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Holistic treatments aimed at getting people out of pain, pain relief massage therapist, Myofascial Release, ThetaHealing® practitioner / instructor

Vicky McMurray Therapies offers a variety of holistic treatments aimed at getting people out of pain and living a comfortable life free of limiting beliefs

Mission: My aim in practice is to provide my clients with the chance to receive advanced pain relief and be more comfortable within themselves. As a result of my training to date and practice, I have realised how many people learn to just live with pain, discomfort and emotional issues when there's just no need! I'd like to help people realise that.

Operating as usual

[09/14/20]   Need a little help?

Whatever’s on your mind, whether you feel it’s a big deal or not worth bothering someone about..... if it’s causing you concern then it’s important!

Please do get in touch for a session and we’ll get things sorted.

Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it!

YES!!! This is what I mean by our physical thoughts!!
Definitely worth a listen.

This is a great, easy to follow video about chronic pain. It helps you understand what current research has been saying about chronic pain - thats its not a ...

Theta Healing

For the time being, I’ll be stepping back from massage appointments but please do get in touch if you’re interested in a ThetaHealing® session or Akashic Record reading.
Never underestimate the power of our thoughts on the physical self…..

Do anything that makes you happy and healthy folks. Theta Healing

Our physical thoughts…

As a body worker and a talking therapy worker, I’m always very aware of the connection between our thoughts and our bodies.

All the thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions that you ignore, pretending aren’t there….. they don’t go away just because we don’t acknowledge them. They build up and they present in our reactions to life situations or in our physical selves. It’s their way of trying to get our attention.

They’re in the aches and pains you just woke up with. They’re in the sore heads you’ve been having a lot of lately. In the aching joints that you think might be because you’re getting older, the unexplained discomfort or pain no one can seem to give you a reason for.

Sometimes, we might distract ourselves with all the tests and trying all the meds hoping someone, maybe, gives you the reason.

What if the easier way was actually to stop ignoring it all and just deal with what your body is trying to tell you?

We’re not always the best at facing up to these things but it feels a heck of a lot better to deal with the issues and move forward in life without having to carry all that around.

If you’d like my assistance in giving this a go please do get in touch. Nothing you say in a session will offend me, nothing you say will be judged and who knows what far reaching benefits it could have on your life. It might just be easier than you think!

I'm now taking bookings for massage sessions.

This poster highlights the main changes but please visit my website for full information before you enquire about booking a session.

At the moment, I'm only offering sessions on a Saturday starting 15th August 2020.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Good news for massage!

Hello all. Massage has now been given the go ahead to restart!

At the moment I'm working hard to put everything in place that's needed to keep all of us safe. I'm sure you can appreciate that with this comes with quite a few changes so please do bear with me and look out for updates.

If you see me for appointments in my private clinic, I'll be sending out email updates soon about booking appointments.

Take care all and have a great weekend

[07/10/20]   Massage Update.

As restrictions begin to ease, updates on massage therapy are emerging.

Last week, a certain level of massage qualification was given the go ahead to return to work in Scotland as of Monday. Yesterday the Scottish Government revoked this.

Today, therapists in England and Wales have been given a re-start date but as of right now, it still stands that no Scottish massage therapist of any level is currently ok to work. Therefore no massage therapist is insured to see clients in person. Even beauty therapists, even though they can go back to work for certain treatments, are not permitted to provide massage to any of their customers.

The issues being considered are the close proximity and the length of time spent in one room with each person.

Once things change, I will let you know.

Hope everyone is happy and well and enjoys their weekend.

What are the less obvious signs of stress?

We’re all familiar I’m sure, of the usual signs of stress such as the feeling of being overwhelmed, not sleeping well, irritability but what about the sneaky signs? The ones we might not put together as us being under stress.

There could be individual signs, there could be a whole cycle of them running back to back, week to week, day to day. Over a prolonged phase of this, we may not know why our emotions, behaviours, thinking and physical selves are shifting through so many changes so rapidly and without obvious reason.

Our natural stress response is the fight or flight action. We experience a stressor, we deal with it, our system naturally calms down. But prolonged periods of stress can put us on an emotional rollercoaster. We’ll go through three stages of responding:

1. The Alarm, the stressor, the incident that starts it all
2. Resistance, the stage where we feel uncomfortable, angry, sad, overwhelmed
3. Exhaustion, we become depleted in the hormones our bodies use to recover from stress

These stages can either involve one, many, or all of the symptoms in a cycle.

