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Free initial telephone consultation, assessments are £15, counselling sessions are £30.

Supervision prices start at £45 depending on requirements. Are you Angry or Anxious and finding it hard to Control? I am an experienced Adult Trauma Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor creating a safe private space where you can speak about anything that is holding you in a place that doesn’t suit you here and now. I can help you resolve difficulties, such as anxiety, anger, self-harm or panic attacks and flash backs (which may have been around from childhood bullying, emotional or physical abuse and could have resulted in complex trauma or PTSD). Also offered are 6hr Anger Management, Anxiety Courses and Clinical Supervision. If my way of working sounds just what you need right now, then please call me - Sharon on 07870 431558 or email [email protected] to find out more or book an assessment for only £15.

Operating as usual

theguardian.com 27/02/2021

Creature comfort: why TV nature shows are good for mental health

Research has shown that even short bursts of watching nature shows can have a positive effect on our emotions and decrease anxiety levels.

theguardian.com From Planet Earth to Springwatch and beyond, programmes about animals in the natural world can soothe the nervous system and raise the spirits


Wether your purpose today is just getting dressed, taking a walk in the fresh air or ruling your world - do it with purpose, your purpose is way bigger than anyones opinions of you

metro.co.uk 24/02/2021

How to avoid pandemic parenting burnout

metro.co.uk 22% of parents are going days without bathing and 18% are missing meals.


Retraining of Racehorses

Focusing on what we can do, not what we can’t - wise words from HorseBack UK

Now here is the healing power of Thoroughbreds better illustrated than in the work of HorseBack UK, as shown in this lovely & moving film made by World Horse Racing

After x2 tours of Afghan & some tough times, it was at Horseback that Louis found his true self again: “If a Horse can do it, so can we. To me I don’t think there is any difference between us and them” #ThePowerOfTBs


Essex Police

Domestic abuse affects people from all walks of life and in many different ways.

Go to: https://www.essex.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/daa to find out what classes as domestic abuse, how to report it and how, under Clare’s Law, you can find out if a partner has a history of domestic violence or abuse.

We’ll also show you how to delete your visit to our website from your web history, if you need to.


themighty.com 12/02/2021

Decatastrophizing: How to Calm Down When the World Is Caving In

In a world where we are up one minute and down the next, it can feel like we are swept away by our emotions. Our anxiety and feelings about a situation can allow us to feel like the world is caving in, but if we can cognitively reframe our thoughts about a situation, we can help ourselves cope with it.



Please see below support that is for lone parents but also parents who may feel alone OR parents of SEND children. All courses are online and can either be individual or group sessions.

theguardian.com 06/02/2021

‘Pandemic burnout’ on rise as latest Covid lockdowns take toll

“Stress affects our bodies in ways that are described as burnout. That long-term stress is different from short-term and has an insidious and profound effect on how we can function. Even if we are functioning fairly well, we are not functioning as we used to.”

theguardian.com Increasing number of people report feeling worn out and unable to cope due to period of sustained stress


Derbyshire Constabulary

Today is International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The United Nations (UN) campaign is held annually on February 6 to stop genital mutilation to girls and women. This year the theme is: "No Time for Global Inaction, Unite, Fund and Act to End Female Genital Mutilation"

Traditionally, FGM is carried out in 29 countries in Africa, parts of Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, however, due to migration FGM is a now practised globally - including the UK.

FGM is usually practised on girls between infancy and 15 years old, but can also be performed on older girls. More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been cut globally and in the UK, it is estimated that there are over 130,000 women living with FGM.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN estimates that an additional 2 million girls are thought to be at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation by 2030.

In response to this disruption, the United Nations has set a 2030 deadline to end FGM.

Many countries are experiencing a “crisis within a crisis” because of the pandemic, including an increase in female genital mutilation. That is why the United Nations call on the global community to reimagine a world that enables girls and women to have voice, choice, and control over their own lives.

FGM is child abuse and is against the law in the UK and carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison. The Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 makes it illegal to:

• Perform FGM in the UK.
• Assist or arrange for anyone to carry out FGM abroad on girls who are British Nationals or habitual UK residents.
• Assist a girl to carry out FGM on herself.

📞💻 How to report FGM:

If you suspect a person of carrying out FGM, or think someone you know has been a victim, or may soon be, please visit our website https://bit.ly/3cKO7eu to find a range of ways to get in touch. Alternatively, call the national FGM helpline on 0800 028 3550.

Further information on female genital mutilation can be found on our website: https://bit.ly/39QTR4w or on the National FGM Centre website: https://bit.ly/3cGsxHW

HeForShe policing commitment:

Derbyshire Constabulary is committed to supporting and promoting the HeforShe campaign.

