Dr Subodh Kamble- Urologist

Dr Subodh Kamble- Urologist

Internationally renowned Urologist|Uro-Onco|Robotic Surgeon, trained from UK, Australia, France, Bel

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First Time Urinary Sphincter Dysfunction Restored Successfully With A Synthetic Gel In Surat 14/02/2022

First Time Urinary Sphincter Dysfunction Restored Successfully With A Synthetic Gel In Surat


First Time Urinary Sphincter Dysfunction Restored Successfully With A Synthetic Gel In Surat First Time Urinary Sphincter Dysfunction Restored Successfully With A Synthetic Gel In Surat, Gives New Hope For People With Non-Functioning Urinary Sphincter

સુરતમાં અનોખી સર્જરી: 18 વર્ષ પછી એન્જિન્યરિંગના વિદ્યાર્થીને મળ્યું 'ડાયપર મુક્ત' જીવન 11/02/2022

સુરતમાં અનોખી સર્જરી: 18 વર્ષ પછી એન્જિન્યરિંગના વિદ્યાર્થીને મળ્યું 'ડાયપર મુક્ત' જીવન

સુરતમાં અનોખી સર્જરી: 18 વર્ષ પછી એન્જિન્યરિંગના વિદ્યાર્થીને મળ્યું 'ડાયપર મુક્ત' જીવન Surat Gujarat Engineering student gets diaper free life after 18 years after surgery - સુરતમાં અનોખી સર્જરી: 18 વર્ષ પછી એન્જિન્યરિંગના વિદ્યાર્થીને મળ્યું 'ડાયપર મુક્....

First Time Urinary Sphincter Dysfunction Restored Successfully with a Synthetic Gel - Articles 08/02/2022

First Time Urinary Sphincter Dysfunction Restored Successfully with a Synthetic Gel - Articles

Recent news. Probably first time Urethral bulking is done successfully restoring the function of urinary sphincter.

First Time Urinary Sphincter Dysfunction Restored Successfully with a Synthetic Gel - Articles February 7: A senior citizen, a wealthy couple Mr & Mrs. Verma from Mumbai arrived in Surat upon hearing about Dr. Subodh Kamble. Dr. Subodh Kamble is a Surat-based urologist who migrated from the UK and has been successfully dealing with urinary leak problems. The lady had been suffering from a con...


In many people do not wish to be investigated due to fear that “What if it turns out to be a ?” But if it is the case then shouldn’t it be diagnosed at an early stage so that early treatment can be done for the best prognosis & survival? Let’s take a pledge together to fight against cancer collectively.


Honoured to receive beautifully presented testimony from my patient’s relative. Glad to be able help.
It is an honour to be able touch people’s heart such a way and have 100% patient satisfaction rate. Glad to be able help people and resolve their problems to their satisfaction and have happy patients coming back with more people in their network who might require my service.


It was a pleasant surprise to see the patient himself coming to thank me personally. Due to his chronic psychiatric issues the mother deals with her adult son’s medical issues. His psychiatric issues had made his urological treatment extremely challenging for me. I was the last hope for the mother to treat her son and my conscious did not allow me to turn them away and I accepted the challenge.
I am glad to report that the patient is completely relived from his urological issues and his kidneys have recovered completely. The patient insisted on the mother to bring him to me, so she did. All he wanted to do was to thank me for making him better. He is still unaware of his problems and the treatments and surgery he underwent but he feels I am his friend and made him better.
He personally reported to me that his urine doesn’t leak anymore, and he is eating and sleeping well. He reported that goes out for a walk also and his friend that is myself had made him better, so he wanted to thank me. He calls me doctor, but same time thinks I am his friend. He repeated many times that I made him better and he is grateful.
His mother reported that his psychiatric health has improved significantly as a result of his urological issues being resolved. He has been behaving very well at home and able to stay at home rather than the mental hospital.
Parents initial plan was to admit him into the Baroda Mental Hospital for further care, however they were not ready to accept him due to kidney related issues. Mother thought that once I sort out his kidney issues, the Baroda Mental hospital would accept him, they both would rent a place nearby and stay in Baroda for rest of their life so that they could meet him every other day or every third day.
However, after his urological issues got resolved, his mental health seem to have improved significantly that his mother feels she wants to try keeping him at home. That is the decision for them to take. I am glad that I could help the family.


