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Promoting Better Mental Health We help children, adolescents, adults and the elderly people to be happier and healthier.

We use scientifically recommended psychological methods to diagnose and help resolve their problems such as academic, emotional and other mental health related issues. Our Aim is to provide a full range of quality services from diagnostic, counseling, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, remedial and special education as well as training under a single roof with dedication across all age groups.

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We are glad to announce our upcoming self care workshop. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn about yourself and fall in love with yourself, all over again. Here is the link to the form. Go ahead, fill it and become a part of this wonderful workshop.

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The bonus of visiting Gandhinagar - a moment with Dr Vaya !


Self care is the journey of self awareness. In this busy world we often fail to take a pause, step back and do something for ourself. We often tend to go out of the way to do things for our loved ones but how many of us do such things for ourselves? How many of us prioritise ourselves? Well, on this self care day, let’s take a pause, breathe and spend sometime with ourselves.


Intersectionality addresses issues of discrimination ranging from gender, race, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation. It emphasises on how people have multiple identities in various social aspects of their life that can subject them to different experiences, specifically discrimination. For example: a q***r person in a lower class is more likely to face greater hostility and discrimination compared to upper class people with q***r identities.
When used thoughtfully, intersectionality recognises the diversity of experiences within marginalized groups. It also provides a framework for recognising and addressing the needs of individuals who are most disadvantaged, contributing to a better and healthier environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals.


In solidarity with LGBTQAI community!
Happy Pride Month🌈🌈🌈

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Come work with us 👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻


We’ve changed our dates for the workshop. You can register by clicking on the link in our bio.

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The only drama you need!





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Come and be a part of PsyLens 🎉


Mandala and Mental Health
Studies have indicated positive effects of Mandala on subjective well-being, self awareness and resilience! So what’re you waiting for?? Our psychologists are offering free mandala sessions and we’d love you to be a part of this session♥️♥️


Many researches have come to a conclusion that drawing and painting aid in boosting self esteem, confidence and elevation in mood. Come and join us for these wonderful 6 art sessions! Here’s the link for registration-


To know further details kindly dm us or meet us at centre.

For appoitment call: 9227921315


To all the women residing in Surat, we’re inviting you all for a free mental health checkup this March. Please drop in between 2-4 PM!


Is Valentine’s Day all about expressing our love for others? No, right? It’s imperative to shower ourself with self-love and rekindle our relationship with ourself for a better mental health. Come and celebrate this Valentine’s Day with us in an absolutely new way.


Willing to take a client suffering from OCD but feeling stuck? Backed by years of researches, CBT is considered a gold standard of treatment for OCD. We are coming up with a workshop - ‘CBT for OCD’ wherein participants will learn techniques in CBT, and how to apply these to children, adolescents as well as adults We will also be teaching how one can modify these techniques based on patient needs through a variety of instructional methods, including videotaped sessions, case vignettes, and discussion. Here’s the link for registration -


Psylens is delighted to announce a certified course on psychometric testing. To register, please DM us!


If you identify yourself or someone you know as a member of LGBTQ+ community and reside in India, please take part in our research. Feel free to contact us if you have any other queries (details and link are in the bio)


CBT is evidence-based psychotherapy, used for treating various mental health disorders including, social anxiety. In this workshop, you'll be equipped with hands-on strategies and techniques that will help you understand and treat your client in an effective manner.


Psy Lens Centre invites you to an Insta Live Session- Infoseries Careers in Psychology
July 31st - 5 to 5:20 pm


Psy Lens is happy to announce a Free session on Warli Art..

Please who are interested to join, can contact us on 9227921315


Have you ever been moved by a painting or irked by your prof’s content-jammed and badly designed ppt ?