HeForShe is a solidarity movement created by UN Women to provide a systematic approach and targeted platform where a global audience can engage and become change agents for the achievement of gender equality in our lifetime.

As a force, we plan to continue to help accelerate work already underway to deal with violence against women and girls such as domestic abuse and sexual assault within the community.

Find out more on the HeforShe website: https://bit.ly/2Urteck

We need to #Act2EndFGM! #HeForShe


UK Prime Minister

“I believe strongly that therapy and help can make a huge difference to people” Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Young people have sacrificed so much during this pandemic and we are going to do everything we can to support them.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed Dr Alex George to be Youth Mental Health Ambassador.


The term 'red flags' or 'warning signs' for relationships is often used, but it is also good to recognise the 'green flags' and what a healthy relationship should look like.


Remember that and take your power back

telegraph.co.uk 23/01/2021

Premiership rugby clubs to offer mental health courses to help with pressures of competing

As the RFU and Premiership insist classes in mental well-being will be given the same status of existing successful programmes, by offering mental health courses to help with pressures of competing. Are we able to encourage more sports to take this vital action?

telegraph.co.uk Premiership Rugby is signalling a revolution in tackling mental health issues in the sport, insisting for the first time that all twelve clubs provide courses to help players cope with the pressures of competing at the top level, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.


Don’t be an accomplice to a crime, Be a supporter to the survivors 🙌

bbc.com 19/01/2021

Female child sex abuse 'remains taboo' while victims struggle

Police in England and Wales in 2019 recorded 73,260 sexual offences where the victim was a child. (I want to remind you Victim Support estimate 85% do not report - meaning that’s a hell of a lot of our children being sexually abused).
The majority of victims did not tell anyone about their sexual abuse at the time, with “embarrassment” or “not being believed”being the most common reasons.

With female perpetrator convictions on the rise to 3.8% this is a good read with many interesting facts ...

bbc.com Female perpetrated child sexual abuse remains taboo, experts say - while victims struggle to report it.


I am now re-available to take new clients via telephone or zoom for counselling or clinical supervision.
📞 07870 431558
📧 [email protected]
An Assessment appointment is just £15, giving you a chance to discuss your needs with me, then if you chose to continue, further counselling sessions are £30.
Clinical supervision prices start at £45.

Take care and stay safe
Sharon Davitt MBACP Trauma counsellor and Clinical Supervisor


A little read for all parents homeschooling

Dear Mums,

Please remember one thing on your list of 400 today..

You are not a teacher. You are a parent.

You’re not home schooling, you’re ‘crisis’ schooling.

You cannot possibly become a skilled professional overnight and do it whilst the world around you crumbles and grinds to a halt.

Your job is to continue some sort of a ‘fun’ learning structure, with love.

Patience above anything.

That’s your goal every day.

To not feel so strangled by the pressure, that you transfer it over in the form of ‘yes you can do this you’re not listening’….

This is hard.

I mean, it’s really hard.

If you get through this with nothing achieved or ‘taught’ but you kept everyone safe and calm…

You are a warrior.

The kids will learn when they are back in school.

From you, right now, they will learn that they are loved and that their Mummy is a legend.

She held it together.

That’s enough.

It’s so very much enough.

When her hard times come, she will look back, straighten her crown and remember whose daughter she is.

Or he will remember whose son he is.

And that, is pretty amazing work, if you ask me.

You got this.

We got this.

Donna Ashworth
From the book ‘History Will Remember When The World Stopped’ : https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BDWY9CP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_A2j9FbKACJJS2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
#homeschooling #homeschoolishard #parents #mum #uklockdown #lockdown3 #schoolsclosed

teenflash.co.uk 22/12/2020

TEEN FLASH - Self-harm Advice & Information for Young People - Essex

For Families that are learning about self harm

teenflash.co.uk TEEN FLASH is a website for young people who are using self-harm to cope or manage their lives at the moment.


As Christmas season is coming in fast, sometimes remembering to pause to take a breath can be helpful.
I’m pausing work now until the new year, to take a well earned rest but I am still able to respond to messages.

themighty.com 15/12/2020

Why I’m Scared of COVID-19 Lockdown Ending as a Trauma Survivor

“For once, the whole, whole world was experiencing the anxiety, despair and confusion with which I lived each day; now I didn’t feel like the only one. News broadcasts and Twitter hashtags documented the collective trauma we all felt; and suddenly, I had a community, not a silent struggle. I belonged.”

If you need support at this time, please get in touch for a counselling assessment



It is about the small wins in life ...


Counselling creates the space for you to be able to talk, freely and confidentially.
Telephone or zoom sessions are available, if you are feeling the urge to ‘break apart’.