Domestic helper wanted in Vesu, Surat near V R Mall. Household of a Professional couple and Attractive salary.


Social media manager and content creator wanted. Good command of English is essential.


It was an absolute honour that a senior surgeon from Lilawati hospital, Mumbai referred his patient to me, feeling he had ran out of his treatment option, and I would have better and desired result driven treatment options for the patient. He sent his patient to me for further treatment and patient travelled from Dhule distrcit of Maharashtra to me for a treatment. Honoured to have earned such confidence in a short time in India despite the COVID-19 era.

I do not know this surgeon personally but found his profile online and realised his seniority and fame in Mumbai. Would be delighted to meet him when I am in Mumbai next.

The moto that drive me, Play nice, work hard and stay kind.

“The ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief about death. When their souls got to the entrance to heaven the gods asked them two questions. Their answers determined whether they were admitted or not.
Have you found joy in your life?
Has your life brought joy to others?”
— Carter, The Bucket List (2007)


Honoured to have beautifully presented testimony from my patient on republic day of India. It is an honour to be able touch people’s heart such a way and have 100% patient satisfaction rate.
Glad to be able help people and resolve their problems to their satisfaction and have happy patients coming back with more people in their network who might require my service.


YOGA AND UROLOGY: A Confidence of medical science

YOGA AND URINE Related problems

My previous presentation at the , on & . I have been a great believer of fusion of sciences for and .

History of the Yoga goes long way back to over 5000 years when it originated in northern India. Rig Veda was the first to mention the word yoga in its ancient sacred texts. Yoga was further refined and developed by our Rishis. They have documented their practices and views in the Upanishads. It is a huge work containing over 200 scriptures.

Yoga offers physical and spiritual or mental health benefits for individuals of any ages. In case if someone is going through an illness, recuperating from operation or fighting with a chronic condition, yoga can become a fundamental part of the management and potentially speed the healing.

Narendra Modi

Ashish Chauhan

Vijay M Chauthaiwale

Yoga Journal



Acharya Bal Krishna


Domestic Maid wanted in Vesu near V R Mall, Surat.
If interested or know anyone then please DM.


Please circulate this video offering my free of cost service to the community during the covid crisis.


I was delighted to deliver an awareness presentation to the executive officers of the Reliance Industry. Thought provoking conversation and questions from the officers. Loved the interactions. Nice to receive the certificate of appreciation from the organisers.


SATISFIED PATIENT (EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE RELIANCE INDUSTRIES)- Honoured to see such confidence in my treatments.
It is truly an honour to receive such testimonies from the satisfied patients. An executive officer approached me having no success with his treatment. He was in acute retention of urine for few months due to enlarged prostate around 80gm. He was placed on long term catheter. He had frequent recurrent UTIs resulting from the long-term catheter. Previous several attempts of trial without catheter had failed. He was desperate to get rid of his catheter and lead normal life. He had consulted many urologists in Kerala without any success. He was told that he would have to live with catheter for rest of his life. He was advised to go to Mumbai but without any guarantee of adequate treatment to get rid of his catheter.
He heard from someone about me in Kerala. He carried out his own research about me and came to meet me in Surat with a complete faith on me that I would be able to deal with his problems.
I operated on him and managed to deal with his problems 100%. Some had anticipated urine leak after the surgery and he was apprehensive about it. Proud to say that so far none of my patient had urine leak following my TURP surgery. I was glad to be able to live up the confidence and faith on me.


Nice surprise to receive a paper cutting from my patient. I recall Rajasthan Patrika calling me for the information but couldn’t follow it up owing to my busy schedule. Grateful to Rajasthan Patrika for the coverage…….

Living with incontinence: Paul's story 03/12/2021

Living with incontinence: Paul's story

Watch Paul's story. A man's experience of managing urinary problems after prostate cancer treatment. But there is a new ray of hope. I am able help you deal with it by helping to restore some function with a synthetic material via the surgical procedure. This is lot less expensive procedure than the artificial sphincter.
I have recently successfully restored urinary sphincter dysfunction with a synthetic material in a patient from Mumbai. Even the top most urologist of the country had given up treating this patient.

Living with incontinence: Paul's story Urinary problems after prostate cancer treatment: Paul, 64, had a type of surgery called a radical prostatectomy to treat his prostate cancer. But following ...


