Call to book a first visit with him.

780-632-6414 ext 2

[03/01/21]   Vaccine info: Answers to questions we are being asked

*Vaccinations will not be administered at the Family Clinic

*Not indicated if you are pregnant

*Cancer patients on active treatment should consult their oncologist

*Unless you have had a reaction to a vaccine in the past, you should be ok.

*Any further concerns can be addressed by the public health nurse prior to you receiving the injection

[02/22/21]   Appointment Courtesy Call Change:

As of Friday February 19, all appointments being booked for patients who are 69yrs and under, will be confirmed at the time of booking. We will no longer continue making a courtesy call a day or two prior to your appointment. We are stating this as we are booking appointments.

For patients 70yrs of age or older, we will still give a courtesy call a few days prior to their appointment unless they state they do not need a reminder. If the appointment is booked within the same week or the following week, it will be confirmed at the time of booking.

If people develop any symptoms of COVID or are unable to attend the appointment that they booked, they are expected to call, inform staff, and rebook their appointment if needed.

Kenney, Shandro announce next steps in COVID-19 vaccine rollout | CBC News 02/19/2021

Kenney, Shandro announce next steps in COVID-19 vaccine rollout | CBC News

As we do not have the proper storage temperatures for the vaccine, please contact AHS, as directed in the above news post, to book your appointment. They may be able
To direct you to the pharmacy or facility closest to you that would be set up for giving the vaccine.

Kenney, Shandro announce next steps in COVID-19 vaccine rollout | CBC News All seniors aged 75 and older will be able to book appointments for COVID-19 vaccines beginning next Wednesday, Premier Jason Kenney announced Friday.


[12/15/20]   During this time of increased Covid activity in our surrounding area, we are still working to make sure people feel they have access to health care. Physical health is only one aspect of need. We realize that discussing your mental health in these stressful times is increasingly important. We have increased phone consultation times for those who need to speak with a doctor. We also still have same day appointment times available for people who need to be examined physically. In clinic times are limited but available on a first call, first serve basis as long as no symptoms of Covid are present.

Please note the VFC will be closed Dec. 24th, 25th, and 31st.

We wish everyone a safe Christmas season and we, along with all all of you I am sure, wish for a happier and healthier 2021.

[11/16/20]   To minimize confusion we have had to make a change. We no longer have “Walk In Clinic” it will now be called “Same Day Clinic”.

Appointments for the Same Day Clinic can only be made by calling the clinic to book either an in person or phone consultation appointment.

Appointments are made on a first call first serve basis, until the day is full.

Appointments will NOT be made at the door.


Please note our posted, updated list of symptoms for COVID. If you have any of these symptoms, you should call 811 to see if you should be tested for COVID. Due to the rise in cases at this time we are encouraging phone consultation rather than in clinic appointments. If you need to be examined physically by a doctor, this is permitted as long as you don’t have any of the listed symptoms of COVID.

[10/20/20]   Flu Shot season is upon us. As in the past, the VFC does NOT administer flu shots. Please contact a local pharmacy to book for your flu shot appointment.

[10/08/20]   Massage appointments available with our on site Massage Therapist. Call 587-877-1097 to book an appointment.


[08/20/20]   Mask exemption clarification:

The physicians of the Vegreville Family Clinic will not be writing any notes of exemption for wearing a mask. This includes notes that have been requested for children who are returning to school. If your child has an issue such as asthma, they could be more susceptible to a virus and a mask is going to be recommended, no exemption.

As a private clinic we choose to follow AHS guidelines to try and protect our physicians, staff, and all who enter into our clinic;
by wearing masks and asking everyone who comes into the clinic to do the same. If you do not want to wear a mask, you have the option to request a phone consultation.

[06/29/20]   Our massage therapist is back to work.
Call 587-877-1097 to book.

[06/16/20]   We have be receiving calls, comments and questions regarding masks, patient numbers in clinic, walk in, and booked appointments.

Masks: AHS has stipulated that all patients entering in the clinic are to wear a mask. We cannot provide masks as supplies are very limited. We are not trying to be cheap, we are trying to remain open. If we don’t have masks to wear, we will have to close.

#’s in Clinic: we also have to be conscious of how many people we have in the clinic at once. If we are full, we may ask you to wait just outside the clinic doors till we can let you in.

Walk in Clinic: we start taking names just after 9:00, times are assigned rather then just letting people in. Once all times are given away for the day, we ask people to try again the next day.

Booking appointments: our phones are working, very well actually. We have five lines and do our best to keep up with answering them as well as letting people in and out of the clinic. Please be patient with us rather then angry. It will not work to come to the clinic to book as we are only letting people in who have booked appointments. It doesn’t work for us to run back and forth multiple times between our computer and the door to try and book appointments.

[06/15/20]   Effective immediately: as per new AHS guidelines we ask the following:

1) Anyone entering into the clinic has to wear a mask (we cannot provide masks)

2) Please do not bring more than ONE companion with you to your appointment.

