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Core Motivational Training

The course that will change the way you see yourself, other people and your relationships. And its for FREE. Enrol now.

The Simple Way To Understand Yourself

Teen Leaders

Live video tonight about the EDM Teen Leader Program. Listen in if you work with or have young people :)

Im doing a facebook love tonight at 7.30pm to tell you all about the EDM Teen Leader Program. Come along and join in :)

[09/10/19]   Sadly the EDM Academy is no longer here. But do keep in touch on facebook by friending Energy Dynamic Model Ltd

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Natural Vitality Centre

What is The Secret? #4 The Answer

The Secret is a book, read by many and seen as a guide to how to attract positivity onto your life. But is it true? Does it give you an accurate way forward? In this short play reading from The Answer, a different way of understanding this philosophy is examined.

If you are fascinated by this topic, the mind, the LOA and other such ideas, I would love to know what you think of this alternative way of viewing this popular way of thinking.

Are you ready to see this in a different way?

Are you ready to open your mind to seeing a different sort of reality?

#change #movingforward #edm #feelings #society #whatsitallabout

More readings from the play The Answer looking at what the secret actually is. For more info please visit

How Important Is Our Energy? #1 The Answer

Heres a new series of videos all about us today. Looking at the basic underlying aspects of our lives - what is really going on that we don't notice? First one is here - hoping to do a couple a week. Please subcribe and support if you can. Thanks.

First lesson about the EDM using The Answer play. Please support me by buying PDF copies / paperback of The Answer book or The I In The Storm. Click here to ...

PDF - The I In The Storm - Part 2 of the Energy Dynamic Model | website

Ready for the 12 July - First Demo Show in the UK .

**The mind is NOT the powerful tool it is thought to be UNLESS you allow it to be.**

Change this by being shown in a 6 step process HOW to reverse this mind 'take over' and how to replace this with your own passion, vision and ideas.


By being taught in a a short day's demo how to:

1) SEE the previously unseeable - Emotions, feelings and 'who you are'

2) Understand the relationship between the 'mind', 'who you are' and 'feelings'

3) And discover the MASSIVE role your imagination plays in improving your wellbeing and personal performance.

All info in this Demo Show can be found in the EDM text book.

New PDF version now available.

Brilliant Mind, Brilliant Business | Energy Dynamic Model Ltd

‘Me, My Stick And I’
The Simple Way To Understand Yourself
Demo Show Day - Llanelli - UK tour 1
12 July 10.30 – 4.30pm
Selwyn Samuel Centre
SA15 3AE

1) Find out 'who you are'
2) Control anxiety, anger and panic
3) Understand your mind
4) Get to grips with your imagination
5) Start creating a better world


Thanks to donations, this event is FREE to individuals.
Organisations and businesses will be charged £20 at the door.

Books ( £7, £12) will be for sale as well as 'Sticks' ( £5 )
Donations will be gratefully received and used to hold another event exactly like this one.
Ring: 07903820950
Email [email protected]

[06/03/19]   Training days start this month for professionals who want to show their clients how to understand themselves in a simple way. Using this tried and tested idea, people start to see what their core is and how they are responsible and in charge of their feelings and actions. The mind calms down, without tricks or techniques. The imagination kicks in. Solutions become clearer. The person feels stonger and starts to manifest their true path.

This helps you as a professional to concentrating on coaching your #clients and / or #serviceusers to the next level of their business or development meaning.......

#excellentresults #supercoolclients #effectivedelivery

'One Service User continued work with (the EDM) and used the opportunity to enhance his confidence and ability to manage stress, which was a major factor for him relapsing into substance misuse. This has led to him securing a permanent job. This course was different to mindfulness courses as it explained where a person gathers negative energy and how this effects your mind. It helped the service users look at identifying who they are and how they could express themselves including becoming more assertive by building inner strength. Sian Waters Probation Service Officer, UK 2017

Let me tell you more about it.


How does energy vibration changed into our bodily form?

Tomorrow in Llanelli at 10am come along and here the talk

An update of the latest EDM developments including work from Oona Fergusson and 'The Brillance Of Feelings'. Looking at energy, information and how this is t...

[01/24/19]   Setting up a project in Burry Port next month. Volunteering opportunities to help people get back on track if they are suffering from depression, drug abuse, anxiety etc. Will be doing light work including painting and sanding down wood. Further teaching about woodwork is possible! You will get in return free tea and coffee, transport costs ( within 10 mile radius) and free online courses for the mind, stress and understanding anxiety. All you need is to want to move forward and to take that next step and we will be able to help you. All people considered. Just message me here or text me 0790 3820950 Please share. Thanks.

Natural Vitality Centre

Step 1 Understanding the Mind

I have been working on online courses and videos all about understanding human nature in this model society. As a thanks to you for your interest I am giving you the link to the free online course 'Understanding The Mind'. I hope you enjoy! PS I look forward to getting to know much more about you as time goes on. Anything I can do to help your business just ask! The first step on the 'Intuitive Way to Understand People' program

Finding Your Compass - Getting Back On Track After Trauma

How to move through trauma

Looking at how the brain and mind works in the case of trauma and what we can do about it so we can understand it more. This is the article about how we know...