New book alert! (Open for most international readers) This is an Anthology of my favorite pieces from all the books I've written. 533 pgs! Thank u for giving me the opportunity to speak my voice. & thank u for allowing my art to reach ur hearts. Love you all. It is available https://amzn.to/2V81KtU xoxo


Next Chapter

We are here to help throughout Christmas! Everyone deserves to feel safe. Please get in touch if you need support for domestic abuse, we cover a wide range of services to help and support victims.

essex.police.uk 23/11/2020

Breaking the cycle.

Everyone deserves to live a life free from abuse, men, women and children - if someone in your home is abusing do not hesitate to get in touch with Essex police

essex.police.uk Everyone deserves to live a life free of domestic abuse.


A great quote from JmStorm which reminds me of the therapeutic relationship in Counselling, where we don’t rescue by cheering up - we just feel it with you, whatever your truth is, so your voice can be heard telling your own life event and you are not alone 💕
Still available during COVID-19 over the telephone or by Zoom, if you need to not feel alone


During this Covid-19 pandemic I’m still available over the phone or online zoom sessions

Dear thrivers,
I am worthy and so are you.
Love, Annie 🌹❤️

happiful-com.cdn.ampproject.org 12/11/2020

How to stay well during a winter lockdown

How to stay well during a winter lockdown


happiful-com.cdn.ampproject.org Feeling tired and groggy? Here are a few tips to help you re-establish a routine and stay well this winter

bbc.co.uk 02/11/2020

Coercive control: 'I was 16 and thought it was normal' - BBC Three

Two women are killed each week as a result of domestic violence. These cases are sometimes linked with coercive control, according to criminology expert Dr Jane Monckton Smith.
Coercive control became illegal in 2015 under the offence of "controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship."
Barrister Clare Ciborowska, who appears in the documentary, tells BBC Three she's seeing more and more cases of coercive control involving young people aged 16 and upwards.
"When you're young nobody goes into a relationship expecting it to be abusive, but anyone can find themselves in that position. Sometimes these little, subtle signs can start creeping in - that can happen over a long period of time.


bbc.co.uk In September, the government made learning about coercive control at school compulsory. The difference between a healthy relationship and an abusive one isn't always obvious - especially when the lasting impact isn't as visible as a bruise - but it can be just as damaging.


For many of us growing up, we are socialised what to think and feel to please other people and fit in, but in doing so we are ignoring our ‘selves’ and what we truly authentically feel.
When we allow ourselves to stop and feel or when our true emotions boil over, sometimes this can be overwhelming and we can shame ourselves.
What would or could happen if we were nice to ourselves?


Trauma can look like in the classroom, home or workplace (you don’t have to be a child) do you recognise it?

themighty.com 11/10/2020

Can Trauma Cause Chronic Illness?

Trauma, toxic stress and PTSD have now been directly linked to several types of chronic illnesses.

themighty.com Trauma, toxic stress and PTSD have now been directly linked to several types of chronic illnesses.

happiful.com 08/10/2020

7 steps to tackling the symptoms of SAD

Do you find your mood dips in winter?
Here are 7 tips to think about ...

happiful.com Do you find your mood takes a dip over the winter months? If so, you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder. But the good news is, there are ways to boost your mood

withamtherapyroom.co.uk 02/10/2020

Witham Therapy Room

Maybe you are struggling to make sense of your emotions right now.
Do you feel you are behaving out of character, more anxious, panicky, fretful?

If you would like some support to process your emotions during the new covid 19 phase, I am still available via telephone or zoom for counselling or clinical supervision.
📞 07870 431558
📧 [email protected]
An Assessment appointment is just £15, giving you a chance to discuss your needs with me, then if you chose to continue, further counselling sessions are £30.
Clinical supervision prices start at £45.

Take care and stay safe
Sharon Davitt MBACP Trauma counsellor and Clinical Supervisor

withamtherapyroom.co.uk Counselling and Psychotherapy in Witham, Essex. Anger management Courses. Anxiety Courses. Art therapy and Assisted Animal Psychotherapy (AAP).


Chose your circle wisely...

edutopia.org 14/09/2020

Trauma is ‘Written Into Our Bodies’—but Educators Can Help

Learning self care when we are ‘educators’ to others that have been impacted by trauma, is a vital and valuable role that we must adopt first - before we help others.
‘Educators’ include teachers, parents, counsellors, careers, employers and so on...

edutopia.org Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, California’s first surgeon general, on the impact of multigenerational adversity, SEL in the classroom, and the transformational powers of meditation.

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Specialising in Anxiety and Stress, I can help you to overcome traumatic events from the past which are still impacting your life now. I use a combination of rapid,effective modern techniques to create lasting change. Message me to find out how.

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I suffered a head/brain injury in a off road motorcycle sport accident WITHOUT striking bumping or knocking my head or crash helmet at-all, that left me disabled & kept in four hospitals for 22 months! Ooouch!