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Specialising in Anxiety and Stress, I can help you to overcome traumatic events from the past which are still impacting your life now. I use a combination of rapid,effective modern techniques to create lasting change.

Message me to find out how.

Operating as usual

Some people truly believe that everything happens to them. This is because they have grown up with feelings of insecurity and take no responsibility for their actions. We always have choices in life and whilst others can certainly make you ‘feel’ a certain way, nobody can make you ‘think’ anything.
When you realise that you are the pilot of your own private jet and not a passenger in ‘Airplane’ you can create the life you want. The only limit is you!

I would love to be your co-pilot to steer you in the right direction so I am taking bookings for 2021 now.

Cambridge Study: Children’s Mental Health Deteriorated 'Substantially' During Lockdown | Kerry McDonald

This year has been hard enough on adults, but our children are suffering more than ever before. No play dates; no birthday parties; no social groups allowed, despite spending all day together at school.
I personally know of some children aged 7 and above who have regressed whereby their sleep patterns and behaviour have changed.
How can this be ok? It isn’t! The just-released Cambridge study was the first of its kind to analyze data on younger children’s mental health before and during the first lockdown. The findings are deeply troubling.

What or who are you choosing to walk away from right now?

I was always someone who feared other people’s judgement. My self worth was low and I was afraid to speak my truth for fear of people disliking me. What I have learned is that you are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that is perfectly ok. You absolutely cannot fail at being you, because you are the only you. Your beautiful, flawed, authentic self is what will entice or repel.

Just keep walking forward because the past is exactly that; it is gone. The right people who bring value, joy and support will be right there beside you and that is all you need.

What are you missing most right now?

What are you learning about yourself?

What positives are you taking out of this situation?


It’s December! The time for the festive drinks menus to be unleashed.

Tell me what you get when you look at this picture. Really use your powerful imagination as if you are there right now with the cup in your hand.

Close uou eyes and imagine bringing it up to your nose.
Can you smell the chocolate?

Now imagine taking a sip of the chocolate. Can you taste it?

Let me know in the comments below. ⬇️

Procrastination is the thief of time.

How are you dealing with Lockdown Pt 2?
Is there anything in particular you are missing more than anything else?

Breaking Free From Anxiety Testimonial


Recent testimonial from a client I took through my Breaking Free From Anxiety programme. As you will hear, this lady was at breaking point and had many debilitating fears, phobias and anxieties. In only 4 sessions, she is now facing a very different future full of new possibilities with the resilience and resources she had brought forward to deal with whatever life throws at her.

I am continuing to see clients face-to-face or online. If you or someone you know wishes to make real, positive changes to their life then contact me to book your free strategy call.

What is something bad that you do very well?

🧱 🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱

When your boundaries are strong and impenetrable will you still put up with people who put you down or make you feel worthless? NO! ⛔️

Go somewhere you are appreciated not tolerated. 😃🥰

Contact me to book your strategy call and together let’s move you into a place of full acceptance, increased self-worth and unstoppable confidence. 🌟

Habit-breaking and why willpower doesn’t cut the mustard.

Unstick yourself!

Having the right people around you is so important for your mental health.

If there is someone in your circle of friends who is an energy vampire, you will find that being around them is draining. They literally suck the life out of you!

Friendship is a process of give and take, so if you have people around you who do a lot of taking and never give, then it is time to rethink your place in the relationship.

Sometimes it it just time to cut the cords and move on. Paths cross but they also split and head off in different directions. Be guided by your gut-it is the primary brain and will never let you down.

Did you know you are only born with 2 fears and the rest you create yourself? Now you know that is the case why do you choose to hold onto them? If you can imagine them there then you can imagine they’ve gone. It really can be that simple. I am taking bookings for my Breaking Free From Phobia sessions NOW. What are you waiting for?

Good morning!

A reminder that if you don’t wish to see me face-to-face we can still work together online. Same amazing results from the comfort of your own chair. 😊

Stop Owning Your Anxiety And Take A Breath

I had the most wonderful time talking about hypnosis for anxiety at the online Live laugh Love Ladies Club. I finished the presentation with a short hypnosis session which was a huge success! Thank you Leann Reason for having me as a speaker. Now it’s time to relax.

What do you fear?

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day 💛

Don’t ever be ashamed to ask for help for yourself or another person.

There is always a way through whatever you have experienced or are faced with. 🙏🏻

There is always hope. 💫

You CAN feel different.

Does your head feel like this? 🤯

Do the same thoughts keep going round and round and now you would do anything to get them to stop? 😔

Notice how the glitter begins to settle even though it had been shaken and disturbed?

No matter how shaken up your life has been in the past, it is possible to calm your mind and ignore those negative voices in your head. 😀

When all the negativity of the past has been cleared away, imagine what future amazing positive feelings and experiences you can use to fill the void! 🎆

Together let’s move you forward.

[08/17/20]   Heartache to Healing 💔

🌟Are you stuck in a toxic relationship you are desperate to leave, but lack of self-worth keeps you there?
🌟Do you find yourself repeating cycles and going from one bad relationship to the next?
🌟Have you been hurt in one or more past relationships due to lack of boundaries?
🌟Have you lost your identity?

Join me as I take you through an amazing 8 step coaching programme which will be a journey of healing past trauma, creating new beliefs, removing blocks, learning to love yourself, ultimate empowerment and unstoppable confidence.

Book your free strategy call today. It’s time to invest in YOU!

Fears and phobias can be debilitating. You know they are irrational but no matter how much you try to not feel that way, you can’t. Sound familiar? 🤯


A bit of midweek fun. Sometimes it is easy to take life too seriously and forget that we are allowed to laugh and smile and enjoy life. Time to bring up those endorphins and dopamine levels.

Good morning ☀️

How can I help you?

Using your powerful imagination, imagine how it would feel to not feel that way anymore? Manage that? Good, now you know it is possible you can make it a reality...

Anxiety, What Anxiety?

I am an Anxiety Specialist, Mind Coach and qualified Hypnotherapist. Knowing that we live in a world where the pace of life is so quick, I use a mixture of powerful, modern techniques to get you feeling more positive and achieve amazing, permanent change-fast!

Via Zoom I am able to see clients all over the world who are suffering with stress, anxiety and depression as well as those who are more local. All you need to know, is it is absolutely possible to be rid of those negative images, thoughts and feelings that are stopping you from moving forward.

Click on my website and book your FREE strategy call.

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Breaking Free From Anxiety Testimonial
Stop Owning Your Anxiety And Take A Breath




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