Clearly, none of us want to be life our lives like this so below is a list of symptoms you may be experiencing. The purpose of this is simply to provide an explanation as to why you may be experiencing certain physical issues, mood swings, a lack of energy.

So what do you do if you feel you’re in this cycle? Acknowledging it is a great start. Take a look at what’s going on in your life that can or needs to change. Do you need to allow yourself more down time? Do you need to get back to your exercise that you’ve not done for a while? Do you need to start saying no to some things or other people’s requests? Is there a therapy session available right now your feel would help? Do you need a good catch up with that mate that makes you laugh?

Sneaky signs:
Feeling powerless
Feeling uncertain about everything
Feeling stuck
Feeling abandoned
Excessive worry or fear
Constant anger
Sleep pattern is off
Relationship issues
Always feeling tired
Everyone annoys you
Unusual skin issues
Difficulty concentrating
More aches and pains that normal
Changes in your appetite
Hair loss
Dramatic weight changes
Persistent headaches
A want to isolate yourself
Teeth grinding or clenching
Stomach issues

Centre of Excellence | Online Courses & Distance Learning Centre

If you're looking for a new challenge just now there's loads of online learning available through the Centre of Excellence.

There's a huge range of topics such as the holistic therapy side of things, writing courses, hobbies and crafts, animal care, history..... plus, if you like their page they've lot lots of offers on just now for really affordable payments.

Take a look, something different might just catch your eye and your attention.... Hundreds of fully accredited online courses for home study. A worldwide distance learning centre with support from over half a million happy students.

Vicky McMurray Therapies

Hi folks,

I hope you’re all well and taking good care of yourselves.

I thought I’d send a quick update in terms of massage sessions and in person appointments as I’ve just had my latest official update.

At the moment, there’s no date set which allows sessions to re-start but realistically it’s looking like another few months with things being as they are.

I’m expecting there’ll be a few changes which I’ll update you of nearer the time as things are changing so quickly in terms of advice and practice requirements.

Remember though that online ThetaHealing® sessions are of course still available and there’s those new pages on my website that might be of interest:
- How to take care of your physical self 2020
- How to take care of your mental and spiritual self 2020.

Take care everyone.
Do anything that makes you happy, healthy and well.

I hope to see you all again very soon.


Hanover Healthfoods | Since 1904

If you're looking to stock up on supplements locally I can recommend Hanover Health foods, Edinburgh. Seem to still be really well stocked, as always they're happy to offer advice and can take orders and payments over the phone. They can process any orders to pick up or for a fee they'll post them out to you or might even be able to drop them off at your door.

Physical help for 2020

I hope you're all well and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones.

There's obviously things we can't do right now such as going for therapeutic sessions but looking after ourselves is especially important right now.

I've compiled a few hints and tips for you to try so please do take a look at my pages to see if anything could help you in some way just now.

There's some things to help with physical self-care, mental and spiritual self care and a ThetaHealing® meditation you can listen to. Physical help for 2020

Today I was reminded of something I posted back in 2018.

Incredibly relevant right now for all those who are providing essential services for us all at their own risk …..

Saying thank you!

When someone provides a service for you, it’s generally expected that you’ll say thank you out of politeness.

But is this an automatic response or do you really thank that person, actually take the time and effort to really mean it?

Next time, make the effort to actually look that person in the eye and connect with them when you say thank you. Take the time at the end of a call to really thank them for their help and assistance.

You may be surprised at how it feels to you and that little bit of extra effort and appreciation might just make that person’s day.

Vicky McMurray Therapies

Hello all,

As you’re very aware, the world is going through a massive change at the moment.

I’ve sent out an email of updates to my clients but incase for some reason I’ve not been able to contact you, I’m posting it here too.

Unfortunately, due to current professional restrictions, I’m unable to offer massage sessions at this time.

ThetaHealing® and Akashic Record readings can of course continue online or phone.

Feel free to message me via my page or email at [email protected] with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you are an existing massage client and develop any issues which we would normally address in a session, please do get in touch and I’ll do my best to offer any advice that can help.

Keep any eye out on my website and page for any self-help tips I will be posting.

If you’ve studied ThetaHealing with me, I will be sending out a separate update. Please do get in touch if for any reason you don’t receive this in the next few days. Also, if you’ve studied ThetaHealing but not with myself and you’d like that update, please do let me know.