Neuroaesthetics is a burgeoning interdisciplinary field that converges theories & researches from neuroscience and psychology. This field basically deals with how brain perceives and understands visual arts, music, dance, literature, architecture, designs, odors and many more. Advanced neuroimaging techniques, such as fMRI and MEG have allowed researchers to locate broad networks of brain regions, including Default Network Mode (DNM), medial & orbital prefrontal cortex, higher level portions of sensory pathways and reward circuitry that are modulated by aesthetic experience (Vessel, 2020). It is presumed that the end goal of neuroaesthetics is to totally demystify beauty or human aesthetic experience; however, this is not the case. According to Ed Connor, a professor of neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and director of the Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute “One of the ultimate goals of neuroscience is to understand the mind, understand the material basis of thought, of our sense of self. The basis for our consciousness ….I think of neuroaesthetics as adding more to neuroscience than it does to aesthetics. Aesthetics is just one of the most interesting and sublime aspects of conscious experience.”


Vessel, E. A. (2020). Neuroaesthetics. In Reference Module in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Psychology. Elsevier.

A. (2017, April 8). The Biology of Beauty. International Arts + Mind Lab: The Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics.

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Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter, who painted, among many other famous paintings, ‘The scream’. His painting expresses intense anxiety and fear. It’s an expression of existential dread the artist himself experienced. Munch was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Depression and suicidal tendencies, analysed through his diary entries.

He was the main proponent of expressionistic art and used art as a tool to delve into the inner human nature and pain and depict it visually. Edvard Munch had a sad childhood, and was brought up in times when tuberculosis, poverty and effects of industrialisation were rampant. He had extreme anxiety about inheriting the psychotic and neurotic problems running in his family and often indulged in alcohol which worsened his condition- but nonetheless, gave way to great art.

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To keep your Monday going !!!



Internship will cover
*Case History Taking and MSE for children and adults
* Psychological Assessments
-Intelligence Assessment
-Personality Assessment
-Clinical Rating Scales
_Using videos / role plays / case submissions _

*Conducted by: RCI Trained Clinical Psychologists*
*▶️Starting from: 16th December, 2020. Duration- 2 Months

*▶️Timing: 4:30 pm to 6:00Pm

Eligibility: *Students of Psychology*

*Registration Process*

1. Kindly Register your Names through below link
2. Make the payment on the account details mentioned in the form
3. Send the screenshot of the receipt on 9227921315

*For any queries WhatsApp on 9227921315*

Please attach scanned copies of your relevant qualifications with your mail.

Psy Lens Team
[email protected]


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Attending 1st Rehab Conference, 2019 at Ahmedabad

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A marvellous one day workshop on "Different Strokes: Use of Expressive Arts as Therapy" organized on 29th September, 2019 by Psy Lens Centre, Surat, Facilitated by Magdalene Jeyarathnam.
The participants were introduced to some key skills and methods that can help to build a stronger working alliance through using expressive arts therapy which included story telling, music, art, dance and movement and psychodrama..
@ Psy Lens Centre

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Had an enriching workshop on"Identification of Learning Disabilities and Remedial Strategies for writing and math" on 12th and 13th october, 2019 by Ms. Rama D.
@ Psy Lens Centre

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Dear Friends,
Greetings for the Day!!

Psy Lens Centre (A centre for all Psychological services) is happy to announce an upcoming one and half day workshop on "Identification of Learning Disabilities and Remedial strategies for writing and math" on 12th and 13th October, 2019.

Organizer: *Dr. Sudipta Roy*
(Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Director, Psy Lens Centre)
Facilitator: *Ms. Rama D.*
(Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist, Supervisor for Interns, Life skills
enhancement trainer, Remedial Teacher (Learning Disabilities) & Visiting Faculty
(Assistant Professor))

*Details about the workshop*
This workshop is particularly targeted to meet the need of School teachers, school counselors, Remedial Educators and beginning mental health professionals who will want to work with Children having learning difficulties.

Date: 12th and 13th October, 2019
Day 1 Time: 10:00 am to 6:00pm
Day 2 Time: 10.00 to 2.00
Facilitator: Ms. Rama D.
Tentative Venue: Psy Lens Centre, Surat

Thank You,
With Regards,

Dr. Sudipta Roy
Clinical Psychologist.
For any queries feel free to contact 9227921315 / or email: [email protected]

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World Mental Health Day

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Panel Discussion: Mental Health and role of family... On 5th October, 2019 (3.30 to 4.30)

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