Unique Body Clinic • Wellness Centre

Unique Body Clinic • Wellness Centre


Had an excellent visit to Unique Body Clinic. I am feeling an improvement in my injury after only one treatment. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the whole atmosphere was welcoming. I would recommend the clinic to everyone!
Just visted this lovely clinic for an Appointment with Neil As always Neils standards are extremely high his patience understanding always go a long way from booking an appointment to the treatment itself Neil to you again i thankyou for your time today .
Highly recommend. Very professional team, friendly and very very good at getting the creaking and aching limbs back to working order.
I Acquired ligament damage in my right ankle on the 28th July, I’ve been in a boot for a week and a half and looking for some help in recovering, what do you guys suggest what treatments would suffice at this stage x
Acquired ligament damage in my right ankle, got this on the 28th July, I’ve been in a boot for a week and a half and looking for some help in recovering, what do you guys suggest what treat would suffice at this stage x
I'm doing a 80 mile Cycle ride March 2018 March was for pushing it a little further "To boldly go a distance I haven't been before!" Well I did 29/3 39.2miles! I purchased some "overshoes" really keep my feet warm from those cold winds. At least the snow has gone. I been struggling with aching and painful legs, so I decided to see Jess at Unique Body Clinic. No pain no gain she said and boy didnt she put me though it. But it works felt great two days later. She also gave me some stretches to do before and after. Full recommend a Sports massage. Nights are drawing out and now's the time to consider doing some quick short distances, and one long one each week. Thanks Jess
Craig gave my legs a good work over, and some advice on Monday after I had done a 50 mile bike ride. After a day or two I feel alot better
Thank you so much for my voucher, can’t wait to use it! X x
Tell Katie I’m loving the Purition shakes!! Chocolate 🍫 Strawberry 🍓 and Pistachio 😋
hi any chance of re booking with James , i saw him last night as a case study but cant find anywhere to rebook for him on the unique booking form as he said to visit again in 2 weeks , thanks :)
Tim Franklin x
Went for a treatment with Tish this morning and I have to say it was fab! Great to meet you and thanks for working so hard to get rid of those nasty knots.... Have to say you really know your stuff and thank you for the advice on stretches etc Will be back soon!

UNIQUE BODY CLINIC: Specialists in injury and pain. We have a large variety of treatment and manual therapists to suit all needs - our focus is you first

We are LOVING being back to hands on treatments and the wonderful catch up chats that come with it.

We have a great deal of clients that bring the sunshine to us ☀️


Unique Body Clinic • Wellness Centre

First session of the day done....

We look a little different than normal, but we are taking every precaution to keep you safe here.

available for you to take as you walk into
the front door if you would like them.

Will be fully sterilised between each session.

We will collect you from your car, so
please wait there for us.

We cannot wait to see you 👐🏼

T O M O R R O W....

WE OPEN the doors back up fully to the Clinic!

We have missed seeing you all, and doing what we love to do which is helping people in pain.

I have come here to prep the clinic for the team and your return. Cleaned in my marigolds, painted, prepped the rooms and just generally loved being here 😍. Jenny was next door prepping hard too, and handyman Ian helping us both.

Things may look a little different from what you are used to, but our service will be unchanged!

Have a great Sunday!

Gemma T 👐🏼

#UBCTeam #weareback #fullservice #injury #pain #lovewhatyoudo

B E A R • W I T H • U S

We are working hard with new stipulations in place to ensure that we have adequate time between sessions to sterilise the rooms.
The booking system puts appts in next to each other so please watch you email inbox as we may have to shift your appointment time 15 mins either way to cater for this.

Any questions please comment below, alternatively send us a message.

Thank you all for your patience

Gemma 🧡


I am overwhelmed with the support you have shown, our team are almost fully booked already!

Lockdown has taught me a great deal, but mostly about the strength of community and what that brings! You have all been amazingly supportive to this clinic during such a hard time and for that I think I speak for all the team in saying we are nothing but grateful to you all.

We cannot wait to see you, protocols may be a little different so watch out for your confirmation email for details.

Thank you again 🧡

Gemma & The UBC Team


We can open for Sports Massage/Deep Tissue from MONDAY!


It has been confirmed....Northern Ireland Sports Massage centres can open this week, and Scotland from 23rd of July - Fingers Crossed we get a date soon 🤞🏼

Why You are NOT Losing Fat!

