Nutrition has a Latin origin——“Nutrire” meaning “NOURISH”
We do feed our body!! But do we NOURISH it?

NutriEuphoria� aspires to level the gap between feeding and nourishing!! Embark with us on a journey to a world where FOOD is REMEDIAL!

Operating as usual


Rakshabandhan celebrates the unconditional Love between siblings!

It Promises Safety and Security!
This Rakhi Give your Sister the Safety of Health , Security of Well being with

Because Health is the Ultimate Gift!

Avail 25 % discount on our Diet plans for your sister !

- Overall wellness
-Weight loss
-Skin care
- Deficiency Corrections
-Internal strengthening.

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Photos from NutriEuphoria's post


Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is a complex developmental and neurological condition that typically appears during the first three years of life.
Most children, with or without autism, can be choosy and particular about their food habits.
To help your kid with this, we have organised a workshop to understand the Role of Food and Nutrition in managing Autism.

Clinical Nutritionist, Ifsha Qureshi (MSc Dietetics, BSc Dietetics, Diabetes educator, Nutrigenomic counsellor and Sports nutritionist)
Dr. Damyanti Thappa (Paediatric Occupational Therapist, BSc in Occupational Therapist and Sensory Integration Therapist)
Will discuss various ways of providing tender care to Autism Children.
This workshop will help in identifying any nutritional risks based on how your child eats, answer your questions about the effectiveness and safety of nutrition therapies and supplements advertised for autism and help guide your child on how to eat well and live healthily.

The workshop is on 5th February, Saturday at 5pm on Zoom meeting.
Whatsapp on +91 7506186424 for Registration.
Payment via GPAY on +91 7506186424 post registration.

The link for the workshop will be shared after payment.


JustORGO and NutriEuphoria have come together to provide you with the ultimate skin care solution. So as Valentine Day approaches, let us assist you in choosing the right products for your skin and eating food that will not only keep you healthy but also bring back the glow on your face. Remember effective skincare is all about how you look after your skin on the surface and from within.

So, sign up with us for a flawless complexion that will reflect your inner beauty.

Glorious Glow Hamper
Customised Consultation by NutriEuphoria
-Detailed analysis of health and clinical reports
- Food Suggestions
- Habit Formation
Terrific Trio by JustORGO
-Day care cream
-Night care cream
- Natural skin toner
Price: 1500

Spectacular Shine Hamper
Healing Holistic plan by NutriEuphoria
- Diet plan
- Recipes
- Workout plan
- WhatsApp and on call Assistance
Fabulous Four by JustORGO
-Day care cream
-Night care cream
-Natural toner
- Customised face pack
Price: 2500


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So I happened to visit this place
I always have loved authentic Asian flavours !

I tried the edamame and truffle sushi !

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish made from Nori or Seaweed ,
This contains Calcium , Vitamin E , Vitamin C making it good for the skin , heart , hair and immunity

Edamame belongs to the family of soyabean making this a high protein dish !
If you order non veg one the fish / prawns shall serve as the protein source
Served with soy sauce - however that’s a choice ( you could omit that to reduce the salt content !)

Pickled ginger is another accompaniment - Immunity booster and great for digestion
Wasabi - Strongly flavoured often pea sized sider.

Word of caution
Watch out of the excessive Salt/ Sodium ( Soy sauce or other dressings)

You could ask to use lesser rice in the sushi so as to avoid sugar spike

People with thyroid should practice portion control

Avoid the fried crisps ( Refined flour ) that is often abundantly topped in some.


Nutrieuphoria wishes you
A happy New Year in Advance !

We wish for you a Healthy! Positive ! Prosperous Year!

This year we hope you take charge of Health! And rather than a Resolution you make a Revolution!
Evolve your being !
Attain Health !
Get Fitter !
Live Wholesome!

Offering our packages at Affordable Rates!

🌲Customised Diet Plans
🌲Customised Workout plan
🌲Constant 📲 Support and Guidance !

Connect @ 7506186424


NutriEuphoria wishes you !!!
A very merry Christmas !


Go local !
Go healthy!

So last month I happened to be in Wai, and as a tradition I ordered local thalipeeth for Breakfast!

Made from Millets( Jowar/Bajra) , Besan , Greens,Sesame Seeds (Til)

Apart from being incredibly delicious !
It had the above mentioned Array of benefits!

It was served with the traditional Peanut based Dried Chutney, Curd and white butter.
You can omit or control the portion size of the butter!

Try this as a breakfast recipe and be sure to be stuffed till lunch !!!


The season of Treats and Sweets is here !
Having a bad tooth ache you might fear !
To keep these away not any where near!
A Dentist and a Nutritionist are Here!

Join us for a Fun filled Insta Live!
Wherein Dr Minu shares her BDS knowledge to guide through a dental care routine for the season.

And Nutritionist Ifsha Qureshi tells you the secret kitchen ingredients for a Healthy Grin!

Save the date for Saturday 18th December @ 5 pm!!!
Insta -


Hair health needs your attention Inside Out!
Include these in your diet to have envious lustrous hair!

When Hair health is concerned we need !
Vitamin A!
Along with a well balanced lifestyle!!!