3) If your needs could be met through a Virtual appointment, please let us know and we will book it as such.

Thank you for your patience and helping us meet guidelines.

[05/02/20]   May Walk in Clinic Hours and Info.:

Mon/Wed/Fri: 9:00 & 1:00
Tues/Thurs: 8:30 & 1:00

At this time doors remain locked as we need to limit the numbers of people in the waiting room. It is best if you can call and have a time given to you. We are still trying to book with your family doctor first but it it is a more urgent matter, we will try to get you looked after as soon as possible with another doctor. Please keep in mind that even though it is a walk in clinic, there are limits to the number of people we can see in a day.

If you are still isolating due to protecting yours or a family members health, for now, we are still able to arrange phone consultations.

Remember it is always best not to wait till the day you run out of pills and expect that we can get you in for sure. When you fill your last prescription, is the day you should be calling to book your med refill appointment.

[04/20/20]   Appointment information: We are offering both, in office appointments and consultations by phone. If you are young, no symptoms of COVID and your immune system isn’t compromised, we are happy to book you a face to face appointment with a doctor. If you are concerned about being out in public, we are happy to set up a time for a doctor to call you. Please call to set up any appointments as the clinic doors will remain locked, opened only for those who have booked appointments. We will still be screening people prior to entrance. We still ask if you have any COVID symptoms to stay home.

[04/08/20]   Clinic status update. Rather than coming in, Please call to book any appointments. We are working but the clinic doors are locked. They will be opened only for those who have a booked appointment. We are happy to have you call to be set up for either a phone consultation. For anyone who would like to speak to a doctor, appointment availability is good right now.


The following notice is something we are in the process of sending out (notifications) to seniors. However, Telephone Consultation appointments are available to everyone. We very much encourage people to stay at home and stay safe and healthy and will do as much as possible to help everyone out by phone. Even if people want to call to register for “walk in clinic” we can give a time for you to receive a phone call. We still try and direct people to their family doctor but if the need is more pressing, the walk in doctor of the day can do a phone consultation. We realize this is a different way from how we usually do things, but right now life is different for everyone and we want to make sure people feel that they can reach out for and receive care easily.

[04/01/20]   We talk about it lots in clinic or over the phone to patients calling in, but I’m sure there are a lot of people not aware of how we are trying to provide patient care in an alternate way, in a very scary time.

For anyone who doesn’t need to physically see a doctor but they would like to speak with their doctor, or a walk in doctor for those who don’t have a family doctor, you can call in and book a TELEPHONE consultation. You will be given a time and the doctor will call you.

We are encouraging phone consultations as much as possible. Many things can be accomplished by phone for now, including prescription renewals. If you absolutely need to see the doctor in office, screening will be done prior to your appointment being booked and when you arrive.

This is a time when we don’t want people feeling alone or forgotten about. Please pass this message along to friends, family and others in your community who might be worried about leaving their home but still need medical care.

[03/25/20]   A reminder to the community. If you are feeling you may be symptomatic for CORVID-19, please follow the recommendations set up by AHS. If you have want to speak with someone about your symptoms and find out if you should be tested, CALL 811. Do NOT come to the clinic for testing. The clinic is not set up to be a testing station. Show care and responsibility towards your community, by following the proper protocol. Lies to the screening staff about symptoms, then changing your story when you are in with the doctor is NOT ok. YOU are putting others at risk! The Clinic is trying to stay open to serve the community but if you bring symptoms into the Clinic and the doctors and staff get sick and have to isolate, the Clinic will have to close. We are doing our best to avoid this by screening for booked appointments as well as at the door for walk in patients. PLEASE everyone, do your part.

[03/24/20]   A shout out of thanks to the community. Positive messages, treats and a couple boxes of gloves. Thank you for being supportive in this time.

[03/19/20]   The Clinic will be closed this Friday afternoon, March 20. Walk in Friday morning only.

Thank you

[03/17/20]   Medication refill information:

If you are concerned about exposure or are symptomatic:

For medication refills, Excluding controlled substances, VFC has asked all pharmacies in the area to extend your refills for one month. Please make sure an appointment is booked for refills beyond the one month extension.


The healthcare system is being stretched at this time. Results are taking longer to reach us and due to the increased numbers coming in, the review period has increased. Please be aware of this and be patient. Calling the staff multiple times a day and or getting upset with us because we don’t have information for you yet, will not expedite the process.

Thank you

[03/16/20]   Our doctors and staff are doing their best to work and serve the community. People with booked appointments or coming as a walk in patient will all participate in a brief questionnaire prior to coming into the clinic. This is a form of triage to determine where you need to get looked after at this time. PLEASE answer these questions honestly and don’t put any of the other patients, staff, or doctors at risk because you want to have quicker answers to your concerns. Protocol is in place for a reason.

