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I'm a UK trained female Physiotherapist specialising in sports injuries. Recently set up in Hokkaido Japan, Peak Physiotherapy.

Unfortunately shoulder injuries and dislocations are one of the more common injuries for snowboarders. When I first saw this patient he had the most awkwardly fitting cloth sling provided to him by the hospital. I gave him a much more comfortable sponge arm sling, by Neo G. His treatment included passive joint mobilisation, deep tissue release to relieve his neck stiffness, kinesio taping and a scapular stabilisation program. Following intensive daily physiotherapy, this patient showed rapid improvement in pain levels and shoulder mobility. To make an appointment for any new or old injuries, call Karine at Peak Physiotherapy 07043270117. #reachyourfullpotential #thetravelingphysio #sportsphysiotherapy #nisekolife #thepowderlife #livingthedream

[01/14/17]   Shout out to ヴィラ ルピシア La villa LUPICIA. We had the most amazing meal there last night, fantastic food, great wine recommendations and the most amazing desserts from their patisserie. This together with the beautiful building, relaxing ambiance and friendly staff, it made for the perfect evening. Thanks Lupicia, See you again soon.

What a day to be in Niseko!!! How lucky are we?!? Thick powder snow, blue skies and sunshine. Hope you are all having fun on the slopes out there @peakphysiotherapyniseko #thetravelingphysio #sportsphysiotherapy #nisekolife #thepowderlife #livingthedream

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This job is always full of Goodbyes. Another great patient, all the way from Singapore. Will came in with a calf tear from skiing, I treated him with myofascial release, Kinesio Taping for lymphatic correction, Neurodynamic stretching, Eccentric Strengthening and Balance work. 5days later I taped up his calf with rigid sports tape and got him back on the mountain to experience the powder snow one last time before flying back home. Makes me so happy to get patients back on the slopes!! #peakphysiotherapyniseko #nisekolife #thepowderlife #livingthedream

we can tape you up real goood!
Taping is one of the very effective treatments for joint/muscular injury
#physiotherapy #kinesiotaping #nisekolife @peakphysiotherapy

comfy massage bed now in operation, and when it had just arrived in our clinic. @peakphysiotherapy #beforeandafter #relaxingisthebest #sportsinjurytreatment #nisekolife

10:30am low visibility from the Niseko Village. Be very careful out there!

Delighted to see a familiar face from Singapore in the clinic today. Come back soon Sam and stay for longer.

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