Teach us Tuesday: by Craig Peterson

If you are not losing FAT then you are NOT in a calorie deficit. I will say that one more time, if you are not losing fat then you are not in a calorie defecit!

This is applicable to 99% of the population.

(Note - I am talking about reducing FAT and not WEIGHT, since weight can be skewed by a multitude of factors such as water content, muscle mass, stress, hormonal fluctuations and muscle glycogen content).

What is a defecit? It means you are eating at a level under your calorie maintenance. Calorie maintenance being the amount of calories that supports your current weight (all things being equal).

Why are you Not in a Defecit?

There are likely 3 options...
A) You don’t want or need to be (FINE)
😎 You are miscalculating your calories (BE PRECISE)
C) You are not complying with the defecit rule (SEE BELOW)

C) is the point I want to address.

Being in a defecit is not easy. It will feel uncomfortable, everyone who has been in a defecit will say the same. However it does get easier as you approach your goal, IF you are sensible with your approach.

Being in a defecit really just boils down to how much you want to lose fat.

You can be non compliant e.g. Having a snack binge, this will feel good at the time but it will inevitably leave you feeling worse... this is the easy option
You can be disciplined and stay the course...this requires will power.

These are the only two choices you have and only you are ACCOUNTABLE. We have become accustomed to choosing short term gain rather than long term gain (and a happier self).

Your brain will tell you that you are hungry or that you need more to eat but you don’t!! A sensible calorie defecit is NOT starvation. Cutting out the crap - crisps, biscuits, sweets, cakes, pastries, fizzy drinks, chocolate is often all that’s required. It sounds funny when you have to justify why such foods HAVE to be in your diet, since they offer very little in the way of nutrients.

How To Work Out What your Defecit Should Be

There are numerous calculators online that enable you to estimate your calorie needs. For simplicity I am going to use the formula devised by the respected nutritionist Alan ARAGON. Please note this is only an ESTIMATE as individual requirements will vary (A more accurate approach would be to keep an actual food diary (my fitness pal) for 2 weeks and calculate your average daily calories). If you have been given specific advice by a certified dietician or nutritionist then listen to them!

STEP 1 - Decide on your TARGET weight in lbs

(This must be realistic:

Obese - Can lose 2 lb per week
Overweight - Can lose 1lb per week
Lean - Can lose 0.5 lb per week)

STEP 2 - Decide on your ACTIVITY level

Sedentary (mostly inactive) = 9 (for women use 😎
Moderate (eg 4 or 5hrs in the gym per week) = 10 (for women use 9)
High (eg Training often and a physical job) = 11 (for women use 10)

STEP 3 - Calculate your TOTAL HRS of training/sport per week

The formula is:
(STEP 1 x (STEP 2 + STEP 3)

An illustrated example

Bill is sedentary (desk bound). He weighs 240lbs. He is 30% fat. He engages in 2hrs gym training per week.

Bill is likely obese (>30% fat) and therefore can lose 2lbs body fat per week. If we are looking at a 3 month period Bill can reasonably lose 8lbs per month or 24lbs in 3 months.

STEP 1 - His target weight is 216lbs (240 - 24)
STEP 2 - His activity level is 9 (sedentary)
STEP 3 - 2hrs

Calorie Need = 216 x (9 + 2) = 2376 calories

So What Now?

1) Calculate your own calorie needs for fat loss. Once you have it written down then decide how you are going to achieve that amount each day. For example if Bill was to eat 3 equal meals per day he would have 792 (call it 800) calories in each meal.

2) Plan and write down your meals the Day before. This makes you accountable for the things you will eat the next day. Any deviation from what you have written down means you are less likely to achieve your goal. Don’t make EXCUSES!

3) Eat protein and veg with every meal. Protein will keep you full (I don’t mean protein bars, I mean real food). Ensure there are good fats in your diet. Be sensible and balanced with what you eat. Drink lots and lots of water!

4) Sleep between 7 - 9 hrs per night.

5) Give it 3 or 4 weeks and see what happens. If you have not lost any fat then simply reduce your calorie target by 20%.

If Bill is not losing fat at 2376 calories then his new target would be 2376 x 0.8 = 1900 cals.

And Exercise?