Didn’t know this news was covered electronically too. Clip was send by someone just today.


I received a call from desperate parents in their 80s seeking my help for their son in his 50s. They were turned away by all doctors including the civil hospital run by the government. My conscious did not allow me to turn them away with such a complexity so I accepted the challenge.
This was a challenging case both medically and legally, so we needed a legal guidance. We consulted my wife for her guidance and as always she was willing to help out. She provided her legal input and made it possible to deal with this case.
The gentleman had high pressure chronic retention which was damaging both of his kidneys. If not treated sooner, his kidneys were going to fail completely to non-reversible state. He had severe psychological disorder and was not in position to provide his consent. It was legally challenging to operate him with a parental consent even though the surgery was in his best interest and was to save his life. We had to find the ways to help him as well as his parents. We required a legal guidance so I involved my wife and she came up with an option to deal with the case. We took other doctors onboard to standby and involved an independent psychiatrist input and managed to deal with the case with parents’ consent covering ourselves legally.
Finally we managed to complete all legality but challenges were not over yet. On the day of surgery the gentleman couldn’t keep himself NILL BY MOUTH. As we were about to take him to the theatre he felt hangry so he snatched some biscuit from someone and eat them. It was impossible to keep him NILL BY MOUTH for another six hours. With my anaesthetist colleague and the staff members we worked out the best possible way out to complete his surgery. Finally I took him to theatre, aspirated the food contains from his stomach and completed what I could say, one of the challenging surgery of my surgical career. Considering his psychiatric condition, other aspects involved in the surgery, I was time constrained and had to do my best in the shortest available time to avoid any other complications.
It is blessing to have wife in legal profession so legal guidance was available at home only. In fact she needed to carryout significant research to find a ways to deal with the case effectively. As usual my wife's kindness reaches out to people and she would bend backward to help people out. I am not praising her because she is my wife but she has a heart of gold willing to help wherever she could. I would also like to extend my thanks to Dr Gandhi, Dr Suthar and Dr Choksi.
Even though it was a long, challenging and busy day but we turned it in to a successful day. I am happy that I was able to make the elderly parents Diwali, a happy Diwali. Needless to say that I received lots of blessings and another everlasting relation with the family.
I have not charged them extra fees for the case and parents were flabbergasted that I didn’t charge them extra despite they were willing to pay any amount for their son to be treated. All I do is live by the oath I had undertaken when qualified to treat every patient with all my dedication and skills regardless of their caste, creed, religion or any other matter. My joy lies in helping others.

Photos from Dr Subodh Kamble- Urologist's post 26/10/2021

It is an absolute honour to be able treat one of the leading Swami Ji’s of Shree SGVP Swaminarayn panth. Swami ji was suffering from extremely rare condition that was challenging to treat. Swami ji stated that he had travelled to USA and UK for the treatment but nothing worked. Swamiji told me that after getting tired of allopathic treatment with no results he tried Ayurvedic treatment but none of it worked. Upon reading about me swami ji carried out extensive search for my number through his students and came to Surat for the consultation.
My conscious wouldn’t allow me to make Swami ji travel back to Surat for the surgery so I travelled to Ahmedabad to perform the surgery at SGVP holistic Hospital. All this was sometime ago but didn’t want to post the update until the outcome of the surgery was confirmed to be positive.
Upon my arrival at the hospital I was received by Shree BhaktaVatsal Swamiji the head of the SGVP Holistic Hospital, CEO of the hospital and the administrative head. I successfully performed a challenging surgery on Swami ji. Swami ji has fully recovered and enjoying his problem free and normal life.
We were invited to visit the organization with our children and were provided with absolute VIP treatment. Myself and boys were taken to the Swami Nivas where other than swami jis and sevaks everyone else are prohibited including hari bhaktas. We were blessed by Shree BalKrishna Swamiji. This was a special invitation as I could not spend one on one time with Balkrishna Swami ji at Shard Purnima utsav so Bal Krishna Swami ji made a point to spend time with me and the boys.
It is an honour to have such welcome and ever lasting connections.

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YOGA AND UROLOGY: A Confidence of medical science
My recent radio interaction on My FM 94.3 Gujarat.  I am sure many would have heard it on the day but those who missed o...





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