Cancer Care Surat

Cancer Care Surat


Best cancer surgeon in Surat

I am Dr Amit R Gupta, cancer surgeon based in surat. I aim to treat cancer and together we can surely do it. Cancer is nearly curable if detected early.

Now Quality and best CANCER CARE available in surat. No need to go to ahmedabad / mumbai for same.

Operating as usual


Mouth cancer surgery


Breast cancer surgery


Yes.very rarely there can be EAR cancer


Such skin ulcers can be cancer. Get them checked.


The title is apt.


Sharing one case of stage 1 o***y cancer. Patient was cured only with surgery.


Sharing a case of breast cancer. Managed with breast conservation surgery and plastic surgery done to fill the defect and maintain breast cosmesis.


Sharing case of a challenging stomach cancer. Post chemotherapy, the cancer was still stuck to pancreas capsule with a huge 5*5 CM portal node. Surgery performed and pancreas shaved. Postoperative Patient had Grade A pancreas leak, managed conservatively. Patient all fine now.


Sharing another case of difficult stage 3 ovaty cancer, very well operated.


Sharing one rare case.


Sometimes even the best doctors can not do anything. For ex. Some people have mouth cancer and they ignore it for months. And when the cancer is stage 4, they come to us. In these cases, even we feel very bad. So please, never ignore non healing mouth ulcers and consult your doctor


Yes. Below shown surgery in drawing is possible. We at , with our vast and indepth experience , try to save your kidney and only the cancer when possible. And yes, the procedure is very cool.. I mean... We literally use "ICE" during the operation. For nay kidney cancer, try to get an opinion from us.


Yes!... Breast cancer can happen in males also. Surprising... But it is true. So if family history of breast cancer or some lump in male breast also then get it checked by your doctor. We at always thrive to deliver you the best result for cancer treatment.


For kidney cancer, we at always deliver the latest and most advanced surgery options available. Below is the case where kidney cancer was treated laproscopically, bacause of which patient had very less postop pain and early recovery. Happy patient and happy doctor.


For aggressive cancers, we at leave no stone unturned. We remove cancer completely and to regain your face beauty, we involve plastic surgeons to give you the best possible cosmetic result.


For any rare cancer, your one stop solution is . Below is a case of a rare tumour in young guy. We removed it meticulously and successfully and now he is cancer free and smiling forever.


Mouth cancer is the most common cancer in Gujarat. Main cause is To***co( ghutka/tambaku etc). If detected in early stages, chances for cure are very high. And we at always do our best to remove only the cancer with utmost precision and save your beautiful smile.


For breast cancer, if someone says that the whole breast need to be removed and breast saving is not an option, than get a second opinion. Because we at always try to save your breast and remove only the cancer, giving patient the quality of life she deserves.


Suspicious skin lesion over face or over body. Don't wait, consult your doctor. At we aim to diagnose such skin lesion at earliest, remove them at earliest and keep your natural face beauty maintained.


Thyroid surgery with precision.
Delivering quality and best treatment.


Parotid cancer neck cancer surgeon


Lip cancer surgery, head neck cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


Thyroid cancer surgery, head neck cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


Cervix cancer surgery, Gynaec cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


Mouth cancer surgery, head neck cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


Precancer surgery, head neck cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


Stomach cancer surgery, GI cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


Tongue cancer surgery, head neck cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


Mouth cancer surgery, head neck cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


O***y cancer surgery, Gynaec cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon surat


P***s cancer surgery, urogenital tract cancer surgery, best cancer surgeon Surat, Gujarat


If you are occasional/ regular user of to***co and/ or alcohol than please do self mouth examination. Oral hygiene is a must. If u find any such non healing ulcer in mouth, meet your cancer specialist today.
Say NO to to***co/ Alcohol and live longer.


At Cancer Care Surat along with complete removal of cancer we try our best to give you the best cosmetic result possible.


Choose awareness and precaution over fear!!
Stay safe and take the right precautions to keep you and those around you from getting infected!

Photos from Cancer Care Surat's post 05/04/2021

and ***co use are the two main causes of Head & Neck Cancer. So this & , adapt a lifestyle.


Salute to all corona warriors!!
As we began new start and enter the new normal, we proudly acknowledge the selfless services rendered by the fraternity from police, health, and public service.

Photos from Cancer Care Surat's post 26/03/2021

Lymph node clearance in Breast cancer surgery.
Breast cancer if has metastasized to axillary lymph nodes than we have to remove all lymph nodes in axilla.
Sharing one such intraoperative photo where, very skillfully the apex of axilla ( deepest part of axilla) was cleared of all the nodes.


Larynx cancer surgery ,Voice box cancer surgery

Larynx cancer surgery
Voice box cancer surgery.

One of the cancer surgery which tests a surgeon's skill!
Sharing result of one such patient, who was suffering from Larynx cancer & treated it successfully. Patient now speaking with the artificial voice box & he is very happy & satisfied now!


Cancer in lower lip. Wide excision and reconstruction done with Nasolabial flap.

Nasolabial flap is a type of plastic surgery where we take skin from the skin fold around nose and rotate it to fill the defect. The scar on the face is hardly visible after sometime.
Sharing result of one such successful case.
Thanks to Dr. Parag Wani (Plastic surgeon) for flap.


Ulcer at left angle of mouth. Was excised by someone else. On pathology came as cancer. Wide excision and Estlander flap done to reconstruct the defect.
Estlander flap is plastic surgery. Where you take part of one lip and rotate it and reconstruct the defect in other lip.



Some kind words from our happy patient! Earning the trust of our patients is extremely important for us. We always strive to deliver compassionate care and do what is best for our patients! Know this great testimonial !

Photos from Cancer Care Surat's post 30/10/2020

Sharing with you all an article written by me.
Beautifully translated in gujarati by Mr Harishbhai Mistry ( Executive trainer- Surat district cooperative bank).

Please read the article. it is very nicely written.
kindly message me your comments after reading.

Many thanks to Romanch, Bhavna aunty and my uncle Ashok Gupta for all help.

Photos from Cancer Care Surat's post 03/10/2020

Part 2 of "Breast Cancer Awareness Month".
Today we will talk about some Warning signs & Symptoms of Breast cancer and when to consult your Doctor.


Hello everyone.
October is here and starting today is the Breast cancer awareness month.
Breast cancer being the most common cancer in women in india, there is a need for some basic and general knowledge/awareness in everyone about this disease.
Will try to reach out to maximum people with some informative posts about the same.
if any query, u know where to contact me.
Be healthy, stay healthy.

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Larynx cancer surgery ,Voice box cancer surgery





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