Conditioning (or ‘cardio’) is important for health but it is only the icing on the cake when we are talking about fat loss. Use it to burn a few more calories if you wish, but do not chase calories or run yourself into the ground. You will see a much bigger impact on your body from eating appropriately than you will from running 90mins every evening in order to expend calories

Strength training is key. In conjunction with a balanced diet, strength training will build and maintain muscle and ultimately lead to long term body transformation. If you omit the strength training on a defecit then it is likely you will become a smaller version of your current self, and some of the muscle you already had will have been cannabalised in the process. Not only will this mean you are weaker, additionally you will have reduced your fat burning capability....since muscle is a hungry beast!


I hope you find this useful. Let me know if you have any questions.

Craig 😁

Unique Body Clinic • Wellness Centre's cover photo

Happy Friday everyone!

Little storm to kick of our day, but now it’s clear skies and sunshine ☀️ Osteopath is all booked up and helping alleviate pain! Today marks another day closer to us Sports Therapists being able to treat!

Hope you all have a great weekend 👐🏼

#positivity #onestepcloser #UBCTeam

Cannot wait to get back to treating 😍

A little visit and PPE Practice to keep refining things and discovering the most efficient way to stay safe and keep comfort.

#countingtheweeks #helpingwithpain #sportstherapy #notlongnow #cliniclove

W O R R Y.....N O T

Today we were awaiting confirmation of the clinic being allowed to open for Sports/Deep Tissue treatment on July 4th.

Sadly, they have ruled against all contact treatment being allowed until the next update; a heartbreaking announcement as we are all set and ready to go BUT we cannot worry about things that are out of our control.

I am happy for all businesses that are allowed to open once again, and sad for the people in similar professions who still cannot.

A FEW MORE WEEKS TO WAIT, but we will get there and hit the ground running; ensuring we work as much as we can to get you all seen ASAP; we are aiming for July 20th 👐🏼

We are still open NOW for Osteopathy appointments, just not Sports Massage yet!

Thank you as always for your patience and understanding ❤️

Gemma T 👐🏼

Morning ☀️

• Osteopathy is available from THIS WEEK.
• Sports/Deep Tissue Massage from 4th JULY.

Diaries are NOW OPEN on our online booking system, so follow the link below, alternativelily hit the BOOK NOW button at the top of this page!

We cannot wait to see you 👋🏼.


ONLINE: www.uniquebodyclinic.co.uk
CALL: 01376 349991
TEXT: 07890099512
EMAIL: [email protected]

Happy Tuesday everyone..
Gemma T 👐🏼

EXAM TIME for three of our Sports Therapists today, (including me over here 🙋🏻‍♀️)! Gemma 🙋🏻‍♀️, Kathleen and Yasmin are in their 3rd Year training for a Masters in Osteopathy, and June spells a heavy exam load!

We are all pushing on with our studies here to provide you with the VERY best service and knowledge!

Wish us luck ✍🏼📚🧮 —————————————————————————-#statistics #epidemiology #examtime #june #traineeosteopaths #goodluck #alwayslearning

A little Friday picture of a pair of lungs...a simplified idea of just how incredible they are and what an amazing role they have in our circulatory system ❤️🧡

#welovethebody #lungs #amazing #justlook

We cannot wait to get back and start treating, and doing what we love 🧡!

Not long now......

#UBCTeam #humanbodygeeks #injury #sportsmassage #osteopathy

So Humphrey....are we good to go?

‘Yes, I think we are’

All PPE sorted, and meetings about initial protocols are complete. We have some good news...



This is new territory for all of us, and we are communicating as best we can to make everything seem-less, but most importantly safe.

We are working with government guidelines and the Institute of Osteopathy; so there may be adjustments as we go along. We will be in contact before appointments to advise you of how everything will work for your visit.

It is exciting to be back, and we cannot wait to see you all 👐🏼

#UBCTeam #ppe #safe #weareback #cliniclove


Another beautiful sunny day!

We just wanted to update you, and let you know we are working on ways to open the clinic from the most recent government advice.

We know you are waiting on appointments and it has now been advised that emergency appointments will be allowed from this week with Osteopaths who are healthcare professionals. We are taking and working on guidance from the Institute of Osteopathy that we will all follow in return to make the clinic the highest standard of safety.

Please contact the clinic number:
01376 349991

We will take down all of your details, and work to get you booked in ASAP.

Have a wonderful Monday 👐🏼


Apologies for the delay, OUR WINNERS ARE...

❤️ Charlotte Whelan

❤️ Helena Buckenham

❤️ Carole Estelle

❤️ Fabianne Weave

Complete with a little contribution from my daughter 😍.