- 1 whole egg or 2 egg whites for breakfast are good too add!
- 1 Tbsp of mixed seeds shall give your the correct Fibre and protein to name your hair strong !
- Taking Kalonji water as a concoction or chewing a tsp of it does the drill.
- Fruits like Papaya, Banana, Mangoes. Veggies like Capsicum, Pumpkin, Carrots provide retinol to give your hair strength and shine.
- Dairy products provide Protein and Vitamin A that are the magic portion for your Hair health.


Refresh! Restore!

Instant energy - The natural sugars give a refreshing kick start.Beneficial during and post workouts
Protects against diseases- The antioxidants helps fight against inflammation .
Liver Friendly - The Phytosterols presents and antioxidants together help in protecting the liver against oxidative damage.
Diuretic-It helps flush toxins from the body . Shows maximum benefits with Lime juice and coconut water.

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This Women’s Day
Challenge yourself Each Day every way to DEAL with this World 💯

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According to the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau the average cereal consumption in Indian Households is 345g/Day.
Out of all cereals wheat is the most popular in the Indian Kitchens.
Surveying a Wheat grain it rightly beholds that great things come in small packages.
This teensy Wheat grain embraces wholesome nutrition in the form Bran and germ.
The current Paradoxical truth is that, conventional milling practices uproot the bran and damages the germ. By virtue of this wheat falls short of its natural nourishment by the time it reaches our dining table.

Solution :- Back to basics. Go for stone milling.
Add Bran additionally in case of packaged flours.
Use Wheat germ powders in daily routine.


Keto! Intermittent! Whole30! Seed Cycling.....etc....etc....

The most “googled” words in terms of Diet and Nutrition!

But do they Really work??
Does one size fits all??

Join and
This Saturday , 5 Pm Insta Live!
Nutritionists Ghazal Shaikh and are in conversation to demystify FAD Diets!!!!!


Keto! Intermittent! Whole30! Seed Cycling.....etc....etc....

The most “googled” words in terms of Diet and Nutrition!

But do they Really work??
Does one size fits all??

Join and
This Saturday , 5 Pm Insta Live!
Nutritionists Ghazal Shaikh and are in conversation to demystify FAD Diets!!!!!


Keeping up with the spirits of
National Nutrition Month!

Join us for a LIVE this Saturday, 26th September at 5 Pm

and are in conversation about Child Health!!

We cover
✅Your child’s nutritional Status
✅How to keep them Active during digitalised Schooling
✅Easy recipes, Trips and tricks
✅How to Combat overweight issues in childhood.


Pregnancy and Motherhood have magnified difficulty in current times!

Make sure you are Safe with the tiny one within you or outside !
At the comfort of your home
Consult with NutriEuphoria!
We are here your Diet Support!

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A heartfelt Gratitude to all those who contributed to the cause
“The Power of Sharing”
A special mention to

Because of the Endless support

was able to Distribute Sprouts and Eggs to 50 needy households!


Shout out!!!
To all the beautiful Bride to be!!!!
Apart from the butterflies in the stomach a LOT goes on internally prior to your BIG DAY!
Look and feel your Best At and After your Wedding!!!

Bridal Packages with NutriEuphoria!
We cover you !!!!
Skin! Hair! Weight! Emotions!!!

Contact @7506186424
Subscribe to


Keeping the spirit of National Nutrition Month,
NutriEuphoria brings to you an array of services for children!!
Online Consultations available @ discounted rates!!!

Keep the bright minds illuminated,
The Innocent smiles widened,
TheGrowing bodies well nourished!


As we commence Nutrition Month this year!
Let’s pledge to take care of the Children !
India is home to the largest child population representing our future!

They need

✅Nutrition care
✅Food Safety
✅Inculcate Habits of plantation

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SKIN is the largest organ in our Body and cosmetically most relevant!!!

Join via Instagram Live this Saturday, 29th August, 4pm!!!!

Wherein we are in conversation with - Skin, Hair and Anti-aging medicine expert!!

We share with you Views from 2 Lenses for Skin Health!!
Dermatology and Nutrition!!!

Stay tuned for this on Demand !!!!!


Timeline photos 21/08/2020

Timeline photos 03/08/2020

Health is WEALTH!!

It took a year long Pandemic for us to realise this !!!!
This Rakhshabandhan be the Protector you ought to be!
Get in touch with us to curate a customised Diet plan for your Beloved! And avail discounts !!!


Timeline photos 01/08/2020

May you all have a Protein-ful Eid!!

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As the restaurants open up in many states of our country!!!
It is utmost that dine-out places include healthy ingredients and menu!!!
One such endeavour is by
is pleased to curate health drinks for their Menu!!!

This is our version of the traditional “Kadha” or Immunity Boosting Drink!

It’s pleasing to see the overwhelming response!!!!!

Keep it going .ahmad.5667 !!!!!!

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Posted • Baking is stressbusting for so many of us!

How many of us are victims of a guilt trip after indulging in our favourite confectionery?

Well! brings to you an easy breezy Healthy baking Workshop !!
Wherein Ms Simran Oberoi from shares with us tips and tricks to bake with nourishing ingredients.

This Session is also a Fund Raiser
through which we would buy packaged sprouts and rice for a needy household.

We are privileged to be able to buy fresh produce to boost our IMMUNITY amidst a Pandemic.

However there is a sector living parallel to us, who might not have the means to eat a basic meal let alone it being healthy.

Join us on Instagram live

This Sunday 26th July !!!!

Bake it HEALTHY!!






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