This book is out now and is FREE if you download it before Thursday evening. Its all about feelings and expands some of the ideas from the Energy Dynamic Model. It includes the spirit as well as all emotions and will show you how YOU are the secret! Understand all about emotions and feelings from Oonas great perspective. She is a healer with Shamanic links with years of experience in not only having one to one clients but who also runs courses all over the world including firewalking!
Please share and spread the word THE BRILLIANCE OF YOUR FEELINGS is about the stuff that really matters in life. It will change you and affect the world around you. LOVE, ANGER, ANXIETY, WORRY, FEAR, SHAME, GRIEF, JOY, COMPASSION - Feelings and emotions run your life whether or not you are aware of it. Unhealthy emotions le...

Countdown to Christmas Dec 3 Getting the Info

More info for free courses too!

Christmas Countdown - 1 Dec What Is This?

Dreading Christmas - or wanting to improve the experience? Listen to the count down to christmas videos and join the free Understanding the Mind online cours...

The Energy Dynamic Model The Concept and Resources

Drop in and find out more on Weds and Thursdays from 9.30 - 2.30pm

[11/03/18]   New exciting service for all creatives out there who want to reduce stress / anxiety and keep being motivated so follow their path and innovative ideas Write to me with your worries and I will answer them in the magazine 'Sound Board' - THE one to grab for events, news and interviews for local swansea poets, musicians, performers and film makers. Michael Kennedy FREE copies of the magazine available at the Natural Vitality Center and a personal email back to you as well!

[10/23/18]   Tomorrow in the drop in at 1.30 - 3pm the talk will be about a) Humans as beings of electromagnetic frequency b) The Law of Attraction c) How modern society affects us. Please come along if you are in the Llanelli area. If you can't make it but would like a video of the talk just message below. Thanks!

[10/15/18]   Market research here - Ive just finished an online course on #anxiety ( for adults ) and am starting one about #selfharm and #eating disorders which will include how to care for your child if this happens in your family. To help me make this the best it could be, do you have any particular questions you would like me to look at on this course?PM or comment below. Thanks Please share if you can!

A Happy Mind, How To Create One and the EDM

The Mind is a very interesting part of you, but is usually only looked at from one perspective. The idea that you, your brain, your mind, your emotions and feelings are all a blob type mass of human material with some electrical charges going on. And the best you can do with your mind if it is full of negative mind chatter and / or you suffer with stress / anxiety, is to tell it to shut up ( using drugs, meditation or a technique) and control it
There is however, another way of understanding the human experience.
The mind is one element of this and the video below explains how the mind fits in and how you can work with your mind and start to experience life as a 'whole' human being.

To join the Energy Dynamic Model Academy please visit the website and send me a message.

Home | Energy Dynamic Model Ltd

The Energy Dynamic Model Academy is opening its doors to enrol students at the Natural Vitality Centre in John Street, Llanelli from this week onwards. Jennifer Foster, owner of the Academy and author of two books explaining human nature and how we have become affected by modern society, says ‘People are becoming very isolated, depressed and anxious and they don’t know what to do about it. There is help and support out there but it often only targets people who have been labelled by the authorities as ‘needing help’. People who don’t need help, but just want information as to what to do in an effective and practical way to help themselves and their families feel better, find it almost impossible to access support that actually works. This Academy is set up to provide exactly this. To give the everyday person the opportunity to improve their own lives and the others around them by teaching them a fun and informal way to understand the mind, feelings and how to combat stress, anxiety and generally feel much stronger’.
The Academy runs courses and free drop ins on a Wednesday for all, and a Thursday for parents and children. The drop in sessions are from 1.30pm – 4.30pm and a warm welcome will be offered to all. There is a special guest, Llinos Belcher, award winning songwriter and musician, who will be there on November 7th to show support for the project and to teach us how to use your voices and imagination to express yourself!
Ring 0790 3820950 to guarantee your free space for the drop ins or email us at [email protected]. Website is Home

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Natural Vitality Centre

Natural Vitality Centre

Information About The EDM

Information About The EDM

Why We Need To Feel Grief; how to do this and what it is like with Evie Jacob

Improving your mental health by feeling your grief

Evie Jacob Energy Dynamic Model Practitioner talks to Jennifer about grief and how it is so important to feel it and not get taken over by mind emotion For m...

Feeling empty and trying to fill yourself up with other people is very common, and isn't necessarily a bad move either. You can use this dynamic to your advantage
#leadership #education #art #inspiration #training #change #learning #community

Natural Vitality Centre

V Structure (T) How To Recognise and Reverse Psychopathic Tendencies in Children

I have made a video this week for the Energy Dynamic Practitioners; people who are using this idea to enhance their work and who are beginning to spread the Energy Dynamic model as far as they can.

It is a video I have been wanting to make for a very long time. . I want to share this with you as some of the students in this Academy have inspired me to make it, and there may be people on facebook who will appreciate the idea.

I hope you find it useful. Please let me know what you think.

If you do want to know how to use this model in your work or you wish to find out more on becoming an Energy Dynamic Practitioner, please let me know.

Part 4 of the V Structure Videos for the Energy Dynamic Practitioners.

Energetic Corruption 2

What is the spark that makes us human?

Start changing the world from the inside out

All about your own power...

An interview by Neal Kruse looking at the idea of the Energy Dynamic and focusing on The Answer book. Shows why, how and what to do about the current situati...

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