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Are you a college student or working professional???

First time in surat Week-End Yoga Teacher Training Certificate course is specially designed for college going students and working professionals.

For more info contact on Dr Nirav Joshi 9879839644

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old memories.


Learn in detailed about our ancient health science ayurveda and help your family, clients, friends and yourself to stay disease free life.

Offline and online

Course Duration:
2 months, 5 days a week

Benefits of joining course
✅ To learn the methods to manage lifestyle as prescribed in Ayurveda (A science of life) to maintain your health and stay disease free life

✅ To learn to apply principles for improving personal health as well as health of family and friends by time tested natural healing science of ayurveda

✅ To learn to apply these principles for improving quality of life and longevity - Prevent yourself from disease

✅ To learn to heal at home with home remedies from your kitchen and garden

✅ counselling and empowering others on their path to wellness

✅ To know your current health status by self analysis with help of ayurveda

Dr Nirav Joshi


A 75 years old men having severe constipation since last 25 years, consulted so many doctors and tried so many things, by some reference he came to me and within a few days he got benefitted with minimum herbs and lifestyle suggested by me. I feel proud for our system of medicine ayurveda when I see happy faces with effective results.


Om encompasses all that is within the universe. When chanted the sound, Om encompasses all words and all sounds within the human language, quiet literally All That Is, All Divine Source!

Aum represents 3 different divisions of time.

A – is the waking state.
U – is the dream state.
M – is the sleep state.
Pause -Silence which represents the state Turiya, infinite consciousness.
Allowing your subconscious mind to resonate with this is a powerful practice. You can effortlessly embrace all that is and enter into a state of expansion. The visual symbol representing Om consists of three curves, one semicircle and a dot.

The large bottom curve symbolises A (the waking state).
The middle curve symbolises U (the dream state).
The upper curve symbolises M (the deep state).
The dot signifies Turiya (the fourth state of infinite consciousness – silence).
The semicircle at the top separates the dot from the other 3 curves, representing Maya. Maya is the illusions and obstacles that keep us from ultimate realisation in the highest way.


Are you confused stress vs anxiety? Check the post .. if you have any of symptoms start doing pranayama and Yoga.


Four useful tips to minimise your wrist pain while getting into inversions and arm balance.. save this post so you can remember while next time you are on mat!


May the festival of light brings you all abundant prosperity and happiness and fill your life with utter positivity. ✨


Do we know that’s a big myth we have that we need to consume more water! But it’s not a fact .. our digestive system works like an engine and it needs to be sparked always but when we are adding an extra water into engine the capacity of it will diminish thus the digestion become weak .. that’s why everyone needs different quantity of water as per body constitution,season and dosha imbalance or disease.

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Do you know???

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Nadi Pariksha is one of the prevalent and popular method coming from the origin of Ayurveda. In Ashtavidha Roga Pariksha Acharyas have clearly mentioned to first examine the Nadi of the individual which indicates its importance. Really it is a scientific and clinical method of Ayurveda which has been described in Ayurvedic literature. It also indicates the imbalance as well as the balanced condition of the Doshas which is one of the major cause of the disease. Nadi pariksha in these days is still existence but few people know its method of diagnosis.


Nadi Pariksha is one of the prevalent and popular method coming from the origin of Ayurveda. In Ashtavidha Roga Pariksha Acharyas have clearly mentioned to first examine the Nadi of the individual which indicates its importance. Really it is a scientific and clinical method of Ayurveda which has been described in Ayurvedic literature. It also indicates the imbalance as well as the balanced condition of the Doshas which is one of the major cause of the disease. Nadi pariksha in these days is still existence but few people know its method of diagnosis. .




Are You Ready for The Best Weekend of the Year?! Join us at the Surat Yoga Fest - Let’s Live Yoga!

Life changing weekend
You should attend!!



💫Transform your life with workshops and classes led by world-renowned yoga teachers and spiritual guides.

💫Make new friends and expand your network.

💫Grow with the transformational program and workshops.

💫Take a time out for a weekend yoga. Together we will flow, dance, breathe, raise your vibration & connect with the community!

💫Explore and try new yoga styles!

💫Connect with soul family, community & find your high vibe tribe!

💫Enjoy the most transformational weekend of 2022 to catapult your life to the next level!

Plan your healthy weekend like never before!

Full Day Event which includes:
7 International Masters
4 Satvik Meals
Wellness Stalls
Wellness Pop Up Events
Wisdom Talks
Art of Relaxation
Mass Yoga Sessions
Music Concert
Healthiest Foods to Eat

Register Now


SuAyuclinic is supporting Surat Yoga fest as a Pancahakarma wellness partner. Register yourself for first time ever happening full day different energetic yoga sessions by world renowned masters…




Hello Suratis !!
Don’t miss the first-ever Yoga fest
with Surat Yoga Teacher’s Association- SYTA

When: June 18th 2022

Where: Platinum Hall, Sarsana, Surat, Gujarat

We are excited to announce that Surat Yoga Teachers Association (SYTA) will be hosting yoga fest: “SURAT YOGA FEST: LET’S LIVE YOGA” is coming soon. We're few days away from opening our doors and welcoming you to the first ever YOGA FEST in south Gujarat! Where international yoga experts will serve their knowledge.