Thank you


Please use the following link regarding the proper way to wear a mask. 03/15/2020

COVID Self Assessment

AHS COVID-19 Online Self Assessment Please note: You do not need to be tested for COVID-19 if in the past 14 days you have not traveled outside Canada or had contact with someone diagnosed as having COVID-19. 03/13/2020

Home | Alberta Health Services


The direct link to Alberta Health Services, shown below, can help answer questions or give you directions to follow if you are concerned about symptoms you or someone may be exhibiting.

First course of action is to stay home and self isolate. An 811 operator will direct your next course of action. If it is determined that a swab is required, you will be directed to the appropriate place to have this done. A swabbing station is being set up by AHS for the area - the Vegreville Family Clinic is not set up to be a swabbing station.

The VFC asks that everyone follows protocol set up by AHS to try and limit the spread of the virus.

Direct to Alberta Health Services (AHS) is responsible for promoting wellness and providing health care services across the province. 03/11/2020

Home | Alberta Health Services

Please consult the website for information regarding Coronavirus.
Be calm and let’s avoid unnecessary panic.
Self isolate if you have been exposed to a confirmed case of Coronavirus, been travelling outside of Canada and have the following symptoms: fever, coughing , body aches and pains, runny nose. Call 811 for information if you have all above criteria.
Wash your hands frequently!
Please do not try to get tested if you do not have the above criteria. This will lead to unnecessary stress on the health system if we test healthy people and you will expose yourself unnecessarily where sick people will go for testing.

In general the infection is mild for healthy people according to reports but our frail and elderly people will be at risk the most. So it is important to not visit Baba or Gido if you have any symptoms. That is even if you have a regular cold.

If we all are sensible and avoid panic we can deal with this effectively.
Please remember that, like a cold,there is not any treatment for this Coronavirus. We treat the symptoms with over the counter medicine.

If you do start getting shortness of breath however call 911 and let them know if you have been tested for Coronavirus or is a confirmed case. There will be procedures in place to deal with these cases.

And again wash your hands! Cough and sneeze on your arm. Alberta Health Services (AHS) is responsible for promoting wellness and providing health care services across the province.


YourAlberta (Government of Alberta)

The risk of catching COVID-19 in Alberta is still low, but the worldwide risk is rising. All Albertans need to take steps to stay informed, be prepared and help prevent the spread.

Learn how to protect yourself and others at


Drs Hollins and Frank are very excited to announce our first community youth art project. Young people ages 10-20 years old, who have experienced depression, anxiety or loneliness who use art as a form of expression and/or therapy and would like to share their work, please contact the clinic.

[01/29/20]   A message for our community from
Dr. Labuschagne:

Early in 2018 I developed severe depression.
I didn’t seek help immediately, hoping things would just naturally get better, as like a lot of guys, I don’t like asking for help. Of course it became worse. By April it got so bad that I had no choice but to take a break from work, and get some help.

My decision to take a break was based on two things; the constant stress of my job was making the depression worse and, more importantly, depression affects a persons ability to concentrate, as well as remember. This could lead to me making mistakes, potentially putting my patients at risk.

Like a lot of people with mental health problems I was worried about the associated stigma, and chose not to say anything publicly about why I had to take time off. Vegreville being a small town, this lead to many rumours. I heard that I was opening a cannabis store. That I had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. That I was being sued by a patient. I realize now that this fear of stigma causes more problems than just being honest and open about my diagnosis.

In the last few months my depression has unfortunately become worse. A week ago I realized that I needed some time away from work to recover. Unfortunately I have already heard people in the community comment negatively on it, so I decided to handle things differently this time. I want to be completely open about my diagnosis in the hopes that it will help others to be open about their problems as well, and that one day the stigma surrounding mental health problems will be a thing of the past.

Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranked depression the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide in 2013, and projected that by 2020 it will be the second leading cause. About 8% of all Canadians will have an episode of Major Depression in their lifetime. The percentage is a bit higher for Edmontonians, at 10.2%. Mental health problems in general affect 1 in 5 Canadians. Mental illness affects people of all ages, education, income levels, and cultures.
Mental health problems are caused by a complex interplay of genetic, personality and environmental factors.

Everyone understands how a heart attack or a broken bone affects your ability to work. However, few people outside of the healthcare system have insight into how mental health problems can leave a person unable to do their job or function in society.

Depression robs you of your motivation, your energy, and your sleep. It affects memory and concentration. It makes you feel worthless and hopeless. It can even cause physical pain.

People who suffer from depression are not crazy. We’re not making it up, and we can’t just snap out of it. Believe me, we would love to just be able to do that! Depression is usually treated with medication (especially more severe forms) and psychotherapy. Unfortunately it is highly recurrent and at least 50% of people who recover from an episode of depression will experience 1 or more further episodes during their lifetime. The suicide rate among people with depression is about 20 times higher than the rate for the general population.

I hope this information helps to give a glimpse of what I and other people with depression go through. I am starting back on the road to recovery. I am lucky to have lots of support from my wonderful family, which makes a huge difference. I am also grateful for the support of my staff and colleagues at the clinic.

Let’s all keep talking about our mental health. It’s the only way to counter the stigma.



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