Be kind to yourself as you’re asked to spend more time at home.

Be kind to your loved ones as you’re asked to spend more time with them and them with you!

Take care everyone.

Do anything that makes you happy, healthy and well.

I hope to see you all again very soon.


Remember, Skype ThetaHealing®️ sessions are always available.

Maybe spending time with less distractions is drawing your attention to areas in your life you’d like to address.

Maybe what’s going on in the world right now is highlighting your fears.

Maybe spending more time with loved ones is bringing up challenges in relationships??!!

All very possible.

If you’d like an online session to deal with these or any other issues, please do get in touch.

[email protected]

Photo by Zoltan Tasi

8 Vitamins & Minerals You Need for a Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system is always a good thing but obviously right now it might be a good idea to dig out those supplements and up the fresh fruit and veg - that’s one isle that doesn’t seem to be lacking! Don't rely on supplements, diet is key

[02/28/20]   If you need an excuse to eat dark chocolate then here you go!
I often advise clients to have dark chocolate - in moderation obviously!!

There’s a whole list of reasons such as the fact that it contains magnesium, anti-oxidants, it encourages the release of happy hormones to lift your mood.... there’s a few more in this article.

It does need to be good quality and at least 70% dark chocolate.

You’re welcome. Happy Friday!!😋

Cortisone injections for hip and knee pain are more dangerous than was thought

Have you ever been prescribed an injection such as Cortisone?
They’re often recommended for conditions such as frozen shoulder, hip issues or knee issues.

What these injections do is basically numb the muscles in the area. Sometimes they relieve the symptoms temporarily and sometimes they numb you to the pain till the body works it’s way out. However a very common result is that because you don’t feel the discomfort, you continue to use those muscles in the same way and can cause long term damage.

Pain is an alert system from the body. It’s purpose is to tell you there’s something wrong so it’s something we should listen to and act on.

If you, or someone you know is at the stage of considering one of these injections, I strongly urge you to see a muscle worker such as myself to address the issue rather than numbing it. The results can be much quicker, an incredible relief and you’re body will thank you! Cortisone injections for hip and knee pain lead to more complications than previously thought, research has found.

[11/22/19]   As we head into December, I hope your diaries are beginning to fill up with fun plans and not just shopping!

I'll be taking some time off over the festives into January and already have limited clinic sessions available, so just a little heads up if you'd like a session with me before the end of the year, please do get in touch.

[email protected]

[10/21/19]   Feedback from clients is always amazing, whether it's in a follow up session, an email out of the blue or a very generous testimonial.

I recently received a testimonial from a very lovely gentleman who I've been working together with, to address some long term physical issues he's had and we're getting amazing results:

"As a little boy, I had a head injury that took away the function of my right arm and left me with a ghastly limp. I got all the feelings back, but by that point a tricky thing called atrophy had set in, so I was never able to relearn my hand and the limp gave me a curved spine, scoliosis. But twenty-nine years later, I ended up on Vicky's table for tendonitis, and when she asked if she could look at the rest of me, something clicked. As Vicky's worked on me, she's been able to do some amazing things: everything's coming back.

As I'm writing this now, my spine is straightening, and so scoliosis has effectively vanished. My knee is flexible again, so I'll relearn how to walk. My right hand is open again, and so I'm strengthening everything so I can use it again.

I'd recommend Vicky and massage therapy in general to absolutely anyone, especially to those in unfortunate circumstances similar to mine. It seems anything is possible."
- Dan Haycraft

Dr. Masaru Emoto Life Story - The Man, The Message, The Mission.

Dr Emoto’s work is fascinating and inspiring. I was due to hear him talk years ago but unfortunately he turned ill and passed away within the week.
His work shows how powerful the effects of words and emotions are and how the can affect water and us on a molecular level.

This video gives an idea of what he did with his life and the messages he left.

For Educational Purposes only: All rights reserved 2015 Dr. Masaru Emoto's life story and mission. This video explains his life's work, his message of peace,...

I'm back from my journey in Montana and am now a ThetaHealing® Master!! Keep an eye out for all the new classes coming up.

If you're looking for appointment now that I'm back, please do get in touch.

Incase any of you are wondering where I am and why I’ve been so quiet lately - I’m in Montana in the states.
I’m spending 5 weeks here learning new and exciting courses to bring back and teach to you guys.
A beautiful place and I’m surrounded by mountains, lakes and (although I’ve not spotted one yet) bears!!

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