• 45 min Sports/Deep Tissue Massage
• Radox Detox Bath Salts
• A bottle of Prosecco

If you can please message me your addresses, I will be delivering them to you soon 😍!


Unique Body Clinic • Wellness Centre's cover photo

Starting to breathe a bit of life back in to this space, a little way to go yet but I am feeling very grateful for this clinic 🧡.

Working hard to put new structure and procedures in place to make the clinic safe. Reading up on evolving research to ensure we uphold the top standard of hygiene in keeping with new regulations.

It will be a very new way of working, but it will be such a pleasure to start treating again.

Thank you for all your kind words of support through it all, you guys really have been amazing 🧡🙌🏻.

#UBC #workingourwaybacktoyou

All the therapists in the clinic are working hard in the background to keep minds active and stay up to date to offer you the VERY BEST care going forwards!

Today I am over here geeking it up on the Liver, and how it can have a variety of surprising presentations in the body 🙋🏻‍♀️😍.

Happy Isolation Friday everyone 🧡

#UBCTeam #workinghardtoimprove #alwaysmoveforward

I saw this photo taken by Leigh Acteson-Rook owner of Notley Yoga and just had to share it. Taken over the Discovery Centre ‘Field of Wishes’ 🧡

🧡🧡👨🏼‍⚕️ 👩🏻‍🔬 NURSES DAY COMPITITION 👩🏻‍🔬👩🏼‍⚕️🧡🧡


We are so very limited in how we can be helpful, which is so sad but we wanted to mark this special Nurses Day with a competition for the Keyworkers to do a little something!


⭐️ 45 Min Deep Tissue Massage Voucher
⭐️ Bag of Detox Bath Soak
⭐️ Bottle of Prosecco

This voucher can be stored for the date to use when this is all over, so they can enjoy a Deep Tissue treatment and relax a little for 45 mins.


Tag or write the name of the person you wish to enter in the comments, explain why they deserve it.

We will do the DRAW ON THE 25th MAY and send out the pamper pack to them personally.

🧡 Any questions please feel free to ask.



Sadly given last nights announcement from Boris we are still in STEP 1, we therefore have to remain safe and keep our doors closed until further notice.

The message was clear that nothing really changes right now aside more outdoor time. The workers allowed to return are those who can successfully socially distance, sadly this is an impossibility in our trade.

We will await further updates before we make any firm plans, but we are ready when it is allowed and safe to do so. Your heath is paramount, and we will continue to do our bit to reduce spread and be responsible.

We are still running phone consultations, so please follow the BOOK NOW button for any advice you need through this time, we are always on hand to help.

Well wishes to all our clients, THANK YOU for your ongoing support, you have truly been amazing.

Gemma T & UBC Team

#UBCTeam #stayingsafe

#thankyoukeyworkers ❤️

Morning Everyone!

Hoping you are all keeping well! The sun is shining this week so it will be nice to see everyone moving around a bit more.

We are getting all of our heath and safety sorted out in the background, starting to get prepped and ready with all the knowledge we need to make the clinic safe for future reopening 🤗.

We still await updates from the government but there has been some really positive shifts lately.

Hope you all enjoy the sunshine this week ☀️

Stay Safe, love from The UBC Team 👐🏼


Sports Massage | Braintree | Sports/Deep Tissue Massage | Essex


Are you suffering with

- Backaches
- Headaches
- Joint Pain
- Muscular tension of aches

We are all eager to help, so are offering a FREE PHONE CLINIC SERVICE.

We can provide you with information and ideas on how to self manage your injury at home. Providing stretching and movement ideas for you to try that target the specific area, and perhaps shed a little light on the discomfort you are feeling.

We will talk through your symptoms with you, although we are unable to get hands on we can pull from our experience and treatment knowledge to provide you with the advice you need.

The option is on the booking system, so you will BOOK IN as you normally would have online or call.

The service to book online is....


💻 ONLINE: www.bookeo.com/uniquebodyclinic
📞 CALL: 07890099512


Karen & Neil

Gemma G, Jess, Tish, Yasmin, Kathleen and myself Gemma T.

You will be called on your selected time and date, where you can chat through any issues.

We hope you are keeping well 🙏🏼

uniquebodyclinic.co.uk Sports Massage or Deep Tissue massage in Essex at Unique Body Clinic with qualified, sports therapist Gemma Townsend in Braintree, Essex.

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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