On 18th June 2022, there is a FULL DAY EVENT which includes: Lectures from the world-renowned and experienced Masters of various Yoga Traditions, The Presentations, Teaching, Wisdom Talks, Ecstatic Dance, Wellness Stalls, Healthiest Foods to Eat & Cultural Night. You may get to meet some of them in person!

Registration will be opening soon


Hair fall result..

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When you do regular practice you become lighter and get wings to fly … Choose your favourite pose 🐥


Surat Yoga Teachers Association-SYTA is a voluntary member-based, non-profit organization that serves yoga schools and yoga teachers of surat and south Gujarat. Our goal is to support the high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga to members.
SYTA provide knowledge sessions, Yoga Class, supports as markers to the public of high quality, safe, yoga teaching. This distinction sets of SYTA members apart in the otherwise crowded and growing yoga teaching field.

SYTA believes all institutes and organizations
joining hands together for a single and noble
purpose of promoting Yoga.
• SYTA on a high note will spread that included
thoughts from all leaders how to spread and share
Yoga with all, ensure Yoga continues to go global,
touching and transforming lives.

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Do you know some rules to follow while eating fruits ?? Do you have idea which fruits you should eat ? Every individual are different and having different body constitutions, know some facts about eating fruits.


Research article published on international journals of pharmaceutical research- IJPR on efficacy of JointPain oil.


Do you have any of these symptoms?? Check your dosha imbalance and accept ayurvedic lifestyle and regimen to balance your dosha and stay healthy. Imbalanced dosha means you are unhealthy !!!


Isn’t it true! Keep healthy lifestyle to stay long… Live longer by accepting good habits..

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Are you on hormonal pills?? Do you know the side effects of it… you must be facing any from above … it’s oppose the law of nature… accept ayurvedic natural way to balance your cycle and strengthen your reproductive system.

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Self-massage brings you back in balance, whatever you're experiencing. It increases circulation, stimulates organ function, helps your body detox and improves sleep. It also has many other potential benefits, such as slowing aging, nourishing your skin or preventing injury. These are three trigger points for self massage which affects different system. Just do it daily for 5-10 minutes and see the difference!

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Mukhlepam, a type of Ayurvedic facial strives to bring glow and radiance to the face. It is also known as an anti-aging medium for facial skin. Apart from this, it also de-tans skin and brings back the natural glow. Ayurvedic Facial Gives Following Benefits:
~Restores lost moisture
~Imparts glow to dull skin
~Reduces sagging of facial skin
~Tones and tightens the skin
~Removes facial toxins
~Retains overall youth and vitality of the facial tissues
~Exfoliates the skin
Mentioned herbs are used as per season.

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Ayurveda mentions thirteen types of natural urges in the body which should not be suppressed. These are the natural calls of body, which are important for a person to attend to, as and when they appear in order to maintain the harmony of body and senses, stabilize the body, and eliminate an element which might cause imbalance. Don’t suppress any above urges and avoid inviting disease.


Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you’ve had.

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Personal Yoga Training is not like one size fits all. It’s very personal and it’s “YOU”. Specially designed for you keeping in mind your health benefits and requirements. At Suayu yoga our objective for Personal Yoga Training is to approach fitness and healthy lifestyle using our expertise and your attitude.We focuses at providing Personal Yoga Training at your ease and comfort. we have expert and well trained T-1Yoga Instructors that guide you through the Yoga practice at your convenient time and place. The yoga schedule for personal Yoga sessions are completely curated and specially designed according to the clients’ requirement. We analyze your fitness level, the stress combating capacity and formulate a tailor cut yoga program that suits your needs so as to give you the desired pranic benefits. Personal yoga trainers at Suayu have that extra knowledge and are dedicated to help you achieve your goals.The Personal Yoga sessions are targeted sessions for one hour taken five days a week. Provision is there to take these sessions at your residence or at the studio as per your convenience.
For more details DM


Guinness World Record on 9th April 2022.
I am one of the Speaker among 250 Speakers.

बोलेगा 🇮🇳 INDIA - तो जीतेगा 🇮🇳
An initiative lead by SAMPURRNA VIKAS TRUST, 250
Speakers will be participating in this attempt on the topics of विकासशील भारत under the Leadership of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Special thanks to Piyush Sir & Pooja Madam for giving me this opportunity & Mentoring me for this World Record.


Do you feel above symptoms???? If yes !!!! Need to correct it and live disease free life .. because most of the diseases starts by abnormal digestion and convert into chronic illness… it’s never too late consult us how !!!!!

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Application of curry leaves with different type of combinations and formulas… you can make it and use at home only … simple but truly effective… try it for 1-3 months and see the results. DM for more details.

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Check these desi alternative foods which are actually more healthy, so many health professionals and Indians are running behind imported food thinking them to be healthy, don’t know how much healthy these exotic food are but for us local and seasonal food are always preferable.. why we should pay extra money on exotic food when we get same nutrition from our own land food.


Khushi a young flexible girl sharing her experience of learning yoga with Dr Nirav joshi at SuAyuclinic.


Use these herbs for balance your blood sugar.

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